The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 19

The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Bonds July 25, 2018 Translated by Shufen “I’ve heard the stories from the both of them.

It’s difficult this time.

” “…Ehh.

” I became paranoid pretty easily.

“Surely it’s surprised to find out that someone resummons you without permission.

When I quickly looked into those suspected groups at the moment I can’t find anything.

It’s partly because there are too many suspects.

” (Hamuti) There are too many suspects!? What!? What is going on in the royal palace? Well… they haven’t found out resummons me? “If you are up for it, I want to publicly notify your existence.

I want to search for the summoner more extensively but, as you have heard, timing isn’t right at the moment.

The current Priestess Aldina is currently distrusted by some.

There is a possibility that the inside of the royal palace would be divided greatly if your existence is known.

So, I want you to hide and live your life.

” (Hamuti) That’s true.

It seems like Aldina’s factions and their conflicting factions are still secretly competing.




I have no intention of coming forward as the Priestess at this time.

“As for your existence, I will stop this conversation.

The king thinks the opposition faction is easier to manage than Aldina’s faction.

You might have to accept that you’ll have to become the Priestess again.

” (Hamuti)I didn’t think about this point.

“From my point of view, I believe that the power balance within the royal palace is disrupted, which is undesirable because in recent years the unification of power has been progressing slowly for the king.

” (Hamuti) …It has become difficult.

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COM “Even if you don’t understand the circumstances of the neighboring country, it’s fine.

In any case, let’s try to identify the person who summoned you.

At this time, I promise by my name Hula Hamuti that I would return you to your world.

So please be patient for a while for now.

” (Hamuti) “I understand.

” (Haruka) If you say those sort of things, I have no choice but to agree.

Regarding my hiding spots, Hamuti-sama continues speaking.

“I think it’s best to continue staying at the current diner.

” From his words, neither Ordias-sama nor Otland-sama is surprised.

It is what they decided to discuss.

It’s a surprising conclusion to me.

“Anyway, I want you to be natural.

If you hide your existence too much, someone will notice something off.

In addition, Ordias seems to have saw you as Haruatia but honestly, other people will have a hard time imagining it.

” (Hamuti) Hula Hamuti-sama is still suspicious of me.

The people who noticed me so far are Ordias… well excluding Ars.

Ordias-sama and Noel are the two who were close to me the longest.

So it may not be off if they see me and get a sense of déjà vu.

Well, that’s fine.

I am indebted to the diner.

Of course, I wanted that as well.

However, from what I heard so far, I cannot afford to involve them unnecessarily.

This situation has appeared in front of the prime minister and became a major problem in the country.

I don’t want the diner to know everything and continue to take care of me with strange looks on their face.

(After all, it’ll be bad) If I were to take part of the faction within the royal palace as Hula Hamuti suggested… I would like to avoid unnecessarily annoying everyone at the diner when bad something happens.

Well, I wonder if I should leave the diner after all.

“What’s wrong?” (Hamuti) Hula Hamuti-sama asked me while looking at my silent expression.

“No, I think it is impossible to not tell the situation to the owners of the diner.

” (Haruka) “Oh, that’s right.

” (Hamuti) Hula Hamuti-sama was easily convinced.

“I cannot tell if you’re really the Priestess but, it is better to explain to the diner that the young lady here has a secret relationship with the royal palace.

Yes… Otland, can you take the role to do the explanation?” (Hamuti)“I understand.

” (Otland) Otland-sama finally opened his mouth and lowered his head respectfully.

Wait, please.

Otland-sama and the diner owner having a discussion in the diner? I can’t picture that image in my mind.

An executive of the country sitting on the old chair of a diner.


Otland-sama, it’s really not a joke.

Well, even in the royal palace it will be impossible to explain the circumstances.

Ordias-sama is looking at the interaction between Hula Humuti-sama and Otland-sama with a strange expression.

I guess it’s fortunate that I didn’t speak.

However, I think that Hula Humuti-sama properly looked after people properly.

“That’s it for the moment.

No progress has been made in my report regarding Haruatia-sama.

I will continue to try to grasp the situation better.

” (Hamuti) “Yes, thank you.

” I awkwardly lowered my head.

・ ・ ・ ・ It was around 3 o’clock when I returned to the diner.

At this time, the preparation for the diner is happening so the diner is currently closed.

When I opened the door I lowered the sign “preparing” down.

The diner owner’s wife came out of the kitchen.

“Haru-chan? Welcome back.

You were gone for a long time.

” (Wife) “Sorry.

