Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 194

Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 194

Chapter 194: Gone Off The Deep End Su Jiu went into Eldest Mistress’s room.

Eldest Mistress was out and Peach was embroidering a handkerchief while humming a folk tune.

“What are you so happy about?” Su Jiu suddenly moved closer and shouted at her ear.

“Ah!” Peach was startled.

She recognized Su Jiu and said angrily, “Eldest Young Lady, you scared me to death!” Su Jiu chuckled and said, “You’re the one who was distracted by what you were thinking.

Tell me, are you thinking about your lover?” “Pooh!” Peach laughed and said, “Eldest Young Lady, you always make fun of me.

But I do have something to be happy about today.

” Peach put down the needle and thread in her hand and poured Su Jiu a cup of tea.

She continued to speak with a smile, “Madame Lin and Aunty Wang in the kitchen fought today.

Aunty Wang said she lost a jade bracelet and found it in Madame Lin’s room.

Madame Lin refused to admit that she stole the bracelet.

So Aunty Wang gathered a bunch of people to crowd around her and call her a thief.

” Peach snorted with laughter and said in a pleased voice, “Eldest Young Lady, you don’t know but that Madame Lin has tried to steal Eldest Mistress’s things before and sold them for money.

I caught her at it and beat her up.

All the servants in the house saw it.

So she won’t be able to get rid of the reputation as a thief anytime soon.

” Su Jiu stretched out a finger and glided it down Peach’s nose, laughing, and she said, “Good job!” Peach blushed and grinned even wider, saying, “Just when Aunty Wang and Madame Lin were arguing loudly, someone stood out and said he saw the second young lady sneak into Madame Lin’s room at noon while everyone was busy in the kitchen.

Madame Lin grabbed the opportunity and said the second young lady stole the jade bracelet.

Of course, the second young lady wouldn’t admit it.

So, the mother and daughter started a fight right there in front of everyone.

It was quite exciting.

Their hair was all loose and their clothes got torn.

All the servants in the yard were watching the drama.

“A mother fighting with her own daughter.

How shameless!” Peach spat in disdain.

Su Jiu curled up her lips into a smile.

The mother and the daughter really went all out to ensure they stay in the Su family.

They even framed and shifted the blame onto each other.




They hadn’t wasted her efforts and kindness! Su Jiu and Peach chatted and laughed until it was dark and the lights were lit outside.

Then, Su Jiu asked, “Where is my mother?” Peach said, “My lady is in your room.

She has been there for a while.

” In her room? Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Su Jiu returned to her own room and found Eldest Mistress sitting on her bed, folding her clothes.

The bed was covered with brocade clothing, from undergarments to middle coats, and padded embroidered dresses for the winter as well.

Su Jiu walked up to her and laughed, “Why did Mother prepare so many clothes for me?” The Eldest Mistress glanced at her and said, “I didn’t make these for you.

Yuxian delivered these himself.

” Su Jiu held a delicately embroidered brocade outer robe in her hand, staring at it as if she had been put in a trance.

“He came today?” “Yes.

You were not here, so he gave me these clothes and left.

He asked me to remind you to keep warm and take your medicine on time,” Eldest Mistress said in a soft voice.

Su Jiu pursed her lips.

The embroidery on the clothes was soft, exquisite, and lively under the candlelight.

“He also said…” The Eldest Mistress put the folded clothes aside and spoke slowly.

“What did he say?” Su Jiu asked immediately.

The Eldest Mistress shot her a glance and laughed, “Turns out you do care about him after all!” Su Jiu’s ears turned red.

She furrowed her brows and said, “Mother, I will never believe you again if you keep bluffing me like this!” “I didn’t lie to you!” The Eldest Mistress chuckled and told her what Ji Yuxian said to mention to Su Jiu.

Su Jiu sat in a daze as if a trickle of clear and fresh spring water was flowing through her heart, making her whole body relaxed and comfortable.

Meanwhile, a trace of joy stirred up her heart and even made her breathe more quickly.

The shadow of the candlelight flickered over the young girl’s pretty face and sketched her delicate silhouette.

Her soft lips curled up into a simple smile.

Eldest Mistress knew she didn’t need to say anything anymore.

No one else felt Ji Yuxian’s love more vividly than Su Jiu.

Eldest Mistress put the clothes away and walked out, holding onto Su Jiu’s hand, and said, “Let’s go eat dinner now.

Meanwhile, put some thoughts into how you want to repay Yuxian’s deep affection.

