Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 208

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 208

Ye Chen maintained his connection with Little Purple and observed the situation through the visual sharing.

When Little Purple entered the hole at the beginning, it seemed to have created a small Ice Fire Armor to block the exit due to the turbulent waters, filling the entire tunnel with water.

The cave was very dark.

Fortunately, Ye Chen gave Little Purple a Snow Soul Pearl that was used for lighting.

With the light of the Snow Soul Pearl in Little Purple’s mouth, Ye Chen could see that although there seemed to be only one hole on the wall, there was actually a huge crack on the inside.

More than one crack extended everywhere.

It was very likely that there was also a leakage of water in other places.

However, it was not obvious on the stone wall.

There was only one place that seemed to have a dent in the crack, which was why that small hole appeared.

The inside was actually very spacious.

Although there were many cracks, there was only one main path.

In the crack that was already filled with water, as long as Little Purple closed its mouth that contained the Snow Soul Pearl, it could see a blurry silver light in the crack in the distance that was swaying with the water.

Apparently, the hidden space was above the cave wall.

Little Purple quickly swam towards the light and blocked the parts that it had already swum through.

After a while, it arrived above the water.

At the same time, the sound of water that had disappeared suddenly appeared in Ye Chen’s ears again.

It was obvious that Little Purple had removed the Ice Fire Armor used to block the water at the entrance of the cave.

Ye Chen knew very well why it removed the Ice Fire Armor.

It was because of the silver-white human figure in the hidden space.

The hidden space that Little Purple came to was a cold pool.

One unusual thing was the huge rock in the middle of the pool.

The huge rock wasn’t exposed too much from the water surface.

A pavilion sat on the huge rock.

In the pavilion lay a silver human figure.

It was impossible to see if it was a corpse or a statue.

The human figure’s entire body was glowing with silver light.

It had already been partially submerged in water when Little Purple entered because the water exit was blocked.




And the silver light that Little Purple saw just now was probably emitted by this human figure.

In order to better observe the human figure, Little Purple released the water from the exit.

Then, it enlarged its body slightly and stuck its head into the pavilion.

The human figure on the ground appeared in front of Little Purple without the influence of the water waves.

Ye Chen and Little Purple gasped at the same time.

Continue_reading on MYB0X N0V EL.

COM It could be seen that this silver human figure was no different from a real person from its appearance.

Although its limbs were clearly stuck together, it looked more like a human body that had transformed into some kind of abnormal substance.

The pores on its face were clearly visible and did not seem to have been deliberately made.

What was even more surprising was that this person had a face that was almost identical to Ye Chen’s facial features.

“Master, did you see this person?” Little Purple asked Ye Chen uncertainly.

In order to facilitate communication, although it consumed more Spiritual Energy, it still took the initiative to deepen its connection with Ye Chen so that they could talk to each other.

“I see it, but don’t worry about it for now.

” Ye Chen said, “Look around and see if there’s anything special other than this statue.

Remember, don’t touch them unless necessary.

” He firmly called this silver human figure a sculpture.

In fact, from the moment he saw it, Ye Chen knew better than anyone else that this human figure was definitely not a statue and might have a very important relationship with him.

However, he could not see it with his own eyes now.

He could only call it a statue for the time being, in case Little Purple cared too much about it and its judgment would decrease, causing it to encounter danger in the hidden space.

Therefore, he could only divert Little Purple’s attention from this human figure.

Although Little Purple was doubtful, it left the human figure obediently and started looking around in the hidden space after hearing Ye Chen’s words.

There was nothing special other than the huge rock and the simple stone pavilion above the water surface of the hidden space.

Little Purple repeatedly observed the top and bottom of the pavilion and even conducted a small-scale attack to determine its material.

The final judgment was that this gray pavilion still maintained the characteristics of the mental world and could be destroyed.

There were no traps set up inside and there was nothing suspicious.

It seemed to only exist to store that human figure.

On the contrary, the huge rock could not be destroyed.

Therefore, Ye Chen asked Little Purple to search for information about this huge rock.

Little Purple did not let Ye Chen down.

It found more information underwater.

There were far more parts underwater than on the water.

Here, Little Purple quickly discovered three abnormalities.

The first abnormality was there was an almost transparent light purple gel at the location of the crack.

It was undoubtedly refined from the corpse of a Deep Sea Dragon judging from its aura.

Its appearance here meant that there was Spiritual Energy connected to the outside world.

However, when Little Purple discovered it, it had already completely shattered.

If not for the illumination of the Snow Soul Pearl, it would have been impossible to discover it.

Ye Chen guessed that it was connected to the gel wrapped around the Giant God’s Heart according to its color.

It shattered because that the Giant God’s Heart had been taken away, and caused the inner walls of the hidden space to crack.

The second abnormality was the huge rock itself.

The water here seemed to be flowing from the stone carvings on its body, making Little Purple very confused about the material.

In addition, the top of the huge rock was flat and smooth on all sides.

The cross-section was almost circular.

From the looks of it, it looked like a man-made stone pillar.

The third abnormality was the words carved on the underwater part of the stone pillar.

Those words were carved on this stone pillar, making people feel that it was a huge tablet.

Ye Chen also spent some time understanding its content.

However, the problem was with the words.

The words in the Primitive World were different from the past to the present.

Among them, the words from recent centuries were basically the same as the words in the world Ye Chen used to live in.

However, the words from ancient times were very different.

Ye Chen had seen these words in the Wasteland Remembrance before.

Fortunately, the system had real-time translation.

He did not have to bother to study the ancient words.

And now, the words on the huge rock were ancient words.

This proved that this huge rock pillar was definitely a product of the ancient times.

However, the image after sharing the vision was relatively blurry.

It finally triggered the system translation with Little Purple’s adjustment, allowing Ye Chen to know the content of the words on the huge rock.

The gist of this message was that the Titan God predicted that the Primitive World would fall into a crisis of lack of Spiritual Energy in the future, ultimately causing the universe’s barrier to break.

Therefore, it brought the Titan Continent and some humans to other worlds, allowing them to return to the Primitive World one day to revive the entire Wasteland Continent.

The Titan God’s Dharma treasure was preserved here, waiting for the chosen descendant to call it its new master.

Ye Chen did not have any thoughts about this tablet.

He was only concerned about where the Titan God’s Dharma treasure was.

Could it be that silver human figure? Just as he was about to instruct Little Purple to look elsewhere, Little Purple made a third discovery.