Our Second Master - Chapter 5

Our Second Master - Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Our Second Master Succeeds!   Because of that incident, Second Master was angry for a whole half a month.

Later, he became too busy and so he forgot to be angry.

Basically, I’m not able to see Second Master now – every morning, he leaves early and comes back late.

Sometimes, he only comes back to sleep after two or three days.

Second Master’s originally fair face darkened quite a bit.

But, there was one change that I thought was good – Second Master became strong.

  Actually, Second Master’s body wasn’t considered weak previously.

But, because of his injury, his whole body seemed to have weakened quite a bit.

After these few months, Second Master’s back became broader and his chest became thicker.

Even his two arms became tougher by quite a bit.

Once, Second Master returned late and called me to eat together.

I said I would quickly set up the table but Second Master said there was no need, we could directly eat in the kitchen.

  Second Master sitting on the small stool, holding a bowl of rice and eating with big mouthfuls – I looked at him dazed.

Second Master placed the bowl down and said casually, “Why are you looking at me?”   I quickly lowered my head.

Second Master said, “Lift up your head.

” His voice was low, but it wasn’t an angry tone.

  Second Master asked, “Why do you keep looking at me?”   I felt my brain being pulled as I opened my mouth, “Your humble servant was looking… looking at Second Master’s change.

”   “Ah?” Second Master had eaten his fill and his whole demeanour seemed lazy.

He looked at me and asked, “What change?”   I said, “Changed from before.

”   Second Master was dazed, casually placing his hand lightly on his leg, he said in a low voice, “Indeed, it has changed.

”   I knew he misunderstood and forcefully shook my hand, “It’s not… it’s not because of that.

”   Second Master looked at me and didn’t speak.

I was only concentrating on explaining, “The change your faithful servant speaks of… are… are changes in other places.

”   Second Master said, “What place.

”   I thought for half a day and blurted out, “Second Master has turned black.

”    After speaking, I wanted to give myself a slap.

Second Master was dazed for a moment and then he laughed.

He touched his own face and nodded, “Yes, it is black.

” He touched his face until he felt a piece of dead skin.

He peeled it off and said, “Rougher too.

”   I looked at Second Master’s firm chin and clear distinguished brows and eyes.

He was wearing robes made of rough cloth, a waist-belt, just leaning his body a little and that thick and broad body will cause the robes to tighten on him.

In that moment, I realised those loose silk robes of yesteryear, the man who embraced beautiful maidens and played by the West Lake only seemed to exist in a dream now.

    While I was in my thoughts, Second Master looked at me and asked, “Which master do you feel is better?”   Second Master’s voice changed, was deeper than before, and more mature.

Sometimes I had the strange feeling that I was serving Old Master Yang instead.

Hearing Second Master’s question, I didn’t even think when I answered, “The present one.

”   Second Master seemed to be nervous, but after I spoke, his shoulders loosened.

He reached out his hand to stroke my head, “Go and rest.

”   Blearily, I returned to the house to sleep.

After a while, Second Master couldn’t run out every day.

Because, the plum rain season had arrived.

At first, I didn’t really notice it and thought Second Master lately liked to rest at home.

However, once when I went to pee at night, in the midst of the pitter patter of the rain drops, I heard sounds from Second Master’s room.

  Thus, I quietly went to the window to listen.

It was Second Master’s voice.

The voice was in deep pain, in such pain that I did not know what to do.

I placed the umbrella aside and opened the window a small creak to look in.

In the dark room, Second Master had shrunk into a ball, both of his hands holding his legs, his mouth biting the comforter, again and again he gave a low cry.

The rain kept falling outside, the cold wind rushed into the room and Second Master suddenly lifted up his head.

In the moon light, his face was scrunched in pain, as if his whole face had been drenched by rain.

When he saw me, he did not return the gaze, his eyes were slack.

My mind was a sheet of white.

I turned around and rushed out.

I did not carry an umbrella, I did not wear my outer robe.

I ran to the medicinal shop and knocked on the doors.

The shop assistant came out as if he wanted to beat someone but seeing how I looked, he took a step back.

  I knew I looked no different than a female ghost.

The master was woken up from his dreams and wasn’t in good temper.

I knelt and kowtowed before him.

I was rambling madly, only knowing to repeatedly beg him, beg him to save our Second Master.

After half the burning of a scented incense, he finally gave a prescription and gathered a packet of herbs for me.

I was afraid the herbs would get wet and kept it inside my robes.

I ran madly home.

After boiling the herbs, I carefully fed them to Second Master.

Afterwards, the Second Master that had became strong in my eyes, just like a weak child, he fell into my arms and slept.

  On the second day, Second Master was well.

He looked at me, and for a very long time he did not speak.

After the struggle last night, my clothes were still wet, my hair sticking to my forehead in clumps, my knees and forehead were covered in mud and blood.

  Perhaps it was because of the illness, Second Master’s eyes were a little red.

He waved his hand at me and said in a low voice, “Come here.

” My whole body was so dirty that I did not dare to go over.

I said, Second Master, let your humble servant change robes first.

Second Master looked at me, his lips trembled a little and finally he nodded his head.

  I felt like I couldn’t understand Second Master more and more.

