A President’s Out-of-Body Experience - Chapter 1

A President’s Out-of-Body Experience - Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Where am I? His mind was still slightly sluggish, as though he had sat on a plane for three days and nights.

He felt rather dizzy, his skin unable to get used to the change in temperature.

The room’s decoration was very unfamiliar.

He disliked the lavender walls that gave off a gay feeling.

What was wrong with this picture? He climbed up from the bed, casually picking up the watch placed by the bed.

Then, he was so shocked that he became wide awake in a split second — year 2028? What is year 2028? Was it not 2018 now? Right, the watch must be broken.

A watch that cost a couple million dollars, it broke just like that.

He stood up in a daze.

As he directed his gaze towards the mirror, he turned pale with fright — Was the mirror broken too? The guy in the mirror could be said to be both familiar and strange.

He had his figure, but something didn’t feel quite right.

The hairstyle was different and he was… classy, different from usual.

Baffled, he scratched his messy hair, thinking what was wrong with him? What happened to this world? He began to search for his phone.




Just when he was attempting to summon Siri, the door to the bedroom was pushed open.

He literally leapt up like a frightened bird, turning around to look, the person who opened the door was someone familiar.

However, he also felt rather different in some sense — but he was still as resplendent and handsome as before — this was his close childhood friend, Gu Xiaoshan.

Gu Xiaoshan gazed at him with a smile.

“Renzi, what’s the matter?” Only then did Renzi recovered, and replied slowly.

“Brother Xiaoshan…” Gu Xiaoshan seemed rather surprised by this nickname — That shouldn’t be the case as Renzi had called him “Brother Xiaoshan” for more than twenty years — if he counted until 2018.

While Gu Xiaoshan undid the cufflinks on his wrists, he asked as though he was interrogating him.

“What did you do this time? Hmm?” The last “hmm” was filled with profound implications.

Like a relentless roller coaster ride, it acted like a hook, attracting Renzi’s full attention.

Renzi replied dazedly, “Yeah?” Gu Xiaoshan casually placed the sapphire cufflinks on the table next to him while rolling up his sleeves.

“Although I have no idea what mistake you made this time, we’ll talk after your punishment.

” Before Renzi comprehend anything, he was already pressed down onto the bed by his childhood friend of twenty over years.

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COM “Huh???” Renzi’s brain was completely muddled.

Wrong! This was wrong!! In Renzi’s eyes, this was essentially the script of a horror film! But in Gu Xiaoshan’s case, he took to the situation like a duck to water, his actions extremely skillful.

Renzi realized he had actually… became hard… under his actions.

Eyes widening in shock, Renzi stared at his own erection.

This is absolutely wrong! Are you a beast?! How can you harden because of your own bruh?! Oh right.

Until now, Renzi still thought he was the dominant one.

Nobody knew where did his confidence came from.

When Gu Xiaoshan ably entered his body, what flashed through Renzi’s mind was not “Fuck this!”, but “Fuck me!”—Completely out of his expectations, he was overcome with pleasure, What on earth became of this world? Renzi’s body was very honest, he lost himself in ecstasy as he responded to Gu Xiaoshan’s movements.

Gu Xiaoshan pleasured him to the seventh heaven and back, causing Renzi’s little member to rise even more.

Unable to resist, Renzi reached out his hand to stroke his own member, but this action of his instantly caused him to receive a chiding from Gu Xiaoshan.

“Where do you think you’re touching?” The chilliness in his tone made Renzi shivered thrice.

“W-what…?” Gu Xiaoshan coldly commanded, “You’re not to touch it.

” As he spoke, as if to prevent Renzi from cheating, Gu Xiaoshan pinned Renzi’s hands above his head, his groin thrusting even deeper than before.

“Ahhh…” As a result of Gu Xiaoshan’s actions, Renzi emitted a moan.

He twisted his waist uncomfortably, desiring to touch his neglected bottom half.

Confining his hands, Gu Xiaoshan stared at him from above and sentenced him, “Be good, wait for me to fuck you to orgasm.

” Since young, Gu Xiaoshan had always been a man of his words.

Eventually, Renzi really did get hammered until he shot his load.

The white emulsion from the erected fellow was all spurted onto Gu Xiaoshan’s eight-pack abs.

Clicking his tongue, Gu Xiaoshan commented, “Filthy freak.

” After Renzi was blown out of his mind with pleasure, his mind was in a state of chaos as he once again frantically engaged in self-hate.

What the hell is wrong with me? How did I get screwed just like that with no rhyme nor reason? In any case I….

I’m also a President! A despotic President had been banged in the ass! How could I continue in the President circle if this gets leaked out?! But when he thought about it in depth, Gu Xiaoshan was a President too.

President Gu was now sitting on the bed, he took out a peppermint candy from the bedside cabinet to eat.

Renzi turned his head around, “What… candy are you eating?” Gu Xiaoshan smiled, “Don’t you hate it when I smoke?” This smile looked as though it was glowing, causing Renzi’s heartbeat to abruptly speed up.

