Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 188

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 188

Ye Chen used the Fire Melting Art at the side.

Once he realized that this art could speed up the healing of the wound, he placed his injured finger on his leg and started to observe the transformation process of Little Purple’s Spirit Blood.

Although he said that he was observing, what he could actually see was not obvious.

The red contract seal on Little Purple’s back expanded slightly after absorbing more blood.

The originally thin lines of the totem that could only be called blood vessels became much thicker.

It was obvious that the form of the Immortal Phoenix in the Divine Court Totem could be seen.

After all the lines of the totem were filled in, the contract seal disappeared from Little Purple’s scales again.

What followed was a purple light that symbolized Little Purple’s operation of Spiritual Energy, flickering between its scales.

“It looks like it’s going quite smoothly.

With Little Purple’s speed, it won’t take long for it to finish converting.

” Kun Peng landed beside Ye Chen.

“Master, we’ll start sending Spirit Blood to you later.

Remember to use your own Spiritual Energy to help the Spirit Blood circulate in your body.

” Ye Chen gestured that he understood but realized that Kun Peng did not reply to him.

He turned to look at Kun Peng.

This Divine Beast with the most meticulous thoughts inexplicably fell into deep thought again, looking like it had something on its mind.

“Idiot, what else do you have to say? Don’t hide it from me.

” Ye Chen patted Kun Peng’s head.


I’m just thinking about which parts of your meridians you have to pay attention to when you circulate your Spirit Blood.

” Kun Peng replied, “Previously, Five said that its special ability is to see possibilities and sense auras through the bone pillar.

Therefore, its perception talent should be more related to its bone pillar and eyes.

What about you, Master? You don’t seem to have mentioned this special ability.

” So it was concerned about the system.

“It’s true that I haven’t told you much about my special ability, but it’s mainly because I don’t know how to explain it to you.

” Ye Chen smiled.

“To be honest, this ability lets me see and hear many hints.

When we were still fighting in the Primitive Burial Ground, it could even let me communicate with people who were very far away.

How do you think I should summarize what it is?” .



Ye Chen did not know how to explain to the mutated beasts around him what a “system” was.

This was the truth.

He guessed that even if he had already told Kun Peng the general situation, Kun Peng would not be able to understand.

And now, he was thought to have something to do with the Titan Continent that disappeared in ancient times.

Under such circumstances, it was best not to expose the fact that his special ability came from the system.

As expected, Kun Peng was puzzled.

“So, Master, you don’t need to pay special attention to the focus of your Spiritual Energy with this ability?” It asked uncertainly, “Your eyes, ears, and even thousands of miles of sound transmission? From this, it seems that you really need to take care of too many senses!” Continue_reading on MYB0X N0V EL.

COM “So, when the time comes, I just have to circulate the Spirit Blood through my entire body.

If there’s no specific focus point, it’s equivalent to that all the points are the focus.

” Ye Chen spread his hands.

“I don’t know if it’s effective or not.

You have experience.

You better protect me when the time comes.

” Kun Peng immediately agreed.

Just as he finished speaking, Little Purple’s voice came from not far away.

“Master, the conversion of Spirit Blood has been completed!” It said to Ye Chen.

As it spoke, it placed a small ball of Spirit Blood on the tip of its tail and sent it to Ye Chen.

This ball of Spirit Blood didn’t flow out from the original location of the contract mark.

Instead, it was the blood from the tip of its tongue that flowed out after Little Purple had combined with the Spiritual Energy circulated in its body a few times.

Although the blood was liquid, it looked like a ball of red mist because of the abundant Spiritual Energy constantly emitting from it.

“In order to absorb the blood, Master, you have to cut open a blood vessel and then relax your Spiritual Energy defense.

Let Little Purple take the opportunity to inject the blood into it.

Then, I’ll use the small Spirit Wall Space to help you stabilize your wound.

” Kun Peng extended its claws.

“Which one?” “Put away your claws.

I’ll cut them myself.

” He pushed the Kun Peng’s claws back.

“Little Purple, come forward and prepare to deliver the Spirit Blood.

Don’t transfer too quickly.