Don’t go kicking up a row and hurting his feeling again!” Eyes sparkling, Su Jiu chuckled and followed her mother at a brisk pace.

After dinner, Su Jiu kept Eldest Mistress company, making conversation with her for a while before going back to her room.

The servants had already prepared water for her.

Si Jiu took a bath and wore a loose-fit, light blue nightgown with her long black hair loose behind her.

She sat on the couch and decided to straighten up the ledger of the trading company.

Su Jiu looked through the ledger page by page under the dim candlelight.

While she stared at the thickly packed numbers on the paper, the charming face of a man suddenly popped into Su Jiu’s head.

His narrow eyes were bewitching and affectionate, his expression watching her tenderly.

What was he doing now? Was he reading his own ledger or playing chess by himself? Su Jiu closed her eyes and felt as if he was kissing her cheek gently in the dark.

A burning sensation spread through her body, making her tremble with passion.

Suddenly, the snuff of the candle popped.

Su Jiu returned to her senses in an instant.

Her face was red and an unusual and feverish feeling surged inside her.

She chugged down a cup of cold tea to extinguish the fire in her heart.

How was she yearning for love already when it was not even winter yet? She took in a deep breath, gathered her thoughts, and tried to focus her eyes on the ledger one more time.

But after reading less than two pages, the letters and numbers on the paper blurred and slowly turned into that man’s tantalizing eyes again, seducing her with every blink.

Su Jiu became vexed.

She picked up the ledger and threw it away, leaning over the desk with an annoyed look.

There was the sound of two knocks on the door and Peach whispered from outside, “Eldest Young Lady, it’s almost midnight already.

Eldest Mistress wants you to go to sleep soon!” “Okay, I heard you!” Su Jiu answered with a drawl.

She blew out the candle, stepped barefoot over the carpet, and climbed into her bed.

The autumn night was cold and silent.

Moonlight shone through the window and flooded the room.

Its silvery brightness spilled over, clear and sparkling in the young girl’s star-like eyes.

Su Jiu held onto the blanket, feeling that it was too cold and hard.

She couldn’t get into a comfortable position despite tossing about on the bed repeatedly.

She wasn’t sleepy at all.

The night watchman’s drum reverberated in the quiet night.

Su Jiu sat up, hesitating for a moment, then got off the bed, putting on her outer robe.

She closed the door gently, flipping nimbly into the air, and disappeared in the darkness.

It seemed like Young Mistress arriving from the sky in the middle of the night had become a common occurrence.

Jin Feng only took a brief look before he hid again as if nothing happened.

A dim candle was still burning on the table in the bedroom.

The bed’s canopy was lowered.

Eldest Young Master had gone to sleep already.

Su Jiu walked over slowly, lifting up the canopy with one hand, watching the man sleep facing the wall.

His silky, black hair was loose down his back and he had his eyes closed.

He slept on one side of the bed, leaving the space inside vacant to fit just one more person.

Covered by the blanket, it looked like he had saved it for her on purpose, or perhaps it was his habit.

Su Jiu’s heart softened.

She took off her outer robe and climbed into the bed.

She crawled under the blanket and gently slid her hands around the man’s waist from behind.

The man’s body trembled slightly, then his breathing returned to normal.

Su Jiu pushed her forehead against his broad back and smelled the familiar fragrance of water lotuses.

Her heart calmed down at last and the inexplicable fret she felt vanished.

She closed her eyes and prepared to sleep.

The man waited for a while.

He could not sense any movement from her.

He opened his eyes and frowned.

Just as he was about to turn around, the arms that were around his waist tightened.

The young woman behind him spoke in a muffled voice, “Don’t move.

Sleep tight.

” Ji Yuxian didn’t know what to say.

She climbed into his bed in the middle of the night and asked him to sleep tight? “It’s too cold to sleep alone,” the girl added as an explanation.

In the darkness, Ji Yuxian smiled slightly.

He turned around and put his hand around her slender waist.

With a gentle tug, he pulled her closer and held her in his arms tightly.

“This is warmer.

” Su Jiu nestled her head in his chest.

She lifted her face and looked at the man watching her with his bright, laughing eyes.

The young woman’s face lit up in enlightenment.

She clenched her teeth and laughed.

“It turns out Young Master Ji did it on purpose!” “Did what on purpose?” The man raised his eyebrows a little.

“You said those words to my mother on purpose, using the excuse of sending me clothes.

