A President’s Out-of-Body Experience - Chapter 5

A President’s Out-of-Body Experience - Chapter 5

Chapter 5 The houses of the Yu family and the Gu family were very close to each other, both located in the same villa district area halfway up the mountain.

However, after reaching maturity, Gu Xiaoshan mostly stayed in his apartment in the city, and Renzi’s key was for this apartment.

The source of this thing was also very silly.

Renzi and his dad had a fight, and he wanted to run away from home, so he went to a hotel belonging to the Gus.

However, he discovered that his cards had all been frozen by old Mister Yu.

He did not expect his dad to be so heartless, and called Gu Xiaoshan for help.

Gu Xiaoshan then put him up in his own apartment.

After Renzi and his dad made up, he still held on to the key, and would occasionally go over to the apartment to stay.

When Yu Yuntao first knew about this, he was also shocked.

“You always show up without any warning, aren’t you afraid of seeing something?” “What’s there to see? It’s not as if it’s a haunted house!” Yu Yuntao realised that speaking to his little brother, he could not be so euphemistic.

” Gu Xiaoshan has so many boyfriends, aren’t you afraid of any embarrassment if you happen across them?” Renzi tilted his head and thought about it, “But Brother Xiaoshan never brings anyone home.

” Gu Xiaoshan never brought anyone home, and neither did he like going to other people’s place.

His usual choice was a hotel under the Gu’s flag.

Renzi wanted to remain at the hotel for a few more days.

However, when he checked his bank balance on his phone, he discovered that he did not have enough money — ah, right! He still had to pay for the exorbitant bill after the chaos of “steeping in wine”, and his allowance had also been deducted because of this incident.

Together with his car, and some loan payments, he did not have anything left for this month — and he might even needed to borrow some money from Gu Xiaoshan.

Renzi felt that he really had some difficulties facing Gu Xiaoshan at the moment — logically speaking, nothing had happened between them.

However, his heart was feeling complicated, as though he could not step out of his identity of being “Gu Xiaoshan’s lover”.

Gu Xiaoshan’s apartment was very neat.

It was located on a high storey, facing a good direction, and had enough sunlight shining in.

The walls of the bedroom were a lavender purple — just like the walls of the villa that he stayed with Gu Xiaoshan in during 2028.

Renzi lay on the bed, again thinking about those extremely vivid scenes.

Out of frustration, he covered his eyes with his hand, determined to get rid of these stray thoughts, but to no avail.

The more he was unwilling to think of them, the more these memories clung onto him.

Gu Xiaoshan’s tenderness haunted him like a ghost, appearing when he did not pay attention, frightening him out of his senses.

However, it did not want his life, only winding around him, refusing to dissipate.




Renzi’s current mental state was somewhat fragile, any disturbance and he would be very startled.

His phone rang again, and he got another shock.

Looking at it, it was an unknown number.

His first reaction was that it was a work-related call.

But thinking about it, he was only the assistant CEO, no one would be after him for disappearing from work for only two days.

After all, when he was the CEO, he was also frequently absent from work.

The company, whether he was there or not, would run on as usual.

If he was not around, it might even run faster.

Could it be another junk call? Bewildered, Renzi answered the call, and a somewhat familiar voice sounded.

“Hello, is this Second Young Master Yu?” Renzi vaguely acknowledged it, and asked, “Sorry, you are?” Continue reading on MYB0X N0 VEL.

COM The other person was not embarrassed about it.

“I’m He Jun.

” Renzi still could not put a face to this name.

He Jun then explained, “We’ve met once, at Jichan Estate.

It was in April.

I prepared tea for you, and you complimented it.

I’m still pleased about that compliment.

” Renzi then remembered.

Jichan Estate was a manor-styled hotel under the Gu group, catering to guests who were looking for high-end luxury and privacy.

Renzi himself only went there a few times a year, speaking about it, he seemed to remember someone like that.

However, Renzi was a heartless person with poor memory.

At a party, when he saw a beauty and wanted ask her for her contact details, he was reminded by his assistant, “That’s your ex-girlfriend!” For him to remember He Jun whom he had only met once, it was too difficult for him.

