A President’s Out-of-Body Experience - Chapter 2

A President’s Out-of-Body Experience - Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Gu Xiaoshan spoke, “Alright, we should get ready to leave now.

” Renzi was still confused, but obediently listened and starting pulling on his clothes.

It seemed that since young, whatever Gu Xiaoshan said, he would follow, and it had already became a habit.

Before Renzi took a step out of the house, Gu Xiaoshan even wrapped a scarf around him.

This intimate act startled Renzi, but Gu Xiaoshan was nonchalant about it, he asked with a voice that could not be anymore ordinary, “Have you worn your gloves?” “It’s not that cold.

” “There’s heating indoors, of course it’s not cold in here.

” Renzi looked out of the window, only then did he discover he was in a place with snow.

“Where is this place?” Renzi asked in alarm.

“Country C.

” Gu Xiaoshan replied.

“Why… Why are we in Country C? Did, did we elope?” Renzi’s thoughts drifted away, imagining which channels he should use to sell his Lamborghini after losing his dad’s financial support.

Gu Xiaoshan looked at him like he was an idiot, “We’re on holiday.

” “Oh, ok.

” Renzi was dumbstruck.




Renzi pulled on his gloves and followed Gu Xiaoshan out.

They drove towards the city, and Renzi did not even think to ask where they were going.

He was used to Gu XiaoShan leading the way.

After Gu Xiaoshan parked the car, they strolled around the mall.

After hearing that Gu Xiaoshan wanted to pick a present, Renzi then knew that they were going to visit a local friend of Gu Xiaoshan.

“You should get a bottle of liquor, it definitely won’t go wrong.

” Renzi pointed at a bottle on the shelf with a “Yu” label, “If you have to buy one, just buy the liquor produced by our Yu family, the quality is assured!” Gu Xiaoshan laughed, “You’re no longer the president of the company already, but you’re still so supportive of the Yus!” “So what if I’m not the president? My brother’s still the president, we’re all family, it’s the same thing.

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COM Gu Xiaoshan always admired this aspect of Renzi.

Having been the president for so many years, then being switched suddenly, Renzi did not make any fuss.

Also, he was sincerely still on good terms with his brother who stole his position, and there was completely no sign of discord.

It seemed that Renzi was a person who was contented with what he had, honestly believing that ‘everything worked out for the best’.

Just like now, Renzi was able to quickly accept that fact that he just had sex with his buddy, and could placidly come to the mall together with him.

Going to someone’s house, Renzi thought that they could also gift flowers on top of liquor.

So, he asked, “Should we buy flowers?” “Sure, we’ll buy some roses.

” Then, Gu Xiaoshan bought a stalk of rose from the florist and pushed it into Renzi’s arms.

“For you.

” Renzi’s face flushed.

“What the hell?” “Showing my love.

” Gu Xiaoshan laughed.

“Showing love?” Renzi was confused, thinking over it, he said, “What ‘showing love’, I think you’re just playing a prank of me, making me carry such a huge flower.

Walking on the street with it, I’ll looks so weird, especially when there are no pretty girls around me.

” Hearing the words “pretty girls”, Gu Xiaoshan immediately frowned.

“You promised me that you’ll stop thinking about pretty girls.

” “I made such a ridiculous promise?” Renzi’s memories were still stuck in that time period when he changed three girlfriends in half a year.

Only a moment ago did Gu Xiaoshan wanted to present Renzi with the world’s most beautiful flower.

Now, all he wanted to do was to pinch this person to death.

There was truly a fine line between love and hate.

Wait for them to go back home and he would regret it! Renzi carried the flowers as Gu Xiaoshan carried the liquor.

Crossing a street, they reached the entrance of a small house with a garden.

Gu Xiaoshan seemed very familiar with the place, entering the garden, he knocked on the door.

Soon, a blond hair, blue-eyed man of around thirty years of age opened the door for them.

Gu Xiaoshan greeted him warmly, “It’s been awhile, Walter.

” Walter exclaimed, “What a beautiful rose! Could it be for me?” Gu Xiaoshan, “Of course not, such a beautiful red rose is can only be gifted to the person I love.

” Hearing this, Renzi’s head steamed with anger.

He suspected that there was really something wrong with him, why did he always end up in such weird relationships.

Going into the house, Renzi placed the rose aside and removed his gloves, placing them on the area where the house owner directed him.

Upon putting his gloves down, Gu Xiaoshan came over and held his hand.

Before he could say anything, Gu Xiaoshan tugged him along.

Why is he holding my hand? Renzi’s palm started getting a little sweaty, whereas Gu Xiaoshan’s palm were very dry and very warm, just like fine cashmere.

To Gu Xiaoshan, holding Renzi’s hand was already a habit, and so he did not consider so many things unlike Renzi.

Pulling him to the living room, they met Walter’s lover — a boy of eighteen or nineteen, his looks very beautiful, like a model on a magazine.

Looking at this gay couple, Renzi thought, was this the “pregnant woman effect”? Why is it that after suddenly discovering that I’ve turned gay, wherever I go, there are gays around me.

Renzi’s family and the Gu family were old friends.

The two of them had played together from young, and they even went to the same kindergarten, elementary school, and middle school.

However, as Renzi’s grades were too lousy, he was unable to become university classmates with “other people’s children” Gu Xiaoshan.

However, their friendship still remained strong.

Gu Xiaoshan was a few years older than Renzi.

He usually took good care of Renzi, except for those unexpected moments when he would play tricks on him.

Towards Gu Xiaoshan, Renzi also had some unexplainable reliance, treating him as though he was his actual older brother.

Looking at it now, they were also not brothers.

How could an older brother do such things to him on the bed? They were really on a carefree holiday.

If he did not see Gu Xiaoshan over the past few days, Renzi would not have believed that Gu Xiaoshan could have such a relaxed break.

Although Renzi had also once been a company president, but that was also for fun.

He would throw everything to his subordinates, only signing some documents and attending some meetings, completely different from Gu Xiaoshan’s work scope.

Gu Xiaoshan was really very busy, having known him for so long, Renzi had never seen him take such a long break before.

If not for Gu Xiaoshan’s daily work calls, video conferences, perusal of documents etc.

, he would have thought that just like him, Gu Xiaoshan had been removed from his position.

“Why… why did you take a such a long break?” Renzi could not help but ask.

Gu Xiaoshan smiled as he looked through his documents, “To accompany you.

” Renzi’s heart again caved in and started fluttering.

He was starting to seriously suspect his sexual orientation.

To only suspect his sexual orientation now, was it a little too late?