Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot - Chapter 80

Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot - Chapter 80

Chapter 80: He Couldn’t Afford to Offend This Woman Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios Fu Xi looked at the pitiful pirate leader and couldn’t help but laugh.

A muscular man with a full beard was now kneeling like a pitiful little chick, almost worshiping them like they were his ancestors.

She could not help but feel sorry for him.


” Gong Hao coughed and let the pirate leader get up first.

“We’ll talk about this later.

I have to bandage my wound.

” Fu Xi had only bandaged his wound to stop the bleeding and hadn’t applied any medication.

The bullet had to be removed too, otherwise his wound would get infected.

At the mention of his wound, the pirate leader slapped himself twice again.

“Boss, wait a moment.

I’ll get someone to get the medicine.

” With that, he looked fiercely at the pirates behind him.

“Hurry up and bring the medication over.

Are you waiting for death?” With him cursing, the other pirates shivered and hurriedly ran back.




No one dared to disobey.

It wasn’t long before the pirates ran back from the ship, holding a lot of medicine.

One of the smarter ones even brought a simple surgical tool.

Fu Xi took it in satisfaction and personally removed the bullet for Gong Hao.

“Ah Hao, endure it.

” She put away her joking expression.

Heartache flashed across her eyes as she handed him the towel and let him bite it.

Gong Hao smiled but didn’t open his mouth.

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COM “Just take it.

” He had suffered many injuries before and some were even worse.

At that time, there was no anesthesia and he endured it.

What was this injury? The more he acted tough, the more Fu Xi’s heart ached.

Her eyes were cold and firm, and she didn’t say anything more.

The pirate leader felt his vision blur as Fu Xi’s scalpel pierced Gong Hao’s wound.

Steady, accurate, and swift! “Clang.

” The bullet was taken out and thrown on a tray.

Blood flowed from the wound.

Fu Xi calmly sprayed some alcohol and applied medication to Gong Hao before carefully bandaging it.

The pirate leader couldn’t help but salivate.

He could not afford to offend such a calm woman.

“It’s done.

” Fu Xi carefully wiped the cold sweat off Gong Hao’s forehead.

She heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that his expression had recovered a little.

She clapped her hands and looked at the pirate leader.

“Now, it’s time to tell me why you attacked the two of us.

” The pirate leader did not dare to hide anything and confessed very honestly.

“I received a bounty order from a security company in the city.

As long as I kill you, I’ll be able to receive fifty million dollars.

” His voice trailed off.

If he had known that the person he was going to kill was the King of the Sea, he would never have done it even if he was given five hundred million! “What’s his name?” Fu Xi sneered, her eyes turning cold.

“Gong Cheng.

” The pirate leader scratched his head and did not dare to look at the two of them.

“He’s the third young master of the Gong family.

The person he wants to get rid of is the eldest young master of the Gong family.

He wants to take over the position of the Gong family head.

” The pirate leader’s eyes widened.

The King of the Sea… was the young master of the Gong family… He knelt down to Gong Hao again.

“Boss, I really didn’t know it was you!” The pirate leader wailed and kowtowed loudly.

Gong Hao helplessly pulled him up from the ground.

“Alright, let’s forget about this business.

” “Yes, forget it.

” The pirate leader wiped his face and said softly, “Boss, why don’t you go to the ship and rest first? That bastard actually dared to set you up.

When he comes looking for me again, I’ll capture him.

” Gong Hao turned to look at Fu Xi who nodded slightly at him.

It was not a bad idea to return to the ship.

The pirate leader was still considered sincere and could protect them.

The most important thing was that he could lure Gong Cheng out.

It was time to get rid of this venomous snake.