Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 213

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 213

“F*ck!” Ye Chen could not help but curse.

When he regained consciousness again, he could hardly believe his eyes.

In front of him was neither his room in the ice array nor the Divine Court.

This place did not exist in the Primitive World at all.

Ye Chen thought that he had already seen a lot of the world during this period of time.

However, it would be strange if he did not curse if he was immediately thrown out of the Primitive World that he had been fighting for a long time and returned to the world he used to live in! In front of him was a city filled with tall buildings.

Ye Chen stood by the road, fuming.

He had been working hard for so long and had taken in seven Divine Beasts.

He had just obtained a rare treasure in the world and had also decided on how to develop after escaping the ice and fire arrays.

The beautiful path to ascension had just opened and he was going to return to square one? What a joke! “Don’t be so excited.

You didn’t come back here.

” At this moment, the voice he had heard just now sounded again.

“This is just your dream.

Don’t be nervous.

” Ye Chen heaved a sigh of relief.

“You should have told me this when I first came in.

It was so scary.

Don’t learn from Goulong and use illusions to scare people!” He mocked.

“But who are you? Let me guess.

Are you the Titan God?” “Firstly, what I used wasn’t an illusion.

Secondly, when did you discover it?” The other party immediately replied.




Ye Chen spread his hands.

“I discovered it the moment I came in.

After all, other than you, who else can let me see this world? I know everything.

The world I lived in before was the Titan Continent that you brought to the other world.

It’s difficult for me not to guess with so much information.

” He replied, “Now that I’m done explaining, tell me how you’re talking to me now?” Ye Chen was a little concerned when the Titan God said that he did not use illusions.

He had experienced a similar situation before this.

At that time, Goulong’s consciousness used an illusion to trap him in the illusion and interrogated him about his origins and goal.

This really made Ye Chen very dissatisfied with the domineering way of using illusions.

However, the Titan God said that he was not talking to him in an illusion.

This really surprised Ye Chen.

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COM The Titan God paused for a few seconds before replying when he heard his question.

“I thought you had already discovered this,” he said.

“Didn’t you accept my Dharma treasure? It contains my heart and is the only thing of my body in the Wilderness.

” Ye Chen suddenly realized something.

The two parts that formed Godly Gift were the silver human figure that could transform into silver threads in the hidden space and the secret treasure called the Giant God’s Heart.

However, after Godly Gift recognized him as its master, it could fuse into his body at will, causing his feeling of this Dharma treasure having a physical body to become much fainter.

This was why he couldn’t connect it to it for a moment.

However, this caused other problems.

“Are you saying that you left your heart in the Wilderness, so you were still alive when you went to the alternate world?” Ye Chen couldn’t help but ask.

“Of course I’m dead, or rather, I’m in a deep sleep,” the Titan God replied.

“If you think that it’s easy for this continent to pass through the space-time turbulence and reach the other world safely, you’re really thinking too simply.

” “Could there be any accidents?” Ye Chen found it strange.

“There wasn’t any big problem when I transmigrated.

Instead, I encountered many dangerous situations after entering the Wilderness.

” After all, he had arrived in a different world after sleeping.

Ye Chen still found this matter ridiculous when he thought about it.

“That’s because I used my body to build a barrier for you.

” The Titan God explained, “I used the other parts of my body to build a protective barrier around the Titan Continent.

Firstly, it was to ensure that it wasn’t torn apart by the spatial turbulence.

Secondly, it was to seal the Spiritual Energy.

At the same time, in order to ensure that you could return, I used the protective barrier to open a small passage between my heart and the Titan Continent.

Although it wasn’t enough for the Titan Continent to return to the Wilderness, it was a small matter to send you humans back.

” Ye Chen nodded and pointed out another puzzling point.

“I can understand that, but there’s something I don’t quite understand,” he said.

“You said that you sealed the Spiritual Energy of the Titan Continent, but why didn’t the people living there show any Spiritual Energy?” God knew how shocked he was when he first heard that he might be a descendant of the Titan Race.

He had lived for more than twenty years before, but Ye Chen had never really thought about what would happen if the Spiritual Energy system really existed.

In the end, he told him directly that he was the descendant of God’s Chosen One.

Even so, he had come to the Wilderness to increase his combat strength from scratch.

In that case, where did the Spiritual Energy of the Titan Continent that was sealed in the alternate world go? The Titan God gave him an answer that he found hard to believe.

“A portion of this Spiritual Energy was divided into many parts.

All of you have it in your bodies,” it replied.

“The other portion was used to maintain my consciousness.

I had to observe your world so that I could find a way for all of you to be connected to me.

Therefore, I finally replicated a ‘system’ according to what you humans developed.

” Ye Chen covered his face.

“That scamming system are you?” He asked in disbelief, “Let’s not talk about how many limitations this system has for now.

As far as I know, I’m the only one who can unlock so many functions of the system.

It’s impossible for you not to know about this, right?” The Titan God seemed to be very helpless about this.

“My consciousness can’t be directly connected to so many people, so this system is relatively mechanized.

Its limitations are unavoidable.

After all, its function is to help me screen my heir from everyone.

” As he spoke, he started to explain things related to the system.

“When the system selects you, it will send the information back to the heart I left behind, causing the Substitute Dharma treasure I left behind to transform into your appearance.

From then on, in order to protect you, the system will open up more parts for you to use and try its best to guide you to the Dharma treasure.

Because you can only speak to my consciousness directly after obtaining the Substitute Dharma treasure.

” Ye Chen was a little speechless.

“You’re making things too troublesome.

Since you can relay the information to the heart, why didn’t you directly ask me to establish communication with your heart when you selected me?” He mocked.

“In order to hide the location of my heart, I only set up a one-way information transmission.

Even if I asked you to find this place, I only relied on the mutual sensing of the space-time tunnels,” the Titan God replied.

“Fortunately, you still came here.

I can finally give you higher authority.