Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 171

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 171

Ye Chen put the repaired Spirit Sealing Altar into his inventory and brought it to the secret chamber in the ice array.

He placed it in front of the fragment of Goulong’s Spirit Pool.

There was no reaction from the fragment of Goulong’s Spirit Pool, but Ye Chen discovered something else.

At this moment, the black blood energy had already shown some signs of weakening.

In addition, after careful observation, Ye Chen could clearly see that the scarlet gas formed by the blood he dripped onto it previously wasn’t mixed in the black gas.

After the black gas formed the totem of the Sun Celestial Heavens, it floated in the air above the totem and wisps of red color slowly spinned inside.

Now, the small ball of scarlet blood energy was even smaller than before, and its aura was even weaker, as if it was using new blood energy to maintain the circulation of the original black energy.

The amount of blood was too small now, and its color and aura had been exhausted.

It was completely insufficient to continue supporting the black energy’s circulation.

“Actually, at that time, I thought that blood turned into gas because the altar didn’t need my blood that didn’t match the Spiritual Energy.

Now, it seems that isn’t the case.

” Ye Chen looked up at the increasingly inconspicuous scarlet gas and said a bit doubtfully.

“It’s probably because your blood was detected to belong to a human,” the leader of the Feather Dragons replied, “This should be the reaction of the original seal of the altar.

It sensed the blood of an outsider, so the blood of the original owner recognized by the altar had to analyze it… And the original owner is already dead, so it absorbed the vitality in your blood to perform the sealing art.

This is normal.

After cleansing the blood, there should only be one type of human blood left.

” Ye Chen nodded and stepped back as he watched the leader of the Feather Dragons go forward and return to its original form before the altar.

According to the original plan, the leader of the Feather Dragons would provide blood and Spiritual Energy during the sacrifice.

However, no one present had ever used the Spirit Sealing Altar before, so they didn’t know how much blood and Spiritual Energy needed to be sacrificed.

It was also a sign of caution to deal with it using its original body.

It released a large amount of Spiritual Energy and its scales stood.

It used its sharp claws to make a cut under the scales.

Blood that was so red that it turned purple flowed out and poured on the Spirit Sealing Altar.

Ye Chen stood not far away with the Kun Peng and Monkey, who weren’t training at the moment, watching the situation at the altar.

Monkey was holding the golden feather in its hand and was prepared to contact Zhurong, who stayed in the secret chamber of the fire array, at any time.




In the process of blood cleansing, the leader of the Feather Dragons could be said to be merciless to itself.

The wound cut through its claw and the blood loss was definitely not small.

The moment such a large amount of blood touched the surface of the altar, it immediately flowed all over the spell patterns engraved on it.

However, it didn’t exceed the boundaries of these marks or flow on the ground.

Instead, it was constantly sucked in and a ball of black energy was immediately released above the altar.

In addition, the Spiritual Energy it released was already enough to fill Ye Chen, who was standing at the side.

At least, it could fill the entire secret chamber.

However, the moment the blood touched the altar, a vortex that absorbed Spiritual Energy seemed to appear from the altar, instantly absorbing all the Spiritual Energy released by the leader of the Feather Dragons.

The others and the Divine Beasts could no longer sense it.

“This is indeed different from when my blood touched the altar.

” Ye Chen investigated the situation at the altar and asked the leader of the Feather Dragons, “How are you feeling? Can you control it?” Perhaps it was because he was human, when the altar touched his blood, the blood wasn’t absorbed into the altar.

Instead, it directly rose into the sky and turned into a ball of blood energy.

When it absorbed his Spiritual Energy, it even left a path between him and the altar.

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COM As for the blood and Spiritual Energy of mutated beasts, the way the altar absorbed them was much more violent.

“It’s fine.

The release of Spiritual Energy and blood is still within my control.

Don’t worry,” the leader of the Feather Dragons quickly replied.

It was powerful and its body was relatively large.

It indeed didn’t need to be afraid of the sacrifice.

However, this altar looked like it had a huge appetite, making Ye Chen feel a little emotional.

“Although the attributes of the Spiritual Energy are the same, it’s lucky I didn’t ask other Divine Beasts to do it.

Who can withstand this amount of Spiritual Energy output…” As Spiritual Energy and blood were absorbed, the black energy above the altar became even thicker and more mixed up.

The shape of the totem became blurry, and sparks kept flying out.

“This should be my blood competing with the blood of the mutated beast that was sacrificed before.

” The leader of the Feather Dragons observed from above and explained to Ye Chen, “In this black blood energy, there should be a Spiritual Energy carrier that has been refined.

As long as my Spiritual Energy can suppress that of the other party in terms of quantity and strength, the sacrifice will succeed.

” “In your opinion, how’s the situation right now?” Ye Chen asked.

“It should be over soon.

” The leader of the Feather Dragons replied, “The mutated beast and the human that the altar recognized are already dead.

The vitality of their Spiritual Energy and blood is no longer as strong as before.

It can’t possibly suppress me.


Ye, you just have to wait for a moment.

After I stabilize my blood energy, I’ll drip your blood on it.

” It was confident in its ability, so Ye Chen also agreed.

Just as the leader of the Feather Dragons had said, more and more sparks gradually flew out of the black blood energy.

In the end, golden sparks appeared on the entire totem.

Then, it slowly calmed down.

The black blood energy began to stabilize, and the shape of the totem became clear.

Even the invisible vortex that absorbed Spiritual Energy gradually stopped spinning.

This symbolized the completion of the sacrifice.

The blood of the mutated beast and the master left behind during the last sacrifice had been washed away.

The next thing to do was to let the Spirit Sealing Altar acknowledge a master again.

Seeing this situation, the leader of the Feather Dragons heaved a sigh of relief.

It smoothed down the scales that were standing up on the wound and formed a thin layer of ice to stop the bleeding.

Then, it began to retrieve its Spiritual Energy and prepared to mobilize it to stabilize the blood energy.

It planned to let Ye Chen come up to drop his blood and become the new master of the altar.

And something strange happened at this moment.

Before the black mutated beast blood energy stabilized, the ball of scarlet blood energy that had been floating above suddenly fell.

It was the residue of the blood energy formed by the blood Ye Chen dropped on the altar previously when he made a demonstration.

It had been floating above the totem’s black energy all this time and no one paid attention to it.

At this moment, it fell into the black blood energy totem that had yet to stabilize.

In an instant, a golden light erupted from the body of the leader of the Feather Dragons.