Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 187

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 187

Everyone could tell what Kun Peng meant after hearing that.

The suggestion it made was to let Spirit Blood go through the body to stimulate any bloodline talent that might exist.

“I think it’s feasible.

” Little Purple nodded in agreement.

“I’ve experienced the awakening of the bloodline at the altar and I’ve been fasting and cultivating with Little White recently.

My Spiritual Energy should be pure enough and the attributes of my Spiritual Energy don’t conflict with Master’s.

I think this method is feasible!” “I think so too.

Besides, you have the Beast Spirit Contract to begin with.

According to Mr.

Ye, Little Purple, you were hatched from his blood.

It’s probably quite safe.

” After the leader of the Feather Dragons expressed its stance, it immediately sighed again.

“I don’t really want to say my name anymore, but why do you always like to call me by my real name?” Its question was ignored.

The Godly Sea Steadying Needle and Monkey weren’t too clear about the situation.

They also expressed their support when their two other companions had already agreed to Kun Peng’s suggestion.

Only Ye Chen wanted to cover his face and sigh.

Although he had seen these mutated beasts increase their combat strength and obtain new Divine Powers by absorbing the blood of mutated beasts with high combat strength, that kind of absorption was food.

And Kun Peng’s suggestion was actually more like the cleansing of blood at the Python Race’s altar.

So, the bloodline became the problem.

Although he might also have the blood of the Titan Race like Little Purple, there was a huge difference in their races after all.

After all, Ye Chen had lived in his previous world for twenty years and knew the fragility of human blood.

Other than certain blood types, the fusion of different blood types could kill people, let alone blood of foreign races.




Although his abilities had increased significantly after coming to the wilderness, the only difference was that his meridians could flow with Spiritual Energy.

The other abilities were obtained through external forces.

If he rashly transferred Little Purple’s blood into his body, he was really afraid that he would die directly.

“Stop, Little Purple! Do you really realize that I’m a human?” When Little Purple raised its scales to bleed, Ye Chen quickly went forward to stop it and complained, “Will nothing happen to cross-species blood transfusion?” The few Divine Beasts shook their heads.

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COM “I’ve never tried.

” Kun Peng was especially self-righteous.

“But didn’t Little Purple recover after absorbing the blood of a Pseudo-Star mutated beast? It should be fine.

” “This is completely different!” Ye Chen had a headache.

“I’ve been a human for so many years.

I know myself well.

It’s fine if I drink it, but a blood transfusion might kill me! Is there any other way? Oh right, come here!” The leader of the Feather Dragons came forward with a face full of confusion.

“Did you just say that Little Purple has my bloodline because I hatched it with blood?” Ye Chen asked, “It has already used the Python Race’s altar to cleanse its bloodline.

Is there any left?” “Doesn’t it still have the Beast Spirit Contract with you? If it does, it means that your bloodline is still there.

The blood in the permanent Beast Spirit Contract can’t be erased,” the leader of the Feather Dragons replied.

Then, it suddenly realized something and looked at Ye Chen in surprise.

“You want it to transfer that portion of blood to you again? That’s a good idea, but is the blood enough?” “What else can I do?” Ye Chen was a little helpless.

“That portion of blood must have already assimilated with Little Purple’s power.

Although the amount is probably pitifully small, I can only accept that portion of blood to try.

” Why would he use so much blood to incubate an egg? Ye Chen was a little regretful now.

It would be great if only he had dripped more blood when incubating Little Purple.

At this moment, another voice sounded.

“If you’re worried that the Spirit Blood isn’t enough, why don’t you drip some more blood to strengthen the Beast Spirit Contract?” It was the voice of the Immortal Phoenix, or rather, Zhurong.

When Ye Chen turned around, Zhurong, who was resting in the fire array, had already woken up.

It maintained its resting posture but was looking in his direction.

“I’ve said before that the Beast Spirit Contract was used by mutated beasts in the past to control other mutated beasts that were weaker and of lower levels.

However, the control of the Beast Spirit Contract is temporary, so it has to drip blood from time to time to strengthen it.

This is very normal, right?” It added.

Then, it closed its eyes again and stuck its head into its fluffy feathers.

“When did you wake up?” Ye Chen asked.

Zhurong ignored him and pretended to be asleep again.

“Are you just annoyed by me? We don’t have much time.

If you know the method, just say it!” Ye Chen complained angrily.

Zhurong continued to pretend to be asleep without feeling sorry.

“Zhurong’s main body is so honest.

Why don’t any of its consciousness fragments know how to speak properly?” Ye Chen rushed into the secret chamber and grabbed the other party’s wings.

“Get up! Do you still dare to watch the show?!” “Stop, stop, stop! Isn’t this the body of your Immortal Phoenix?” At this moment, Zhurong exclaimed, “I’m not watching the show anymore! Didn’t I just want to give you a chance to perform?” “Don’t talk nonsense.

Remember, there won’t be a next time! Don’t you have any unity when everyone is anxious to think of something?” Ye Chen didn’t give in at all.

“I’ll only say this once.

Do you hear me?” “I heard you!” Zhurong could only surrender.

“I won’t make such jokes again.

I promise!” Ye Chen naturally knew that it was not that Zhurong did not have the strength to fight back.

It was just that it realized that he was really angry when it was joking with him and admitted defeat.

However, since he had already achieved his goal, he did not say anything else and turned to walk towards Little Purple.

“I’ll stop fooling around.

Little Purple, I’ll have to trouble you again,” he said.

“I’ll drip blood on your contract seal.

After you help me convert and fuse with your Spiritual Energy, extract them and give them to me.

Although I’m not sure if I have the Titan’s Eye, I have to try.

” Little Purple didn’t say anything and cooperated by revealing the contract seal.

Unlike the Godly Sea Steadying Needle that had recognized its master, the recognition of mutated beasts like Little Purple and Monkey that were hatched from Ye Chen’s blood was directly related to the soul.

Therefore, there was naturally no ordinary Beast Spirit Contract.

Only when they deliberately wanted to show their connection with their master would some red patterns appear on their bodies.

This was the existence of a contract seal similar to the Beast Spirit Contract.

Ye Chen’s corresponding contract seal pattern was the totem of the Divine Court.

It might be because of the tribe he built.

Ye Chen cut the wound much deeper this time.

Drops of blood continuously landed on the contract seal and were quickly sucked into Little Purple’s body.

“That’s enough.

” Kun Peng observed from the side and soon shouted, “According to the blood of humans, it should be enough… Little Purple, start converting the Spirit Blood.

” The mission of converting Spirit Blood became Little Purple’s responsibility again.