The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 25

The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 25

Chapter 25: A Love Rival is Found? On the way back from the magic institute, I met Ordias-san by the doorway.

As I passed by him, I was surprised by his random words as he sighed.

He said something along the lines of me disturbing the sleep of other people.

For a moment I didn’t understand what he said so I was prepared to leave Ordias-san.

I then immediately thought back on the night that Noel appeared in my room.

That night, Noel grabbed my shoulders and the bracelet I received from Ordias-san flashed like a warning.

After that, nothing particular happened so I thought it was only a simple warning.

It turns out it has contacted Ordias-san.

“Please wait, Ordias-san.

About what happened…” (Haruka) “I know it was because of Noel.

” (Ordias) I haven’t done anything wrong since I can’t help it.

“I knew he was going to contact you sooner or later so I wasn’t surprised.

” (Ordias) “…How long have you known? Did you overhear the conversation?” (Haruka) “When I found out that the other party was Noel, I didn’t do anything troublesome like eavesdropping on the conversation.

” (Ordias) As expected.

But that’s not all.

There was also some advice about being used by Ordias-san and the Prime Minister.

If Ordias-san were listening, what would happen? Will it change how I treat you? .



“At any rate, I don’t know who’s listening, but it’s foolish to talk in the hallway.

I don’t have anything to talk about today.

You better go home for dinner.

” (Ordias) Wow, you’re in a bad mood! Though it seems like the way we were talking have changed.

Is it better for me to assume that the conversation has been heard by him? You were listening, weren’t you? If I’ve tried to press for an answer, Ordias-san’s mood is likely to sink into the deep abyss.

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COM Well, even if the conversation was heard, it’s helpless.

It looks like it’s better to run off quickly.

I turn to escape from the magic institute.

・ ・ ・ ・ Nothing is more horrifying than Ordias-san in a bad mood.

I walk down the corridor alone while praying to God to not bother.

However, it may be unnecessary since no one dares to approach me here.

The parting with Ordias-san might backfire.

On the way home from the institute, a completely different disaster suddenly appears.

“Wait a moment.

” A shadow unexpected appears in the hallway stopped me.

I’m not far away from the magic institute yet.

The corridor has been empty until now.

I didn’t expect anyone to speak in such a place.

I raised my face with a strange feeling.

It was a young lady who was about the same age as me.

She is wearing a long light blue dress with a long white jacket.

The gorgeous blonde with dignified brown eye stares firmly at me.

It’s clearly a young lady with high standing.

Rather, this lady gives off a divinity-like feeling… “Ah!” (Haruka) I thought about the young lady in front of me.

She is probably the Sotini-san person Luna-san was telling me about.

The female Priestess who is in love with Ordias-san.

She saw me as a love rival.

Yup, no doubt about it.

I quickly turned right.

It looks like she has no intention of letting me go.

“You’ll have to wait!” (Sotini) She grabbed my shoulders to prevent me from escaping.

Only at times like this would the bracelet I received from Ordias-san not react.

I want you to stop choosing your opponent and activate your ability.

“Excuse me, what is it?” (Haruka) I turn to face the young lady.

The young lady looked me up and down.

“Are you the delivery person?” (Sotini) “That’s right.

” (Haruka) Let’s try not to refute anything.

My instincts are telling me that it’s the quickest way to escape.

“Your name?” (Sotini) “I’m Haruka.

” (Haruka) “A masculine name.

” (Sotini)“I’m often told that.

” (Haruka) “I’m Sotini.

” (Sotini) “It’s a nice name.

” (Haruka) It is the rumored Sotini-sana after all.

In order of not showing my inner thoughts, I decided my counterattack is to be as polite as possible.

“I don’t care about the name.

What I want to confirm is… you’re an acquaintance of Ordias-sama, aren’t you?” (Sotini) Unexpectedly, Sotini immediately cut the chase and brought out the main point.

I see…I didn’t intend to spend any time talking about this pointless topic because it’s troublesome.

It’s better to quickly say something good and escape.

Especially in this case where this question is a waste of time.

“Ordias-san is a benefactor whom I’ve been indebted to for a long time.

However, the relationship now is just me being a delivery person for the magic institute’s bento.

“How rude of you to call him Ordias-san.

He is the first-class sorcerer in this country.

” (Sotini) “Oh, excuse me then.


” (Haruka) This is a game of trying to avoid the main topic.

I have to be careful to not say anything bad.

Ordias-sama’s… I can somehow read the flow of the conversation.

Although it is speculation, Ordias-san probably avoided talking to Sotini-san before he came across me earlier.

Ordias-san, who was frightened to be bothered by Sotini-san, escaped from her.

Although he successfully escaped, he was still irritated and didn’t have anyone to take it out on.

Until he came across me and took it out on me.

The moody Ordias-san was probably because Sotini-san was chasing around Sotini-san.

This might be the reason why she was standing alone in the empty corridor.

I met Sotini-san because I decided to escape from the magic institute.

If you think about it, the flow of event is connecting.

Even so… I’m surprised.

I thought Sotini-san was an older woman, but she is about the same age as me.

It’s a cultural shock to see a teenage girl fall head over heels in love with an uncle who is over 30.

I want to wake her up and shout into her eat, but I think it’s probably useless.


You know who I am don’t you.

” (Sotini) “You’re here to ask me about Ordias-sama…Your future fiancé.

” (Haruka) “Yeah, that’s right.

” (Sotini) For a little bit, it seems like Sotini-san’s mood has improved.

“How can you be his wife? After all, you’re only a waitress in a small diner.

You’re not suitable for Ordias-sama.

Think about that carefully.

You don’t know the feeling of yearning I have for Ordias-sama, but he sees me as a nuisance.

It’s unacceptable for him to keep meeting you while he ignores me.

It’s not fair because I’m the one who has always cling and yearn for him.

” (Sotini) I’ve decided to just go with the flow, but that decision is starting to wavered.

Should I tell her that it’s not true and that I’m not the one chasing after Ordias-san with an unfit unrequited love? I could argue with her but it’ll just make her more agitated and that’ll be more troublesome.

As a result, I decided I could only put on a smile and stay silent.

“He is my future companion that is fated by God to stay by my side.

This is the absolute destiny decided by God.

You can’t change anything.

Even if you try to change fate by controlling his stomach.

” (Sotini) “No…not at all.

” (Haruka) Ordias-san has never eaten the bento.

“…Your bento seems to be quite delicious for the common people but it doesn’t fit his taste.

” (Sotini) No matter how much I tried to change the direction of the conversation, it always ends up at this topic.

Sotini-san has no intention of listening to me and have decided everything by herself.

“Hey, let me eat your bento.

” (Sotini) “Eh?” (Haruka) I try to refuse but Sotini-san shot me a sharp look.

“You’re not going to refuse my request, are you?” (Sotini) “Well, you’re a very noble person Sotini-san.

” (Haruka) “If Ordias-sama had it, me being his future wife means I should too.

” (Sotini) “Just because his men are eating it, Ordias-sama himself has never eaten it before!” (Haruka)“You’re lying.

” (Sotini) Sotini-san’s loud voice quickly follows.

“Even though I’ve prepared lunch for Ordias-sama today, he refused because he said he has a bento reserved.

He won’t waste the bento he reserved but my meals are more delicious than an ordinary person’s bento!” (Sotini) Sotini-san quickly grasps my hand.

“I have to know.

I have to know the taste of the bento your diner has.

” (Sotini)   I want to go home already… ・ ・ ・ ・