Gu Xiaoshan was very satisfied with Renzi’s bewildered expression, and he reached out to pinch his buttocks.

“What’s gotten into you? You’ve been strange since early this morning.

” “I…” Renzi sprawled across the bed, completely at a loss for words.

If time had reversed back to when Gu Xiaoshan opened the door, Renzi would have a lot of things to that he wanted to ask, and would probably have opened his mouth to blab, asking about this and that.

But now, he could not come up with a single question.

Swallowing, Renzi asked, “Um…What’s the date today? Be specific with the day, month and year.

” Gu Xiaoshan was an extremely busy man.

Having to sign documents every day, he always knew the date.

“4th November, 2028.

” “2028…” Renzi felt his throat became dry, and he was positive that it had nothing to do with his excessive cries of ecstasy in bed just now.

2028! Gu Xiaoshan said it completely naturally but Renzi might not always believe him.

Since young, he had lost count of the number of times Gu Xiaoshan had pranked him.

Each time he did it, he had behaved very calmly and naturally.

Renzi had once told him that he should not become a merchant and should have been a swindler instead.

Now, Renzi sensed that Gu Xiaoshan wasn’t pranking him, after all they had just completed a bout of sex! “I…” Renzi held his head, a wave of headache and tinnitus piercing through it.

Seeing that Renzi really did appear unwell, Gu Xiaoshan hurriedly spat out the candy in his mouth and embraced him, stroking his back as he asked in concern, “What’s wrong? Where are you uncomfortable?” As though he had never heard Gu Xiaoshan speaking in such a gentle manner before, that soft voice that was as gentle as water actually managed to calm him down.

Blinking his eyes, Renzi explained, “I… I think I’ve amnesia.

” Gu Xiaoshan paused in his tracks.


” Recovering from his senses, Gu Xiaoshan repeated the word again.

Nodding, Renzi also repeated the word.


” Gu Xiaoshan seemed to be weighing the truth in his words.

Renzi also enjoyed pranking him at times in hopes that Gu Xiaoshan would get tricked, but he would always fail every single time.

But Renzi was never discouraged by that.

Gu Xiaoshan had this slight suspicion that this was Renzi’s futile attempt at trying once again.

“How much have you forgotten?” asked Gu Xiaoshan.

Renzi gave it some serious thought, his head still slightly hurting.

“Um… I thought yesterday was still 2018… Do you remember the charity dinner party on Sunday? The one held at the Rose Hotel.

” At this moment, Gu Xiaoshan suddenly felt a strong craving for a cigarette, but he still kept it in.

For the sake of Renzi, he hadn’t smoke in ten years already.

Recalling his memories, he quickly remembered that that was a special day.

Thinking of that moment, the corner of his mouth curled into a faint smile.

“At that time, we were only just good friends.

” Blanking out, Renzi briefly nodded.

Again, Gu Xiaoshan said smilingly, “Then just now you let me screw you so easily.

Could it be that you already fancied me during then?” Renzi’s face instantly flushed a shade of red, resembling a bell pepper.

“Pah! Pahh! Fuck you! Gu Xiaoshan, fuck you!” “Enough.

” Gu Xiaoshan thought this was just another one of Renzi’s boring pranks, yet he still played along for a while.

“Then what should we do? You actually completely forgot about our past ten years of love.

” After hearing those words, Renzi found it to be incredibly sappy.


” But when he pondered over the “ten years”, he sensed something was amiss.

“We’ve been together for ten years?” Gu Xiaoshan nodded with a smile.

“I would never remember this wrongly.

” Renzi scratched his head, “We’re together… in what sense are we together?” Gu Xiaoshan knitted his brows.

“What other sense can it be?” Renzi shyly asked, “I mean, as in we’re an actual couple? Or fuck buddy…etc.

” Gu Xiaoshan burst out in a fit of chuckles.

“You’re the Yu family’s young master.

How could I ask you to stay by my side without a status?” When Renzi heard that, his heart hammered against his chest.

“So, so…we’re officially together?” When Gu Xiaoshan heard the word “officially”, he didn’t know whether to be angry or to laugh.

”It’s very much official.

” Renzi flipped around, curling into the blanket, he pondered about his life.

“But that doesn’t seem right? We’re undoubtedly good friends! How did we progress to this stage?!” Gu Xiaoshan also went on to recall those days.

“You were even the one who pursued me, and now you’ve completely forgot about it.

” Extremely shocked beyond measure, Renzi cried out.

“I was the one who pursued you?!” Gu Xiaoshan nodded.

“You think I’m the one who would suddenly harbor wicked thoughts about you?” Upset, Renzi smacked the pillow.

“It’s also impossible that I would suddenly think that way about you!” Gu Xiaoshan smiled.

“Then that’s a question you’ll have to ask yourself.

” “I, I’m straight!” Renzi loudly declared.

Gu Xiaoshan stared at the naked Renzi and dealt a fatal blow.

“Just now, you came after getting fucked.

” Renzi felt his entire outlook on the world crumbling into pieces before him.

“It’s not like I did it on purpose…”