Our Second Master - Chapter 4

Our Second Master - Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Our Second Master has returned back      The second day, I complied with Second Master’s orders to make the flower crowns and placed them aside.

Second Master divided the flower crowns into two groups and then asked me to carry him to the wooden handcart.

I actually thought that after yesterday, Second Master would not be willing to leave the house again.

He asked me to bring him to Sky Cuckoo Pavilion, a shop that sold make-up and accessories.

When we reached the entrance, Second Master asked me to call the shopkeeper.

When the shopkeeper came outside and saw Second Master sitting on the wooden handcart, his expression wasn’t good but he still gave a greeting.

Second Master asked me to sit aside and then started to discuss with the shopkeeper.

After an hour, I saw the shopkeeper direct one of his shop assistants to bring the flower crowns into the shop and then he entered the shop.

  At this point, Second Master called me over.

“Let’s go back.

” I didn’t dare to ask more so I pushed the handcart back home.

When we reached home, Second Master threw me a pouch.

When I caught it, inside was several pieces of small silver.

I looked in surprise at Second Master.

Second Master said, “You earned it.

” This this this… Second Master ordered, “In future, one batch every three days until the flower season is over.

Pick white blossom flowers and matching flowers, don’t use willows.

” I hurriedly nodded my head, “Yes yes.

” Master is truly master.

Earning more, working less, there was more free time.

Now, Second Master besides eating, shitting and peeing, he would train his body.

I was afraid he would hit his head so I made more grass carpets to cover the ground.

After his injuries recovered, Second Master wore pants.

For convenience, I cut away the pant legs, sewed them together and it was just nice for Second Master to wear.

Second Master’s body was very much not like before, even sitting was difficult.

Every day, I would support his back and he would practise sitting.

One seat will be one afternoon.

At the start, he would lean to the right and fall, but later after much practice, Second Master was able to sit stably.

  Now, Second Master was not only able to sit, he could use both hands supporting from the ground to move forward.

I asked Second Master if he wanted the craftsman to make a wheelchair.

Second Master thought for a while and shook his head.

He said, “That thing is not convenient.

” Second Master used force on his half a left leg and gave me a glance.

I was shocked to realise that there was doubt in Second Master’s eyes.

After waiting for half a day, he turned his face and said in a low voice, “You come over.

”   I was already standing in front of you, how to come over? But Master’s commands must be obeyed so I moved forward half a step.

Second Master said, “Touch it.

” “?” Second Master ordered impatiently, “Touch my leg!” I did not know what he wanted but I stretched out my hand.

He took his hand away and I very carefully touched it.

This was not the first time I touched his leg.

I had touched it previously when applying medicine and it was bare.

Now that this half a leg was wearing the specially sewn pants, I was actually more nervous than when it was bare.

Second Master seemed to be infected by my attitude and his face turned slightly red — I felt that he must have been angered by me.

Obediently, I touched it.

  Second Master’s leg was still quite strong.

I couldn’t hold it with one hand.

Below my hand was cloth, inside the cloth were bumps and hollows.

I did not know if it was my hand that was shaking or Second Master’s leg that was shaking.

“Have you touched carefully?” I nodded my head like a fool.

Second Master said, “Go to the carpenter and make a bamboo tube with the same thickness.

”   “This thickness…”   Second Master’s face turned red, “As thick as my leg!”   “Ah ah, yes.

”   I caught up and asked again, “How long?”   Second Master’s expression was not good, he waved simplistically, “If it’s long, it would be hard to walk.

The length of two palms will be enough.

Also make a walking crutch.

”   I asked, “Also short?”   “Obviously!”   Thus, I went.

After the carpenter heard my request, he directly said I could wait.

I thought I had to come back to collect it after a few days.

The master looked at me disdainfully, “Such a simple task can be done in two steps.

” Finally, after I saw the product, my heart thought – truly in just a few steps.

But… as I walked and looked at the product in my hand, and also tried the walking crutch, it only reached my waist.

I looked again at the round bamboo tube and my heart felt a little sour.

Our Second Master is only now this tall.

  After I brought it home, Second Master looked at the product for a long time.

His expression was calm.

I stood at the side and did not dare to let out any big breaths.

Second Master said, “That was fast.

” I quickly responded, “The carpenter was very good!” Second Master looked at me wordlessly and I lowered my head and obediently shut my mouth.

  I felt that Second Master’s heart was upset.

His action in attaching the tube to his leg was very rough.

Don’t ask me how I was able to see this, this was just what I felt.

I walked over and helped him attach it.

His hands were shaking, his head lowered, I couldn’t see his face.

I said, “Second Master, be more gentle.

” Second Master’s hand stopped moving and the rest was done by me.

  Second Master moved down to the ground, the crutches under both his armpits, the length was just nice.

Just nice to my chest level.

With both his hands supporting, his body moved.

And then, “pa cha” he fell downwards.

I quickly carried him up but Second Master asked me to stay aside.

So, I watch him climb up from the ground himself, and then try again.

I did not know that Second Master could already rise from the ground so easily.

  After that, Second Master would practise walking with the crutches every day.

At first, he fell until his whole body was full of green and purple patches.

Later, slowly, he was able to walk much more smoothly such that he was able to throw away the left crutch and only walk with one crutch.

Of course, the consequences of practising so much was to have his leg rubbed until it was full of fresh blood.

Every time the medicine is applied, Second Master would hurt so much that he would grit his teeth and open his mouth.

There was once I couldn’t help it and told Second Master to practise less, to do it slowly.