” As he cut open a green blood vessel on his wrist, Little Purple quickly injected Spirit Blood into it.

Before the blood from the wound could flow out, it was pushed in again by the Spirit Blood that Little Purple gathered with Spiritual Energy.

Kun Peng had already adjusted the Spirit Wall and sealed the wound.

Other than Little Purple’s Spiritual Energy, nothing else could enter.

Since all the Spiritual Blood had been injected, Ye Chen carefully mobilized some of the Spiritual Energy that he had relaxed when he relaxed his Spiritual Energy defense previously to help with the Spiritual Energy that Little Purple carefully injected.

Wherever the Spirit Blood went, he felt cold.

Little Purple’s Spiritual Energy was water-type, but probably because it had practiced the Ice Fire Armor, Ye Chen felt that the blood that contained its Spiritual Energy was even colder.

The blood vessels that were brushed by this cold Spirit Blood were even colder and stiff.

However, after the stiffness eased, Ye Chen clearly heard a special sound.

It was a system notification.

The notifications kept ringing in his ears.

The sound was clear but there was no notification panel in front of him.

It was as if the system had made a mistake.

Ye Chen could not help but look at the Divine Beasts around him.

They all surrounded him with serious expressions and did not seem to be disturbed by any strange sounds.

It seemed that there was indeed a problem with his system.

Ye Chen maintained the push of Spiritual Energy steadily.

Then, he diverted his attention to open the system interface and looked at his data panel.

[Position: Lord of Divine Court] [Mutated Beasts: Immortal Phoenix, Kun Peng, Overlord Python (Mutated), Titan Giant Ape, Deep Sea Dragon, Human-Faced Bird, Feather Dragon] [Divine Powers: Undying Divine Fire, Kun Peng Speed, Law of Power, Concealment Mirage, Human Forbidden Art, Fire Melting Art] [Attack: 13,250 (Million Level)] [Constitution: Seamless Body, Water Type, Fire Type, Divine Descendant Body (Stabilizing)] The values did not change much, which made him a little indignant.

However, the appearance of the Divine Descendant Body in his constitution made him pay more attention to it, leading him to open the introduction of the Divine Descendant Body.

[A special constitution obtained after the bloodline of the descendants of the five ancient gods of the Primitive World was awakened.

It has a suppressing effect on the ancestors of the Divine Beasts.

It can be used to perform a seance to invite a god once a day and borrow some of the spells of the ancestors.

It will be effective for five minutes.

] [This constitution corresponds to the ancestor of the Titan Giant God] “Good heavens, you directly confirmed my origins.

” Ye Chen secretly rolled his eyes.

Now, it was already a conclusive fact that the Titan God had brought the humans from the wilderness to another world to create another world.

Ye Chen really could not help but despise this ancestor who abandoned the universe’s barrier and ran away on his own.

However, there were benefits to having a Divine Descendant Body.

He wasn’t sure how long the suppression of levels could last, but he felt that the five-minute Ancestral Divine Experience Card every day was really not bad.

If only he could extend the time.

At this moment, he felt that when Little Purple entered the Spirit Blood in his body, the Spiritual Energy had basically dissipated in his meridians.

“Master, I’ve finished circulating the Spirit Blood.

How are you feeling?” Little Purple’s voice sounded.

“Do you feel like you’ve awakened the Titan’s Eye?” Ye Chen flipped through the icon of the Divine Descendent Body in the corner of his vision.

After clicking on it, he quickly found the option for the Titan’s Eye.

He looked at the time again.

Ten minutes until tomorrow.

“It hasn’t completely awakened, but it can be used,” he replied.

Then, he smiled at Little Purple.

“There’s still enough time.

Little Purple, you and the Godly Sea Steadying Needle don’t have to move anymore.

Monkey, pay attention to the Energy Stone and the golden feather.

Wait for me outside.

I’ll go to the Ice Fire Beetle’s mental world again.

” After saying that, Ye Chen’s eyes flickered with a purple light and he disappeared in front of the Divine Beasts.

He had to take advantage of today’s time to finish off the secret treasure from the Titan Continent in his mental world in five minutes.