The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 18

The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 18

TSRTOW Chapter 18: Prime Minister’s Appearance July 23, 2018 Translated by Shufen Well, I’m the only one who is distress by this situation.

Ordias-sama hands me an amulet.

It is a beautiful stone bracelet.

Even in my original world, we had these sort of things.

It’s a power stone.

I put it on my left wrist and held it up towards the sun.

Although it is nearly transparent, the stone gives off a beautiful sparkle with gold and purple mixed together.

…It looks expensive.

I wonder if it’s okay for the average person to wear it.

If I’m ever in danger, the bracelet will immediately alert Ordias-sama.




By the way, I had something similar like this during my Priestess era.

Goodness…magic is so convenient.

When I was thinking about these sort of things a rough knock sounded and it unexpectedly pulled me back to reality.

“Ordias, I’m coming in!” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM The voice of a healthy lady came from outside.

As soon as I heard her voice, the door opened.

Beyond the door, a young lady who looks a bit older than me came in.

She has fluffy honey hair that looks soft.

She gives off an unyielding first impression that is similar to a cat.

“Ordias! I wouldn’t had guess you have such a young girl here with a barrier to prevent invasion on the room.

What on earth are you thinking?” A woman with a mother-like tone scolds Ordias like a mischievous child.

“Luna, don’t enter without permission.

” (Ordias)“But we’re hungry!” (Luna) The women, name Luna, didn’t show any sign of being frightened by Ordias-sama’s cold voice.

I see other people…behind Luna-san.

They’re quietly watching from outside the room.

“The bento here is a treat for ourselves.

And what is this? It is only two people and I get isolated outside the closed door that contains the bento! The basket with the lunch should at least be put outside the barrier out in the hallway!”Luna-san says this while running to the bento basket.

“…That’s right, Miss, is it okay with you two being alone?” (Luna) Luna-san suddenly remembered me.

I am secondary to my bento but, for the time being, it seems to me that my mind isn’t working.

“Yes, Ordias-sama is giving me a life consultation…” (Haruka) “Do you have life consultation?!” (Luna) Luna-san opened her big eyes even bigger.

“Young lady, what are you saying? You’re making a mistake to consult with someone.

” (Luna) “Haaa…” (Haruka)Oh…I wonder.

“If it’s a life consultation… that’s right, the best in our magician team, I wonder if Collie is here.

Collie is usually here around late spring.

For you to get true advice, it’ll be better to find a better magician.

” Without asking, Luna-san talked a lot.

What an interesting person.

“Alright already.

Luna go get your bento and go.

” (Ordias) Ordias-sama took care of driving away Luna-san for being troublesome.

Yeah yeah, Luna-san’s reply was light.

It’s surprising to me because of how she was treating Ordias-sama.

It’s truly amazing.

“Well then, I will excuse myself now.

The young lady won’t say anything bad but it’s better to be away from that magician.

If that person seriously set up a barrier, I won’t be able to break it even if ten years have passed.

” (Luna)“Okay, I will.

” (Haruka) Luna-san was only able to say that much.

The other magicians were watching the situation for a while but they kept their mouth shut.

Luna-san’s spirited words and deed made Ordias-sama eyes dark and the other magicians scared.

Since I don’t have the courage to joke with Ordias-sama, I understand their feeling of fear.

“Indeed, that little girl is always troublesome.

” (Ordias)Ordias-sama stood up while saying those words like a grandfather who was withered in his thirties.

“Well, I’ll move.

” (Haruka)“Where?” (Ordias) “You told me to think about my future movements…” (Haruka) Ordias-sama suddenly grasped my arm.

Then the scenery in front of me got dark.

・ ・ ・ ・ “Uhh….

” (Haruka) My vision finally came back and I was standing in a completely different space from the previous one.

My body was sharking and felt like something was stolen.

I feel nauseous.

I managed to look around.

I’m in a room that looks luxurious compared to the lab.

An elaborate pattern of the heavens is on the ceiling and walls.

The coloring is also beautiful.

The room isn’t very large and it doesn’t have any furniture.

It looks like I’m in the center of the royal palace.

Apparently, Ordias-sama used transportation magic.

It is supposed to be the summoner who uses the magic to transport.

The system of the art is the same and with a skilled magician like Ordias-sama, transportation can be used to a certain extent.

However, those who are transported will feel unbearable.

The magic is said to manipulate the inside of the human body and it’s very advanced and difficult.

For example, for this sort of transportation magic uses transformation and rejuvenation magic as well.

