The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 26

The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 26

Chapter 26: The Priestess Has Taken the Customers I’ve promised to make a bento for Sotini-san.

It seems impossible for Sotini-san’s love for Ordias-sama to be fulfilled by eating our bento, but to her, it seems to be a rite of passage and a way to overcome the trials that God has given her.

As Collie-san said, she is a very passionate young lady.

For the first time, I felt something called sympathy towards Ordias-sama.

When I returned to the restaurant, I complained about it to Rick-san.

He looked surprised.

“Did you meet Ordias-sama and Sotini-san? That’s great.

” (Rick)“Does Rick also know those two people?” (Haruka)“The both of them are very famous in the royal palace.

I’ve heard rumors about them.

Of course, I’ve never met them.

” (Rick)As promised, Rick started working in our kitchen twice a week.

He’s an active chef and the finesses of the dish is very good.

Knowledge and skills seems to absorb quickly for him.

The master seems to feel satisfied with him.

In addition to cooking, he clean dishes and dispose of trash.

This is very welcome because the diner doesn’t have enough help.

Even now, lunch time business is over, they’re still cleaning up the dishes, pots, and pans.

I’m in charge of washing the dishes while Rick-san wipes it dry with a cloth.

“I love the romance between a magician and priest.

It has a nice forbidden feeling.

” (Sena)Sena, who were also wiping the dishes with a cloth sighed.

It seems like this has turned on her maiden switch.

“Personally, I would want Sotini-san to do her best.

Rumors have it that Ordias-sama is a difficult person.

” (Rick) Rick has a wry smile on his face.

As he fears, I feel like it’s impossible for the two of them to be together.

However, I cannot imagine Ordias-sama liking someone and act aggressively to gain her attention.

A person like Sotini-san who keeps pushing may win in the end.

I don’t mind either, but I just want you to stop involving others in this play.

“Also, even from this standpoint, I think it will be difficult for Sotini-san to become the wife of a magician.

Sotini-san is a good-looking lady.

”“That’s true, but above all that, she’s a priest for Aldina-sama.

”“—Eek!” (Haruka)I was about to let go of the plate in my hand.

I somehow managed to endure it.

If I dropped the plate, it would’ve broke.

But more than that…“A-a-a-aldina-sama? The Priestess Aldina-sama?” (Haruka)“That’s right.

Sotini-sama is pretty amazing, you know?” (Rick)It seems like he interpreted my startle in a different way as Rick-san nodded.

“Therefore, I don’t think the people around her is permitted to be married.

Aldina-sama is a woman who is closest to God right now.

I think it’ll be a scandal if a person eloped and quit being a priest.

” (Rick)Sotini-sama…you’re a really passionate person.

“I want her to try her best! I think it’s a terrible story because she couldn’t fall in love because she’s serving God!” (Sena)Sena is getting tense about it by herself.

“Even Aldina-sama herself has a good relationship with her escort knight Noel.

Don’t tell me you want to ignore that.

I mean, are those two really dating? You know about this Rick-san?” (Sena)The topic jumped into an unexpected direction.

I tense my body waiting for Rick-san’s reply.

“No, I’m just a cook, so I don’t really know about it.

It is true that such a rumor exists in the royal palace, just like Ordias-sama and Sotini-sama.

” (Rick)“But it was a promise to bring a bento to Sotini-sama.

I think it’s great news to hear.

” (Sena)Really, this has become an outrageous topic.

It’s troublesome to have been involved in Ordias-sama’s chaos, but if the other party is a priest of Aldina-sama, the story would change.

If my true identity is exposed to the Aldina faction.

It would be the worst…No.

No way.

The priest serves God so… no way.

Besides, I’ll give Sotini-san her bento and won’t get involve any more than that.

That’s right! Do it quickly! Quickly! The best thing is for Sotini-san to forget about the bento.

・ ・ ・ ・ The following few days were peaceful and safe.

There has been no contact from Sotini-san and no reports from Ordias-sama.

There haven’t been any strange customers in the diner.

