Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 164

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 164

Chapter 164 Another Divine Roc “Say that again?” Ye Chen began to doubt his ears.

“How could lending it a Spirit Core change the attribute of its Spiritual Energy? Are you kidding me? Besides, you’re also a water-type mutated beast, right? What did the two of you do behind my back?” Although the Kun Peng had an extreme Yin side, it had never directly created ice.

Moreover, the Spirit Sealing Altar was inside the fire array and wasn’t the home ground of its energy.

Under such circumstances, it would be too unconvincing for the leader of the Feather Dragons to claim that the Kun Peng’s transformation was due to its Spirit Core .

“This is a serious matter.

I’m afraid we have to talk behind the Kun Peng from now on,” the leader of the Feather Dragons replied softly, “During training, I realized that Kun Peng’s Spiritual Energy is very compatible with the Spirit Core I use, so I lent it the Spirit Core.

It’s only resonating with the original owner of the Spirit Core right now.

” “Are you not the original owner of the Spirit Core?” Ye Chen was puzzled.

A Spirit Core would appear when a mutated beast’s ability reached a certain level.

Although there were also cases of Spirit Core robbery, those were usually mutated beasts that had yet to form a Spirit Core and had Spiritual Energy of special attributes stealing for cultivation.

It was impossible for an existence like the leader of the Feather Dragons to not be able to form its own Spirit Core.

“It’s complicated.

My Spirit Core is actually inherited.

” The leader of the Feather Dragons sounded a bit disappointed.

“When I entered my growth period, an ancestor knew that it was about to die, so it gave me its Spirit Core to help me cultivate and conceal my true abilities.

Therefore, I’ve been using this Spirit Core for nearly a hundred years after that and still haven’t found a chance to form my own.

” It went silent for a while again.

Then, as if it had mustered the courage, it went on.

“In fact, the owner of this Spirit Core seems to be of the same race as the Kun Peng… That’s why I didn’t tell you about this in advance, Mr.


” .



Ye Chen was stunned.

“The Divine Rocs’ territory was also invaded?!” he whispered, “Aren’t they in the Sun Celestial Heavens?” The Sun Celestial Heavens was the place where the mutated beast races represented by the Immortal Phoenixes lived.

When the various mutated beast races began to choose to hide from the world, the Divine Rocs, which also had the bloodline of the Immortal Phoenixes, also chose to move to the Sun Celestial Heavens, as their mother race in the ocean was unwilling to go into seclusion.

If the mutated beasts of this race also fell into the hands of the Yan family, it meant that the legendary Sun Celestial Heavens, which was difficult to approach, might have already Continue_reading on MYB0X N0V EL.

COM fallen.

“I’m not sure about the situation in the Sun Celestial Heavens, but I’m afraid of provoking the Kun Peng, so I haven’t talked about the Spirit Core,” the leader of the Feather Dragons replied.

“How could you not know? The other party gave you the Spirit Core, but it didn’t say anything about itself?” Ye Chen asked.

The leader of the Feather Dragons was also very uncertain about this.

“That’s also strange.

The original owner of the Spirit Core was young at the time.

He didn’t even know its own race, but it had a Spirit Core…” It explained, “Its appearance was also different from that of ordinary Divine Rocs.

Most of its feathers seemed to be golden, and it was relatively small.

It was also a rare mutated water-type beast.

If it weren’t for the extreme Yin attribute, I wouldn’t have been able to confirm its race.

” It looked in the direction of the Kun Peng again.

“The barrier created by the original owner of the Spirit Core can resist any kind of burning… However, because of my bloodline, I didn’t inherit this characteristic of the Spirit Core, so I thought of letting your Divine Beast try.

Now, according to the results of the mutation in the Spirit Core, the original owner is indeed of the same race as it.

As for the difference in appearance, I can’t be sure what caused it.

” This time, Ye Chen figured it out.

It turned out that the leader of the Feather Dragons paid so much attention to the Kun Peng because it used to have a relationship with the Kun Peng’s race.

This showed that it was very loyal.

But as soon as this was exposed, he immediately felt the pressure.

Among the various races of mutated beasts in the Sun Celestial Heavens, only the Immortal Phoenixes appeared in the world from time to time.

The others were in a complete seclusion, especially mutated beasts like the Divine Rocs.

They were rare, so even though they were powerful, they were more cautious.

If the other party had a Divine Roc, even if it didn’t steal from the Divine Court, it must have used some method to obtain the Divine Roc’s bloodline and create a mutated beast.

According to the leader of the Feather Dragons, the other party had more golden feathers, which was indeed more like the failed product of a mixed breed.

If the bloodline of the Immortal Phoenix was the majority, the feathers of the bird form of a Divine Roc might indeed be mainly golden.

If such a mutated beast could be used as a sacrifice, it meant that the other party already had a considerable number of Divine Beasts.

No matter how they obtained them, it could be considered a dangerous matter.

“It’s alright.

It’s good enough to see that much.

” Ye Chen nodded in response to the information the leader of the Feather Dragons had given him.

“But there’s something you didn’t make clear.

Why did the Divine Roc come here and how did it die?” “It was also a sacrifice, but it was taken to the secret chamber in the fire array,” the leader of the Feather Dragons replied, “It gave me the Spirit Core while a sacrifice was being carried out in the secret chamber in the ice array.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been able to hide from the watchers.

” “Huh?” Ye Chen was stunned after hearing that.

Zhurong, who had been eavesdropping for a long time, could no longer sit still.

“I don’t really remember that.

And you said that group of people offered me a Divine Roc as a sacrifice? The attributes of our Spiritual Energy are different.

Is there something wrong with their minds?” It couldn’t help but interrupt.

“I couldn’t even wake up after the sacrifice.

Who could have done such a thing?” The leader of the Feather Dragons was rather frustrated.

“I don’t understand it either.

And judging by the sacrifice, even our captors must have mistaken its identity…” It said in wonder, “Or did they mistake it for another mutated beast?” “It’s not impossible,” Zhurong murmured, “If most of it was covered in golden feathers, it would probably look very similar to the Immortal Phoenixes, right?” Ye Chen turned around and stared at it.

It wasn’t that there was anything wrong with what it said just now, but purely because Zhurong was currently using the body of the Immortal Phoenix.

Apart from the color and patterns of its feathers, as well as the long tail of the Immortal Phoenix, its appearance was indeed very similar to the Kun Peng not far away.