I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 8

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Innate Skill, Super Atomic Ray Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations At that moment, King Kong Beast had already canceled its innate skill.

However, its four-meter-tall body still brought immense pressure to the spirit beasts.

It went directly to Giles.

It knew very well that it was all because of Giles that it could become like this.

Hence, it chose to become Giles’ spirit beast.

The next moment, Giles felt a faint connection appear.

Then, it quickly solidified.

Giles immediately understood that the King Kong Beast was establishing a contract with him.


However, he did not panic this time.

This was because he knew that his spiritual power could withstand it completely.




A moment later, the contract was established.

Giles heard the King Kong Beast’s clumsy voice in his head, “Thank… Thank you, Master.

” Giles wanted to pet its head, but realized he couldn’t reach it.

He scratched his head awkwardly.

The King Kong Beast seemed to understand Giles’ embarrassment.

Continue_reading on MYB0X N0V EL.

COM Its body suddenly shrunk to about one-meter tall.

It can become smaller too? Giles was momentarily stunned.

Then, it patted King Kong Beast’s head.

On the other hand, all the spirit beasts were astonished upon witnessing this sight.

Previously, they had only heard from the Swan Beast and were still skeptical.

Now, they personally witnessed the little chimpanzee evolve into its current state after listening to the story.

It didn’t seem much different from the Swan Beast.

It was even stronger than the Swan Beast! At that moment, all the spirit beast cubs went crazy.

They all leaned over to Giles and stared at him eagerly.

Giles knew that these spirit beasts still wanted him to tell them stories.

“Alright, alright.

Sit back down.

” “It’s getting late.

I’ll tell you one last story.

” When they heard this, all the spirit beasts sat on the ground in an orderly manner and remained silent.

Giles, on the other hand, was thinking about what story to tell.

What story should he tell after King Kong? Suddenly, this movie popped into Giles’ mind.

Alright, let’s tell them the King Kong versus Godzilla version.

After all, Godzilla was a villain in all the previous versions.

He couldn’t lead these spirit beast cubs astray.

After deciding on the story, Giles let out a cough and started telling it.

“Okay, there are two main characters in this story.

One is the King Kong from the earlier story, and the other is a ferocious beast named Godzilla.

” “Let’s put King Kong aside for now and talk about Godzilla’s story first.

” “A ferocious beast lives in the sea area.

” “Its body is as huge as King Kong.

” “It is the guardian of this planet.

Whenever a monster invades, it will step forward bravely.

” “Until one day, it met King Kong.

” “A war is about to break out.

” Hearing those words, the hearts of all the spirit beasts tightened.

Especially the King Kong Beast.

They all wanted to know the final outcome of the two beast kings.

“Godzilla unleashed his signature skill, Super Atomic Ray, but King Kong dodged it.

” “The two beasts started fighting again.

” At that moment, among the spirit beasts… A beetle suddenly felt its body tremble, and then its soul seemed to be pulled into the world of the story.

It realized that it had become the Godzilla in the story! It slept in the dark waters until it was awakened by an evil beast and came to land.

When it saw the ferocious beast wreaking havoc in the city, it immediately felt a surge of anger.

A ray of light shot out from its mouth and destroyed the evil beast.

It transformed into Godzilla and encountered countless monsters.

However, it destroyed them every single time.

In this process, it had used its Super Atomic Ray many times and was very familiar with it.

After many years, it met its match.

It was a huge gorilla named King Kong.

Its signature skill failed to hit the beast.

Afterwards, the two fought several times, but neither side won.

It was indignant and began to think of ways to strengthen itself.

It continuously pushed its own abilities, trying to shoot out even more powerful Super Atomic Rays.

Defeating King Kong became its only goal in this world.

Some time later, it fought King Kong again.

The two beasts fought intensely.

Finally, it seized an opportunity and defeated King Kong! The little beetle’s soul was suddenly shaken out of this world.

It could sense how weak it was in reality, and it suddenly felt a little disappointed.

It was Godzilla who won, not me.

I’m so weak and I’m not even as big as King Kong’s finger.

I would be crushed into dust in a single blow.

Just as it was thinking this, it suddenly realized that something had appeared in its mind.

It saw the huge Godzilla unleashing Super Atomic Rays.

This ray illuminated the entire space, as if it wanted to shatter the heavens.

Seeing this scene, the little beetle was extremely envious.

If only I had the same skill.

No, I think I know this skill.

The little beetle suddenly remembered that it had transformed into Godzilla in the story world and had used this skill many times.

It had long been etched into its mind.

I can unleash this skill in the world of stories.

I can also use this skill in real life! The little beetle’s consciousness observed Godzilla’s figure in its mind while its body constantly tried to release Super Atomic Rays.

It did not know how many times it had tried.

Because it felt like it was almost there.

At the same time, a glowing energy enveloped its entire body.

This was the sign of a spirit beast’s evolution.

Inside the ball of light, the small beetle was still trying to release the Super Atomic Ray.

Finally, at that moment, it succeeded.

A scorching ray of light as thick as an adult’s arm shot out from the ball of light, passing through the clouds and disappearing into the horizon.

After two seconds, it slowly dissipated into the air.

The mysterious energy surrounding its body began to disperse, revealing the small beetle inside.

Giles stared at it with wide eyes and stood rooted to the spot for a long time.

Initially, he thought that after telling this story, it might evolve into an existence similar to the King Kong Beast.

He did not expect this outcome at all.

This little beetle actually awakened Godzilla’s Super Atomic Ray! Furthermore, the power of it didn’t seem weak.

How terrifying would the skill be after the little beetle evolved? Just then, the little beetle also stepped forward to ask to be contracted.

Towards such a spirit beast with great potential for growth, Giles naturally wouldn’t turn it down and he directly established a contract with it.

After that, Giles saw it was already very late.

First, he kept the three spirit beasts he had contracted today into the spirit beast tattoos on his arm.

Then, he promised to tell the spirit beasts a story every day before returning to his residence.

After all, he had been busy all day.

He had contracted two Gold-rank spirit beasts and one Bronze-rank spirit beast with great potential.

It was also very exhausting.