Reborn Little Girl Won’t Give Up - Chapter 202

Reborn Little Girl Won’t Give Up - Chapter 202

It bothered me that Felicia was tired, but lately, there was something that bothered me even more.

Nico said that he will be four years old in a few months, “I’ll be four in a few months.

” He puffed his chest proudly.

I can understand why he’s looking forward to his birthday, but the precious time from when he’s three won’t ever return.

I wish he would enjoy his current age more.

It’s not because I’m frustrated that he’ll be two years older than me.

“Are you going to have a birthday party, Nico?” Chris asked something important.

“Probably with my family.

Father said that it would be a lot of trouble if we have a party.

” “Troubwe, you shay, Lam-oji-syama…” “It’s fine Lei.

This is the same thing that happened when I turned two and three, and Uncle always comes, so it’s fine.

” Nico’s probably happy since he likes Prince Albert.

“Lei’s only two, so you probably don’t know this, but the big party is only thrown when you’re one.

The rest is up to us to decide how we want to celebrate it.

” “Don’t you have parties at your house, Chris?” .




But everyone only comes to see Okaa-sama and Otou-sama.

” Chris said that birthday parties aren’t particularly fun.

Come to think of it, didn’t Nico mention that he hadn’t seen Angie-obasama since his debut? “I’m not having a birthday party, but the Four Marquises will come to give their greetings, and I’ll get a lot of presents from the nobles too.

” “Otou-syama thwo?” Continue reading on MYB0X N0 VEL.

COM It’s bad of me to say this as his daughter, but I can’t imagine him going to greet Nico.

“Albans…” Nico gave me a troubled look as if he was trying to avoid the topic.

“Yesh?” “He comes.

But after a while.

He said he had completely forgotten about it.

” “Otou-syama…” You should say that you’re busy with work or something instead of saying that you forgot.

“I heard Luke made him rush.

Father laughed and said it was just like Albans.

And…” “And?” “If I recalled correctly, it was when you weren’t here.

I’m sure he didn’t have time to go to the castle to greet me.

” It was certainly when I wasn’t here.

But I can’t shake off the suspicion that he would completely forget to go to greet Nico even if I had been here.

He’s a disappointing Otou-sama.

But his daughter is a good girl who never forgets to be polite.

I crossed my arms and thought.

“Your arms… are crossed…” “I guess you could say they’re crossed.

” That’s right.

I had progressed.

I asked Chris for advice while we were playing, and Nico wasn’t around.


” “I know.

” “I wnew you wouwd!” We’ve only been friends for a few months, but we get along quite well.

“We’re going to celebrate Nico’s birthday, right?” “Yesh!” Bingo! I’m happy we thought of the same idea.

“Though it’ll be celebrated during our study break.

” “Lei can’th cewebrathe ith afther wunch.

” (Lei can’t celebrate it after lunch) “There’s no point in celebrating his birthday if you fall asleep.

” Chris crossed her arms and thought.

“Heey!” “Nico’s cawing!” (Nico’s calling) “I’ll ask Nee-sama if we can talk about it during lunch.

” “Soundsh good!” It was hard to keep a secret from Nico.

We talked about it and decided to discuss it over lunch in a few days.

I think Otou-sama would hate it if I ate with others, but the Remingtons didn’t care.

I had lunch with a pale Felicia on that day.

Apparently, Otou-sama can interact with others too.

I was impressed with the way he entertained Felicia while having a conversation with her.

Nevertheless, we quickly ate lunch, then Felicia, Chris and I discussed Nico’s birthday.

“He’s celebrating his birthday with his family, so I think our feelings will be enough.

” I think Felicia said that so it would be easier on me and Chris.

“We’ww have ith when everyone’sh here.

” (We’ll have it when everyone’s here) “You want to celebrate it on the day when Luke and Gill come to teach?” “Oh, can I join in?” Chris and I stared at Felicia in shock when she said that.

Apparently, she was only planning on lending us a hand.

“We’re aww friendsh.

” “Nee-sama, you don’t understand, do you?” “Oh my.

” Felicia chuckled.

“The Four Marquises are celebrating his birthday, right? Friends, yes, we’re friends.

How lovely.

” She’s a little older than us, but we’re friends.

First of all, Chris proudly said, “I’ve thought of something.

We all have everything we want, right? So, let’s make him something.

” “Good pwan.

” I was very impressed.

She seemed quite selfish when I first met her, but I didn’t think she could one day think like this.

Speaking of handmade gifts, there are things I can make too.

“Lei wiww mawe pothathoesh.

” “Pothathoesh?” The Remingtons looked at me as if they didn’t understand what I was saying and Otou-sama started panicking for some reason.

“Lei, you can’t make potatoes.

I’m not sure if His Highness likes potatoes in the first place.

” “I’ww ashw him.

” “You don’t have to ask him.

Oh yes, I’ll talk to Natalie and see if she can help you make some easy snacks or something.

When it comes to you, Lei, yes, snacks come to mind,” Otou-sama decided on his own while nodding.

“Otou-sama hasn’t eaten your potatoes yet, so I can’t let His Highness beat me to it.

I don’t really like sweets, so it’s fine if you make him some.

” So that’s why.

Well, I can’t make any handicraft, so I’ll ask Natalie.

“What should I make? I’m bad at embroidering, so I wonder if I should draw him something.

” “Everyone can writhe a birthhday card.

” I explained that we can all write on one card.

“Everyone?” “Everyone’sh feewingsh wiww be communicathed on one page.

” “That sounds nice.

I’ll get the paper ready.

” Felicia will prepare the paper and sneak it to everyone.

“We should start with the little ones since you guys aren’t good at writing.

But I wonder if you can write him something Lei?” “Of courshe.

” I’m not good at writing since my hands don’t move the way I want them to, but I can write.

“I can even writhe ‘e’ and draw Rug Dragonshs.

” “I, I see.

Well, you just need to write some letters.

” You don’t have to be reserved.

So, we agreed to give our gifts to Odds-sensei so that Nico wouldn’t find out about them.

Felicia will pass the card around for everyone to write in, and on the day of the event, we will hand Nico our presents and have a fun tea party.

Chris and I will persuade Odds-sensei.

It’s much simpler when bigger people are around.

Now, it’s time for afternoon classes.

“You’re just going to nap anyway Lei.

” “I can’th hewp ith.

” After our fruitless conversation, I heard Otou-sama, “Felicia.

” “Yes, Dean-ojisama.

” It was rare for Otou-sama to talk to Felicia.


If there’s anything, hmm.

If you’re troubled about anything you can always rely on the Albans.

You can rely on Lei, Luke and I.

” “Oji-sama?” “You can talk to me about anything no matter how small.

Don’t hold it in.

” Felicia widened her eyes a bit and looked as if she was about to say something, but she kept it in and just nodded her head and bowed.

Otou-sama, you’re so cool.