I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 7

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Another Evolution, Gold-rank King Kong Beast Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations In the residential area of the Starlux Gym.

All the spirit beast cubs were staring at Giles, waiting for him to tell them a story.

They wanted to hear a new story, but they also wanted to evolve after listening to the story and obtain greater power.

All these were something only Giles could do.

On the other hand, Giles felt a headache coming on when he looked at the numerous spirit beast cubs in front of him.

The reason being there were too many interesting stories in his previous life and he did not know which one to tell.

Just as he was pondering quietly, the spirit beast cubs below could no longer sit still.

When they saw that Giles did not speak after a long while, they immediately became anxious.


Initially, they could still hold themselves back, but after a while, they could not help but howl and scratch their ears and cheeks.

Howls rang out incessantly.




However, they didn’t dare to rush Giles.

This was because right now, Giles was a God in their eyes.

Just one story could help them to evolve.

What else could he be but a god? However, there were always bold ones around.

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COM Among the spirit beasts, the little black gorilla scratched its ears and cheeks.

He couldn’t help but go over to Giles and tug at his pants.

Giles snapped out of his thoughts.

Seeing the little gorilla’s anxious expression, he could not help but laugh.

Suddenly, a thought flashed across his mind.

He recalled a story related to a little gorilla.

Okay, that’s what I’m going to talk about.

He stroked the little gorilla’s head and then swept his gaze over the other spirit beast cubs.

“Okay, all of you have been waiting eagerly, haven’t you?” When they heard Giles’ words, the spirit beasts instantly quietened down.

A gentle breeze carried Giles’ voice to the ears of every spirit beast.

“Okay, the main character of today’s story is a gorilla.

” “Amidst the endless sea, there is an island called Skull Island.

” “A powerful gorilla lives on Skull Island.

” “Its body is incomparably tall, almost to the Heavens.

Every single move it makes can unleash immense power.

” “Its name is King Kong.

” A different world, a different story.

Instantly, all the spirit beast cubs were immersed in it.

Among them, the little gorilla seemed to have been pulled into a whole new world by some mysterious force.

It saw Skull Island standing amidst the boundless sea.

It saw all kinds of ferocious beasts on the island.

It saw a huge gorilla walking in the forest.

Its enormous body that was dozens of meters tall emanated an immense oppression.

It felt that this gorilla called King Kong was very similar to itself.

Or rather, they were of the same race.

Their bodies were worlds apart.

Its soul could clearly feel the immense power contained within King Kong’s body.

It looked at this giant beast that was similar to itself but much stronger.

Its soul trembled with excitement.

It turned out that their race could evolve to this extent.

Can I evolve to this extent? At that moment, an uncontrollable desire to evolve and become stronger emerged in its heart.

Since this senior can evolve to this extent, then I can do it too! I too want to evolve into such an existence with immense power.

The little gorilla stared at the figure that was comparable to a Godfiend.

Its heart was filled with boundless motivation and confidence.

As his mind churned, the story continued.

“King Kong encountered those terrifying monsters.

” “The battle between them began.

” “In the end, King Kong eliminated all the monsters and guarded this island alone.

” The scene in front of the little gorilla changed.

It saw King Kong tearing apart those ferocious beasts in battle.

It saw King Kong become the ruler of the entire island.

It saw King Kong walking slowly towards the depths of the island under the setting sun.

However, King Kong’s indomitable aura and terrifying strength left a deep impression on the little gorilla.

It could never be erased! On the other hand, after the story ended, Giles stared hard at the little gorilla.

This was because when he started telling this story, he realized that his spiritual power had directly established a connection with the little gorilla.

This connection was similar to establishing a contract, but not the same.

Simply put, it was like Giles had used his spiritual power to play a movie for the little gorilla.

Moreover, he etched this movie in its mind forever, so it could watch it over and over again.

But is this related to its evolution? Giles was extremely curious.

The little gorilla had yet to open its eyes.

Its soul was still immersed in King Kong’s world.

It replayed the story again and again.

It began learning about the way King Kong fought.

It kept encouraging itself.

It was determined to become a spirit beast like King Kong! Gradually, an unknown amount of time passed in this King Kong world.

All of a sudden, it blacked out.

When it opened its eyes again, it realized that it had succeeded! It quickly came to a realisation.

It had become the King Kong in the story.

It grew up in this world as King Kong.

It encountered other ferocious beasts.

It began to imitate King Kong’s fighting stance and fought with them.

Nothing could sway its resolute heart.

It finally defeated its first ferocious beast.

It roared with all its might and tore the ferocious beast into two.

Blood stained its entire body.

It defeated all the strange beasts on the island! It became the sole ruler of Skull Island! It realized that it had left King Kong’s body.

It saw a huge gorilla appear before its eyes.

That was King Kong, the form it wanted to evolve into! It wanted to evolve into an existence like King Kong! Its conviction was unbelievably firm and no one could sway it! At the same time in real life, a mysterious energy enshrouded the little black gorilla’s body, completely enshrouding it within.

The mysterious energy wrapped around the little gorilla shattered.

A four-meter-tall gorilla appeared at the same spot.

Its eyes were wide open as it pounded its chest with its fists and roared towards the sky.

Then, it stopped and examined its body.

Right now, it was far stronger than before.

Aside from that, it had also awakened an innate skill.

Giantize: Huge increase in body size and power.

It immediately activated this skill.

Its body continued to grow taller.

Eventually, it came to a stop at about ten meters.

It felt a little disappointed.

It still couldn’t catch up to Senior King Kong.

However, it was not discouraged as it believed that it would reach that level one day.

Then, it canceled its innate skill and returned to its original body size.

On the other hand, Giles shuddered at the sight.

It really successfully evolved.

It’s time to call it King Kong.

It seems to be even more powerful than the Swan Beast.

It seems to have awakened a talent skill as well.

What story should he tell next?