After mentioning Jichan Estate, in April, drinking tea, Renzi had a vague recollection of it.

Still, he could not remember He Jun’s face, only the atmosphere of the drizzling rain accompanying the tea, and that elegant and gentle air, those had left a deeper impression on him.

He seemed to be Gu Xiaoshan’s most recent lover.

Thinking about this, the appearance of the elegant lad in Renzi’s memory suddenly became hateful — what elegant and gentle, poo! How sissy! Brother Xiaoshan was so manly, how could this sissy fellow be worthy of him? Not hearing Renzi’s reply, He Jun must have started panicking a little.

However, his tone was still very unhurried.

“You still can’t remember me? It’s ok, as long as you don’t think I’m a scammer.

” Then he laughed lightly.

Renzi realised that he was being somewhat impolite, and was a little remorseful.

He gave a quick dry laugh, “Remember, of course I remember you.

It was still drizzling that day, wasn’t it?” “Thank you for remembering it.

” Renzi also became polite, “You’re a friend of Brother Xiaoshan, how can I not remember you? Oh… Talking about this, how did you get my number?” “You gave me your name card.

” Hearing this, Renzi should feel awkward.

However, He Jun had an ability, that gentle voice and warm tone, like a violin’s melody, could make such words sound harmonious and pleasant.

He Jun continued, “Is this not a good time? I’m sorry to have disturb you so suddenly.

” “No, no!” Renzi was thin-skinned, and he was most afraid of hearing courtesies like this.

“I… I’m only just hungover.

” He Jun should know the reason for that, he was within that circle, he must have seen those headlines everywhere.

However, he did not mention it, “Then, you really must take care of your self.

I have some tea over here that’s good for hangovers.

If you need it, I can send some to you.

” Renzi quickly rejected him, “No need, no need for that.

I’m feeling a lot better now.

You… did you look for me about something?” Only now did He Jun came to his point, “Actually, it’s nothing much, I might just be worrying over nothing.


Gu has been overseas for nearly a month already, right?” Renzi counted the days, “Yes, you’re right.

” “When did you last contact him?” Renzi froze.

“Ah… When he reached there he sent me a text.

I think that was it.

After that, he didn’t contact me again.

” Then, he felt this could not express his position of being “Gu Xiaoshan’s closest friend” and rapidly added, “He’s quite busy.

” He Jun laughed, “No doubt, he’s very busy.

However, I haven’t been able to contact him these past couple of days, I’m afraid that he… Of course, it might be because he’s busy, and don’t want anyone to disturb him.

I’m just asking casually.

” Renzi’s heart flipped, and started worrying, “Ok, I know, I’ll try to contact him.

” “Then I really have to trouble you.

I still have another presumptuous request — whether you can get in contact with him or not, could you just let me know anyway? Just a word is fine, I hope it isn’t too troublesome.

” “No, no it’s not.

It’s no trouble.

” Renzi replied straightforwardly.

“Then, can I add you on my social media accounts?” Renzi agreed to that too.

Hanging up, Renzi urgently dialled Gu Xiaoshan’s private mobile number.

The ringing of the line continued, making people fearful.

Renzi felt that his attitude towards Gu Xiaoshan had changed unprecedentedly — his never before felt concern for Gu Xiaoshan, his inexplicable enmity for Gu Xiaoshan’s lover… “Hello?” Gu Xiaoshan’s crisp voice broke the constant ringing, and calmed Renzi’s worried frenzy.

“Ah…” Renzi opened his mouth wide, but could not say a word.

“How much did you drink this time?” Resignation could be heard in Gu Xiaoshan’s voice.

“No, no, I didn’t drink.

” Renzi spoke diffidently.

“What’s wrong?” Renzi stumbled over his words, “Uh… uh, this thing, it’s actually like this…” With a long-suffering tone, Gu Xiaoshan spoke.

“Young Master Yu, it’s 2am over here.

I’ve also worked til dawn 3 days in a row already, I hope what you have to say is very important.