The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 4

The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 4

Chapter 4: God Festival The day of the festival arrived.

Oh wow!I started to feel excited like a child as I look around the glamorous city.

There are colorful flowers along the windows of the house and on the street.

Every house has the national flag displayed and it is swaying lazily beneath the bright blue sky.

Many stores are opened on the street and the various smells tickled my nose every few steps.

The orchestra performances were also lively.

There are nearly ten times the usual amount of people outside today.

In every country, even if it’s a different world, the festivals are exciting! Whatever the problem I had yesterday, I walked around the city feeling as if I might sing at any moment.

When I participated in the parade before, it was as a “Priestess”.

I could not feel the fun atmosphere that is around the city.

That’s why it was a very rare experience to be able to lead the parade as the main attraction in the festival.

“Here, it’s Haruka! How about coming over and buy one?”A good business voice called out to me from one of the stores.

It is the old man who owns the butcher shop that I frequently go to.

It looks like he has a stall selling hot dogs today.


I could smell the scent of burning meat that is drifting over a few meters away.

“Hello uncle.

Wow, it looks delicious~” While I am looking at the freshly grilled meat, I bought two right away.

“I’m going to look around a little bit more and then I’ll come back.

”“Okay, come anytime.

” .



I have prepared money to be used for this festival in advance.

I cannot afford to buy everything so I should carefully examine what I want.

If possible, I would like to keep my pocket money that was given by the boss’s wife.

While living as a commoner, I finally understood the value of things in this world.

For the me who lived in modern society, what I call “bad goods” is normal in this world.

When I was living in the Royal Palace, I did not know because I was surrounded by quality items that are just as good as my original world.

And now I realize that the money I need to buy those “bad goods” is too hard for a girl like me to earn.

I didn’t know about this when I was the Priestess.

Meals in downtown is very delicious.

To keep the Royal Palace and my original world out of my mind, I am stopping by a lot of stalls for their delicious food.

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COM While I was walking around, I saw several young ladies gathered around looking and whispering to one another.

They seem to be watching someone with glee while they go kyaaa.

I wonder why.

I casually follow their line of sight and unexpectedly I groaned.

In my line of sight, there were knights of the royal palace.

Should I say they’re semi-off duty? It’s not a hard job since they’re patrolling around the city with two or three people while leisurely walking along the streets.

As evidence, they wore the most casual outfit among the knight uniforms.

Anyone can tell they’re knights but they’re not in work mode.

Speaking of knights, this is a profession only nobleman can do.

The daughters of ordinary citizens are on edge.

With this festival, it is their chance to get closer to those knights.

In the meantime, the patrons of the diner said “There might be good encounters”.


I don’t appreciate it at all.

If you’re a regular soldier who enters and leaves the diner, you won’t know my Priestess era.

However, as a knight maybe you know my face.

At the moment I’m not sure…but I still have to consider it in case of emergency.

I’m getting cold sweats thinking about it so I decided to keep that career hidden.

Fortunately, I haven’t recognized any of the faces that had just passed.

(Oh, it’s kind of bad.

) It’s not like I’m a wanted fugitive, I just want to keep my pride.

The group of daughters of ordinary citizens was out of sight before long.

They seem to be chasing after the knights.

I hope it leads to good encounters for them.

In the meantime, the time for the parade has finally arrived.

The people started to gather along the boulevard.

I felt myself being swept by the waves of people while taking dawdling steps with a sinking feeling in my stomach.

I’m getting nervous about being seen by Noel.

It’s my last look at him.

I never dreamed I would have a chance to see him again.

(It may be that there is another Priestess beside him that isn’t me.

) Rather than maybe, it was a definite.

During the festival, I heard rumors of Aldina’s story several times while I walked around the city.

Noel is sure to be her escort knight.

And it seems to be certain that those two people will participate in this parade today.

At the same time, there were rumors that the two of them are dating.

Among the young girls in the city, Noel and Aldina seem to be a couple they admire.

Is it their face after all? Is it fate that two good-looking people are tied together? Please allow me to ask for forgiveness.

I don’t think couples are tied together by looks alone.

From the time I was the Priestess, Noel had a principle of not playing around.

I wish I was a substantial beauty as well.

Oh, I wonder if you have already started dating Aldina at the time.

She was also aware of my affection for Noel and wasn’t able to tell me.

Well, I’m feeling more miserable… The tension of the people around me was high.

Finally, a loud horn sound.

It is a signal to start the parade.

The cheers along the road were very loud.

Hey everyone, the parade hasn’t made its way out yet… I was standing around the middle of the crowd of people.

Most of my sight is the back of someone’s head but, it looks like I won’t have any problem watching the parade pass by.

Most of the people marching would be on their horse so they are high up.

Eventually, from afar, a light melody of music from the music corps can be heard gradually.

People in the front row rushes forward at once and scream excitedly.

Apparently, the front of the parade was starting to appear.

Hmm, the people in the back was trying to push forward so the crowd was a havoc.

It is better to watch the parade quietly in the back row.

The parade continued smoothly while I was being mobbed by the crowd.

The beginning is soldiers carrying the big national flag.

After that, the music corps continued onward while the important people of the country follows.

It looks like the star knights of this country are the vanguards.

Wow, really cool.

The beautiful girls are standing up with their spine straight while beautiful young march by while holding their swords up.

It was a sight to behold.

The knight commander is riding his horse behind them.

It is a nostalgic face because I have met him several time.

Of course, he is not aware of me.

No, maybe in order to become a knight it’s not just about nobility.

I think they need to clear the looks criteria as well.

It is the beautiful pair from earlier.

What a stupid cold world.

After the dancing girls came the country’s Prime Minister.

The three princes are participating but unexpectedly the King and Queen aren’t.

Regardless, it is still a very luxurious parade.

And finally, it came.

People’s cheers have changed.

It was close to a loud angry roar as if they long for God’s salvation.

Everyone, how desperate are you? I wonder if it was the same in my case.

I cannot remember now.

Aldina appeared while riding the horse-drawn carriage.

Next to her was the form of my former escort knight.

Aldina, who was on an open roof carriage was waving her hand at the crowd, and she didn’t mind that her arms becoming tired.

As rumored, it was true.

No, it’s more than that.

She was shining brightly and really beautiful like an angel.

The smile that seems to be overflowing with happiness is shown without regret that is drawing in people’s gaze.

To keep your eyes on her.

Just her beautiful face wasn’t enough.

Her inner beauty was oozing out grabbing onto people’s mind.

Is this the power of God? I was blessed once and now it’s gone.

Noel is sitting next to her with a discreet smile.

During the year and a half, his appearance didn’t change much.

I wonder if I was feeling more fearless.

I was secretly wondering if I was disappointed or not after seeing the real thing after a long time.

He looks much nicer than I remembered.

No, what do I wish for? The image of the “Priestess and her escort” isn’t simple.

Noel does not notice me at all.

My gaze was lost among the crowd of people who were also staring at him.

He’s not really good with these kinds of events.

I’m not sure he would be here if the Priestess wasn’t there.

During my time, he would follow the carriage I was in on a horse.

Noel, I came back.

I spoke softly that was barely audible.

Of course, he was not drawn to where I was at all.

I wonder what will be in the future.

I am anxious.

It is to the extent that I feel like I’m being crushed.