” Su Jiu snorted.

The man’s brows furrowed.

He said, “Mother-in-law told you what I said?” “Are you saying you didn’t want Mother to tell me?” “Of course I don’t! You are already emboldened and fearless.

Now you will run even wilder after hearing my words!” Ji Yuxian sighed, his eyes glistening.

Su Jiu chuckled scornfully and said, “You’re exaggerating and bragging now that you have got what you want!” Ji Yuxian leaned even closer so his thin lips almost touched her curly eyelashes.

He said in a low and seductive voice, “You were moved by what I said, so you decided you like me after all and missed me so much that you couldn’t sleep?” Wearing a guilty expression, Su Jiu shot him a glare, and said, “Who missed you? I already told you.

It’s too cold to sleep alone!” Ji Yuxian took off her loose middle coat and pressed his hot body to hers.

He kissed her cheek gently and said enticingly, “What about now? Are you warm?” Su Jiu’s lithe body was held firmly in his arms and softened like a pond of springtime water.

She found his lips and kissed them, tender and aroused, moaning.

“You’re only allowed to hold me.

Don’t do anything else!” Ji Yuxian’s face turned a shade darker.

He sucked hard on her lips and said with a hoarse voice, “Darling, you obviously came to torture me!” Su Jiu chuckled, squinting her eyes like a mischievous little fox.

“I don’t care.

You’re not allowed!” “Why not? You’re the wife I married through a formal marriage.

As your husband, I have the right to use my husbandly privilege.

Also, I have the obligation to please my wife,” Ji Yuxian whispered and bit down on her soft lower lip.

Still, Su Jiu shook her head, and said, “Wait a little longer!” The man exhaled an almost indiscernible sigh.

His kisses became more tender and gentler.

… In September, the palace began to prepare for the autumn hunting event that was held every three years.

It was held on the imperial hunting grounds along the eastern outskirts of the Mountain Phoenix.

The whole imperial family and all of the civil officials and military officers would be attending.

Officials could bring their family members along, which turned the hunting event into a contest of beauty among the noble wives and young ladies.

The officials’ family members were arranged to stay in tents at the foot of the mountain a day ahead of the event.

They all wore lavish clothes, put on thick layers of makeup, and piled their hair full of golden hairpins.

Putting their all into what was becoming a beauty contest instead of a hunting event, it was as if they wished they could wear all their precious jewelry at once to show off.

It would become be a fine widely told tale if all the unmarried men and women fell in love with each other and tied the marital knot.

Since the Empress excused herself from going, and Imperial Concubine Rong stayed behind in the palace to look after Empress Dowager, that meant Crown Princess Consort Yu Long had the highest status among the women present.

The families of the officials began visiting Yu Long as soon as she arrived.

Even though some officials didn’t possess a rank high enough to visit her in person, they sent her presents they had prepared, seizing this opportunity to ingratiate themselves with her.

Yu Long sat in her spacious, comfortable tent, and welcomed everyone.

She was polite and dignified, carrying herself with ease, without a shred of impatience or perfunctory attitude.

The reputation of the Crown Princess Consort being genial and virtuous quickly spread around shortly after.

Everyone hurried to applaud her as if anybody who sang lesser praise was counted disrespectful.

That evening, Emperor Zhao Ping led the imperial family, the civil officials, and the military officers into the camp.

The tents for the women were separate from the ones for men, guards stationed in between to protect the women.

A small banquet was held that night.

As the Crown Princess Consort, Yu Long was supposed to attend it with Xiao Lie.

Her maidservant, Hong Xiu, applied her makeup earlier in the day and they waited for someone to take Yu Long to the banquet.

Qing Lan and Hong Xiu were Yu Long’s maidservants as part of her dowry.

After Qing Lan had gone, Hong Xiu became Yu Long’s personal maidservant.

Ever since the wedding, Xiao Lie had never gone to Yu Long’s room.

They didn’t even get to see each other at normal times.

Hong Xiu was anxious and worried about Yu Long, but she didn’t know what to do.

She thought that the banquet would be the perfect opportunity for the Crown Princess Consort to spend more time with the Crown Prince.

However, no one came to take Yu Long to the banquet even though they waited until nightfall and the banquet in the main tent across the field started.

Yu Long’s face fell.

She removed the golden hairpins on her head one at a time and said softly, “Help me take a bath, I’m going to bed.

” Hong Xiu couldn’t help but feel disappointed.

