I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 4

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Evolution, Gold-rank Swan Beast! Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations On the meadow by the pond.

After Giles left, the group of spirit beast cubs slowly snapped out of it.

They had never heard such a story before.

Ever since they were born, they had been eating and sleeping.

Now that they suddenly realized that such an interesting story existed, all of them began dancing animatedly and wailing.

They itched for Giles to tell them another story.

When they realized that Giles had left, the little gorilla called Little Black immediately beat its chest and stamped its feet, howling at the other spirit beasts beside it.

The next moment, the voices of different spirit beasts rang out.


It was as if they were communicating.

After that, all the spirit beasts except for the Little Guru Duck, charged out of the spirit beast section.




To have Giles tell them another story.

After the spirit beast cubs left, only the Little Guru Duck was left in the spirit beast section.

It was still immersed in Ugly Duckling’s story.

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COM It was deeply shocked by this story and couldn’t help but question itself.

But the spirit beasts around me have never bullied me.

Yet I’ve been content with this current situation.

I’m really resting on my laurels.

Ugly Duckling eventually transformed into a white swan, so why can’t I? Ugly Duckling was just an ordinary duckling, but it had transformed into a beautiful swan in the end.

As a spirit beast, I possess great strength.

Can’t I evolve into a beautiful swan? No, I can do it.

I definitely can! The Little Guru Duck went over to the pond and looked at its reflection.

It had never hated its appearance so much.

Am I really willing to live the life that I have now? No, I can’t accept this! I want to be like that ugly duckling, spreading my wings and soaring into the blue sky! As it struggled internally time and time again, a sense of inferiority gradually arose in its heart.

It was as if there was another mocking voice in its heart like that of those who mocked Ugly Duckling.

Quit dreaming, you are just a duck! You are destined to live on the ground for the rest of your life.

You will never become a beautiful swan! Voices echoed in its heart.

At that moment, it was truly lost.

All of a sudden, it recalled Ugly Duckling’s story.

Its entire body and mind were immersed in Ugly Duckling’s world, just like when he was listening to Giles’ story.

It had witnessed Ugly Duckling transform into a white swan over and over again.

Its heart went from the initial wavering to gradually becoming incomparably firm.

Nothing could sway it.

The mysterious energy surrounding it gradually increased and began to envelop its entire body.

Suddenly, it felt a wave of pain coming from all over its body.

It immediately screamed and all the muscles in its body contracted as it collapsed onto the ground.

It felt as if it had fallen into hell, and endless pain was tormenting its body.

It vaguely felt that as long as it gave up the thought of becoming a white swan, the pain would immediately disappear.

It opened its eyes wide and let out a heart-wrenching scream.

I want to change the life that I have now! I want to soar into the blue sky! I must become a beautiful swan! The Little Guru Duck’s eyes began to turn ferocious and wild.

Blood even trickled out from the corners of its eyes.

It closed its eyes again and immersed itself in Ugly Duckling’s world.

Every time the thought of giving up appeared in its mind, it would constantly tell itself.

Ugly Duckling could become a beautiful swan.

The mysterious energy gradually increased and enveloped Little Guru Duck in its entirety.

A shrill voice rang out from inside.

Then, everything returned to normal.

An hour later, the mysterious energy around Little Guru Duck gradually dispersed, revealing the Little Guru Duck inside.

It woke up from its coma and felt its weak yet much stronger body.

Its eyes were extremely bright.

It went over to the pond with trepidation.

The next moment, it was disappointed.

It was a body that was far more powerful than before.

It was filled with power.

It was hard to imagine that this was its body.

However, Little Guru Duck was not satisfied with this.

Its mouth opened slightly, revealing a human-like smile.

Indeed, it still didn’t become a beautiful swan.

However, this thought was abandoned in the blink of an eye.

It had already read Ugly Duckling’s story countless times in its mind, and its heart was already set in stone.

I will definitely succeed! The next moment, the mysterious energy that was dissipating around him suddenly stopped.

Then, it rapidly expanded and engulfed Little Guru Duck’s entire body again.

Little Guru Duck woke up from its slumber time and again before falling into a deep sleep.

However, it did not turn into the white swan that it expected.

Yet, it still did not give up.

The mysterious energy continued to envelop its entire body, dissipating then enveloping it again… Gradually, a breeze blew over from afar.

The mysterious energy wrapped around the little Guru Duck dispersed again.

Even though it knew that the chances of success were slim, it still went over to the pond.

This time, it was completely stunned.

On the calm water surface….

A beautiful white swan was staring back at it through the water.

Little Guru Duck quietly observed its new body.

It exuded a cold and aloof aura, and its snow-white feathers had no impurities.

Aside from that, it was no longer as young and child-like as before.

Its elegant body hid a huge amount of power, and its entire body emitted a trace of the dangerous aura of a high-rank spirit beast! If Alice hadn’t left, she would have screamed at the sight.

After listening to a story, the Bronze-rank Little Guru Duck had evolved into a Gold-rank Swan Beast in a short period of time! If word of this got out, no one would believe it! The Swan Beast clumsily spread open its wings and with a gentle flap, it flew up into the blue sky.

It trembled with excitement as it felt the cloud pass over its body.

No one could understand its current feelings.

If not for Giles, how could I become my current self? He is my benefactor, I want to repay him! With that thought in mind, the Swan Beast raised its long, swan neck, flapped its wings, and flew toward Giles’ residence.