Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 134

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 134

Chapter 134 The Principle of the Trap “There’s a Spiritual Energy flow on this fragment of Spirit Pool that’s connected to my body?” Ye Chen didn’t understand it.

“Although the Spiritual Energy flow is very small, it does exist.

Master, take a look at this!” The Immortal Phoenix called out to Ye Chen.

“Could this be the reason why I’ll trigger the trap whenever I use the Fire Melting Art?” Ye Chen walked to the wall that was embedded with the fragment of Zhurong’s Spirit Pool and mounted the Kun Peng.

He flew up to the top of the wall in the secret chamber and looked at the location where the Immortal Phoenix pointed with its beak.

On the dark red fragment of Spirit Pool, there was indeed a fine line that started from the center of the fragment and extended to one direction, glowing with a golden light.

This line was like a pure beam of light that shone from the surface of the fragment to the edge and continued to extend, connecting to Ye Chen’s finger.

Ye Chen stared at this beam of light for a long time but didn’t see any system notification.

“What exactly is the reason? Has the system gone on strike?” Ye Chen found it even more weird.

Ever since he came to the Primitive World, the system notification had never had such a problem.

Even in the arrays, it had never stopped updating its notifications.

Ye Chen thought for a moment and suddenly remembered something.

In the chamber of the ice array, he looked at Goulong’s relic from afar, but the system notification didn’t appear either! “These two treasures aren’t sensed by the system.

Could there be a problem with them?” Ye Chen pondered and muttered to himself, “Indeed, it’s very suspicious to place the treasure at the center of the array in such a conspicuous place!” Under normal circumstances, the way of opening an array was relatively simple.

As long as the secret treasure in the center of the array was removed, it would be opened.

Just like how Ye Chen only took away the Spirit Stones from the center of the array when he removed the array at the Python Race’s altar.




The fragments of Zhurong and Goulong’s Spirit Pools were treasures used to set up the ice and fire arrays.

By hanging them up so openly, they apparently weren’t afraid that they would be destroyed.

Even the leader of the Feather Dragons had said in frustration that after Goulong’s consciousness awakened, the door to the secret chamber in the ice array was opened.

It asked Goulong’s consciousness if it could dig out the secret treasure and destroy the array, and the other party replied, “I can feel the aura of the humans outside the array.

If you rush out rashly like this, you will still be surrounded and captured in the future.

As for digging out my relic, you can try.

The walls here make me unable to move.

I don’t think you have the ability to destroy them.

” As Goulong’s consciousness said, no matter how hard it tried, it couldn’t shatter this wall.

As time passed, it gave up.

Let alone the matter about the wall, there was actually another huge question about the two fragments of Spiritual Pool.

The so-called Spirit Pool was the brain of a mutated beast and had completely soft tissues.

Correspondingly, the fragment of the Spirit Pool was the same.

How could it, which wasn’t firm, be unharmed under the attack of the leader of the Feather Dragons? And how could Goulong, who was attached to the fragment of the Spirit Pool, allow it to do so? Ye Chen reached out and touched the fragment of Zhurong’s Spirit Pool on the wall.

The fragment of the Spirit Pool felt a little like a Spirit Stone but when he pressed it down, he could feel its toughness.

It wasn’t as fragile as a Spirit Stone.

“Little Purple, come here.

Can you see anything unusual with it?” Ye Chen asked Little Purple.

“Master, it’s too far away.

I can’t see clearly.

” Little Purple said apologetically.

Continue_reading on MYB0X N0V EL.

COM The difference between the top and bottom of the secret chamber was huge.

It was 100 meters tall, but the space was narrow.

It wasn’t big enough for Little Purple to reveal its original form for observation.

At this moment, Ye Chen remembered that Little Purple had been maintaining the defense of the Ice Fire Armor for everyone and hadn’t used the Titan’s Eye to examine the fragment of Zhurong’s Spirit Pool at a close distance.

“Little Purple, I need your help here.

” Ye Chen quickly said, “Idiot, hurry and bring Little Purple here too!” Upon hearing this, the Kun Peng immediately flew down and picked Little Purple up as well.

Little Purple carefully examined the fragment of the Spiritual Pool that was embedded in the wall.

“Master, there is indeed a fragment of Zhurong’s Spirit Pool here, but it’s not the only thing.

It’s just that I don’t know what the other thing is.

” After a while, Little Purple said, “In fact, there is a very strong defense setup here, making my Titan’s Eye somewhat unclear.

” “Are there things that your Titan’s Eye can’t see?” Ye Chen asked.

“Of course there is.

If the defense on it is of the same attribute as mine and is strong enough, this will happen,” Little Purple explained.

“However, it can’t completely deceive the Titan’s Eye.

I can still see what’s wrong.

” Ye Chen pondered for a moment and nodded.

“Alright, tell me what you saw.

” “Master, in fact, I’m not the only one.

Everyone should be able to discover a problem.

The color of this fragment of Spirit Pool isn’t right,” said Little Purple.

“The color of the Spirit Pool is usually the same as the Spiritual Energy.

Senior Zhurong’s Spiritual Energy is golden red but this is not.

However, I can see that there is indeed a fragment of Senior Zhurong’s Spirit Pool here, but it’s hidden behind this fragment of Spirit Pool.

” Ye Chen was shocked.

When Little Purple said that, he realized why the system had malfunctioned.

The system only gave him notifications when he could see the secret treasure or the derivative of the secret treasure directly.

However, if the secret treasure was hidden, the system might not give him the notification.

For example, when he was on the third level of the Ice Fire Beetle Mystic Realm, the first two levels had already been sealed by lava, so the system didn’t give him any notifications about how to reach the second level.

And the situation was that the entrance was hidden.

The only reason why the system didn’t give him a notification was probably because he wasn’t looking at the fragment of the Spirit Pool itself! “That’s not right.

If this red fragment is fake, why can it spew out those strange flames?” The Immortal Phoenix said, “I remember that there was Senior Zhurong’s aura in the strange flames!” “This is probably because of the Spiritual Energy flow you saw, Master,” replied Little Purple.

“The thing that wrapped around Senior Zhurong’s Spirit Pool was set up to absorb Senior Zhurong’s Spiritual Energy.

It has created a crack.

Once the real fragment of the Spirit Pool can sense Senior Zhurong’s strength, it will absorb the Spiritual Energy and release flames.

” “Good heavens, so that’s how it is! I’ll tear it apart!” The Immortal Phoenix was very angry.

“Little Purple, what’s wrapped outside?”.

Little Purple hesitated.

“In fact, I can’t see its material clearly but I keep feeling that its aura is… very familiar.