She thought that even if Xiao Lie forgot about the Crown Princess Consort, the Emperor would have reminded him.

She lifted her eyes and glanced at the main tent again, but she too had given up and prepared Yu Long for bed.

The next morning, at the crack of dawn, a loud and clear bugle call sounded through the mountain.

The deafening sound was echoed for a long time.

Clad in riding attire, the men came out of their tents in high spirits, itching to start the hunt.

The tranquil mountains became lively.

The sun rose and the morning fog dissipated.

Although it was already autumn, everything appeared vibrant because of the excitement and vigor reflecting from the faces of those present at the hunting event.

The men stood in straight lines in the middle of the field, waiting for Emperor Zhao Ping to start the opening ceremony.

At that moment, some movement came from the direction of the women’s tents across the field.

The woman riding a tall horse at the front of the procession was the Crown Princess Consort, Yu Long.

Wearing a riding habit of silver armor with her dark hair tied high on her head, Yu Long looked valiant and vigorous.

She attracted a lot of attention and was by no means inferior even as she stood among the selected troops.

A dozen young ladies in similar riding habits followed behind her.

They looked ready to hunt as well, not as regal or spirited as she was.

They appeared to be bashful in front of the men and were not calm or at ease among them like Yu Long.

Under the admiring gazes of the people, Yu Long dismounted from her horse and walked straight towards Xiao Lie.

She smiled and said, “Greetings, Your Highness!” Xiao Lie’s slender form looked even taller in his black riding clothes.

His cold eyes were like stars embedded on his cold and expressionless face.

Yu Long took no notice of the man’s indifference.

Her keen eyes were shining in the morning sunlight.

She laughed.

“I brought my own people to participate in the hunt.

Does Your Highness want to compete with me later?” The Young Royal Highness Liang and some young masters cheered on the side.

“Your Highness is sure to win!” “Your Highness must take up this challenge!” … The young ladies behind Yu Long refused to be outdone.

They hollered for Yu Long as well.

Everyone laughed and messed around, livening up the cold and lifeless autumn.

Walking in the distance, Emperor Zhao Ping was surrounded by his ministers.

The crowd instantly fell silent and saluted him on bended knee, chanting in unison, “Long live the Emperor!” Emperor Zhao Ping wore a golden riding suit with protective armor.

With a smile on his face, he had a stately bearing.

His eyes swept across the athletic men of Daling Country before his gaze finally fixed on Yu Long.

He laughed.

“Does Yu Long want to join the hunting contest too?” “Yes, Imperial Father!” Yu Long smiled, at ease conversing with His Majesty.

She said in a clear voice, “I have also arranged to have a contest with His Highness, the Crown Prince, to see who can capture more game!” Xiao Lie knitted his eyebrows and glanced at her.

Emperor Zhao Ping was delighted, he said, “Good! I will generously award whoever wins the contest! But Lie’er, you shouldn’t bully Yu Long!” Yu Long raised her eyebrows, looking at Xiao Lie with pride and a cunning smile, she said, “Watch out, Your Highness.

My father personally taught me how to shoot!” Xiao Lie’s dark eyes were emotionless.

He remained silent.

The new commander of the Forbidden Army, Li Ping, stepped forward and asked, “Your Majesty, can the hunt begin?” “Wait a moment.

I invited someone else who will be here soon,” Emperor Zhao Ping said.

The crowd was astonished at this announcement.

All those who were to attend the event had already gathered.

Who would dare to come after the Emperor and make him wait? Just as they were guessing among themselves, the clatter of hoofbeats sounded like thunder approaching from a distance.

The people turned their heads to saw someone riding towards them on a high horse in the morning light.

The figure sat upright like bamboo; black hair piled on top of the rider’s head.

The rider wore a simple light-blue long robe instead of a riding habit, and galloped toward them, against the rising sun.

The rider’s delicate and ravishing face could only be made out when the figure reached the field.

Even with feminine facial features, it was hard to tell the rider’s gender because of the air of austerity the rider gave off.

The crowd was stunned.

The gathering of tens of thousands of people fell deadly silent.

Xiao Lie’s body went rigid as the young woman appeared.

He stared steadily at her with his inky eyes and seemed to fall into a daze.

Yu Long also recognized the person, Su Jiu.

Her heart sank as she glanced at Xiao Lie out of the corner of her eyes.

She couldn’t help but draw her brows together as she examined his face, feeling even more puzzled than ever.

Su Jiu was just a commoner.

