A President’s Out-of-Body Experience - Chapter 4

A President’s Out-of-Body Experience - Chapter 4

Chapter 4 “Yesterday, you ordered a million yuan worth of liquor.

After drinking about 20,000yuan worth of it, you poured the rest into the swimming pool of Rose Hotel to imitate the ancient idea of steeping in wine and surrounded by women, did you forget that?” Renzi really could not remember it, but it did sound like something he would do when drunk.

After all, he was already a silly fool while sober, under the influence of alcohol, he was even more of a dumbass.


Later on I’ll get the secretary to send you the invoice and videos, and deduct the sum from your allowance accordingly.

” Finished, Yu Yuntao hung up the phone decisively.

The pounding in Renzi’s head increased.

He called the concierge to deliver some painkillers.

After taking them with some warm water, he felt much better.

However, when he saw the bill for the pool cleaning fees that was delivered together with the pills, his head started to hurt again.

Last night was supposed to be the supermodel Yang Yihan’s birthday.

This female model had been very popular recently, and was also Renzi’s newest object of pursuit.

As a suitor, Renzi had arranged a birthday party at this luxury hotel for Yang Yihan, and even confessed his feelings publicly, only to be rejected brutally.

Renzi then started to drink away his sorrows, and went into a drunk craze.

Whenever Renzi got crazy drunk, he never made people suffer, only himself.

After creating a pool of alcohol, he jumped in and nearly drowned.

The whole scene was chaotic, and even the birthday girl Yang Yihan quickly left the venue in embarrassment.

The hotel manager also quickly alerted Gu Xiaoshan.

After all, this Rose Hotel was part of the Gu’s empire.

Gu Xiaoshan was at a meeting overseas, after hearing this, he was also very worried, and reproached the manager.

“Didn’t I ask you to watch that fool closely!” The manager immediately disassociated his staff from the incident.

“We couldn’t hold him back.

Also, who would have thought he would be like this? However, it wasn’t too bad, he only choked on a couple of mouthfuls of water, and was fine after that.

We’ve already asked the hotel’s medical staff to look over him, there’s nothing wrong with him.

He only drank too much, and we’ve sent him to the presidential suite already.

” Gu Xiaoshan was still anxious, “Did you arrange a butler for him?” The manager nodded, “We did, we did.

” Gu Xiaoshan warned, “Let the butler stay with him the entire night and watch over him, don’t let any more trouble happen.

He is the Yu family’s gold chalice, if anything happens to him, we won’t be able to afford the damages.

” .



The next morning, Gu Xiaoshan gave the manager a call, asking about Renzi.

The manager was startled, it should be around midnight where Gu Xiaoshan was, seemed like Yu Renzi this fool was really a “gold chalice”.

So, he replied factually, “Second Young Master Yu has already awoken, and said that he has a headache.

Also, he accused us of giving him fake alcohol.

” Gu Xiaoshan chuckled, “Fine, as long as he’s ok.

Write a bill for him, don’t worry about it.

Whatever that’s additional, add it.

Whatever that needs to be billed, just bill him accordingly.

You all should not work for nothing, after all, you’ve worked hard.

” “Sure.

” The manager laughingly agreed.

Actually, without Gu Xiaoshan’s instructions, the manager had already listed many items in the bill already.

The numbers followed one after another, and the total sum was very impressive.

Renzi was definitely a fool with money, without looking carefully, he signed the bill.

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COM As for the reason of his inattentiveness, one was that his usual expenses were already like this.

The other was that, he was still distracted by the Year 2028 incident.

Was that a dream he had after drinking too much? However, it did not seem like a dream.

If it was, it was too real.

Renzi even looked up on some dream research.

Dreams were not continuous, and the logic did not work out… Also, there was no way a person would be able to read in a dream, as the words would be blurry.

He would also not be able to see his reflection in the mirror, as mirrors in the dream would be distorted… Dreams were easily forgotten, upon waking up, seventy to eighty percent of the details should fade away, and completely forgotten after brushing his teeth… But this dream of 2028, it completely did not follow the regulations of a dream.

He could remember every single detail precisely.

In 2028, he read, he looked in the mirror, and his life was very ordinary.

Other than “having sex with Gu Xiaoshan”, every thing else was logical.

He could even remember the decorations for that villa, and the feeling of those rabbit-fur slippers were fresh in his mind — no need to mention the sensation of having sex with Gu Xiaoshan.

That was really too good, to feel so high in a dream, that it felt like he was flying, this pleasure was something he had never experienced before.

In this area, Brother Xiaoshan was truly impressive — Pooh! The fuck, what the hell was he thinking.

But it was really very high.

Too impressive.

Renzi patted his own face, asking himself to wake up.

Lucky for him, his phone vibrated at that moment, interrupting his thoughts.

When the phone connected, it was his father’s roaring — seemed like he had appeared on the news because of his crazy act of “steeping in wine” to chase some skirt.

The old mister shouted, full of vitality, “My cane! Where’s my cane!” No need to worry, old Mister Yu was very healthy, he did not need the cane to assist him.

He only wanted a weapon on hand to beat his child.

After transmitting this roar of fury, Renzi’s older brother Yu Yuntao asked him to look himself up online.

Turning on the computer, Renzi browsed through his social media network.

He discovered a bunch of marketing accounts posting articles with very eye-catching titles like “Prodigal Rich Second Generation Chasing Goddess”, “Second Young Master Yu Steeps Himself in Wine, Calling Yang YiHan His DaJi”, “Second Young Master Yu Got Drunk and Jumped Into a Self-Made Alcohol Pool, Nearly Drowned and Became a Drunken Prawn”, “Yu’s Empire’s Assistant CEO’s Confession Rejected Brutally By Yang Yihan, Committing Suicide for Love, Jumping into a Pool”…(T/N: DaJi was a concubine of the King Zhou of Shang in ancient China, who was blamed for the corruption of King Zhou.

Here’s the wiki, it’s pretty interesting.

) Yu Yuntao spoke, “It’s mostly Yang Yihan who bought these headlines, do you want them removed?” Renzi shook his head, “There’s no need.

I’m already used to it, whatever.

” Yu Yuntao was resigned, “You should be more aware.

Now you’ve angered our dad like this.

You better not come home for now, and look for a place to shelter from his fury.

” Renzi fretted, “Where can I go if I don’t go home?” “Can’t you just go to your Brother Xiaoshan’s place to stay for a few days?” Suddenly awkward, Renzi spoke, “Uh, isn’t he overseas now?” “Don’t you have the key to his apartment? You’ve already went over so many times without announcing it.

” Renzi really had nothing to say after this.

Seeing that Yu Yuntao was going to mention the old incident of that “stormy night when Renzi was beaten up by his dad with his cane with the gold dragon head, Renzi ran away in the rain, dripping wet and carrying his pillow as he ran into Gu Xiaoshan’s house crying ‘my dad beat me’”, Renzi hurriedly hung up his phone, preventing the reiteration of this dark history.