The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 14

The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 14

Chapter 14: How About a Dance Party? July 13, 2018 Translator: Shufen  I was in bed asleep on the second day.

I finally got out of bed on the third day.

On the third day, I needed to get out because I felt guilty being in bed.

Those thoughts were stuck in my head while I was in bed.

I have to be careful of my physical condition so I don’t catch another cold.

And on the fourth day… I decided to go out to the city while Sena takes care of the bento delivery.

Because I was stuck in my room for several days, I needed some fresh air.

“Oh, Haruka!” (Midi) I was walking down the main street so I turned around to see who was calling my name.

It was Midi, the herbalist.

She was holding a paper bag containing some large bread.

Perhaps Midi is in the process of shopping too.

“Hello, Midi.

” (Haruka) .



“It’s good to see you.

If I didn’t meet you today, I was thinking of visiting the diner.

” (Midi) Midi-chan came running to my side.

A pretty girl like Midi going to my little diner? “What happened?” (Haruka)“I just want to thank you for putting up my hair so beautifully that time.

” (Midi) Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM “Oh, that.

It’s not a big deal at all.

” (Haruka) Do you want me to give you the popular Aldina-like hairstyle here on the street?I don’t mind if you do because it’s not a big deal.

You thanking me for it is rewarding enough.

Besides, I got a hair decoration from you at that time.

“On that day, I met up with some friends.

It was quite popular and everyone envied me.

” (Midi) “Oh…that’s good!” (Haruka)“So, please!” (Midi) Midi grasped my hand strongly.

“Haruka, do me a flavor.

Please?” (Midi) Okay, so the main topic is here now.

“During the evening on Salsu’s day, young children will gather to host a little dance party.

I would like Haruka to do my hair the same way for the party.

” (Midi) Dance party! Even among the citizens, there is such a wonderful event? The girls are going to be enthusiastaboutfor it.

“At first, I was thinking of asking a hairdresser but, it was expensive and I think Haruka does it very cutely for me.

” (Midi) I feel bad if I say no.

And I also want to cheer on the young ladies.

It just so happens that on Salsu’s day, the diner will be closed.

Well, I don’t mind going out for a while.

When I nodded my head in a light hearted manner, Midi jumps while grasping my hand.

So cute.

“Thank you! There will be four friends including myself.

” (Midi) –Four people.

Like a schemer, the important information was at the end.


At this time, I was feeling really happy.

・ ・ ・ ・ The evening of the next day, I arrived at Midi’s house as promised.

Instead of buying my herbs, I will be staying at her house.

Oh, it has been such a long time.

I am very happy.

I have to tighten my face so I don’t smile too much.


” (Haruka) “Welcome to my home, Haruka.

” (Midi) At the back of the herb shop, Midi-chan came to me quickly.

Midi has already changed into her party clothes and she doesn’t look like her usual self.

The dress was up to her ankle in a calm yellow that is close to being gold.

It looks good on the red Midi.

It’s the type of dress that goes from the neck to the area of the chest.

* It will look better if the hair was put up properly but, the whole silhouette is beautiful.

After a long time, the girl who is usually asleep is finally making a move.

“Please go upstairs, my friends are in my room.

” (Midi) She urged me upstairs.

The house was made like the diner.

Like the general Japanese houses, they don’t change the size or the layout.

“Everyone, Haruka is here.

” (Midi) “Welcome!”“So you’re Haruka!” “We were waiting!” Midi’s room door flew open.

The room isn’t very wide and there are girls wearing colorful dresses inside.

The girls stood up at once and greeted me with a momentum like I was being attacked.

No way would I be so passionately welcomed.

It reminds me of when I was first summoned here as a Priestess.

“The hairstyle that Midi had perfectly replicated Aldina’s hairstyle.

” “That’s amazing Haruka.

Have you studied hair somewhere?” No, I’m not at the professional level.

…Well that’s okay.

It’s what I expected.

Even though I can only really arrange hair for high school girls.

Midi grabbed my hand.

Did you notice I was afraid? “Oh well, even Haruka is not a masochist.

Don’t make unreasonable demands.

” (Midi) “Yessss.

Well then, may I ask you first? As for the feeling, I want it like the hairstyle that Aldina was wearing.

” (Rusha) “Wait, that’s sly Rusha.

I wanted to be like Aldina.

” “So you two wants that style too? Then it’ll be three people with similar hairstyle!” (Midi) The tensions between girls are terrible.

I, who has become accustomed to the tension the of the elderly man, is completely overwhelmed with their power.

I just stood in place without saying a word.