Why did she come to this hunting event as well? It looked like Xiao Lie was surprised by her appearance too.

Nangong Shu stood at the very front of the military officers and watched the young woman on the horse with a smile on his face.

She came like a phoenix reborn through the fire, spreading her wings again, even after going through numerous setbacks and misfortune.

He had witnessed with his own eyes how she grew up one step at a time.

From an arrogant bandit to the shrewd, mature businesswoman she was today, she had blossomed with splendor even after hitting the lowest point.

No one could hurt her anymore.

He didn’t have the right to protect her anymore, but he still felt exceedingly gratified watching her grow stronger.

Hu Dapao, Qiao An, and everyone else from the Dragon Conqueror Gang watched her attentively.

When she reached the field, the young woman dismounted from her horse and slowly walked toward Emperor Zhao Ping.

She kneeled before him and raised her head, a bright smile on her face.

“I salute the Emperor!” “Good!” Emperor Zhao Ping was very pleased to see Su Jiu.

He helped her up himself, and said, “Good timing.

The hunt is about to begin.

I would like to have a contest with you!” Seeing Emperor Zhao Ping treat Su Jiu so cordially, the people couldn’t help but wonder about her identity.

Yu Long’s eyes were filled with surprise.

How did the Emperor know Su Jiu? The hunt began with loud drumrolls.

Flags and banners fluttered in the wind and the air reverberated with the sound of horns.

It was a heart-stopping scene.

Emperor Zhao Ping gave a short opening speech before everyone climbed onto their horses, bows and arrows on their backs, rushing toward the mountain.

A rumbling sound rocked the earth, scaring all the animals living in the area.

Horse’s neighs filled the entire Mountain Phoenix.

Along with Emperor Zhao Ping, the others rode their horses, charging into the mountainside.

Because of Yu Long’s brave challenge, they cheered to see the Crown Princess Consort compete with the Crown Prince.

Yu Long looked at Xiao Lie and asked, “Is Your Highness too afraid to take up my challenge?” Xiao Lie sat on his horse, an aloof and unapproachable expression on his face as if he hadn’t heard what she said.

The people teased them while Lord Yun Nan watched from the side.

Emperor Zhao Ping worried that the contest might hurt Yu Long’s feelings, so he laughed and said, “Lie’er would be bullying Yu Long if he competes with her.

How about we ask Jiu’er to have a contest with Yu Long? It’s fairer since you’re both women.

” Surprised, Yu Long looked to Su Jiu.

Su Jiu, however, didn’t meet Yu Long’s eyes.

She smiled at Emperor Zhao Ping and said, “Good idea!” Everyone was excited to see the Crown Princess Consort compete in archery with this mysterious woman.

They circled them to watch the contest.

“The Crown Princess Consort is well-versed in both literature and martial arts.

She will definitely hit the target with every shot!” “Exactly! How dare she compete with the Crown Princess Consort? She’s only bringing shame down on herself!” “I bet a hundred taels of silver on the Crown Princess Consort’s victory!” The noble young ladies who came with Yu Long were rooting for Yu Long while looking at Su Jiu in disdain.

Servants prepared arrow cases for Yu Long and Su Jiu.

They each had ten marked arrows.

Guards released the prepared goats and the two began to compete.

Naturally, whoever shot the most goats would win the contest.

Su Jiu and Yu Long urged their horses into a run, dashing towards the wailing goats.

Eyes narrowed, Xiao Lie watched from the side.

The hunting field was filled with weeds that were half a person’s height.

The goats heard the thunderous hoofbeats behind them, scattering in all directions.

Yu Long held the bow and arrow and squinted her eyes to aim.

With a humming sound, the long arrow flew towards a running goat.

With a “ding” sound, another long arrow whistled in from the side and cut Yu Long’s arrow into halves.

The arrow didn’t stop there, flying on towards a nearby goat.

With a loud wail, the arrow sank into the goat, and it fell to the ground.

Yu Long immediately turned her head to glare at Su Jiu on the horse far away.

Su Jiu tilted her head, sitting leisurely atop the horse.

Her bright and innocent eyes were full of playfulness.

She flipped her bow in a circle around her wrist.

Yu Long’s face soured a little.

She didn’t say a word as she took out another arrow.

She rode to somewhere farther away from Su Jiu and drew her bow again.

The moment her arrow left the bow, another arrow followed and broke off hers again.

“Why is Lady Su doing this to me?” Yu Long turned and asked her coldly.

