Reborn Little Girl Won’t Give Up - Chapter 203

Reborn Little Girl Won’t Give Up - Chapter 203

Chapter 203: Birthday PartyTranslator: BlushyEditor: Sam It wasn’t just Otou-sama who was troubled by the Remingtons, Gill’s Otou-sama was as well, but they were both busy.

“Are you going outh again?” “Yeah, but I don’t want to go,” Otou-sama hugged me tightly while saying this.

He was going to Kaylie again.

“I heard that Prince Hubert is well.

I was told to tell you that the hunters are doing well.

They’re making a living as hunters.

” “Awishthair.

” “One of them might have been named that.

” Both Otou-sama and Nii-sama didn’t like that I was in Wester in the first place, and they give off the vibe that they don’t want to talk much about anything related to Wester.

However, I’m a toddler, so I can’t read their moods.

“Awishthair, Barth, Miww, Kyaro, Cwyde.

” “Ah, yes, that must be their names.

They were given a mansion in the capital, and Lisburn goes to the castle to study, while the rest of them do work unrelated to hunting.

Occasionally, the five of them will go hunt at the base of Yulas Mountains.

” .



“They’re worwing hard.

” (They’re working hard) I nodded while humming.

Otou-sama really listened to what they were up to.

“I don’t know if I should tell you this, but I heard they’ve started conducting experiments to turn on the barrier box at the foot of Yulas Mountains.

” “Wester has learnt to use their head a little more.

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COM “Nii-syama…” That’s too harsh.

I was curious about what had happened to Nii-sama and Gill before I reached Wester’s capital, but they didn’t talk much about it.

However, it’s true that Wester’s royal members, apart from Huu, are a bit lenient.

“I also heard that there’s apparently a group of people who are monitoring the experiment.

No, it’s pointless even if I talk to you about it.

” Otou-sama shook his head.

However, Nii-sama was also harsh on Otou-sama.

“Otou-sama, how many times have I told you that Lei needs to hear this too.

“But you know.

” “Otou-sama.

” Otou-sama sighed.

“They said they can’t confirm the identity of the person they’re monitoring.

But Prince Hubert said it could be someone from Easter, right?” “Eashther.

” That’s where the Third Prince is from.

But Nii-sama looked as if he disagreed.

“However, even Easter has a small barrier box that can cover a small town.

They don’t need to go to Wester to see the experiment, they could start up their own experiment in their own country.

The Albans have several small barrier boxes like that too.

” “We do?” “Yes, I’ll show you when you get a little older.

” The Albans deal in magic tools, so we have a variety of magic tools and magic stones.

“The barrier box will likely last for 10 uses if it’s only being used to cover the capital at night.

If they do as you suggested Lei and limit its usage to the weekends, then they’ll only need to channel magic into the magic stone once every two months or so.

Even Luke can do that by himself.

” “That means that Alistair, alone, would be enough to manage it when he becomes an adult, even if he can only fill about half of my magic into the magic stone right now.

I feel like they can just manage to fill it with the royal family right now.

” It seemed that my suggestion to Wester about only putting the barrier up on the weekends is becoming reality.

“It’s going to be quite interesting to see what building materials they need since they’re going to buy up spare magic tools, stocking up on magic stones, and possibly increasing their population in the future.

Especially since the magic stones are collected in Kingdom, so they can be sold to Wester so that they can use it for magic tools.

However, the magic stones for the barrier boxes are sold to Wester without regard to profit.

” Otou-sama shrugged.

He had to go in person to fix this.


” (Busy) “Yes.

But I guess you could say that it’s thanks to you that we can interact with Wester in this way.

” A lot of things are thanks to me.

I puffed my chest out proudly.

“It’s not easy to get large magic stones these days.

Of course, there’s a demand for them in Easter and Farland too.

” I gently touched the pocket of my Rug Dragon.

Inside was a large magic stone.

I’m sure Mill and the others have one too.

“Big magic shthonesh are ushuawwy found in pwacesh where peopwe donth hunth.

” (Big magic stones are usually found in places where people don’t hunt) This is from hunting in the prairie, not in the mountain range.

“That magic stone of yours? It certainly looks big.

” Nii-sama must have recalled when my Rug Dragon hit the Third Prince’s shin because he looked a bit pained.

“I knew that you had a magic stone in there, but it’s that big? Here, let me borrow it.

” I handed my Rug Dragon to Otou-sama and he squeezed it.

“Ah! Be carefuw withh ith!” “My bad.

But it’s big and heavy.

It’s the same size as something normally stored in Kingdom… Well, I’ll pretend I don’t know about it.

” “Ai!” It’s best you pretend you don’t know about it.

And so, while each of the Four Marquises were busy, our joint birthday card was finished.

“Lei’s handwriting is the biggest.

” “Then it’s mine.

” I couldn’t write small letters, so my ‘happy birthday’ was written in the middle in big letters.

It was just a simple white piece of paper when I had written it in, but before I knew it, it had a beautiful border drawn on it, and it was full of ‘happy birthdays’ along with people’s signatures.

The letters were arranged in a way that made it look like a drawing.

The beautiful writing belongs to Nii-sama, the angular and powerful writing belongs to Gill, the slightly sloppy handwriting belonged to Mark and Felicia wrote in printed letters that were easy to read.

The piece of paper was rolled up and tied with a ribbon.

“Onwy thhe shweethsh are wefth.

” “I’ll bake a cake a few days before the party.

I hear it tastes better that way.

” “Lei wiww mawe cashthewwa.

Sprinwwe shugar.

” (Lei will make castella.

Sprinkle sugar) Of course, I’m practicing how to make it right now, and lately, the Albans’ residence has only been having castella for snacks.

I cut out a picture of a Rug Dragon or something onto the castella and sprinkle white sugar on top.

I suddenly had an idea.

“Lizardsh are bethther.

” “I think flowers are better.

” Most certainly.

Mark said he would buy something from the confectionery shop, and Gill said his mother, Julia-obasama, will be making something for the party.

Nico knew something was up but managed not to ask about it until the day of the party.

And on the day of the party I went to the castle with Nii-sama, taking the birthday card that Felicia had left me.

Nico’s birthday was actually a few days ago, but this was the only day we can all get together.

Nii-sama carried the basket of sweets for me.

Odds-sensei gave us permission to have the party on this day.

“Nico!” “Lei! Luke!” We’re the first ones here.

Then came Gill, then Mark.

Nico was curious and glanced at the birthday card I had brought, but he will have to wait until everyone is here.

However, Chris and Felicia didn’t show up in the end.

It was a somewhat lifeless party, but Nico seemed delighted.

I headed home with Nii-sama while thinking about what kind of cake Chris would make, and not long after, Otou-sama came home too.

“Otou-syama!” “Lei and Luke.

” Otou-sama hugged both of us.

“You wnow, thoday.

” “Lei.


Listen to me very carefully.

” Otou-sama loosened his hug and looked at me and Nii-sama.

“The Remingtons have left to Easter.