” (Haruka) I felt timid and uncomfortable as I enter the diner and look behind me.

Standing behind me is Otland-sama.

Even though his air is modest, Otland-sama himself is wearing clothes that are clearly tailored.

It is too intense to be standing outside the diner.

“Oh, who’s behind you?” (Wife)Of course, the wife noticed Otland-sama.

She came out of the kitchen while wiping her hands with her apron.

The husband also shows up following behind his wife.

“Nice to meet you.

I am Berid Otland.

To tell you the truth, I would like to ask you two about Haruka-chan.

I came to you representing the royal palace.

I know you’re busy but, will you give me some time?” (Otland) The diner owner and his wife received Otland-sama’s greeting with their eyes open widely.

They eventually looked over to me with the same expression.

Yes… I don’t know what to say.

“Why don’t you follow us back inside the diner?” (Diner owner) The diner owner quickly rethought about inviting Otland-sama into the residential district.

As expected, it is the backbone of the family.

With the diner owner’s guide, we walked into the living room.

The three people who usually sits at the table, now have Otland-sama joining them.

No use worrying about his discomfort.

The story began when the diner owner’s wife brewed some tea.

“Sorry for my sudden visit.

” (Otland) “No, thank you for coming to such a difficult place.

What’s happening with Haruka?” (Diner owner) Surprisingly, the diner owner quickly cut to the topic.


Haruka-chan was contacted by a relative who had been looking for her in the past.

Her relatives are also related to the royal palace.

There was someone who noticed Haruka-chan entering and leaving the royal palace.

” (Otland) “Is that so…” (Diner owner) “Through that person, Haruka-chan’s relatives also learned that she came to the city.

I cannot tell you more about that relative.

” (Otland) The diner owner nodded.

“Well, I knew from Haruka-chan that there was something wrong in the beginning.

” (Diner owner) Oh yeah, that’s right.

My appearance wasn’t normal at that time.

The diner owner saw my school uniform and thought I was a young miss.

It was doubtful of the young miss to be down on her own.

Still, I cannot help but appreciate the depths of the two people who accepted me.

“Now, it’s time to get down to business.

Originally Haruka-chan was supposed to live with her relative but due to some circumstances; that cannot happen.

If Haruka-chan stays with her relative now, she will surely get caught up in the disturbance.

It is best for Haruka-chan to hide until the uproar goes down.

” (Otland) Great, the most important word “Priestess” didn’t come out but, the outline of the story isn’t wrong.

Otland-sama has a silent image but I didn’t expect his communication skills to be so skillful.

“I’m aware that this is a very selfish offer but, I wonder if it’s possible for Haruka-chan to stay here a bit longer.

” (Otland) While Otland-sama says this, he puts a large bag on the table.

“Please allow me to pay you.

It is my sincerity to leave Haruka-chan in your care.

” (Otland) Eh…What!? When did he prepare such a thing? This was the same thing as giving them a metal suitcase full of cash in my original world! The diner owner seemed to have calmed down from the unexpected development.

He is starting at the bag with a serious eye.

Geez…I’m buying their hospitality with money now.

The husband and wife looked at each other.

The two of them are stiff and didn’t speak at all.

After all, it It’s annoying after all.

It would be unpleasant to be confronted with the attitude of solving problems with money.

It is terribly complex for the both of them because they’re in debt.

Not good.

I can’t be quiet like this.

I have to tell my feelings properly in my own words.

I didn’t mean to be scheming but I just want to stay here.

“I…” (Haruka) “It’s okay, Haruka-chan.

We know.

”The diner owner finally laughed a little.

It was a gentle smile but it makes me feel uneasy.


”The diner owner looked straight at Otland-sama.

“Having spent time with Haruka-chan until today is an irreplaceable happiness for us as a couple.

I believe that Haruka-chan has the same feeling as us.

Althought it is a short relationship; we are connected by a bong.

We cherish that bond.

”  (Diner owner) The diner owner pushed the bag of money back to Otland-sama.

“We cannot receive this.

We have a bond so this is not necessary.

If Haruka-chan says she wants to spend time with us, we will gladly accept it.

” (Diner owner) Diner owner…! I am truly happy that I’m being taken care of by such wonderful people.

“Those words are very painful.

”Otland-sama lowered his head, I also follow.

Not only as a form of gesture but, also my heartfelt gratitude.

I will stay here a little bit more.

I want to stay here forever.

I would like to be with them.

In this different world, I felt strongly about this for a long time.

・ ・ ・ ・