Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 163

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 163

Chapter 163 The Kun Peng’s Change of Attribute Just as Zhurong had said, Ye Chen and the Immortal Phoenix indeed had the same fire-type Divine Power.

It was the Undying Divine Fire that the Immortal Phoenix passed down to Ye Chen when it was born.

To be precise, the Undying Divine Fire wasn’t considered a Divine Power to the Immortal Phoenix.

At most, it could only be considered a material that was naturally carried around and was a part of the flames in the various Divine Powers it used.

However, it was precisely because of this that the Undying Divine Fire was the true Flames of Life of the Immortal Phoenix.

Even if it was owned by Ye Chen right now, it still maintained the essence of the Immortal Phoenix’s Spiritual Energy.

Ye Chen carefully ignited the Undying Divine Fire in his hand and activated the Fire Melting Art.

Then, he approached the Spirit Sealing Altar that was enveloped by the Immortal Phoenix’s Spiritual Energy.

Under the cover of the Undying Divine Fire, the Fire Melting Art was indeed not repelled by the Immortal Phoenix’s Spiritual Energy.

Instead, it spread out in all directions and entered the Spiritual Energy, mobilizing all of it.

“What Zhurong said is really effective.

” Ye Chen was rather satisfied with this.

He used the Spiritual Energy he gathered to wrap the altar even tighter, searching for the earth element within.

The material of the altar was the same as the white jade used to make cultivation art tablets.

It had a high tolerance and resistance to Spiritual Energy.

This was also the only stone product in the main world that was raised to an extremely high price even though it was clearly not made of Spirit Stones.

The yield of this type of white jade was average, but for some reason, it was difficult to produce those of good quality and large in volume.

On the contrary, the small jade pieces used to make cultivation art tablets could often be extracted.

However, the large Dharma artifacts they produced were often extremely powerful, so there were people who collected large amounts of small jade pieces to refine them, creating large-scale Dharma artifacts, which were similarly powerful.

What Ye Chen needed to do now was to copy this step.

The black gas on the altar was still very obvious, and the spell patterns were also filled with dried black blood.

Even though the Undying Divine Fire was burning continuously, there were no signs of it falling off.




Ye Chen carefully controlled the earth-type materials at each of the sections of the altar.

After melting them, he quickly pieced them together with the sections at the side.

Then, he fixed the shape of the surface so that the spell patterns wouldn’t change.

The carving process of these patterns was actually done by humans who created the spell using Spiritual Energy.

The rise and fall of the patterns were very precise and couldn’t be casually replicated.

Hence, Ye Chen handled it very carefully.

, the Spirit Sealing Altar that was enveloped by Spiritual Energy gradually returned to its original state.

However, its surface was still not solidified, and it couldn’t be touched for the time being.

“It should be left here to cool down, right?” Ye Chen asked as he retracted his hand and stood in front of the altar to observe it.

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COM “To make its shape set, of course, it’ll rely on you.

” Zhurong shook its head and said, “The Fire Spiritual Energy is too abundant.

How can its shape be set? Of course, it needs the power of other elements.

For example, water-element cooling and earth-elemental reinforcement will work.

A spatial art will be the best.

” “No problem.

” Ye Chen heaved a sigh of relief and looked at the leader of the Feather Dragons.

“I’m afraid my spatial art won’t work.

” The leader of the Feather Dragons shook its head.

“My Spirit Core is currently not on me.

” “Then, let’s look for the Kun Peng now and ask it to return the Spirit Core,” Ye Chen said, only to see the leader of the Feather Dragons muttering to itself.

“I don’t think it needs to return the Spirit Core to me,” the leader of the Feather Dragons replied, “Its ability is more suitable for this task than mine.

The space I create is hard and can only be used to construct the four walls with materials nearby.

What it creates is a water-type barrier, which is more usable in comparison.

” Ye Chen frowned.

“The Kun Peng’s Spirit Wall Space seems to be able to transform.

I don’t think it can maintain the original form of the altar,” he retorted.

“Besides, the altar is very important.

I can’t just give it to the Kun Peng for practice.

” The leader of the Feather Dragons was very confident.


Ye, you should believe in your Divine Beast.

After I lent it the Spirit Core, the ability to create the Spirit Wall Space is already enough to defend against my attacks.

It should be able to do well in defending against the Spiritual Energy of other attributes.

Moreover, the water element can suppress the fire element to begin with.

Based on my observation during this period of time, its talent will definitely help you solve the problem.

” Ye Chen felt that the leader of the Feather Dragons seemed to be bragging.

It sounded more like a master bragging to his disciple.

He couldn’t help but stare at the leader of the Feather Dragons for a while.

The other party didn’t notice it at all.

Instead, it took Ye Chen’s gaze as acquiescence and immediately turned around, walking towards the ice array.

Ye Chen was left standing there, hesitating even though he wanted to say something It had just taken the Kun Peng as its disciple and it was already so biased.

It looked like it wanted to give all the credits to the Kun Peng.

It made Ye Chen suspect that these two Divine Beasts had made some kind of deal privately.

After all, the leader of the Feather Dragons had been in the array for so many years and was also a senior of so many descendants.

He really couldn’t understand why the other party would like a descendant of another race like the Kun Peng.

Of course, this situation was beneficial to him, so he wouldn’t interfere too much.

He would just pay more attention.

Not long after, the leader of the Feather Dragons came back with the Kun Peng.

“Master, I heard that you need my help here?” The Kun Peng looked very excited.

“I didn’t expect the Spirit Wall Space to come in handy so quickly! I’m already quite familiar with it, so it definitely won’t be a problem.

” It seemed that the leader of the Feather Dragons had already explained the situation to it.

Without needing Ye Chen to explain further, the Kun Peng understood the way to fix the Spirit Sealing Altar.

Very quickly, it created a protective water membrane around the altar.

However, the moment the water membrane formed, Ye Chen noticed that it immediately formed a layer of transparent thin ice.

However, it was too transparent and couldn’t be seen with the naked eye.

However, the feeling of the aura couldn’t deceive people.

In order not to disturb the Kun Peng’s performance, he didn’t immediately mention this discovery.

However, when he turned around, he noticed that the leader of the Feather Dragons, who was also watching the Kun Peng, had an extremely surprised look in its eyes.

He immediately realized that there was a secret between these two Divine Beasts.

After the Kun Peng completely took over the Spirit Sealing Altar from him, he quickly walked to the leader of the Feather Dragons and intended to ask for the truth.

The other party didn’t hide anything either and answered Ye Chen’s question with certainty.

“It’s really surprising for you to be able to sense that layer of ice,” it said, “Yes, it’s the effect of the Spirit Core I lent the Kun Peng that caused the attribute of its Spiritual Energy to change.