“I just learned this, shooting an arrow from the back.

What does the Crown Princess Consort think of the results of my study?” Holding the bow, Su Jiu smiled casually.

Yu Long’s face turned pale.

She turned and rode away.

Nonetheless, Su Jiu snapped all of her arrows no matter how she changed the angle or the distance she shot from.

None of her arrows managed to hit a goat.

A vicious look flashed in Yu Long’s eyes.

Furious and frustrated, Yu Long took out her last arrow and suddenly aimed it at Su Jiu.

She shot the arrow with all her strength.

On the opposite side, an arrow flow towards Yu Long almost simultaneously.

The two arrows crashed in midair.

With a clang of metal colliding, sparks flew in all directions.

Yu Long’s arrow exploded from its tip, the other arrow didn’t stop and continued flying at Yu Long’s face with the momentum of thunder.

Yu Long was taken aback.

Abruptly, she leaned back to dodge and lost her balance in her panic.

With a loud sound, she fell from her horse.

The arrow flew past her face and sank into the goat that was running behind her.

Emperor Zhao Ping and the ministers had seen Yu Long and Su Jiu galloping atop their horses and shooting arrows.

They had also heard the howls of the goats from time to time, not knowing who was the one shooting down the goats.

It baffled them to see Yu Long suddenly fall off her horse.

Lord Yun Nan pulled on the reins in his hands, looking at his daughter worriedly.

“Hurry! Check what happened!” Emperor Zhao Ping shouted quickly.

The servants bolted as soon as they heard the order while people began whispering and craning their necks to see what had happened.

Why would the Crown Princess Consort fall off her horse even though everything seemed fine? Only Xiao Lie remained composed and cold as usual.

Su Jiu rode back to Emperor Zhao Ping and dismounted from her horse.

She smiled and raised her head, saying, “Your Majesty, I’m back!” “Very good!” Emperor Zhao Ping nodded with a smile.

Yu Long was embarrassed by the fall.

She returned with a somber expression.

“Yu Long, are you alright?” Emperor Zhao Ping asked with deep concern.

“Thank you, Imperial Father, for your consideration.

I’m alright!” “That’s good!” Emperor Zhao Ping laughed and asked the guards who were sorting and counting the game, “How did Jiu’er and the Crown Princess Consort perform today?” The guard replied immediately, “All ten of Lady Su Jiu’s arrows hit their targets.

” “Fabulous!” Emperor Zhao Ping was exhilarated.

Smiling at Su Jiu, he said, “Jiu’er is a master archer.

I will reward you generously when we get back!” “Thank you, Your Majesty.

” Su Jiu gave him a bright, cheerful grin in the sunshine.

“How about Yu Long?” Emperor Zhao Ping asked again.

If Su Jiu’s ten arrows all hit targets, Yu Long probably hit close to that as well.

The counting guard hesitated for a moment, then he answered, “The Crown Princess Consort did not hit anything!” The crowd gasped.

Everyone fixed their eyes on Yu Long with different expressions on their faces.

There was also a murmur of ridicule.

The Crown Princess Consort had been bragging boldly about how she acquired her archery skill from Lord Yun Nan himself.

She had even wanted to compete with the Crown Prince.

Who would think that her bluff would be called so quickly, moreover, she hadn’t even hit one target? It was very embarrassing! The young ladies who had been extremely confident of Yu Long’s skills were now tongue-tied, the expressions on their faces changing rapidly.

Behind Emperor Zhao Ping, Lord Yun Nan sensed that something was wrong.

He peered at Yu Long with a questioning look.

Yu Long’s face remained steely, his body stiff.

She lowered her head, and said in a low voice, “I’m not in my top form today.

I apologize for disappointing you, Imperial Father!” Emperor Zhao Ping smiled and said, “Don’t worry.

It was only a friendly contest of little importance.

Alright! We have watched the match.

Now all of you should display your skills to the fullest.

I will award whoever catches the most game!” “Thank you, Your Majesty!” People expressed their gratitude and scattered.

Su Jiu rode beside Emperor Zhao Ping to keep him company.

She was a dashing figure, attracting attention like no one else could.

The daughter of the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Rites, Wu Qian, trailed along behind Yu Long and asked some of the others, “Who is this woman? Why haven’t we seen her before?” She tried to be inconspicuous.

“Even the Crown Princess Consort can’t compare with her!” Another woman whispered close to her ear, “I have seen her before.

