I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 3

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Why Don’t I Tell You a Story? Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations In the spirit-beast section.

The Green-furred Dog was barking loudly, the Little Gulu Duck was flapping its wings incessantly, and the other spirit beast were also making a din.

This was undoubtedly a demonstration of the word “chaos”.

“It really happened.

” When Gym Leader Alice left, Giles had a feeling that this would happen.

The reason being that something like that had happened before in his childhood memories.

At that time, it was the previous Gym Leader who had gone out.


The spirit beast cubs in the gym were also causing a ruckus like now.

The intelligence of spirit beasts was similar to that of humans.




These spirit beasts, which were only a few years old, were the equivalent of young children among humans.

Since they were brought back by Gym Leader Alice, they were extremely reliant on Alice.

Alice had communicated with them before she left.

Listen to Giles.

Don’t mess around.

Continue_reading on MYB0X N0V EL.

COM However, how could a group of spirit beast cubs that were like human children, listen to her instructions? As soon as Alice left, they forgot those words.

At that moment, they were like children without their mother, and causing all sorts of trouble.

The young gorilla named Little Black also grabbed Giles’ pants and refused to let go.

It stared at Giles with large watery eyes.

Giles immediately felt a headache coming on.

Although they spoke different languages, Giles knew very well that Little Black was asking him to get Gym Leader Alice to come back.

But how was that possible? If it weren’t because this was an important matter, Gym Leader Alice wouldn’t have left.

However, when he saw the group of spirit beast cubs surrounding his feet, Giles felt like there was really nothing he could do.

“If it were a human child from my previous life, the moment the feather duster is brought out, they would immediately become obedient!” However, this was a group of little ancestors and they couldn’t be beaten or scolded.

Not to mention that Giles could not defeat them… Because even if they were cubs, they were all Bronze-rank spirit beasts with different powers.

“What a headache, how do I coax these little ancestors?” All of a sudden, Giles had an idea.

How about I tell them stories from my past life? After living in this world for so many years, Giles learned that the classic stories from his past life had not appeared in this world.

As he had been adopted by the previous gym leader since he was young, he did not have to worry about food and clothing.

Hence, he never had the idea of becoming a plagiarist.

However, under these current circumstances, these stories come in handy.

Giles remembered that when he was a kid, every time he saw those storybooks, he couldn’t help but immerse himself in them.

As for the spirit beast cubs in front of him, they were just some children that had yet to grow up.

Telling them stories they’ve never heard of before.

Just as he said he would do it, Giles looked at the spirit beast cubs around him.

“Why don’t I tell you a story?” Upon hearing this, the spirit beasts were stunned.

Their small eyes were filled with huge confusion.

“I’ll take that as a yes.

” Then, Giles sat on a rock by the pond and cleared his throat before slowly saying, “The main character of today’s story… is a duck.

” “The story is about a duck undergoing all kinds of tribulations and working hard before eventually transforming into a swan.


” The sun was shining brightly and a cool breeze blew by the pond.

A human and a group of beasts were gathered together.

Sitting on the rock with a serious expression on his face, Giles animatedly began to tell the story of “Ugly Duckling”.

The spirit beast cubs surrounded him and pricked up their ears, listening attentively.

Giles’ gentle and pleasant voice traveled through the air along with the breeze.

“Along an extremely beautiful river, a duck hatched from its shell.

” “However, because it looked different from the other ducks, everyone mockingly called it an ugly duckling.

“Look, that duck is so big and ugly…” “Everywhere it went, this duck was mocked and ostracized.

” How could the spirit beast cubs have ever heard this story? They were instantly immersed in the world of stories.

Among them, there was a spirit beast that was listening to the story even more attentively than the rest of them.

It was a Little Gulu Duck.

Its eyes were closed as it listened attentively.

Its soul seemed to be guided by an inexplicable force into the world that Giles spoke of.

Its soul rapidly roamed the world as Giles spoke.

Just like itself, it saw Ugly Duckling hatching from its shell.

It saw the ducks mocking Ugly Duckling.

It saw Ugly Duckling being chased out of the flock of ducks by the other ducks.

The Little Guru Duck was completely immersed in the story.

It didn’t understand why Ugly Duckling was being mocked, it was angry that Ugly Duckling was being bullied, and it was powerless to do anything for it.

It saw Ugly Duckling wandering on the streets, but it was despised by other animals and humans.

It saw the envy in Ugly Duckling’s eyes when it saw the swan.

It saw Ugly Duckling charging toward the graceful swan in despair.

The Little Guru Duck’s heart tightened as it shouted in its heart.

Don’t go over, they will bully you too! However, what it imagined did not happen.

Giles’ story continued.

“It charged towards the swans in despair, trying to get close to these elegant animals.

“It thought that these swans would hate it for being such an ugly creature.

It thought that they would bully it and bite it to death.

” “None of this happened.

The swans looked at it in amazement and exclaimed endlessly that Ugly Duckling was the most beautiful swan they had ever seen.

” Following Giles’ words, the Little Guru Duck was immersed in Ugly Duckling’s world once again.

It saw Ugly Duckling transforming into a beautiful swan after experiencing trials and tribulations.

It saw Ugly Duckling receiving endless praise from the white swans.

It saw Ugly Duckling flying into the blue sky.

It was not an ugly duckling, but an elegant swan! From an ugly duckling to white swan, from ugly to beautiful, and flying from the land to the blue sky.

All these made the Little Guru Duck’s soul tremble with excitement.

As Giles finished his story, the Little Guru Duck left that world.

It opened its tightly shut eyes.

They were still surrounded by the familiar grassland.

It was as if everything that had just happened was just an illusion.

The other spirit beasts also left the world of stories.

However, they were no longer noisy.

It was as if they were still revelling in the story Giles had just told.

Giles was pleased to see this.

“As expected of a famous story from my previous life, it’s so useful!” Giles then left the place to go and take a nap.

He finally managed to appease these little ancestors.

He had to reward himself.

However, what he did not realize was… Among the spirit beasts, the Little Guru Duck stood rooted to the spot.

A peculiar energy lingered around its body.

It seemed extremely mysterious.