Those who use the technique also receives a heavy burden as a side effect.

I would rather walk than be transported like this.

“You’re finally here Ordias.

”A hoarse voice echoed in the room.

I turned around with Ordias-sama.

Standing behind us is a man with a rich white beard.

“Otland-sama”I blinked my eyes as I cracked and said his name.

“Long time no see, Haruatia-sama.

”I was still surprised by seeing him.

Otland-sama is one of my guardians during my Priestess era.

Since the summoner Luno was a weirdo as a guardian, Otland who is serious and proper took over the position to properly care for me.

Indeed, if you leave a task with this person, he’ll make no mistake and do things well.

He is sturdy in a different sense from Noel.

Well, is that so.

Ordias-sama’s choice of a “trustworthy man” is Otland-sama?I agree, I think this is a safe and secure selection.

“It’s not the same Haruatia-sama but she’s still the same person.

” (Otland) That dialogue is probably about how my coloring has completely changed.

After putting that into my heart, I told myself that this is Otland.

This man is a serious person.

He doesn’t use sarcasm.

“Otland, I’m sorry I’m late.

Are you ready?” (Ordias) “Well, I’ve been waiting for you.

” (Otland)Wait, what? What will start from now? “Alright, Haruatia-sama, let’s go.

” (Otland) A beautiful double door opened.

Is there really something going on Otland-sama?“Hula Hamuti-sama will excuse you.

” (Otland) Who is Hula Hamuti-sama? It’s a great name so I remember hearing it.

Ordias-sama seems to notice my expression because he secretly whispers, “He is the prime minister of this country”.

Oh, the Prime Minister Hula Hamuti.

It was likely I have seen him several times during my Priestess era.

Although I was someone important, I can say that I don’t have a lot of acquaintance.

I know the prime minister of the country is a super important person.

I think that it’s a good thing to recognize the top person of the country… The top of the country… I want to return quietly without being noticed by anyone.

Why is that so hard to do? However, I cannot turn on my heel to leave now.

The door has already opened.

While watching the back of Ordias-sama and Otland-sama, I continue forward.

Wow, this room is ten times fancier than the previous one.

My skirt seems to be reflected off the polished floor tiles.

Objects which I don’t recognize was placed against the walls.

What is those stuff? “Did you come?”A low quiet voice welcomed us.

Looking at the gap between the two people in front of me, I see a middle-aged man working on a heavy desk.

Although older than Ordias-sama, he is slightly younger than Otland-sama.

He has golden hair with white beginning to show and he has a nervous look in his eyes.

Since I don’t have much of an impression in the past, I look at him carefully.

There…were many uncles that looks like him.

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting so long, Hula Hamuti-sama.

”“It’s fine.

No need for the greetings.

Let’s get straight to the point.

” (Hamuti) Speaking of myself, I don’t know how to act in front of the prime minister so I decided to keep quiet while looking at Ordias-sama.

“Well, it has been a long time Haruatia-sama.

” (Hamuti) The strategy to quietly watch ended immediately.

“Yes, it has been a long time, Hamuti-sama.

” (Haruka) The etiquette that was passed down among the Priestess has already faded from memory.

I mobilized those memories that were stuffed in the back of my head and managed to curtsy with my greeting.

“It seems like your atmosphere has changed quite a bit.

” (Hamuti) It’s not amusing to point out what was clearly changed.

Although it’s not easy for people to say compliments about looking different.

A maiden’s mind is complex.

“Well, Ordias-sama saw through it first.

”As I was getting excited, I look over at Ordias-sama.

He was looking straight ahead and didn’t acknowledge me looking at him.

Meanwhile, Otland-sama, who was standing on the other side remain quiet since it’s outrageous to speak without the prime minister’s permission.

Somehow the air feels heavy.

I feel like Hula Humuti-sama doesn’t believe me very much.

Perhaps it’s because of the magic in me… Indeed, the evidence is nowhere to be found and there’s no choice.

In other words, can I believe these people? Suddenly those thoughts appear in my mind.

Both Otland-sama and Ordias-sama are people I’m familiar with from my past.

So I thought I could trust them unconditionally but, I caught the cold gaze of Hula Humuti-sama and my head got cold.

…No, no problem.

For example, if Ordias-sama summoned me, he wouldn’t do it in a roundabout way.

I would have been quickly captured and use me to accomplish his purpose.

My sudden appearance was a surprise for him.

You can’t do that unless you think so.

The road I’m on don’t have other choices.

I can only walk straight ahead.