The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 15

The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Recognized as A Friend by The Flirt July 13, 2018 Translated by Shufen By the look of surprise on my face, the young man in front of me smiled and laughed at me.

Apparently, he noticed me and came to bother me.

“It’s a bad day, I don’t want to see you again.

” (Haruka) I said it immediately.

There is no doubt that this is unusual right? It’s certainly not because he followed me.

This reunion is nothing but a coincidence, right? For a moment, I also thought that he would be a thug towards the former Priestess.

But, I would have been caught the last time I saw him.

“Oh, do you remember me? At the time during the blessed God Festival…” (Ars) “Yes, I remember.

” (Haruka) He certainly left an impact on me since he recognized me as the former Priestess.

…Hmm, if you think of this point, this person is suspicious after all.




“I’m glad.

Haruka-chan, right? I’m sure this is the beginning of something.

” (Ars) What? He knows my name? His suspiciousness increased in my mind.

It looks like he noticed my stiff expression.

He waved his hands as if in a panic.

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COM It looks like his fried food is going to fall off his plate.

Are you okay with that? “Hey, at that time, the old man from the store called you name didn’t he?” (Ars) That’s right.

Even so, I usually don’t remember names for that long.

I’m scared.

“I don’t think you remember my name.

It’s Ars.

I’d like to hear from you again.

” (Ars) “…Thanks.

” (Haruka) For the time being, I decided to do a soft laugh and return to reviewing the food again.

Oh, that ham seems to be delicious.

The cabbage rolls look delicious as well.

I move from place to place to look at the food and the young man name Ars continue to follow me.

“Did you come alone today?” (Ars)“…No, I came with my friends.

Everyone has scattered.

” (Haruka)“Oh, you got friends here! That’s good.

” (Ars)Come to think of it, I told him I didn’t have any friends since I came to the city.

“Is Ars-san alone?” (Haruka) I thought maybe I’m being too insensitive towards him so I should be more careful.

“Yes, one person.

I thought there would be some friends if I came.

I haven’t found them because I was a bit nervous.

I was relieved to find you.

” (Ars) Am I already within the category of friends with him?This person doesn’t have a shy personality.

It’s still doubtful.

It seems better to be wary.

“Oh, there’s chairs.

Let’s sit and eat?” (Ars) Ars-san point at the several chairs lined up.

Of course, at this time the party has just begun so the number of people sitting is sparse.

Although I could sit there and eat alone, it might be a little noticeable.

If it’s a little suspicious, it might better to sit next to the troublesome Ars-san.

It’s not possible to do strange action here so after my calculation, I decided to nod.

Light music is playing in the plaza and all the young people are dancing happily.

Normally, the people in the city are steady or living quietly.

Clothes and other things, despite being trendy, isn’t favored.

That’s why the fun atmosphere of the men and women dressed in their colorful outfits are very impressive tonight.

As expected, after all, they are still young.

However, I should be the same age as them.

I feel like I’m not excited.

The heartbreak of a broken heart seems to be very serious.

“What’s wrong? Your eyes look distant.

” (Ars)Ars who was sitting next to me looked over at me with a strange look.

“No, everyone seems to be having fun.

” (Haruka) “Let’s have fun now.

When you’re finished eating, why don’t we dance together?” (Ars)“No no no.

I cannot dance.

” (Haruka)“No one here is dancing properly.

Just enjoy it with the music.

” (Ars) It’s impossible.

There are many Japanese people who enjoy the club but, I don’t like it.

I wonder why I came to the dance party.

It’s a grudge against Midi and her friends now.

“Because I’m not good at dancing.

Do not mind me, please invite other girls.

” (Haruka) If you look around, you can see groups of girls gathered together or walking alone.

Midi is very cute.

Ars is also a good-looking young man with a refreshing face.

If he can speak to a woman normally and not be disliked, he would be at a rather pleasing level.

Moreover, at a party to search for a partner, the alert level on the women’s team is at the lowest.

Surely, if Ars-san steps forward and starts flirting, a good woman can be found.

Then I can get away quickly.

“Well then, someone should try to invite them then.

” (Haruka)While laughing, Ars-san threw a deep-fried fish into his mouth.

