Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes, All Thanks to a Single Moment of Impulse - Chapter 43

Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes, All Thanks to a Single Moment of Impulse - Chapter 43

Zihui led me and Chu Kong into the stone cave.

The stone cave hasn’t changed.

It’s just that I and Chu Kong are now in an immortal body, we obviously can feel the magic atmosphere.

When we entered the stone cave, the soul of a woman is sitting on a stone bench.

Her head was looking at something in her hand.

Zihui walked to her and squatted in front of the woman.

He chuckled and looked up at her: “A Luo, I’m back.

” A Luo looked up, looked at Zihui for a moment and then smiled: “Zihui, how’s the sound of the birds outside?” “I find them too noisy.

I was afraid that they’ll disturb your rest and drove them away.

If you want to hear the birds, I’ll go catch a few for you.

” A Luo shook her head: “Only when the birds are free will they produce the most beautiful sounds.

” Her eyes drifted to me.

I was about to greet her when I heard her say laughingly: “Yesterday night, the wind broke the window.

Later go and repair it.

” Zihui didn’t care about right and wrong: “Yes.

” I looked at the wall behind me and looked at my hands and feet.

I asked Chu Kong: “Did she say I was a broken window? Is she cursing me?” Chu Kong didn’t say anything.

After Zihui put a Luo asleep did he ask: “What’s the matter with her?” A Luo’s body which was lying on the stone bed flickered.

It felt like that when no one is paying attention to her, she’ll disappear.

Zihui looked at her for a long time before he said: “The soul’s power is too weak.

Sometimes she doesn’t feel the changed in her surroundings.

She can only live in her own fantasy.

Just now she must have thoughts about the days she lived with me.

” .



Chu Kong bluntly walked to the stone table and sat down.

He stared at Zihui and said: “I think, you owe me and this thing an explanation.

Do you know how much xiaoye has suffered because of Jin Lian’s moths?” “It’s a long story,” Zihui helplessly smiled.

“From ancient times there were rumors that the heart of a stone demon can reverse all things.

In extremely rare case a stone can be cultivated into a demon.

A stone demon of ten thousand years is even rarer.

I, unfortunately, have cultivated into a stone demon and has wandered on earth for ten thousand years.

” His voice turned numb.

“Since you’ve already come here, presumably you must know about a Luo’s identity.

She is called Jin Luo and is Jin Lian’s sister.

The last step of Jin Lian’s practice needs the refined heart of a stone demon.

So a Luo came down and encountered me……The day before we were to get married, she let me willingly dig my heart out for her.

At that time I didn’t know about the purpose of a Luo getting close to me.

I also didn’t know what she wanted to do with my heart.

In short, the next day she disappeared.

A demon without heart wandered on earth for hundreds of years.

The empty chest will ache from time to time.

I used to think that dying is also good.

But I wasn’t willing.

I wanted to know the reason and I also wanted to see her again……Later, I met you.

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COM Chu Kong’s expression sank.

Silly Xiang really left a bad impression on him.

“At that time, I thought I was about to die.

” Zihui smiled faintly.

“Thank Chu Kong’s heart for saving my life and let me have an opportunity to learn about the matter of that year.

When I found here, a Luo was still awake and told me the truth.

” Zihui touched a Luo’s head, but his hand only felt air.

“Chu Kong can you think of any immortal practice that needs the sacrifice of a demon or human?” Chu Kong hesitated and didn’t speak.

Zihui’s expression turned serious: “What Jin Lian is practicing isn’t any immortal practice.

He is taking the evil ways.

That’s why he needs a heart of a stone demon to change the evil energy in his body.

A Luo didn’t know about her brother’s plan.

Until later did she find out.

At that time there were spies around us sent by Jin Lian.

In order to prevent Jin Lian from coming down to look for me, that’s why……she took my heart and left.

She hid it here.

Then she dug her own heart and gave it to Jin Lian.

Without the reversal power of the stone heart, Jin Lian soon became walking fire into the demon.

Before Jin Luo has the time to come down and tell me, she was killed by the walking fire into the demon Jin Lian.

Her soul scattered, leaving only a soul attached to this place.

Even after death, she wanted to tell me…… and I always hated her.

” I wondered, the thing called heart isn’t candy.

You eat it and spit it out.

Other people will lick it and still taste the sweetness…….

or is it that everyone is somebody that can still live for hundreds of years without a heart? While comparing, I felt that when Chu Kong dug out his heart he instantly turned weak.

Seeing everyone’s serious expression I swallowed these heartless words.

Just then, I suddenly heard several clapping sounds: “Very good, very good.

I thought that you have deceived my sister.

You gave her a fake heart.

I didn’t expect that it was my stupid sister’s own act, harming me so far.

” The air in the narrow room suddenly tensed.

I subconsciously jumped behind Chu Kong.

Only half of my head stuck out to look at that elegant Jin Lian.

“Aiya, we meet again.

Really souls that are haunting me, ah.

” Jin Lian gaze first fell on Chu Kong.

He laughed: “However seeing my little disciple growing up like this, really make wei shi1 comforted.

But it’s alright if you didn’t help me, but you stick your elbow outside2.

” Chu Kong sternly said: “Since we’re gods, there’s no outside or inside.

You’re taking the evil ways.

I have to make an enemy of you.

” No matter how I listen to it, hearing such justification coming out of Chu Kong’s mouth felt really strange.

I looked up at him and saw his resolute look.

There isn’t the slightest bit of a joke.

I suddenly felt that after Chu Kong met me he has always been changing.

He’s become more mature and more courageous.

And I……didn’t seem to have changed.