When I was a school girl in Japan, I wonder if they were noisy like this.

In the train, I’m sure it’s annoying.

When I return to my original world, I will try to be a little humbler.

But, I don’t dislike this kind of vibe either.

I succeeded in gradually becoming familiar with them.

I listened to their request and somehow managed to make up a hairstyle that made full use of their cuteness.

After all, Aldina’s hairstyle would most likely be on other girls too.

I did a good job! When I look at the four young ladies, they were smiling deeply.

“Now then.

The next turn is Haruka.

” (Midi) I didn’t understand the meaning of Midi’s words.

Me? What do you mean? “Haruka, you are going to the party with us.

” (Midi)“Ha!?” (Haruka) It was a voice that came from the bottom of my heart.

I’m not listening.

I can’t hear you! “If Haruka is a girl of age, wouldn’t there be stories floating around? I mean, besides the uncle working at the diner, there isn’t anyone else.

It’s natural there isn’t any talk floating around.

Your youth is being wasted!” (Midi)Midi’s eyes are burning with a sense of a mission.

“So, by all means, Haruka will be joining us this time.

” (Midi) No, you didn’t invite me, right? It’s such a short notice, isn’t it? This flow is like I’m being forcefully taken, isn’t it? “Do not worry, we’ve prepared a proper dress for Haruka.

The hairstyling skill won’t be as good as Haruka’s, but there is three of us here to help.

” (Midi) Midi came out with a thin pink dress.

The waist is tightened with a long ribbon.

The skirt was a long side flared skirt.

Oh, it’s cute.

It is not too fancy and not overly tasteful.

Well, it sure is cute! “At this party, the partner are people you will find locally.

So do not worry about anything.

” No, I don’t want that kind of encounter here.

Besides, if it’s a place with an unspecified number of people gathering, it may be dangerous for the former Priestess.

However, no matter how much I refused, I cannot escape from their evil hands.

I was forced to take off my clothes and put into the pink dress.

After that, I became their hairdresser dolls who obey their words.

・ ・ ・ ・ At the dance party venue.

It is an outdoor multipurpose square that is located a little away from the center of the city.

It looks like this plaza is usually used for various evens.

Today it is lively and decorated as a place of exchange for young people.

However, I’m doing my best at the city’s youth-centered event.

For example, the trees around the plaza are wrapped with various colored lights.

It is as beautiful as a Christmas tree, but I think that is not quite as easy to prepare.

Because it is a magical power that is driving the force of light.

In other words, light is a type of magic tool.

It is rented out by the country and cannot be used extensively by the general public.

Thanks to the lights, the plaza at night is brighter than usual.

Oh, I thought I would be unnoticed if I were lost in the dark.

With this brightness, people who wants to do evil will stand out.

Midi showed a disgusted face.

“What’s so disgusting? Okay, maybe it was bad to be brought here without advance notice.

” “No…that…I don’t know what to say…” (Haruka) There was no answer so I drank tea while saying vague words.

A lot of young people are enjoying the party with bright smiles.

Sure it looks like fun.

I don’t dislike this kind of thing at all.

But, I may be cowardly with ‘love’.

To put it simply, it is still dragging behind with Noel.

I’m sure that’s why I’m intimidated with this sort of event because of what happened with Noel.

“I’m a little worry about Haruka but, there’s no use standing here, right? Shall we go?” (Midi) I was overwhelmed by Midi’s proposal.

“Well, are you scattering?” (Midi) “Oh yeah, if four girls are standing around, no one will hear my voice.

If it’s two girls it’ll look good Haruka.

Would you like to walk in the hall with me?” (Midi) Midi tilted her head at me.

Surprisingly the ladies are positive.

I, who do not feel the motivation, want to choose a road to stick close to Midi.

But, I’ll drag Midi with me since I don’t have any motivation.

I decided to send Midi away.

Yes, this way I will put power into the food! Fortunately, there were a wide variety of food in the venue.

The party began just before the food ran out.

 It looks like this is somewhat different from my world.

In Japan, it was buffet style with bite size food.

I guess it’s prettier to eat that way.

Especially for the young ladies.

There are many people who won’t move once they found the dessert corner.

I like to eat meat more than sweets.

So I found fried chicken! When I took the dish with glee, I saw another hand stretched out from the side.

The hand picked up three fried chicken.

Oh, you are really going for it.

“This looks delicious doesn’t it?”  (Ars) I heard an unexpected voice.

I look at the young man next to me.

“Ah!” (Haruka) It’s that flirty man from that time at the God Festival!