Those few days make me feel calm.

Under such circumstances, a bit of news came in.

As always, I was serving a near-full diner.

The customers who flocked in to take a seat quickly gave me their order.

“Well, I was surprised… Aldina-sama went to the church in incognito!”The words of the diner’s customer were loud.

It was directed to the other customers.

Of course, his voice stood out in an instant.

The voices of the customer quickly jumped around the diner about the topic of whether it was true or not.

The inside of the narrow diner was noisy for a while.

However, it was surprising that among the many voices, no one had a negative option.

When I asked the regulars, I was told that Aldina-sama was very careful about her contact with the people in the city and the relationship with the local church.

Sometimes she would go incognito around the local churches.

So for everyone here, it was finally their turn for her to visit our district.




Since the customers want to see Aldina-sama, the customers quickly ate the food in front of them and leave the store to catch a glimpse of Aldina-sama.

Thanks to that, the store became full of vacant seats.

This is the first time since this diner became empty during peak hours.

“Almost everyone is gone.

”The lady looked around the diner with a bitter smile.

What remained were one or two customers who were busy stuffing their mouth with food in a hurry.

Customers who came in first with Aldina-sama’s information disappeared quickly.

“I’m not going to stay open during the rest of the lunch hours today.

”“Aldina-sama’s effect is amazing, isn’t it?” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM However, I could understand the feeling of the customers.

When I saw Aldina-sama during the previous celebration, I was completely fascinated by her.

If I was told that I might be able to meet her again, I would go right away.

Besides, if Aldina-sama were there, Noel would also be together with her.

Perhaps, even Sotini-sama would be there too.

I’m worried, but I cannot afford to give up on my work and run over to the church.

No…even if the diner couple let me, it would be better to not go.

(I’m sure I would only feel pain.

) It’s like a celebration of a festival out there.

It’s not only painful to see Noel next to Aldina-sama.

Aldina-sama herself is such a beautiful and glorious lady, I couldn’t believe she’s my successor.

And…I’m sure she’s sincerer than me when it comes to being a maiden.

When I was the Priestess, I almost never went outside.

I spent my days inside the royal palace protected by Noel.

The exception for me to go outside is for me to go to the designated church to correct the ‘pulse’.

I didn’t even think about going out to talk to the public.

If you think about it now, I was just like the people around me.

As a result, I didn’t think anything aside from fulfilling my role in correcting the ‘pulse’.

However, to the people of the royal palace, I would’ve been a handy puppet to be the Priestess.

It would probably be easy to control me if I stayed in this world to continue being a Priestess.

Aldina-sama might have made enemies.

However, it might be because Aldina-sama is a Priestess who moves around however she wants.

I’m sure Aldina-sama will continue to be a wonderful Priestess.

It might have been inevitable for Aldina-sama to become a Priestess in my place.

“I’m alone, is it okay?” There was suddenly a voice at the entrance so it snapped me back to reality.

I was deep in thoughts but I have to remind myself that I’m at work.

“Welcome! It’s okay if you’re alone.

” (Haruka)The new visitors raised his face and greeted me with a smile.

“Ah! Ars-san?” (Haruka)“Hey, Haruka-chan!” (Ars)I haven’t seen this flirtatious man since the festival.

“Why are you here?” (Haruka)“Why, I am here to eat lunch.

” (Ars)“But, I didn’t say I’m working here.

You seem to know that I’m working at this diner.

” (Haruka)“Oh, but I knew about that.

It’s the famous bento that has come to the royal palace.

I saw Haruka-chan several times in the royal palace.

” (Ars) Ars told me as if it was nothing.

Well, yes.

Ars works inside the royal palace.

Then it wouldn’t be strange for him to know about this diner.

Besides, I wasn’t aware that the other person saw me.

So he just so happened to feel like eating lunch here today.

I see, is that so? …I don’t want to be violent.

・ ・ ・ ・ Translator’s note: I think Noel’s visit to Haruka’s bedroom reignited her feelings towards him.

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