She is a commoner and was close to the Crown Prince before.

” Wu Qian smiled with understanding.

Now, she intentionally raised her voice so that Yu Long can hear, “So she is a commoner? No wonder she behaves in such an ill-mannered way.

What good is it for her to have won an archery contest? It’s only a trifling skill like that of a scribe.

Look how arrogant she is!” Astride on her horse, Yu Long sat upright with dignified grace.

Her dismal eyes flickered to Su Jiu.

Suddenly, the wind whistled in front of them as if.

a beast had just run through.

Kicking her horse into a run, Su Jiu turned her head and said, “Your Majesty, I will hunt a leopard for you!” Before her voice faded, she was already a distance away.

The Emperor ordered servants to follow her.

“Make sure Jiu’er is safe!” “I will go!” Xiao Lie replied, his horse charging off after her.

Su Jiu was flying across the forest for a while before she realized Xiao Lie was chasing her.

She kept her horse galloping instead of stopping.

“Ah Jiu!” Xiao Lie shouted, trying to catch up to her, even outrunning the servants.

Su Jiu turned her head to glance at him.

She urged her horse even faster.

Running through the woods, a clearing with level grassland and low bushes opened up in front of her.

“Ah Jiu!” The man’s voice was low.

“Stop following me!” Su Jiu reined in her horse and turned around.

The arrow nocked in was aimed at the man chasing up to her.

Xiao Lie’s dark eyes bore into her as he said, “Ah Jiu, I have something to tell you!” “But I have nothing to say to Your Highness!” Su Jiu’s eyes flashed like snow, her voice rang out cold and clear.

“Ah Jiu!” Xiao Lie kicked his horse into a canter and charged forward again.

With a humming sound, the arrow in Su Jiu’s hand left her bow and darted straight towards Xiao Lie’s face.

His eyes widened but stared at Su Jiu with a grim resolution.

He sat still on the horse.

The sharp arrow reached its target, whistling.

Just as it touched his flesh, another arrow crashed into it, bringing down Su Jiu’s arrow with short “ding” sound.

Yu Long lowered down her bow as she rode closer.

Her icy eyes glared at Su Jiu, and she said, “I let you go when you shot down my arrows.

How dare you attack His Highness?” Xiao Lie frowned and spoke with a steely voice, “This is between Ah Jiu and me.

Princess, please step back!” Yu Long’s face paled like a ghost.

She turned to Su Jiu, sneering, “Lady Su, did you see that? Even though you wanted to kill His Highness, he was still pleading for you.

Back in the day, His Highness married me for the greater good.

I hurt you by accident, so it is my business.

If you want to hate someone, hate me.

It has nothing to do with His Highness!” Su Jiu squeezed out a bitter smile.

“The Crown Princess Consort speaks with such awe-inspiring righteousness! Even I will applaud you! The Crown Princess Consort married the Crown Prince for the greater good.

You asked Chang Huan to send me a letter and also ambushed me on the way for the greater good! That’s right, all of you have foresight.

I am the only rash person who doesn’t understand the greater good or what counts as a righteous cause, but I will make sure the one who hurts my people doesn’t get a happy ending!” Xiao Lie’s face darkened, he glared at Yu Long in anger.

Yu Long straightened up on her horse.

She was grasping the reins so hard, her fingers turned white.

She said, “I was unfair to Lady Su.

I won’t make any excuses.

Lady Su, you can vent your anger and resentment on me but please don’t hurt His Highness!” Su Jiu sneered, “Are you two here to show off your love for each other?” Xiao Lie squinted his eyes, saying, “Ah Jiu, my words have never changed.

” “Oh?” Su Jiu raised her eyebrows and said coldly, “You said you will make me your Lady Rui.

Does that still count?” “Of course.

I will only consider you as my wife,” Xiao Lie answered without hesitation.

“What about that woman next to you?” Su Jiu curled her lip in a wicked snarl.

“When we return to the palace after the hunt, I will bring up the matter of divorce to Imperial Father.

I want only you!” Xiao Lie declared immediately.

The wind blew her hair over her cheeks.

Yu Long felt like she had been slapped harshly.

Her face turned white as a sheet; her hands that were grasping the reins shook.

Su Jiu smiled at Yu Long and said, “It looks like you can’t force your will upon another when it comes to love.

The Crown Princess Consort considers His Highness’s interests and carefully plans every possibility for his sake.

Yet he still doesn’t want you!” Yu Long returned her smile with a bitter one, saying, “That’s right, I will treasure the person that you don’t want.