“Haruka lives in this neighborhood, right? Do you live alone?” (Ars) “No, I am working as a live-in.

” (Haruka)“Oh, what kind of work?” (Ars)“I will leave that to your imagination.

” (Haruka) I have to deal with the small talk at this place but I don’t want to tell this suspicious flirt about the diner.

“Uhh, is it a food-related shop?” (Ars)“I will leave it to your imagination.

” (Haruka) “You’re awful.

You’re totally wary of me, aren’t you?” (Ars)“There is no such thing.

” (Haruka)I guess that Ars is unconvinced.

But he really is an undaunted man.

“Let’s not make it hard.

Haruka-chan shouldn’t use formal words.

Let’s be friends.

” (Ars)As expected, we were supposed to be friends.

Well, that’s still good though.

“Yeah…I understand.

I’ll stop using formal words.

” (Haruka)“If you’re not dancing, why don’t we get more food? I’m still hungry.

” (Ars)“Okay, let’s go!” (Haruka)It’s a strange idea.

I’m troubled because my appetite was stimulated by the fried fish and ham.

I still haven’t eaten the cabbage roll from earlier.

・ ・ ・ ・ After that, we continued to eat and drink.

The ribbon on my waist became too tight so I moved the ribbon upwards under my chest.

It’ll mislead people to not see my stomach sticking out.

Phew, that was painful.

I saw Midi-chan several times.

It is truly wonderful seeing her.

The other three people cannot be seen but they were probably successful.

I’m sure each of them will return to me with a partner.

“Well Ars, I’ll be going home soon.

” (Haruka)“Well then, I’ll send you back.

” (Ars)“No, I’m fine.

I’m not too far from home.

” (Haruka)“I don’t have anything else to do so I’ll send you back.

” (Ars) I’m wary of him as the former Priestess.

  I can’t do any careless action and have to protect myself.

“I’m sorry.

I’ll be a little troubled if I return home with a man.

” (Haruka)“But, it’s dangerous for a girl to walk alone.

” (Ars)“I’m okay, I’ll only walk down bright roads with a lot of traffics.

” (Haruka) “Are you sure?” (Ars)“Yes, absolutely.

” (Haruka) While stubbornly refusing, Ars-san surrendered with a bitter smile.

“Yea~  Haruka-chan is steady.

You cannot let a man you met today to send you home.

” (Ars)Oh.

“So, I’m going to give up today.

The next time I meet you, we’re really going to be friends.

Let’s get along.

” (Ars)Ars-san waves his hand.

It was nice of him to apologize since I became alert without permission.

Sorry Ars, I will still be wary.

But, today I wasn’t lonely.

Thank you.

・ ・ ・ ・ A few days later, I returned the borrowed dress to Midi.

I know Midi is interested in Ars.

I was returning the dress to the store but I was pulled up to Midi’s room, and I was inquired quickly like a suspect who is being questioned as a criminal.

“Haruka, you got such a lovely person.

”“Midi was with the coolest guy.

”“No, not at all, he tried to bring me to an unpopular place after the party.

I kicked him away and ran off.

” (Midi) Was that a dangerous encounter?I’m glad you are fine.

It’s too dangerous.

“He didn’t look scary.

What kind of person was that?” Midi-chan goes back to the earlier topic as if it wasn’t a big deal.

“Well, you seem to be with Ars.

” (Midi) “How old is he?”“Come on now, I haven’t heard about it.

”“What’s his occupation?” “…Come to think of it, he works at the royal palace.

” (Haruka)“Where does he live?”“I don’t know.

” (Haruka)If I think about it, I don’t know anything about Ars.

Even though it was doubtful, I’m on guard.

When I was appalled at myself, Midi was amazed at me.

“Haruka, what are you going to do when you don’t know anything?” (Midi)“Oh, I don’t know.

” (Haruka)“…” (Midi)Midi is looking at me like I’m stupid.

“Oh well, you promised to meet him next time, didn’t you?” (Midi) “…” (Haruka)It was my turn to be silent this time.


It’s going to be quite a while before your spring comes.

” (Midi)With the expression of resignation, Midi sighed.

But yes, that’s right.

I think so too.

・ ・ ・ ・ Translator’s note:I’m still catching up! One more chapter and I should be caught up on my missed chapters.