Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 133

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 133

Chapter 133 The Crisis of the Outside World, Plans for the Future “Little Purple, you’re right.

” Ye Chen praised it.

“After hearing what you said, I suspect that the expert who imprisoned the Feather Dragons created the Ice Fire Beetle Mystic Realm to obtain and use Zhurong’s body tissues.

” The ancient Divine Beasts had active body tissues.

They were definitely precious treasures.

Even a small fragment of the Spirit Pool in the Mystic Realm could have great power.

“I understand! Senior Zhurong failed to reach Nirvana back then and its real body was sleeping in the Mutated Beast Egg.

To obtain its body tissues, of course they had to create a small opening and not let it close!” The Godly Sea Steadying Needle also reacted.

“The Ice Fire Beetle Race happens to have the ability to withstand the lava.

No wonder they wanted to nurture the Ice Fire Beetle Mystic Realm and place it above!” “That’s it.

After they created an opening on Zhurong, they took away its body tissue while Zhurong was sleeping, causing Zhurong’s strength to decrease tremendously.

” “Too shameless!” The Immortal Phoenix was indignant.

“When we return the fragment of the Spirit Pool to Senior Zhurong, we’ll find that fellow’s family and teach them a lesson!” Apparently, although the Immortal Phoenix was a little afraid of Zhurong, it had already treated this senior that was related to it by blood as its kin.

“How would it be that easy?” Ye Chen sighed.

“Sun God Envoy, think about it carefully.

If this fragment was taken out from when Zhurong was sleeping, could that group of people have only taken out this one piece?” wa The Immortal Phoenix fell silent immediately.

When it thought about it, it would know how much strength an ancient Divine Beast had lost when its combat strength fell below the Ten-Million Level.




“Zhurong must have suffered a huge loss, but it was in hibernation at that time.

It probably wouldn’t know everything.

” Ye Chen pondered and said, “If it doesn’t know who the enemy is, it will be very disadvantageous for us.

” Although the person who created the ice and fire arrays was already dead and his resistance of the Feather Dragons, Ye Chen wasn’t that naive to think that the matter would end like this.

For example, in Fan City, the Wang and Li families could pass on their family’s authority for hundreds of years once they rose to fame in one place.

Therefore, that continent-level master most likely came from a larger family as well.

Continue_reading on MYB0X N0V EL.

COM Just a few decades after that person died, someone with combat strength that had reached the continent level appeared in the family again.

From this, it could be seen that this family was quite powerful.

Although after the two of them died, no one could open the ice and fire arrays in the Ice Fire Beetle Mystic Realm again, this didn’t mean that they had no qualified successors.

After all, the Ice Fire Beetle Mystic Realm fell into Fire Kite Mountain after the arrays were sealed.

According to Zhurong, someone had awakened it at that time.

Dripping blood to incubate a Mutated Beast Egg was a special ability that Ye Chen and the others who had just arrived in the Primitive World had.

In order for the natives of the Primitive World to awaken a mutated beast, the steps were more complicated and the energy consumption was also greater.

Hence, there must have been quite a powerful person in this family back then.

It was very likely that those people still had Zhurong’s other body tissues and even had many arrays similar to those in the Ice Fire Beetle Mystic Realm.

And these things only happened twenty years ago.

“The commotion I caused when I woke Zhurong up was too big.

Perhaps, the news of Demon Flame Mountain transforming into a mutated beast has already reached Fan City and even White River County’s government.

” Ye Chen was a little frustrated.

“Those people will definitely receive the news.

If they trace it to me, we will be in danger!” “Master, can we still go to the main world?” Hearing this, the Immortal Phoenix asked worriedly, “We won’t have to stay in the Divine Court forever, will we?” “Not necessarily.

However, if we want to go out again, I’m afraid we’ll have to avoid Fan City.

” Ye Chen replied, “Firstly, it’s because that guy Gao Ming has seen us before and might expose our identity.

Secondly, the cultivation art tablets obtained from the altar will lead to the man-made Ice Fire Beetle Mystic Realm, which means that the Li family must have something to do with that group of people.

” “Then, which way should we go? The exit of the Divine Court is near Fan City!” The Kun Peng grumbled.

“When we escaped from the underground palace, I didn’t transform back to my original form.

I wasn’t fast enough, so someone might have seen the direction we went.

If they wait for us nearby, wouldn’t we be doomed?” “Idiot, have you gone through too much? Have you really forgotten?” Ye Chen found it funny.

“All the cultivation art cards have keys to a Mystic Realm.

As soon as we get out of the array, we can go anywhere we want.

” Most of the Mystic Realms existed in the main world.

For example, the Ice Fire Beetle Mystic Realm was located in Demon Flame Mountain.

As long as one could find the entrance in the Mystic Realm, they could come to the main world.

Ye Chen obtained many cultivation art tablets that contained keys to other Mystic Realms from the Python Tribe’s altar.

Although judging from the aura, many of the cultivation art tablets were found in the same Mystic Realm and didn’t lead to many places, there were definitely not just a few of them.

“What if those people know which Mystic Realm we might come from and deliberately wait for us there?” Little Purple asked.

The Ice Fire Beetle Mystic Realm had already been brought into the Divine Court.

With the protection of the Heaven Mending Barrier, it was still considered safe.

However, for the other Mystic Realms in the main world, wouldn’t those with the cultivation art tablets be able to enter just like that? “Then, we don’t have to be afraid.

” Ye Chen smiled.

“Not all the keys to the Mystic Realms are from the Python Tribe’s altar.

The one we found the earliest isn’t.

” After saying that, he looked at the Kun Peng.

“That’s right.

The first one we found was the cultivation art tablet of the Poison Illusion Art that I took from that guy called Gao Ming!” The Kun Peng immediately reacted and said happily.

“When I was in Fan City, I heard that the City Lord Residence has a bad relationship with the Li family.

The secret treasures there definitely have nothing to do with the Li family.

” Ye Chen said, “After we solve the problem of this array, we’ll have to go to the main world from that Mystic Realm.

” “Alright, let’s focus on solving the problem here first!” When the Immortal Phoenix learned that it could still go to the main world in the future, it was immediately excited.

It flapped its wings and slapped the unprepared Kun Peng to the stone wall.

“Big Sister, I’m examining the trap! Be careful!” The Kun Peng complained loudly.

“Then, what did you see?” The Immortal Phoenix came over.

“You haven’t found anything yet, have you?!” “Who said I haven’t found anything?” The Kun Peng shouted, “Look, there’s an inconspicuous crack on this fragment.

Although I don’t know how it came about, you have to give me some time to think!” “A crack? Are you kidding me? I just looked at it.

There’s nothing at all.

” The Immortal Phoenix found it strange.

It also went closer to the fragment of the Spirit Pool to examine it.

After a while, it looked up.

“This isn’t a crack.

This is a Spiritual Energy Flow.

It’s just that the color is too light…” The Immortal Phoenix looked at Ye Chen.

” Moreover, it seems to be connected to your body, Master!”