Even if I can’t receive the same affection in return, I won’t regret it!” “Crown Princess Consort, what a deep love you have!” Su Jiu snorted in laughter and continued in an icy voice, “But such revolting manners only makes me disgusted!” Su Jiu kicked her horse and cantered away.

Xiao Lie followed her immediately, shouting, “Ah Jiu!” “Stop following me!” Su Jiu turned and shot another arrow at him.

Xiao Lie dodged this arrow and looked up to find that the young woman had disappeared with the wind.

“Your Highness!” Yu Long caught up to him and said, “Su Jiu hates us from the depths of her soul.

She isn’t going to listen to Your Highness’s explanation at all!” “Explanation?” Xiao Lie turned his head, giving her a frosty glance.

He said, “Ah Jiu only misunderstood me because of all of the things you did.

If you agree to the divorce, I will not say anything about the hurt you’ve caused to Ah Jiu for the sake of Lord Yun Nan.

You better consider the consequences before you disagree!” “Do you really think Su Jiu will return to you if I agree to this divorce?” Yu Long forced out a hollow laugh and said, “Haven’t you heard that Su Jiu’s background has been revealed? She is the Eldest Young Lady of the Su family.

She is Ji Yuxian’s wife of their antenatal betrothal.

She will never marry Your Highness!” “The Su family has broken off with the Ji Family.

She doesn’t have anything to do with Ji Yuxian anymore!” Xiao Lie spat out his last words, kicked his horse and left, unwilling to speak to Yu Long anymore.

People came down the mountain at sunset.

Su Jiu caught a lot of game.

Emperor Zhao Ping was pleased with her and awarded Su Jiu many precious valuables.

As they returned to the tents, Nangong Bi saw Su Jiu and jumped up in elation.

“Su Jiu, you’re here too! Great! It’s really great!” She had come with Hu Dapao, planning to go into the mountain to hunt that morning.

However, she felt it beneath her to follow along when so many people went currying favor with Yu Long.

So she had spent all day alone in her tent.

She didn’t expect to see Su Jiu here.

If she had known, she would have gone along.

Su Jiu laughed.

“I shot many goats today.

I’ll make grilled goat legs for you later! ” “You’re making me hungry now!” Nangong Bi clung to Su Jiu’s arm cheerfully like a young unmarried lover.

Although Nangong Bi was married, she was the only mistress in the General’s Manor.

On top of Hu Dapao’s indulgence, she became even more insolent than when she was at her parents’ home, not behaving at all at all like a married woman should.

There was a banquet around a bonfire that night.

Su Jiu took a bath and dressed up.

Nangong Bi was waiting for her outside her tent.

The two walked to the main tent shoulder to shoulder.

Yu Long happened to walk the same way as well, from the side.

The noble young ladies were still trailing after her.

Yu Long had changed out of her riding clothes and put on a white silk dress with a green-striped brocade cloak over it.

She looked slim, graceful, and dignified.

The young ladies behind her had all changed into dresses as well.

With heavy makeup on their faces, it was clear they spent quite some time getting ready.

Only Su Jiu was dressed like a man.

Nangong Bi disliked Yu Long and didn’t bother greeting her.

She snorted, pulled Su Jiu away, and walked away.

Wu Qian noticed Yu Long’s somber face, and said loudly, “Oh, it’s a girl after all! Looking at that masculine attire, I thought some guy has barged into women’s tents! Good thing I recognized you, or I would have made a false accusation!” The women around her covered their mouths with polite hands and snickered.

Nangong Bi turned her head abruptly and bellowed, “Whose attire is masculine?” Wu Qian pursed her mouth in a smirk, saying, “I didn’t say it was Lady Hu!” “Keep your hole shut if you don’t dare!” Nangong Bi snorted with a fierce glare.

Wu Qian was embarrassed at being scolded by someone abruptly.

But she knew Nangong Bi had a higher status than herself, so she didn’t have the guts to make another retort right away.

“Enough!” Yu Long spoke softly.

“The Emperor is just over there.

It’s bad form to quarrel like this.

” “Yes, I’m sorry!” Wu Qian lowered her head at once and apologized.

“Don’t mind her!” Nangong Bi held Su Jiu’s hand and kept walking.

Su Jiu didn’t speak at all.

Then, suddenly, she turned her head to wink at the young woman named Wu Qian.

Wu Qian’s heart trembled with foreboding.