Second Master shook his head and said, “Every year at this time, the tea businessmen from the Capital will come to Hangzhou.

The tea trade is very bustling and there will be lots of opportunities for travel.

I must at least be able to walk by then.

” I didn’t dare to say, Second Master, can you still travel like this? Later, Second Master was really able to walk out such a route.

  When the businessmen came to Hangzhou from the Capital, they would frequently sit by the tea houses by the West Lake to discuss business.

There was a period when Second Master went there every day.

He would order a pot of the cheapest Long Jin (a type of tea), and would drink it until it became plain water and still not go away.

Later, the people in the shop recognised him as the previous Yang Manor’s Second Master, seeing his current state, they would speak badly of him behind his back.

Intentionally or unintentionally, their words would fall into Second Master’s ears but Second Master would treat himself as being deaf.

With his leg, his crutch, he would hum a tune and admire the scenery.

That day, he entered the tea house and his eyes immediately turned to three people at the table at the furthest corner.

Two of them were playing chess.

He leaned on his crutch and walked over.

When he reached the table, two of them turned to look but the oldest continued to stare at the chessboard without moving.

  Second Master was not much taller than the table.

His left hand leaning on a stool, with force from his right hand, he sat on top of an empty stool.

When the two youths saw this, their brows furrowed and appeared as if they wanted to chase him away.

Second Master spoke, “If you don’t catch the horse, in three steps, the pawn will force the king to abdicate.

” The old man finally nodded his head and looked at Second Master.

  “Young man, a gentleman observes the chessboard without speaking.

”   Second Master laughed and patted the young man that was playing chess with the old man, and said, “The youngster does not dare to win.

I enlightened you to save him from the fire.

” The young man blushed and stuttered, “What… what don’t dare to win.

Boss Lin, don’t listen to him…….

”   The old man laughed out loud and observed Second Master, “Are you Yang Yao Shan’s son?”   Second Master nodded his head.

The old man looked at Second Master’s leg and said nothing.

  Later, Second Master spoke to the old man for the entire afternoon.

The specifics I could not understand, I only knew that everyone in the surroundings were looking at them.

Finally, when they left, Second Master treated the table.

Although it was only two pots of tea, it cost our entire savings for two months.

I felt the pain but since Second Master ordered, I did not dare to say anything.

When we left, Second Master moved off first and I heard the youngster say to the old man, “Boss Lin, is that Uncle Yang’s second son?”   Hearing them discuss Second Master, I slowed my steps and walked aside to listen.

The old man gave a sound of assent.

The young man’s brow furrowed, “I heard about him in the Capital.

I heard he is a complete silk trousers, playful, lustful, incompetent, arrogant, why did you give Hangzhou, such an important route to him?”   The old man gve a deep laughter and said, “You think he is incompetent?”   The youngster paused and said in a low voice, “Even if he is a little clever, his character is low grade.

”   The old man replied, “Min Lang, what do you think is the most valuable thing in this world?”   My heart silently said, a mountain of gold and silver!   The youngster thought the same as me, “Valuable – naturally it’s gold treasures.

”   The old man shook his head.

  The youngster spoke again, “Then what is it?”   The old man picked up the tea cup, it was unclear what he was thinking, his low voice slowly warmed into a smile, “The most valuable thing in this world is the return of the prodigal son.

”   That day, after we went home, I prepared Second Master’s food and then went to the kitchen to eat flour paste.

I didn’t know what wind blew Second Master, he did not call for me but came to the kitchen himself.

When he saw what I was eating, he was momentarily stunned.

  Then he asked me, “What is this?”   I said, “Food.

”   Second Master’s face became as dark as the bottom of the wok.

He grabbed my bowl and smashed the bowl along with the food.

I was so frightened that I jumped up.

After smashing it, Second Master exited.

In a while, he came back with a food box and placed it in front of me.

He said, “Eat” and then returned to his room to rest.

I opened the food box and saw that there were three layers.

There was rice, dishes and even desserts.

I swallowed my saliva and carefully took out a plate to eat.

Thereafter, I kept the rest carefully on top of the stove.

At night, while I was sleeping, I thought I must have embarrassed Second Master again.

  The next day, when I opened my eyes I saw Second Master on his crutch and standing in front of my bed.

Although it was not high, I still gave a shout.

  Second Master’s expression was really ugly.

He brought up something from the ground and asked me, “What is this?” I realised that Second Master liked to ask me this question a lot recently.

I looked at it and it was the food box Second Master had bought for me yesterday.

As I was going to answer, Second Master suddenly lifted up the food box and forcefully threw it downwards.

And so, all the plates of food inside were ruined on the floor.

My heart thought if I only knew earlier, I would have ate it all finished yesterday and not saved it.

I then realised that Second Master liked to smash things recently.

Second Master looked very angry, his whole body was shaking.

He pointed at me, with teeth gritted, he said, “Why did you leave it.

Do you think that Master must save for many days to buy a food box?” I unconsciously nodded my head, but when I saw Second Master’s expression, I quickly changed to shaking my head.

  However, how intelligent is Second Master, he seemed to have saw through something and he was so angry that the knuckles on his hand holding the crutch turned white.

  He spoke pausing on each and every word, “I, Yang Yi Qi, no matter how useless, is not till the extent that I cannot support** you.

”   After speaking, he walked off.

  I looked at the ruined food on the floor.

Sincerely, I was at a loss.

** The chinese word “养” means to raise and take care.

It can mean a master taking care of a household but there’s also a romantic connotation as it’s a common chinese saying for the husband to say he will “养” the wife.

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