Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 209

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 209

“Master, look.

What’s that thing sticking out of the stone pillar?” Little Purple asked Ye Chen in a muffled voice as it dived into the water with the Snow Soul Pearl in its mouth.

It pointed at the bottom of the pool with its long tail.

The stone pillar was erected at the center of the pool and it seemed to have been arranged this way.

This was because many silver tentacles had appeared in the dark water.

“I can’t see it clearly.

Little Purple, get closer.

” Ye Chen could only see a ball of silver light at the bottom of the water, but he couldn’t determine what it was.

He could only let Little Purple get closer.

However, Little Purple refused.

“Master, do you really want me to go down?” It asked seriously.

“The bottom of the pool is filled with silver tentacles.

Are they really safe?” “They’re all silver tentacles? Can you describe them in more detail?” Ye Chen asked.

Everything in his eyes was too blurry, making him unable to imagine what the scene Little Purple was talking about was like.

Ye Chen insisted on understanding the situation of the silver tentacles at the bottom of the pool.

Little Purple was helpless and could only try its best to explain.

“It’s like that stone pillar is a tree and those silver tentacles are roots.

However, these roots seem to move.

I can see them swaying in the water as they grow and expand, although they look very slow.

” It described it like this.

“Besides, they grew from piercing through the stone pillar and are the same color as the statue above.

It makes me feel quite uncomfortable…” As it spoke, it moved a little closer to the crack that was used as an entrance.

The ball of silver light became even more blurry in Ye Chen’s eyes.

The crack was formed in the middle of the entire pool.

After Little Purple approached, its vision became a little unstable, as if it was about to be sucked away.

At this moment, Ye Chen remembered that something was wrong.

Without this crack, the amount of water in the hidden space would be far more than now.




However, the stone pillars had always been increasing the water volume here.

It was impossible for the hidden space to continue absorbing more water after the water surface was filled.

Therefore, there was either a larger space above the hidden space or the water coming out of the stone pillar would stop after it was filled.

That silver human figure was very likely to be the same as the silver tentacles under the stone pillar.

It originally needed to be immersed in water.

At that time, Little Purple’s action of removing the Ice Fire Armor was very likely unnecessary.

If he wanted to know the true situation of the hidden space, he could only restore the overall environment here to how it was before it was damaged.

“Little Purple, put together the gel from before and stabilize it.

Then, retreat into the crack.

” Ye Chen said to Little Purple, “Then, make a layer of Ice Fire Armor outside to block the leakage in the crack and protect yourself.

Then, you only need to observe the situation inside through the Ice Fire Armor with the Titan’s Eye.

Report to me anytime if there are any changes.

” Continue_reading on MYB0X N0V EL.

COM The two ends of the crack were completely different worlds.

Only the hidden space belonged to the category of the mental world.

Therefore, when they were outside, Little Purple’s Titan’s Eye couldn’t see through the two worlds directly.

However, a passage had already been created between the two worlds with this crack.

Even if the Ice Fire Armor temporarily repaired the borders of the two worlds, the current Little Purple only needed to see through the layer of Ice Fire Armor to be able to observe the hidden space that was restored.

Little Purple naturally did not need to spend too much Spiritual Energy and perception to see through the borders that it had created.

Although Ye Chen could not receive what the Titan’s Eye saw through visual sharing, it was the same if Little Purple could see it.

Ye Chen calculated and opened his inventory.

Currently, he and Little Purple shouldn’t have triggered any traps.

And restoring the hidden space should require the Giant God’s Heart that corresponded to it.

After Little Purple finished repairing the hidden space, he planned to take out the Giant God’s Heart to help restore the original environment.

When Little Purple heard his words, it did not raise any objections.

It obediently followed Ye Chen’s request and quickly repaired the crack and hid itself.

After a while, its voice reached Ye Chen’s ears.

“Master, I’ve already set it up according to your request,” it reported.

“There’s no change inside now, but the water level is rising.

” “Alright, remember to pay attention to two places.

” Ye Chen instructed.

“One is that silver statue and the other is the tentacles below.

” Little Purple responded softly and fell silent again.

After a while, it spoke again.

“The water here is full.

The words carved on the stone pillar have stopped increasing the water content judging from the direction of the water,” it said.

“However, Master, the stone pillar seems to have changed color.

” “What color is it?” Ye Chen asked, “Can you see the reason for its change with the Titan’s Eye?” “It’s still silver,” Little Purple replied.

“The Titan’s Eye has never been able to see through this stone pillar.

It can only see that it has a pillar core.

There’s an extremely powerful force inside that rejects my detection… Wait!” As it spoke, it suddenly let out a cry.

“Master, there’s an emergency!” It said anxiously, “The silver tentacles below are moving!” Ye Chen perked up.

“Tell me the details.

How is it going?” He quickly asked.

“They’re moving faster and are rising from the bottom.

They’ve already risen near the pavilion!” Little Purple reported.

“They seem to have gathered again.

They should be heading for that statue!” According to its description, the silver tentacles should have connected to the silver human figure.

After all, that statue has the same face as him.

Ye Chen thought about that scene and could not help but shiver in disgust.

However, before he could ask anything else, Little Purple let out another scream.

However, this time, its voice was filled with fear.

Following that, there was a series of cracking sounds.

Ye Chen heard the sound of shattering very clearly because it was not Little Purple’s voice through the connection at all.

It was a sound from reality.

He quickly opened his eyes.

Explosions sounded one after another from the stone wall in front of him.

Before he could think of what to do, Little Purple’s palm-sized body suddenly rushed out of the small cave on the stone wall.

After it fell to the ground, it quickly got up and its body suddenly enlarged.

It even instantly built an Ice Fire Armor to cover Ye Chen and itself.

Ye Chen stood beside it and was pushed more than a meter to the side by the enlarged Little Purple.

He almost fell.

“Little Purple, what happened to you…?” Just as he was about to ask, he saw silver threads that looked like spider silk emerge from the hole and pounce on Little Purple! “Little Purple, dodge…” Ye Chen shouted but before he could finish reminding Little Purple, he saw the silver thread circle around Little Purple’s huge body and attack the Ice Fire Armor on the other side.

And standing on that side was Ye Chen himself.