Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot - Chapter 56

Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot - Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Be Careful Not to be Heard   Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios Gong Hao’s kiss moved from Fu Xi’s ear to her delicate neck, before going all the way down to linger on Fu Xi’s soft breasts.

From time to time, he nibbled and licked her, making her moan.

Fu Xi subconsciously grabbed the blanket under her and couldn’t take it anymore.

She closed her fingers and felt the restless desire in her body.

Gong Hao’s hand went straight to the bottom of Fu Xi’s skirt, his hot palm gently rubbing against the inner wall of her delicate thighs.

He then pushed aside her already drenched panties and reached his fingers in.

“Mmm… be gentle… don’t…” Fu Xi struggled slightly and turned to look out of the tent.

In order to protect them, Gong Cheng’s team had set up a tent around them.

It was a very quiet night here and the tent was not soundproof.

Fu Xi was worried that their movements would be heard by others.

However, the more nervous and stimulated she felt, the more sensitive her body became.

Fu Xi could almost feel Gong Hao’s slightly calloused fingers caressing her inner wall, making her shiver.

She had to bite her lower lip to let the voice in her throat vent.

“Ah” Fu Xi twisted her waist uncontrollably and crossed her legs under her.

“So wet…” Gong Hao deliberately raised his head and whispered into Fu Xi’s ear.

She unbuckled Gong Hao’s belt and her small hand went straight in.




“Eh” The veins on Gong Hao’s forehead bulged as he let out an unbearable moan.

His entire life line was in the woman’s hand.

Hearing his movements, Fu Xi looked up at him smugly and let out a soft moan.

Gong Hao couldn’t bear to blame her, so he whispered into her ear, “Be gentle, this concerns your sex for the rest of your life.

” As he spoke, Gong Hao lowered his head and sucked on the spot on her chest.

His movements became faster and faster.

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COM “Ah… slow down… slow, I can’t take it anymore, ah…”Fu Xi raised her head high and couldn’t help but let out a delicate gasp.

She quickly pulled out a hand and covered her mouth tightly to prevent herself from crying out loud.

A thin layer of sweat had already appeared on their bodies.

Gong Hao pulled his fingers out and quickly took off his pants.

Gong Hao aimed and straightened his back, completely entering.

“ah… ‘mso full, hmm ~” Fu Xi couldn’t help but let go of his hand and gasp.

Gong Hao smiled gently and started teasing her.

“Keep your voice down, lest those people hear you.

They’re all professionals and have better hearing than ordinary people.

” With that, he deliberately slammed his crotch heavily, causing the person under him to shiver.

“Ah… then you should be gentler ~” Fu Xi’s voice was still trembling when she spoke, and even the ends of her eyes were flushed.

A layer of moisture covered her eyes, making her look adorable.

Gong Hao couldn’t help but move faster.

“But I can’t help it.

What do you think I should do?” Gong Hao pinched Fu Xi’s breasts with his free hand and watched as they were rubbed into all kinds of shapes in front of his eyes.

He still wasn’t satisfied as he lowered his head and sucked on her sensitive nipples.

He bit them gently with his teeth, and his actions became heavier each time.