Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 221

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 221

That was the end of the ancients’ investigation.

Ye Chen closed the Wasteland Remembrance and was speechless.

The only advantage was that the ancient people had tried all kinds of reactions of the special Dragon Claw Grass of the Sky Domain to various types of Spiritual Energy during their investigation.

Otherwise, he really needed to worry about whether it would have any adverse reactions to other Spiritual Energy.

At least now, he knew that other than Fire Spiritual Energy, there was nothing here that could cause the Dragon Claw Grass to explode.

However, even this restriction still made him feel troubled.

The most troublesome thing was the characteristics of the Dragon Claw Grass.

This plant appeared too early and disappeared from the main world almost completely before the human forces became stronger.

In addition, it grew on the East Continent and West Continent.

Therefore, even the system information given by the Titan God did not have much related records.

This caused Ye Chen to be unable to obtain more detailed information.

And the Dragon Claw Grass that was placed here now was very likely to be a trap.

It might not be able to trigger any danger in the ice array, but it would be a huge problem in the fire array.

At that time, Yan Sheng placed the fragment of the Spirit Pool in front of the Divine Pillar and wrapped it in gel.

This was not only to connect it to the secret chamber array set up in the mental world.

More importantly, it could block the rich Fire Spiritual Energy on the fragment of the Spirit Pool to prevent it from spilling out and causing an explosion when the Dragon Claw Grass on the Divine Pillar sensed it.

Although the Dragon Claw Grass didn’t have any problems when it came into contact with Fire Spiritual Energy, according to Ye Chen’s previous observations, most of the fragments of Zhurong’s Spirit Pool were liquid and were quite active.

Moreover, they had always been bright golden red and showed a scorching temperature.

Even if it didn’t have the intention to hurt others, directly coming into contact with the Dragon Claw Grass would still cause a dangerous situation.

The method to remove the array in the secret chamber of the fire array was very simple for Zhurong.

In fact, it didn’t need to do anything.

It just needed to take away the fragment of the Spirit Pool that had already been released.

However, because of Goulong, it couldn’t do that.




Previously, Ye Chen’s plan was to let the consciousness of Zhurong and Goulong, the two Divine Beasts, possess the other mutated beasts.

At the same time, he would release his own Spiritual Energy to trigger the traps in the two secret chambers, causing the power to offset each other.

Then, he would use this to weaken the gel used to hide the center of the array in the secret chamber.

After that, he would let Little Purple start searching for the center of the array and finally let the two Divine Beasts take it out by themselves.

In theory, the few steps of triggering the trap to let Little Purple search for the center of the array could be omitted because Ye Chen could complete these steps by using the Divine Descendant Body.

However, in a practical sense, there were a few steps that could not be omitted.

This was because after the gel on the array center of the secret chamber was removed, the fragment of the Spirit Pool would be exposed and the Spiritual Energy emitted would trigger the trap in the secret chamber.

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COM Ye Chen had briefly triggered this device in the secret chamber of the fire array.

If not for the help of the Divine Power, Extreme Speed, that Kun Peng fed him, he would have died long ago.

The traps in the two secret chambers were clearly different.

According to Ye Chen’s personal experience, the lava-like Fire Spiritual Energy released by the traps in the fire array secret chamber required a certain amount of time to fill the entire secret chamber.

According to the system notification, they would instantly freeze the entire array after the traps in the ice array secret chamber were triggered.

It was very likely that even Kun Peng’s extreme speed could not escape from it.

Other than the mutated beast possessed by Goulong, everything else would be attacked indiscriminately.

If Goulong was still alive, there wouldn’t be such a problem.

The center of the array in the fire array had already been exposed, but the trap had never been triggered.

The key reason was that Zhurong’s main body was still alive and the consciousness in the array could be mixed with each other.

Therefore, it, who had already possessed other mutated beasts, could merge with the consciousness of the other fragment of the Spirit Pool to control the withdrawal and release of Spiritual Energy, thereby achieving the current state where the trap would not be triggered.

However, the dead Goulong did not have this ability.

From the information given by the system notification, compared to Zhurong’s fragment of the Spirit Pool that is still active, Goulong’s fragment of the Spirit Pool had already entered a semi-petrified state.

It didn’t have the ability to integrate the consciousness on its fragment.

Therefore, as long as it took off the gel that covered the center of the array, it would definitely trigger the trap.

If he wanted to solve this problem, he could only let Zhurong trigger his trap to offset the power of the array on the other side to protect Ye Chen and the other mutated beasts in the array.

Therefore, Ye Chen would indeed help search for the center of the array, but he could not miss the step of triggering the trap.

However, with the Dragon Claw Grass, Ye Chen had to be more careful.

After triggering the trap, the array in the secret chamber would be removed.

There would probably be no problem with the ice array.

However, if nothing went wrong, the outer shell of the secret chamber in the fire array would completely collapse under the influence of Zhurong’s Spiritual Energy.

At this moment, the Fire Spiritual Energy that had accumulated for nearly 200 years would directly affect the Divine Pillar behind it.

Would it explode? If it exploded, would it cause damage to the Immortal Phoenix’s body? Ye Chen and the other Divine Beasts could indeed hide in the ice array and let Zhurong be in charge of solving all the problems.

However, Ye Chen also knew that after the Immortal Phoenix was possessed, only its attack power increased and its defense power remained intact.

The Spiritual Energy of Zhurong released from the trap would bypass its body when it burned the surroundings because Zhurong’s consciousness existed.

However, the explosion of the Dragon Claw Grass wouldn’t be automatically eliminated.

Would its explosion affect the safety of the Immortal Phoenix? Could Zhurong protect it? Ye Chen was not sure.

He was not willing to take the risk.

He picked up the petrified Dragon Claw Grass and held it in his hand as he walked towards the fire array on the other side.

After all, he only needed to do a few experiments to know how destructive this thing was when it encountered fire.

When he walked to the intersection of the two arrays, he estimated the range of the explosion mentioned in the Wasteland Remembrance.

After some thought, he used the Human Forbidden Art to increase his strength.

Then, he raised his arm and threw out a fragment of Dragon Claw Grass.

This time, it was no longer protected by the gel and was completely exposed in the fire array.

Just as it crossed the border, the gray stone emitted a red light.

However, this red light only lasted for an instant before exploding into a huge fireball.

The fireball exploded the Spirit Stones in the long and narrow passage of the fire array into powder.

“Can this really be defended against?” Ye Chen could not help but doubt it.

There were fewer impurities in the Spirit Stones in the fire array.

Although they could be smelted, ordinary Spiritual Energy attacks should have little effect on them.

Since the explosion could affect them, it naturally meant that they could also cause damage to mutated beasts.

Just as he was feeling a little worried, an angry voice reached his ear.

“What are you doing making such a huge commotion? Can’t you let me sleep?!” He looked up and saw an angry Zhurong.