Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 212

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 212

A silver shadow suddenly emerged from Ye Chen’s back and quickly rushed towards the ceiling.

The silver shadow streaked across the protruding stone and the hidden stone pillar shook from the impact.

Then, it was cut off completely.

All of this happened in less than a second.

The ceiling instantly let out a roar and the array started to shake non-stop.

However, the surrounding fragile Spirit Stones showed no signs of falling.

It did not seem like they had been attacked.

Instead, it seemed like the entire space was shaking from the outside.

“What’s going on?” Ye Chen, who was unaware of the abnormality that happened to his body, turned around in shock.

He saw a silver shadow falling in the direction where they were gathered from the ceiling.

In the silver shadow, there was a deeper gray color.

It was obvious that stones had fallen along with it.

The leader of the Feather Dragons reacted the fastest.

It quickly spread its wings and covered Ye Chen and the other mutated beasts.

However, its action was completely unnecessary because the silver shadow changed its direction during the fall and landed lightly beside it.

After putting down a gray stone pillar, the shadow quickly returned to Ye Chen’s body.

This time, Ye Chen and the three Divine Beasts saw clearly that the shadow was Godly Gift, who Ye Chen had just named.

And the pillar that it put down was one of the three divine pillars that supported the mental world.

Apparently, just as Ye Chen was thinking about how to control Godly Gift to destroy the Divine Pillar, it had already moved and successfully destroyed the Divine Pillar before returning to Ye Chen’s body.

“Didn’t it need to be controlled by consciousness?” Ye Chen was dumbfounded.

“I just thought about it casually.

How can it be activated in this situation?” He tried again in disbelief.

This time, he imagined Godly Gift sitting on Little Purple’s head.

It was still extremely fast.

Godly Gift did appear.

A silver light flashed and it immediately sat on Little Purple’s head, scaring it.

However, Godly Gift this time was different from before.

After he stood still on Little Purple’s head, his body seemed to have been instantly added with color and became no different from Ye Chen himself.

When Ye Chen controlled it to walk back and return to his body, its pace was also like that of an ordinary person, unlike before when it was a silver light the entire time.




After a few short experiments, Ye Chen confirmed one thing.

Controlling Godly Gift did not require too much of his will.

If he just wanted to use it as an errand boy, he could just imagine that scene in his mind and it would be able to complete what he wanted to do.

However, as he started to mobilize a stronger will, Godly Gift would become more human and could even transform into him.

This ability was useless at the moment, but it would be a great help to him if he wanted to lure the enemy away in the future or appear in public at certain occasions.

However, what he needed more now was to learn to control Godly Gift.

After all, a substitute that would run around because of his thoughts was too dangerous.

Ye Chen put Godly Gift back into his body and locked the information panel of Godly Gift in the Dharma treasure column of the data panel to prevent it from being triggered at any time.

After doing all of this, he walked to the Divine Pillar that had been thrown down by Godly Gift and put it in his inventory.

Then, he walked into the fire array.

There, the nervous Monkey was still guarding the Godly Sea Steadying Needle.

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COM “Master, you’re finally back.

” Monkey said to Ye Chen, “The commotion here was huge just now.

I thought something had happened to the array!” Monkey could not be blamed for being afraid.

After the Divine Pillar was taken down, the entire array space shook violently.

The commotion was huge during this period.

There were even a few bold Feather Dragons that ran to the intersection of the arrays to report the situation to their leader.

However, the shaking finally stopped.

The mental world of the Ice Fire Beetle completely collapsed and fell into the real world.

The gel that Ye Chen obtained from the secret chamber finally returned to normal with this change.

It changed from bright red to an extremely light blue.

The Godly Sea Steadying Needle had been recuperating in the Ice Fire Armor and its condition hadn’t worsened significantly in a short period of time.

It finally adjusted the circulation method of its Spiritual Energy a little since it had absorbed the Spiritual Energy of the Deep Sea Dragons in the gel.

Its somewhat dim scales also started to shine again.

When Ye Chen checked the status panel, the attribute icons of the Godly Sea Steadying Needle finally became two.

The original water-type icon squeezed in front of the wood-type icon.

Ye Chen was tired after this.

He looked at Zhurong in the secret chamber.

It was obvious that it had been disturbed again and looked at him unhappily.

Ye Chen quickly looked away and decided not to care about this person.

“The hidden dangers of the array have basically been eliminated, everyone, go to the ice array.

Whether you want to rest or continue cultivating is up to you.

However, you have to gather in the secret chamber of the ice array before Goulong wakes up.

” He instructed the Divine Beasts, “We have to make complete preparations for tonight’s mission.

The array in the secret chamber of the ice array must be successfully broken.

We can’t make any mistakes!” It was very close to the time when he could bring the mutated beasts out of the damn place called the Ice Fire Array.

He left the fire array with the Divine Beasts.

After the Divine Beasts scattered, he walked towards the new residence that the leader of the Feather Dragons had opened up for him.

He casually roasted some meat and ate it.

Then, he lay on the bed and decided to rest for a while before the time was up.

However, just as he entered a half-awake state, he suddenly felt a cold aura flowing through his meridians.

Even though he had quietly sealed his meridians, this aura was still traveling through his body unimpeded.

“What’s going on?” Ye Chen felt that something was wrong.

He wanted to open his eyes but his eyelids seemed to have been glued together and his body seemed extremely heavy.

He felt as if he had fallen into a nightmare.

At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded in Ye Chen’s mind.

“I’ve seen you a few times.

Now, I can finally talk to you.

” This voice sounded very familiar to him.

“You are…” He struggled to ask.

“The original owner of the Dharma treasure you just took in,” the voice replied.

With that said, Ye Chen completely fell asleep.