Jin Lian smiled and said: “After wei shi get the stone demon’s heart, wei shi won’t have the evil energy anymore.

So……” His body moved and in a blink of eye he was in front of Zihui.

One hand grabbed Zihui’s neck.

He laughed coldly: “Stone demon, if you don’t want to suffer physical pain, then be a little more honest.

” Zihui also laughed: “I’ve always wanted to see what Jin Luo’s brother looked like.

So it’s only like this.

” I looked at these two men laugh cynically.

A chill burst in my heart.

This a Luo lady’s life is filled with guys with such fake laughter.

Won’t she be tired of living…… I looked at Chu Kong again and still felt that his arrogant true nature is more to my taste.

The two men confronted for a while.

Suddenly Zihui’s body stiffened and he disappeared.

At the same time, on the stone bed where a Luo is lying and at the place where I and Chu Kong was standing abruptly a circle formed, protecting us in it.

Zihui’s voice echoed in the cave: “A Xiang lady, this is originally a grudge between us.

We shouldn’t have dragged you in it.

Be sure to protect yourself.

” Jin Lian laughed heartily: “A thing that doesn’t know his boundaries!” He waved his hand and a black air poured straight into the cave.

The surrounding is immediately infected with a layer of black.

When it spread to our side, it’s blocked by the circle.

I anxiously tugged at Chu Kong’s sleeve: “Do you want to help him?” “If you go you’ll only make the matter worse.

” “Nonsense, of course the one who is going is you,” I blurted out.

In exchange I got Chu Kong’s dissatisfied look.

He said: “Right now it’s difficult to see who have the upper or lower hand.

Let’s wait for a while and see.

” I was surprised for a moment: “Since when did Zihui become so powerful?” “Here is surrounded by stone walls which will make him extremely powerful.

And his original heart is here, may also be some help.

No matter how weak a stone demon of ten thousand years is, it’s impossible for him to be that weak.

Chu Kong’s voice hardly left when a few muffling sounds can be heard.

A few stone pillars on the top of the cliff fell down, trapping Jin Lian in them.

Zihui’s figure suddenly appeared in the sky.

His hand held a stone sword and it straightly aims for Jin Lian’s head.

The evil energy in Jin Lian’s body rose, crushing the stones.

His figure disappeared and in the next instant he was on the other side.

He stroked his slightly disheveled blond hairs, smiled and said: “Really has somewhat real skills.

So, now I’ll also be somewhat serious.

” Not waiting till he finished speaking, stone swords fell from the sky like rain.

Each tip had magic and flashed purple.

Jin Lian’s expression turned serious.

He waved his hand, draw an arc and protected himself in it.

Unexpectedly, suddenly a stone spear appeared from the ground behind him and aimed straight at Jin Lian.

Jin dodged, but that stone spear still scratched his arm.

Blood ripped on the ground.

Jin Lian laughed coldly: “Well, well.

This is what you yourself asked for.

” His right hand covered the wound.

His whole hand is stained with blood.

Then he put his left hand on the ground and his mouth began to read a spell.

The cliff turned soft like cotton.

After a moment a loud cough can be heard.

Zihui fell down from the top and hit the ground.

He got up.

But he was clutching his chest and spit blood out.

They didn’t give each other half a minute of rest time.

Their gaze met, walked to each other and the battle began again.

I did my best to look for a while.

Then I lamented: “Movements too fast, became blind while seeing……” I couldn’t see who’ll win or lose in their battle, but I know that their energy is more than this stone cave can bear.

The roof buzzed, the ground trembled.

It seemed like that the whole mountain is about to collapse.

At this time, Jin Luo, who has been sleeping on the stone bed all this time, opened her eyes.

She sat up dazedly.

She seemed like she couldn’t see the battle before her.

Blankly she looked at something in that air.

With delicate voice, she said: “Zihui, tomorrow we’ll get married.

” The two people who were at battle stopped.

I saw that Zihui’s hand passed through Jin Lian’s heart and he also has become like a person made of blood.

I didn’t know how much his body has suffered.

From where he stands, he should not be able to see a Luo.

Two black bloods poured out of his mouth.

His voice sounded like clearly like always: “Right ah, the wedding dress has already been completed.

Tomorrow, a Luo will become the most beautiful bride.

” Jin Lian laughed coldly.

There was also blood on his lips.

“There’s only a scattered soul left.

My sister won’t look so pitiful and humble!” He waved his hand.

An evil energy went straight to a Luo, but has been stopped by the circle that Zihui has put.

Jin Lian waved again.

Zihui’s eyes turned red.

His expression looked collected.

I don’t know from where the energy came from his wretched body.

He pulled out the hand piercing through Jin Lian’s heart.

He struck Jin Lian with a palm on Jin Lian’s chest.

The initial blow didn’t cause much harm for Jin Lian, but the next moment Jin Lian’s face changed.

He grabbed Zihui’s arm like he wanted to break it.

But Zihui’s whole body is slowly changing into stone.

Chu Kong’s body stiffened: “Not good! He wants to die with Jin Lian!” While saying that, Chu Kong was about to rush out, but Zihui turned around.

He barely put a smile on his stiff face: “In this life, I’m sorry to you two.

” After he said that, Jin Lian shivered and vomited blood.

Zihui’s whole body turned into a statue.

Jin Lian was furious: “A mere stone demon dares to disrupt my plans?!” He waved his hand.

The statue turned into dust and scattered on the ground.

The circle in front of us also broke.

Lights floated in front of me for a while and then disappeared from this world.

Comment: Wei shi is what a shifu call himself.

Jin Lian means that Chu Kong is helping outsiders.