The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 3

The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 3

Chapter 3: I’ll spend my time quietly as a citizen I was lucky the husband and wife welcomed me.

I was already on the verge of starvation.

I don’t have money from this world so naturally, I couldn’t buy food.

When I was summoned to this world from school, I only had my bag.

Inside my bag, I had a water bottle and two pieces of candy.

I only had those items.

Since I ended up having to endure those two days in such a situation, I surprisingly managed to survive.

Still…in the end I was almost unconscious.

The smell of a delicious meal leaked out from the door of the diner.

It seems like I wandered far away from the city’s entrance.

At this point, my strength was used up and I collapsed.

That’s where the husband found me.

Although I was just an ordinary schoolgirl, the uniform I wore was helpful to the husband’s “good judgment”.

The husband decided I wasn’t a beggar who fell over and died but rather a young lady who at some point got separated from her servants.

The husband invited me into his shop and I enjoyed a hot meal.

At first, I told him I didn’t have any money but he didn’t mind that.

I can assure you that the rice I ate at that time was the most delicious I had in my eighteen years of living.

I saw the kindness I was given.

It was the first time I ate while crying.

I felt relieved to tell the kind husband a white lie about myself.

After all, it’ll be messy and hard to explain if I told him I came from a different world – even if it’s true.




I had no choice but to tell him that I was staying with relatives living in the countryside and how they didn’t want to move into the city with me so I’m living here by myself.

I hate myself for telling this lie.

In the end, they welcome me to be a live-in store clerk.

I am doing my best to pay them back by working hard all day and night.

However, I did not give up on returning to my original world.

Someday, I will return.

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COM Last time when I completed my mission as the Priestess, the country sent me back to my original world with a grand party.

 However, this time there wasn’t any mission so I don’t know when I can return to my original world.

Yes, I must move on my own.

Before I am found by my previous companions, I must find a way back to my original world.

While giving back to the store, I must find a way to go home.

My goal has been decided.

“Haruka, bring me sake, sake!”“Oh, here too!”“You may order additional orders!”“Huh, it’s time!” The sun starts to set behind the mountain and the sky starts to deepen into a dark night.

Noisy customers were around me while I move around the narrow shop.

About 80% of the customers of this diner are the miserable old man.

Besides those type, there are many types of strong people because the bar was popular with the Royal Palace soldiers.

It is a dangerous workplace for a person who does not want to face the Royal Palace but, this shop only had ordinary people and lower level solders.

There is almost no possibility where someone who knew me when I was the Priestess would visit this place.

Indeed, there has never been a familiar face.

Even if the acquaintance I knew beforehand would not recognize the ‘me’ now.

Either way, I have nowhere else to go.

I cannot leave this place, even if there is some risk.

“Haruka-chan are you working this Wednesday?” “Huh? Yes.

The only day off is on Salsu’s day.

” * I was suddenly asked that by one of the regular customers and I tilted my head slightly.

If you’re a good customer, you should know when the shop is closed.

Maybe he sensed my doubts, and he waved a hand “It’s different”.

“Did you forget? Next Wednesday is the festival celebration.

It seems like most shops will be closed that day.

” “Ah.

” I finally understood.

God’s Festival- it is a festival that expresses gratitude to God once a year.

It is a big event that is celebrated nationwide.

I used to join the parade which is a highlight of the festival as a Priestess.

Well, that is about two years ago.

Since this was considered a major part of life in this world, there is no way of forgetting.

“Oh…it’s that time.

” The wife of the owner of the diner caught the look on my face from the kitchen.

“I’m sorry, we will be resting on that day.

” “What a pity, I’m sorry.

I was wondering if I will be having lunch here because there will be a march in the morning, so it’s a big deal.

” He muttered while frowning.

Well, it is a parade.

I thought back to the scenery of the festival I participated in before.

Certainly, there was music being played and everyone sprinkled petals making everything look beautiful.

The people from the Royal Palace who usually don’t come out into the city also participates in the parade, so it’s a fun event for the general public.

(Shivers…)Suddenly I stopped cleaning up the table.

