Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot - Chapter 57

Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot - Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Kill Him Personally Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios “Mmm, you baddie…” Fu Xi whimpered softly, her moans drifting in the wind and echoing throughout the tent.

There seemed to be a sound of a zipper opening from the tent beside her.

Crap, did someone hear them? Fu Xi glared at Gong Hao with rebuke.

Her large eyes were as clear as water, making him feel even more aroused.

His movements became stronger and faster.

“Ah The intense stimulation made Fu Xi raise her voice.

She grabbed the pillow and buried her face in it, feeling as if all the blood in her body was flowing backwards.

Amidst the impact of the shattering pleasure, she and Gong Hao reached the peak of their desire.

In the tent not far away, Gong Cheng was playing with the satellite phone in his hand.

A licentious moan sounded in his ears, and he froze as his eyes drooped.

The two of them were in quite the mood.




But this made things easier.

The satellite phone vibrated.

Gong Cheng immediately picked up the call and heard a man’s deep voice coming from the other end.

He listened quietly for a while and agreed in a low voice.

“Don’t worry, I’ll definitely kill them myself this time.

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COM “Yes, they won’t notice.

They’re enjoying themselves now.

” After hanging up, Gong Cheng pondered for a moment before a ruthless look appeared in his eyes.

He had played the second fiddle next to Gong Hao for so long and finally obtained Gong Hao’s trust.

As long as Gong Hao was eliminated, he would be the Gong family’s only heir.

All his years in the Gong family would not have been in vain.

Gong Cheng wanted to take action personally this time, but Gong Hao was quite skilled.

He might not be Gong Hao’s match.

Moreover, Fu Xi was still around.

If he didn’t get rid of the two of them in one go, it would be endless trouble no matter who he let go.

He did not want to take the risk.

Gong Cheng pinched his chin and his eyes suddenly lit up.

He reached into his bag and rummaged around before taking out a bag of white powder.

This knockout drug was an overseas product.

Its medicinal effect was very strong, It was colorless and odorless.

As long as one ate it, it would take effect within three minutes.

The person who was drugged would not wake up for two hours.

That was a knockout drug comparable to deep anesthesia.

It was said that as long as one added enough of it, even an elephant would not be able to take it.

However, the medicine was also very expensive.

Just the small bag in his hand could be sold for more than ten million on the black market.

“Tsk tsk, the two of you have it easy.

” Gong Cheng placed the bag of medicine in his hand and gently flicked it with his finger before laughing coldly.

“In order to get rid of you, I’ve invested heavily.

” Gong Cheng walked out of the tent and looked at Fu Xi and Gong Hao’s tent.

When he saw that there was no movement from them, he knew that they were done.

He tured around and went to the temporary kitchen and gave his instructions to a team member.

“Cook some supper.

” At his order, the member in charge of the food rushed over and busied himself adding water to the pot to make the food.

When the member was not paying attention, Gong Cheng scattered half of the small bag of medicinal powder into the pot.

As soon as the powder came into contact with water, it melted without any trace.

Gong Cheng’s lips curled into a satisfied smile as he said again, “Add some meat.

It’s good for replenishing their stamina.

” “Yes.

” The team member did not dare to resist, so he added some meat to boil.

Within a few minutes, a pot of fragrant meat soup was ready.

Gong Cheng got his teammates to bring the meat soup to the center of the tent and personally went to call Gong Hao and Fu Xi.

“Brother, Sister-In-Law, come out for supper.

” His voice was loud and clear, piercing through the tent and waking Fu Xi up.

She yawned and pushed the man beside her away.

“Ah Cheng has called for us.

” “Yes, let’s go out and eat.

” Gong Hao grabbed her hand and swept his heated gaze across her tender cheeks.

His smile was especially meaningful.

“Ido need to replenish my stamina.

” Fu Xi’s face burned and she almost exploded.

This indecent man! Thinking of how licentious she was just now, she held his tool in anger and smiled innocently.

“If you mess around again, I’ll use force.