Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 154

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 154

Chapter 154 The Danger of the Immortal Phoenix The Immortal Phoenix blinked.

“Master, are you sure you want me to go to the secret chamber in the fire array?” it asked in disbelief.

“What if I trigger the trap?” Ye Chen spread his hands.

“Zhurong’s Spiritual Energy has been completely converted by you.

If you can’t hear the voice in the golden feather, it already proves that your Spiritual Energy has no relation with that of Zhurong.

How can you trigger the trap?” “Master, you really have confidence in me…” the Immortal Phoenix ridiculed.

“At least call Little Purple over to activate the Ice Fire Armor to be safe.

” “That’s not necessary.

I’m already familiar with the road here.

If there’s really a problem, I can use Extreme Speed.

” Ye Chen shook his head and added, “I’m not finished yet.

After you release your Spiritual Energy, try to call out in your mind and see if you can contact Zhurong’s consciousness in the golden feather.

” Hearing this, the Immortal Phoenix became even more dumbfounded.

“Master, are you mistaken? Senior Zhurong is still alive.

How can this feather have its consciousness? Those voices are just from the past, right?” it asked in doubt.

“Big Sister, I feel that Master isn’t lying.

” This time it was Monkey who interrupted.




“The voice I heard has been cursing the entire time, asking someone to release it from somewhere.

Although it pauses or becomes muffled from time to time, the shouting has always been different.

It doesn’t seem like a record from the past.

Instead, it’s like Senior Zhurong is inside.

” Hearing this, the Immortal Phoenix became nervous.

“Master, have you considered that this might not be another Zhurong’s consciousness in the golden feather but that it was attacked by others outside?” It looked at Ye Chen and asked.

“There’s no such possibility.

Zhurong’s ability is the best in the Primitive Burial Ground.

No one can attack it.

” Ye Chen shook his head.

“As for the Divine Court, I’ve strengthened it last time.

I will sense something if any protective barrier is under attack.

” Continue_reading on MYB0X N0V EL.

COM Ye Chen trusted Zhurong’s ability.

He waved his hand and asked Monkey to put the golden feather back on its forehead.

“The center of the array here is a fragment of Zhurong’s Spirit Pool.

It’s very likely that the consciousness on the golden feather was transferred from here.

You’re the strongest Divine Beast here at the moment.

When you enter later, use your Spiritual Energy to try and communicate with it,” Ye Chen said.

“Monkey said that the voice here is a little muffled.

Then ask what it wanted to say.

Monkey will be communicating outside.

If there’s a response, we’ll tell you.

” As he instructed, he saw the Immortal Phoenix enter the secret chamber hesitantly and he stood further away with Monkey as they started waiting.

At this moment, Monkey’s expression was a little solemn.

“Master, I really didn’t expect so many things to happen in this Mystic Realm.

We’ve already been here for a few days.

Will the Divine Court really be fine?” The slaughter in the Divine Court and them being chased in the main world still gave it a mental blow.

“Look, the people of the main world can even invade the foreign realm of the Feather Dragons.

Would our Divine Court also…” “You can rest assured about that.

The shield of the Divine Court is the Heaven Mending Barrier and can be considered an ancient Divine Artifact.

Let alone breaking it, outsiders might not even be able to find the entrance.

” Ye Chen comforted it.

“Don’t think too much.

Let’s do what we have to do.

The Divine Court will definitely be fine.

” However, before he could finish speaking, his expression changed.

He felt that the Heaven Mending Barrier wrapped around the Primitive Burial Ground shook slightly.

It was obvious that it had been attacked.

“Is someone trying to break through the Heaven Mending Barrier and enter the Primitive Burial Ground? How did they find it?”.

He was a little shocked.

The slight tremor caused by the attack came again and again, and he kept sensing it.

Fortunately, the Heaven Mending Barrier was strong enough.

After so many attacks, it was still strong and showed no signs of breaking.

Ye Chen heaved a sigh of relief, but quickly became vigilant.

The fact that the entrance to the Primitive Burial Ground had been found meant that the Divine Court was already in danger.

However, he didn’t plan to speak of the current situation, as it would only increase the pressure on the Divine Beasts.

Regarding this, he could only hope that the exchange of the Immortal Phoenix would go smoothly.

This way, he could tear down the array earlier and return to the Divine Court to check on the situation.

As for the Immortal Phoenix that had entered the secret chamber of the fire array, even though it hadn’t been told that the Primitive Burial Ground had been under attack, it still panicked enough.

After releasing a large amount of its Spiritual Energy in the secret chamber, it felt a suction force coming from the end of the chamber.

However, it didn’t forget the mission Ye Chen gave it.

It flew to the disguised fragment of Zhurong’s Spirit Pool and gathered its Spiritual Energy near it.

After all, if there was really Zhurong’s consciousness, it should be here.

Before this, it had already attached its consciousness to its Spiritual Energy.

As long as it could touch the carrier of Zhurong’s consciousness, the other party would be able to receive its message.

However, with the release of the Spiritual Energy, the suction force became stronger and stronger.

Ye Chen and Monkey didn’t react at all.

This meant that Zhurong’s consciousness didn’t receive any message from it.

This also made it a little anxious.

It couldn’t help but increase the amount of Spiritual Energy it released.

In an instant, the suction force that suddenly became stronger sucked it heavily onto the red fragment of the Spiritual Pool, causing it to cry out loudly.

It was shocked to discover that it could no longer mobilize its Spiritual Energy.

It was as if its meridians had been forcefully cleaned by something.

The original Spiritual Energy in its body was quickly removed.

At the same time, an unfamiliar Spiritual Energy was being poured into its body.

In short, this suction force wanted to take its life! Hearing the Immortal Phoenix’s scream, Ye Chen and Monkey were also shocked.

However, before the two of them rushed into the secret chamber, the Immortal Phoenix had already stopped screaming.

It seemed to have been glued to the fake fragment of the Spirit Pool and quickly fell to the ground.

However, before it really landed, it flipped over and flapped its wings a few times.

Afraid of triggering the trap, Ye Chen left Monkey outside the secret chamber and rushed in to support the Immortal Phoenix.

“Sun God Envoy, what happened just now?” He was shocked and quickly asked.

However, Ye Chen realized that something was wrong the next second.

The eyes of the Immortal Phoenix in front of him turned from golden to golden red.

Moreover, Ye Chen also found its aura a little unfamiliar.

“Who are you?” he couldn’t help but ask.