Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 153

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 153

Chapter 153 The Requirement for the Voice in the Golden Feather “Asking for help? What did you hear?” Ye Chen asked quickly.

From what he heard, there were only some mixed roars in the golden feather.

He couldn’t hear a single word that could be understood.

However, from Monkey’s words, the voice here should be conveying a clear meaning.

“I heard a particularly loud voice screaming for help.

It said that it wanted to be released and it sounded like Senior Zhurong,” Monkey replied.

“However, there were many other words that were muffled.

I couldn’t hear them clearly.

” Ye Chen thought for a moment.

“Listen carefully again.

I feel like the voice in the golden feather will have a big effect,” he said to Monkey.

“What effect would a cry for help have? Isn’t it the cry for help stored inside after Senior Zhurong failed to reach Nirvana?” the Immortal Phoenix asked curiously.

“Other than that, I really can’t think of any other situation that can make Senior Zhurong suffer so much.

” “That’s not right.

If it was from that time, we should have been able to hear it when we were inside Fire Kite Mountain.

Not only did we not hear it at that time, but Zhurong also personally admitted that it had been in a deep sleep after it failed to reach Nirvana.

How could it have made the sound you said at that time?” Ye Chen retorted.

“Besides, the closer it gets to this secret chamber, the more obvious the sound inside.

Therefore, it’s obvious that it’s related to the fragment of Zhurong’s Spirit Pool here.

” However, once Ye Chen said that, the Immortal Phoenix seemed even more confused.

“If it’s related to Senior Zhurong’s Spirit Pool, why can’t I hear it?” It asked again.

“Logically speaking, I should have a stronger sense of my kind.

But Master, you and Monkey aren’t related to Zhurong by blood, right? Why can it but I, who have the closest blood relationship with Zhurong, can’t?” “Does it mean that whether we can hear the voice has nothing to do with blood relations?” Monkey said.

Then, it scratched its head.

“But what’s the requirement? Forget about Master.

I have nothing to do with Senior Zhurong.

The requirement wouldn’t be to have no blood relations, right?” .



Ye Chen smiled and patted Monkey.

“What are you talking about? How can there be such a strange requirement?” As he spoke, he turned to the Immortal Phoenix again.

“However, other than this voice, Sun God Envoy, it seems like you can hear the noise we’re talking about? It’s the sound of Zhurong’s Spiritual Energy flow that you explained.

” The so-called sound of Spiritual Energy flow was actually the circulation rhythm in the meridians, which was more consistent with the heartbeat.

Since Ye Chen’s Spiritual Energy wasn’t pure, his Spiritual Energy was almost disrupted when he heard the noise in the golden feather.

At that time, he was completely unaware of what the noise was about.

The Immortal Phoenix had to explain it to him.

This meant that the Immortal Phoenix should be able to hear this voice as well.

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COM This situation also happened to Monkey.

In order to look for the requirement for hearing the voice, Ye Chen’s idea was of course to find the similarities and differences in what he, Monkey, and the Immortal Phoenix had heard.

Then, he would figure out the key differences from the information.

Therefore, the first thing he checked was whether everyone could hear the sound of the Spiritual Energy flow.

However, the Immortal Phoenix immediately shook its head after hearing what he said.

“I can’t hear the noise you’re talking about,” it replied with a tone that was seemingly proud.

“My Spiritual Energy is pure, so when I read the cultivation arts, it automatically synchronized with Senior Zhurong’s Spiritual Energy flow.

Therefore, I can’t hear the noise you’re talking about.

” “Then how did you know that was the sound of Spiritual Energy flow?” Ye Chen asked curiously.

The Immortal Phoenix proudly flapped its wings and replied, “I felt a familiar rhythm from your meridians when I was protecting you, so I figured that it was the sound of Spiritual Energy flow.

Am I very smart?” “Good, you’re so smart.

” Ye Chen smiled and touched the feathers of the Immortal Phoenix that was asking for praise.

At this moment, he instantly realized something.

“Since the Sun God Envoy can’t hear the sound of the Spiritual Energy flow, does that mean that the requirement for hearing the voice in the golden feather is about Spiritual Energy?” Ye Chen lowered his head and looked at his hand.

Even if there was a requirement for Spiritual Energy, he could also be sure that it had nothing to do with the attributes and strength of Spiritual Energy.

Monkey could hear the voice, but he couldn’t, which meant that there was no requirement for the attribute of the Spiritual Energy.

And since he could hear the noises when his Divine Beasts were stronger than him, it meant that there wasn’t a Spiritual Energy requirement for the level of strength.

However, if it wasn’t these things, what would it be? In terms of Spiritual Energy, the biggest relation between Ye Chen and Zhurong was that Ye Chen possessed some of Zhurong’s Spiritual Energy after incubating it.

This was the symbol of the Beast Spirit Contract between him and Zhurong.

It was also this bit of Spiritual Energy that transformed Ye Chen’s body, allowing him to quickly master the Fire Melting Art and obtain the fire-type constitution.

However, this was only Ye Chen’s personal situation.

Monkey didn’t have Zhurong’s Spiritual Energy, so it wasn’t that either… At this moment, he inadvertently glanced at the Energy Stones on Monkey’s arms.

In front of him, the Energy Stones flashed with red light before their color became brighter again.

It was the Energy Stones absorbing the Spiritual Energy nearby.

The reason why the Energy Stones turned red was because they had absorbed the abundant Spiritual Energy in the fire array.

And who was the one who provided the Spiritual Energy here? Without a doubt, it was the fragment of Zhurong’s Spirit Pool where the array center was! So, after all, the power Monkey mobilized was also Zhurong’s Spiritual Energy! “Monkey, you said that you couldn’t hear the voice in the golden feather at the intersection of the ice and fire arrays.

Then, if you’re on the border of the ice array, how much can you hear?” he asked after thinking about it.

“Then, the voice I hear will probably be even softer…” Monkey scratched its head again.

” I’m not sure.

Let me try.

” As it spoke, it ran out of the fire array with the golden feather and returned after a long while.

“Strange! Master, as soon as I left the border of the barrier, even the slightest voice was all gone!” it shouted.

“After one small step, I could no longer hear anything.

Instead, I could read the cultivation arts! Should I change my place of cultivation now?” Ye Chen thought for a moment and replied, “You can cultivate anytime.

Let’s solve the problem of the golden feather first.

” He talked to Monkey again and looked at the puzzled Immortal Phoenix.

“Sun God Envoy, when you were cultivating, did you absorb the Spiritual Energy here for conversion?” “I’ve been absorbing it all this time,” the Immortal Phoenix replied strangely.

“As for the conversion, there’s no need for me to do this.

I’m born with a pure fire-type constitution, so the Spiritual Energy I absorb will automatically be converted for me to use.

Master, why are you asking this?” “I’m guessing that you can’t hear this voice because you don’t have Zhurong’s Spiritual Energy in your body.

They were all automatically converted,” Ye Chen answered.

“Monkey and I can hear it because we have Zhurong’s Spiritual Energy.

I just asked Monkey to go out of the fire array created by the fragment of Zhurong’s Spirit Pool and it immediately couldn’t hear that voice.

This should have confirmed my guess.

” The Immortal Phoenix’s eyes were still filled with confusion.

“Master, what should we do now?” it asked carefully.

“I can’t stop converting my Spiritual Energy.

If you want me to read it, it probably won’t work.

” “What are you thinking? If I ask you to stop converting your Spiritual Energy, what kind of a person would I be?” Ye Chen curled his lips.

“I want you to help me release your Spiritual Energy in the secret chamber.

Leave the rest to me.

I know what to do.