Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes, All Thanks to a Single Moment of Impulse - Chapter 42

Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes, All Thanks to a Single Moment of Impulse - Chapter 42

Once again we came into the human realm after going into the well of reincarnation.

After getting rid of the feeling of reincarnation, I looked at the surroundings.

The weeds have grown.

The dark clouds are a sign that it’s night.

I asked the Chu Kong beside me: “Do you also have a queasy feeling after going into the well of reincarnation?” Chu Kong’s gaze swept over me once.

He was about to speak when suddenly his expression turned serious.

He covered my mouth and pushed me into the bushes.

He also squatted down.

A dozen questions flashed through my heart.

This time I and Chu Kong didn’t cause a ruckus before reincarnating.

Even if we obediently reincarnate like this, still something will happen? I looked alarmed at Chu Kong.

He covered my mouth without letting go.

He made a gesture that I need to be silent.

At this time, I heard the voice that is like a nightmare: “Found it yet?” My thoughts broke and I hold my breath.

I let half my head get out of the bushed for exploration.

I saw in front of us about a foot away the light blond man called Jin Lian with his hand on his back asking another……demon? “Answering my lord, there has been a little demon reporting that the stone demon of ten thousand years is at Qi Wei border.

” (the border of Qi and Wei country) “Qi Wei border?” Jin Lian touched his chin and laughed: “This demon really likes to be in places with many people.

Watch him, don’t let him escape.

” “Yes,” the demon answered with respect.

He wondered: “Won’t my lord go together with this small one?” Chu Kong’s hand covering my mouth suddenly tightened.

He whispered in my ear: “Hold me tight.

” His voice was really serious.

I stretched out my hand and hugged his waist.

Jin Lian laughed for unknown reason: “Even if I have to go, I first need to clean up the guy who is blocking my road.

” .



Hearing him said those words, my heart tightened.

My feet went soft.

Chu Kong held my shoulder, used a little strength and we went into the sky.

I looked down and saw that the bushes where we just have hidden, have been turned into dust.

My heart was just about to get scared when Jin Lian continued to say: “Yi.

” He looked at us from the ground.

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COM The fact is……that we also didn’t want to come.

“This is also good.

It’ll spare me from going to look for you two in the future.

” Hearing those words, Chu Kong stiffened.

I tugged at Chu Kong’s sleeves and whispered: “Run to above.

” Chu Kong’s soul suddenly came back, mustered some effort and run into the sky.

Jin Lian obviously doesn’t put us in his eyes.

He waved his hand and casually threw two balls of evil energy at us.

I pounded on my chest with pride and said: “Don’t meddle.

This time, I’ll take care of it.

” I stretched my hand in the sky and concentrated on my immortal power.

Clouds descended from the sky.

Last time I was too injured and couldn’t make it happen.

This time even though I still couldn’t beat Jin Lian, but while he is underestimating his enemies, escaping from him wouldn’t be a problem.

The clouds gathered.

I waved my hands and the clouds sprang to Jin Lian.

“Run now.

” I didn’t need to say it.

Chu Kong grabbed my waist and fly away in a blink of eye.

We escaped from night till morning.

We estimated that Jin Lian won’t go after us for now.

We stopped at the roadside to rest.

“That shifu of yours……what does he want to do?” I breathed for a while before I could spit out those words.

Chu Kong is also catching a breath beside me.

Hearing me asking him that, he thought for a moment before he said: “Who knows.

But just now, did you hear him say that he’ll go to Qi Wei border to look for a stone demon of ten thousand years?” I wondered: “I heard that, but what does it have to do with……” My voice stopped.

Suddenly someone flashed in my mind.

“Zihui!” Besides Qi Wei border, isn’t that the place where we met that woman called “a Luo” last time……wait wait, a Luo? I frowned and whispered loudly: “Last time, what did Yanwang say that Jin Lian’s sister is called?” Chu Kong looked at me and blurted out: “Jin Luo.

” I looked at his face and knew that he thought the same as me: “Jin Lian has a sister called Jin Luo.

Jin Luo helped him go to the human realm to search for the key for his practice, but never returned.

Zihui once said to me that he willingly gave his heart to someone, but that someone did something wrong to him.

And that woman called a Luo said that she is Zihui’s wife.

She is still guarding the stone cave even as a soul.

Now that Jin Lian has escaped from hell, the first thing that he’ll do is search for the stone demon of ten thousand years……” I whispered: “These matters only lack a line to bind them together.

” Chu Kong was silent together with me.

“If it’s like that, let’s go to that stone to find out.

That soul is there.

The stone demon is there.

Now even that Jin Lian is also going there.

Yanwang only said to hinder Jin Lian’s plan.

We need to first find out what that plan is.

” I agreed with a nod.

Chu Kong glanced once at me: “Your body……” “What?” “Well, does Jin Lian’s evil energy has some impact on you? I don’t want to drag a nuisance with me.

” “If you’re worried for me just say so.

” I looked at Chu Kong whose ears are getting red.

I said helplessly: “When will you be more honest, ah? It’ll be too late to, cry if I’m deceived by a glib man.

” Seeing Chu Kong’s face fall, I immediately appeased: “Alright, alright, I won’t say this again.

In fact that evil energy is nothing.

Usually I won’t feel its presence.

” Chu Kong hmpfed coldly, turned away and said: “In the future if there’s something wrong, immediately tell me.

” Really a closed mouthed bastard…… I and Chu Kong searched for a long time for the entrance of the cave from that time but didn’t find it.

By the time that we’re beginning to be disheartened, in the sunset we suddenly saw Zihui.

At this time he is standing at the edge of the river throwing three demon’s body into the river.

Seeing us, he was startled for a moment.

Then he smiled: “What a coincidence.

A Xiang lady, we meet again.

” Chu Kong seemed to always have a wary feeling for Zihui.

His face immediately turned ugly.

He pulled me behind him and said: “Really not a coincidence.

We came looking for you.

” Zihui seemed really helpless: “I really have no other ideas about a Xiang lady.

I’ve already tried my best to put you two together.

Can Chu Kong hide your hostility again me? I’m really a really rare good demon.

” Chu Kong hugged his arms and looked at Zihui coldly: “Well, good demon, say, why did you steal that heart of mine then? Where has your original heart gone to? What is the relationship between Jin Luo, Jin Lian and you?” Zihui was startled.

His expression turned serious.

I poked Chu Kong to express criticism for his aggressive and forceful ways.

I sighed.

All the things that happened after we died one time, has something to do with Zihui.

Zihui cleared his expression.

His gaze is like snow: “Jin Lian came out of hell?” He laughed coldly: “He is still thinking about that heart of mine.

” I and Chu Kong looked once at each other.

Sure enough, the key for the practice that Jin Lian has sent Jin Luo to come down and look for, is Zihui’s heart.

Zihui obviously gifted his heart to Jin Luo.

One might think that Jin Lian should have gotten that heart.

Then why will he still become obsessed…… Zihui laughed helplessly: “This is our grudge.

Having pulled you two in it, I’m really sorry.

First come in.

A Luo also wants to see you.