Afterwards, Second Master’s illness recovered and he became lively again.

At this time, First Master also returned.

First Master returned home in a worse state than when Second Master first returned home injured.

First Master was carried by Yuan Sheng home in abject dejection.

I was shocked.

Yuan Sheng pulled me aside and told me in a low voice, “First Master was cheated by someone of all his monies!” After he finished, he looked left and right and asked surprised, “Ah? How come the household has so many additional things?”   I unconsciously straightened my back and said, “Second Master bought it!”   Yuan Sheng was truly shocked.

I told him what had happened in the last few months and Yuan Sheng’s eyeballs almost dropped out.

As I wanted to continue, Second Master returned from outside.

Seeing Yuan Sheng and I standing in the corner speaking, his face immediately turned green.

I quickly patted Yuan Sheng’s hand to indicate that the master has returned and we cannot talk.

 After seeing this, Second Master’s face turned even more green.

Thus, the consequence of speaking behind the master’s back is that Yuan Sheng had no dinner to eat that night.

But why did I have? I did not know.

After realising that First Master had been cheated, Second Master’s expression was not pleasant.

He called First Master into the house and spoke for an entire afternoon.

When he came out, First Master said that the way Second Master talked was like Old Master Yang.

  I looked from afar.

Although Second Master was shorter than other people by half, but I always felt that the person that one needs to lift up their head to look at was Second Master.

Afterwards, First Master remained behind to take care of the household and it became Second Master who travelled outside.

Thus, whenever he went, it was two months.

Slowly, the household started to change.

At the end of the year, we changed to a new house.

Although it wasn’t as big as the previous Yang Manor, but it was much brighter and we added quite a few servants.

The only pity was that when we changed house, Second Master was not around.

I did not know what Second Master told First Master when he left, but First Master did not allow me to do chores.

He even gave me new sets of clothes to wear.

Yuan Sheng told me, “You have made it.

” I did not understand what he meant.

  Much later, Second Master returned once.

But, he returned late in the night and left before the sun rose.

When I awoke, Yuan Sheng told me that Second Master remained in my room the whole night.

I did not know why Second Master did not wake me up.

Another half a year passed, and Second Master returned.

This time, the entire city of Hangzhou was discussing about Second Master.

They gave him a nickname — Half Fortune God.

I wanted to say Fortune God is fine, why must it be half.

But Second Master didn’t seem to care at all.

  When he returned it was deep in autumn and I was cleaning the yard.

Although the housekeeper did not let me do chores, I always remembered my duties as a maid.

Every day, I needed to do some chores before I was able to sleep.

I was sweeping the leaves on the floor when I turned around and saw someone sitting on the stone stool.

  I didn’t even know when Second Master had sat there.

He even had a pot of tea by his hand.

He was in a body of white silk with a black outer robe.

His hair was tied up high, there was a jade green ring on his thumb.

Although it was simple, his entire bearing had an inexpressible elegance.

I said, “Second Master, you have returned.

” He gave a light sound of assent and continued to look at me.

I looked right and left then said, “Your humble servant will find the housekeeper.

” He did not allow me to and said, “Come here.

”   I walked over, Second Master looked at the broom in my hand and asked, “What is this?”    Turns out Second Master still liked to ask this question.

I said, “A broom.

”   Second Master said lightly, “Throw it away.

”   I would not throw away things in front of the master so I placed it aside.

Then, I respectfully stood by Second Master.

Second Master observed me from the head to toe and said, “Tonight, change your clothes and follow me out.

”   I said yes.

When it was night and I stood by Second Master, his expression was stiff when he said, “I didn’t ask you to change from one set of tattered clothes to another.

” I gave an “ah” sound and hesitated if I should return to change, but Second Master waved his hand and said, “Nevermind, let’s go.

”   The West Lake was truly crowded.

I saw rows of beautiful boats in the lake and was dazed as Second Master led me to the biggest one.

Before we got on the boat, many people came outside and smiled until they had no eyes.

“Ahhh… Second Master, we manage to receive your arrival here.

” A few people welcomed Second Master onboard and I followed behind.

  It was the first time I came on board these beautiful painted pleasure boats.

Inside was broad and well-lit and had many glittering decorations.

There were two tables and quite a few exotic seductive dancing performers playing the instrument and singing.

I turned and saw the maids standing respectfully in a row by the side.

Their clothes were not shabby at all.

I finally understood why Second Master wanted me to change my clothes.

I lost face for him again.

Although I lost face for him, I must still do my duty as a maid.

I went to stand by the row of maids and humbly lowered my head.

When I went over, a few of the maids looked strangely at me.

Ah truly, I was not suitable to be here.

I looked with some guilt over at Second Master.

Coincidentally, he turned to me and his gaze was very strange, as if saying, why did you run over there.

  He lifted his hand, “Come here.

” I couldn’t help it and stood by his side.

But Second Master was not finished, he patted the seat next to him.

I did not understand.

Second Master couldn’t even be bothered to let out a sigh.

A gentleman who was observing by the side quickly smiled at me, “Lady Hou (the sound of the first chinese word for Monkey), quickly sit down.

” Lady Hou? Woodenly, I sat down.