–I wonder if he will come out to be a part of this year’s God festival parade.

No no no.

I have nothing to do with this.

I don’t care if he shows up or not.

In a panic, I return to wiping the table.

Still, there is nothing I can about how my thoughts flow without rambling.

–Perhaps he will join too.

Two years ago, he also marched with me when I was the Priestess.

Since he was my escort knight, it was only natural that he does.

Speaking of that time, there weren’t any other escorts assigned to me.

I supposed they took every guard to be a part of the parade because it shows their status and it looks good.

“Will Haruka go to the festival as well?”Another regular customer asked in a bright voice.

“Well, yes, if there is time…”My reply was blunt and sounded bad.

Because of that, it seems like there was a misunderstanding with the wife.

I rushed out of the kitchen.

“Haru-chan always works hard.

You should have a good time and enjoy the festival too! I have some pocket money so I will be taking care of you.

” “Oh no, I’m sorry it’s not about me!” “A young girl now lives in a new place.

You shouldn’t act like a spoiled child and be grateful!” “Oh yeah, maybe there will be a good encounter in the city?”The words were spoken by an irresponsible old man.

But it’s not like I’m worried about money but I’m feeling too sorry to the owner’s wife! And I’m not looking for love in this world.

I don’t want to see him, but I don’t think I can say anything to them… “I would never go to see the march if I was off duty.

The new Priestess Aldina will be making her appearance.

I want to have a good look at her.

”“Oh, in the rumor, she sounds like a charming beauty.

”“The Father of the Church who met Aldina-sama said she is the incarnation of God, there is no more replacement for the Priestess!” One corner of the shop, people started were getting excited.

I overheard some words and I was worried about what I was hearing.

I looked over to them unintentionally.

“Haruka, are you interested in Aldina? She is a woman who people yearn for.

” The existence of “Aldina-sama” is new to me.

“Umm, who is Aldina…?”When I quietly asked that question, everyone in the diner froze.

Ugh…did I ask such an unusual question? When I was here before, there wasn’t anyone named Aldina.

Yup, without a doubt.

“It’s the Priestess Aldina who has a rare God power since the country began.

Hey, do you seriously not know?” “Since the Priestess who came from a different world returned a year and half ago, there was a big fuss about choosing her replacement.

” “But in the end, it was nearly unanimous that the chosen successor will be Aldina.

” “I’m sure that Aldrina is preserving the country’s peace even after the previous Priestess left.

” The men spoke freely amongst themselves while being ecstatic So my replacement was Aldina.

I thought that the Priestess can only be those who came from another world but it looks like that wasn’t a requirement.

In that case, from the beginning, why did they summon me from another world when they can find one within their country.

“Actually, I met Aldina in the church a while back.

”“Ehhh~ Really?“Ah…I cannot believe it at first.

A delicate, white, and beautiful… it was like an angel.

”“Did you receive any words of blessing?”“No, not me.

This was given to children and the elderly.

To begin with, the escort was right next to Aldina and he didn’t have the aura of an ordinary person.

” “What kind of person was the escort?”Without thinking I opened my big mouth.

I was surprised at myself because my voice sounded desperate.

But, the drunks around me did not notice any change in my voice.

“Hmm…that’s right.

That knight who was an escort was also an escort for the former Priestess.

What was his name?” “…Noel…?”In response to my muttering, the surrounding people nodded.

“Oh yeah! That’s the name.

What is this Haruka? Are you interested in the man? Well, that’s okay! I’m more interested in men than women.

” “Haru is also of age.

In fact, the knight seems to be popular with the women in the city.

” “I’m sure that knight will also be in the line of people who will be Ardina’s escort.

”After that story, the customers seemed to be exhausted.

However, I hardly remember the conversation afterward.

I was full of frustration that I’m unfamiliar with.

I better not go to the festival.

While thinking that, I felt sad that I wouldn’t be going.

Translator’s Note:Poor Haruka! She is still heartbroken over Noel.

Note:* Salsu is the ancient Roman goddess of health and prosperity.