Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot - Chapter 81

Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot - Chapter 81

Chapter 81: The Power of the King of the Sea Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios The group walked towards the pirate ship.

Fu Xi carefully supported Gong Hao, afraid that the wound in his abdomen would rupture and bleed.

From time to time, she would look coldly at the pirate leader.

’ If it wasn’t for his shot, Gong Hao wouldn’t have suffered like this.

Her eyes were cold.

The pirate leader smiled carefully, his forehead covered in cold sweat.

He did not know that this was the King of the Sea! At this moment, Gong Hao exclaimed softly.

“Xi’er, look there.

” He pointed at a ball of brown and gray fur behind the left reef with a deep gaze.

Fu Xi looked over and her heart rate increased.

It was Little Bear! She quickly ran over and hugged it.

Little Bear was also very happy to see her.

It kept licking the back of her hand with his tongue and humming softly.

It looked like a child who had been wronged.




“Why are you here?” Fu Xi whispered and rubbed its head.

Seeing that it was not in good spirits, she immediately checked it carefully.

When she saw the bloody wound on its hind leg, which was a little pale and swollen from the seawater, and seemed to be infected, she hurriedly brought Little Bear back to Gong Hao’s side.

“Ah Hao, we have to help it apply medication.

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COM Gong Hao checked and guessed that Little Bear had been injured after jumping into the sea from the boat.

He nodded.

“You guys still have medication, right?” This was said to the pirate leader.

“Yes, my king.

I’ll bring the medication over when we get on board.

” The pirate leader said respectfully.

The blazing light in his eyes made Fu Xi shiver.

She could not forget the scene on the ship.

This pirate leader liked men!At the thought of this, she subconsciously moved over to block his gaze.

The pirate leader didn’t want to be angry.

He thought of something and obediently closed his mouth.

Returning to the pirate ship, he took the two of them to his room.

The youth was already gone.

The pirate leader had specially cleaned the room and sent medication to them.

“I’ll do it.

” Fu Xi took the medicine and carefully pulled open the fur near Little Bear’s wound.

She scattered the medication on it and it shivered.

The stimulation of the medicine was so intense that it gritted its teeth.

However, it didn’t stretch out its claws to hurt Fu Xi and instead hugged her tightly.

Gong Hao couldn’t help but praise her as he watched from the side.

“It really has humanity.

” “Of course.

This is the child I raised.

” Fu Xi applied the medicine and stroked Little Bear’s fur lovingly.

There was a flurry of footsteps outside the door.

Fu Xi put down Little Bear vigilantly.

Her palm touched the dagger bag tied between her legs and her eyes were cold.

Gong Hao shook his head when he saw her defensive posture.

“Don’t worry, Xi’er, he won’t betray us.

” “That’s hard to say.

” Fu Xi’s body tightened silently, like an arrow that was about to leave the bow.

The door opened.

The pirate leader was the first to enter.

When he saw Gong Hao, he bowed deeply, his nose almost touching the deck.

“Great King, I’ve brought my brothers to see you.

” He turned around and raised his hands high.

“Look carefully, this is the King of the Sea, our king.

” The pirates behind him cheered.

They lined up spontaneously and took turns to kiss Gong Hao’s foot respectfully, offering what they thought was the best tribute.

Gong Hao sat calmly and accepted their salutes.

Fu Xi was stunned.

Was this the power of the King of the Sea? There were too many pirates, and Fu Xi gradually became impatient.

Gong Hao could tell and beckoned for the pirate leader to leave with the rest.

“Xi’er, endure for a while more.

We’ll leave when my wound scabs.

” Fu Xi nodded slightly.