Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 166

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 166

Chapter 166 The Threatener’s Identity To put it bluntly, the Fire Spiritual Energy of the Immortal Phoenix was the Undying Divine Fire transformed from Spiritual Energy.

The characteristic of the Undying Divine Fire was that it was difficult to defend against.

Other than the Deep Sea Giant Kun Pengs and the Divine Rocs, no Divine Beast’s water could extinguish the Undying Divine Fire.

The Kun Peng’s Spiritual Energy was of the extreme Yin attribute.

Its water and the Undying Divine Fire had always countered each other.

Whichever was stronger could eliminate the other side’s attack.

However, the Immortal Phoenix had always been stronger than the Kun Peng in terms of combat strength, causing the Kun Peng’s water to be unable to suppress the Undying Divine Fire.

This was also a regret in the Kun Peng’s heart.

But things were obviously different now.

Ye Chen opened the panel.

He was still very confused.

[Sun God Envoy] [Race: Divine Bird) (Rank: Divine Beast] [Maturity: Growth Period] [Innate Mystic Abilities: Fire Immunity, Great Sun True Fire, Great Sun Burning Sky, Art of Zhurong, Fire Dragon Tornado] .



[Attack: 42,700] [Defense: 47,800] [Master: Ye Chen] (Demon Master Kun Peng] Continue_reading on MYB0X N0V EL.

COM [Race: Divine Roc] (Rank: Divine Beast] [Maturity: Growth Period] [Innate Mystic Abilities: Devour, Extreme Speed, Poison Illusion Art, Spirit Wall Space] [Attack: 38,600] [Defense: 46,000) (Master: Ye Chen] According to the panel, the Kun Peng was still clearly weaker than the Immortal Phoenix in terms of attack and defense power.

It was unlikely that its Spiritual Energy could suddenly surpass that of the Immortal Phoenix.

Moreover, even if the Kun Peng was stronger, the Undying Divine Fire should have been extinguished and not mobilized by the Kun Peng’s Spiritual Energy.

The current situation was really not right! “Forget it.

Be careful and continue to strengthen the Spirit Sealing Altar.

Leave the rest to us.

” The leader of the Feather Dragons was the first to react and immediately persuaded the Kun Peng to calm down.

As for Ye Chen, he walked a bit deeper and began to observe the faint Spirit Core that appeared above the Kun Peng when it mobilized its Spiritual Energy.

Although the Spirit Core was only borrowed, in order to use it better, it had actually been swallowed by the Kun Peng with its devouring skill.

The Spirit Core above it was only an illusion.

No matter how he looked at it, there was no system notification appearing.

However, the structure of the virtual image of this Spirit Core was still a little strange.

Ye Chen had the constitution of Fire and Water Spiritual Energy.

He activated the Yin Yang Taichi Fish in his body and discovered that the Spirit Core was indeed using two types of Spiritual Energy.

However, the energy wasn’t gathered together like what was shown in the virtual image.

Instead, it was clearly divided into two small Spiritual Energy balls, as if it was actually two Spirit Cores operating separately.

It didn’t seem like an illusion.

The perception of Spiritual Energy wouldn’t be interfered by illusions, and the leader of the Feather Dragons, who had used the Spirit Core for more than a hundred years, couldn’t possibly see two Spirit Cores as one.

However, there were very few records of Spirit Cores in the various materials he had, so he couldn’t find a suitable description.

Since he couldn’t figure it out by just thinking anyway, Ye Chen returned to the two Divine Beasts and asked them for their opinions.

Putting aside the leader of the Feather Dragons for now, Zhurong was a Divine Beast from the Sun Celestial Heavens, so he definitely knew much more than him.

As expected, when he explained what he had sensed, Zhurong immediately provided an explanation.

“The Divine Rocs are the only Divine Beasts with dual bodies, so there are certainly many special things,” it explained, “All Divine Rocs will have two Spirit Cores at the same time after refining them.

They are clearly separated.

When the Kun Peng uses the power of the Spirit Core, it automatically uses the Spiritual Energy according to its own habits.

There’s no need to worry too much.

” “Would that Divine Beast Hybrid also have two Spirit Cores?” Ye Chen continued to ask.

“I’m not sure about that.

At the time I lived, the two races weren’t allowed to marry, so I’ve never seen their mixed-race descendants,” Zhurong replied, “It’s said that the hybrid descendants of these two races would have fatal flaws.

” “It doesn’t seem like it.

Although that senior was young at that time, its ability was definitely not weak.

” The leader of the Feather Dragons immediately began to defend the beast that gave it the Spirit Core.

“Not in terms of strength.

They’re said to be quite capable.

” Zhurong sighed.

“It’s longevity.

The descendants of these two races have extremely short lifespans, and because of their bloodlines, many of them are still unable to mature.

” Ye Chen and the leader of the Feather Dragons were confused.

“Their mixed-race beasts have Spiritual Energy of extremely unstable attributes.

They might be inclined to either side of the race of their parents, but there seem to be more cases of them inclining to the Immortal Phoenixes,” Zhurong continued to explain, “These mixed-race beasts only have one Spirit Core, which means that they don’t have dual bodies.

Their advancement method is the same as the Immortal Phoenix, but reaching Nirvana will burn their bodies and cause them to spontaneously combust and die.

Although I haven’t seen it with my own eyes, such tragedies have indeed happened many times.

” What it said coincided subtly with the information provided by the leader of the Feather Dragons.

“No wonder they were willing to use Divine Beasts as sacrifices…” Ye Chen also reacted.

“In other words, those people didn’t mistake the race of the Divine Beasts, but specially raised such incomplete Divine Beasts as sacrifices?” “I’m impressed they could think of that.

The flaws of this Divine Beast are too obvious.

Even if I could possess its body, it would burn to death quickly.

” Zhurong shook its head.

“It should never have been created.

” As it spoke, it showed a little sorrow on its face.

“If there’s such a kind of mutated beast, then those humans have probably had the bloodline of the Immortal Phoenixes and the Divine Rocs… If these two Divine Beasts appear in the world, they should cause a huge commotion.

” It asked Ye Chen, “When was the last time an Immortal Phoenix was seen in the world?” “120 years ago,” Ye Chen replied in a deep voice, “That Immortal Phoenix appeared in the mountains of Qingyu County in the Mystic Region.

It was surrounded by fanatical crowds.

After being injured, it escaped into the Sun Celestial Heavens in front of everyone.

That was the time when the Immortal Phoenix appeared with the most witnesses.

” It was already very close to the time when the Divine Beast Hybrid was brought into the array.

“If it had only been injured and not caught, the origin of this hybrid beast would have been simple,” he continued, “Someone obtained its blood to create a Divine Beast.

That must be it.

As for the person who obtained the blood…” There was no need to finish the sentence.

The hunter who obtained the blood of the Immortal Phoenix must be the creator of the array.

Ye Chen found the information he copied in the system.

In the hunting group, the only family whose age and surname matched was the family of the former Lord of the East Continent’s Mystic Region.

After all this time, he finally knew where the people who would threaten him came from.