Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 193

Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 193

Chapter 193: The Entanglements of a Rainy Night When evening came, Su Jiu headed to the Ji Manor and entered through the main door.

Nobody stopped her or blocked her way at all! When Jin Feng saw Su Jiu marching over in a huff and drenched in the rain, he suddenly felt anxious on his master’s behalf.

“Young Mistress!” He stepped forward to greet her.

“Where’s Ji Yuxian?” Su Jiu asked.

“Eldest Young Master is…” Jin Feng turned his head and glanced over at the study.

Su Jiu strode over and kicked the door open.

The door swung open with a loud crash.

Ji Yuxian was seated behind his huge writing desk and suddenly looked up.

A smile flashed across his face before he resumed an unaffected countenance.

“You sure have an unusual way of announcing that you are home, my lady!” Su Jiu stepped in and deliberately craned her neck to look past the screen behind him.

“Where’s Qian Qiu?” she asked.

“Come over here and I’ll tell you!” Ji Yuxian winked at her roguishly.

Su Jiu took another two steps forward.

Her expression of displeasure remained, showing her annoyance clearly.

“You’d better not be playing any tricks!” Ji Yixuan reached out his hand for her wrist and pulled her into his embrace.

His smile found its way into his voice as he asked, “Are you being jealous now? You stormed all the way over here to question me the moment you heard that Qian Qiu was here with me?” .



Su Jiu hit the man on his chest and glared at him.

“What’s there to be jealous about? I came to get more medicine from Old Gu because I’d finished it.

Along the way, I wanted to ask you when you could send Qian Qiu back.

I want to hear more of her music!” Ji Yuxian didn’t call her out on her bluff.

Pressing his hand on her chest, he kissed her gently on her forehead, and in an indulgent tone, he asked, “Does your chest still hurt? Have you been taking your medication regularly?” Su Jiu didn’t reply his questions.

She looked around and asked again, “Where’s Qian Qiu? You haven’t answered me!” “She’s not in the Ji Manor!” Ji Yuxian lowered his head and touched the tip of her nose with his lips in an intimate gesture.

“I sent her to Robes Square to perform for the seamstresses.

Hopefully, with some music, those seamstresses won’t be as short-tempered as before.

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COM “You did this on purpose!” Su Jiu remarked with a frown.

“What did I do on purpose?” The man had lowered his voice and looked at her with mischief in his eyes.

Realization suddenly dawned on Su Jiu and she glared at Ji Yuxian angrily as she struggled to get off him.

“Don’t move.

Fine, I’ll admit it! I did it on purpose because I missed you.

” Ji Yuxian held her back and showered kisses all over her ear.

“I went to the Su Manor a number of times but was still unable to meet you.

I’ve missed you!” Su Jiu’s frustration suddenly dissipated.

It was as if the autumn rain had washed it all away, leaving her soft and affable in its wake.

Ji Yuxian stroked her damp hair and asked haltingly, “Why is it that you still not know to take an umbrella with you when it rains?” “That’s none of your business!” Su Jiu rested her head on the man’s shoulder.

It sounded like she was still angry.

Ji Yuxian chuckled as he got up and carried her with him.

Positioning himself on the couch, he took a dry towel and began to help her rub her hair dry.

“Later on, have a meal and take a shower before changing your clothes.

” The man’s voice was gentle and coaxing.

Su Jiu leaned back lazily against his chest and her voice carried a hint of coquetry as she replied, “No, I have to go home!” “Don’t go home tonight.

Old Gu will need some time to prepare your medicine.

Let’s save everyone the trouble of going back and forth.

I’ll send someone to pass a message to Mother-in-law and let her know not to wait for you!” Su Jiu glanced at him.

It was too troublesome to send the medicine over, but not to send a messenger? “It’s cold at night.

Let me warm your body up.

” The man’s voice was seductive, and his hot breath brushed Su Jiu’s face.

Su Jiu was mesmerized.

Her heart softened and her whole body was nestled in the man’s arms.

Coolly, she said, “Fine, but you’re not to touch me or disturb my sleep!” The man paused for a moment before chuckling.

“Deal!” The sky gradually darkened.

Knowing that Su Jiu was in the room and that the couple rarely got to see each other, Jin Feng notified the servants not to interrupt them.

The candles in the room weren’t lit, and dusk slowly engulfed the frenzy taking place within it.

Outside the window, the rain did not abate.

Droplets fell from the ceramic tiles on the roof onto the leaves below.

It was almost as if the raindrops had a voice of their own.

And this delicate voice seemed to permeate the entire space between heaven and earth.

It was crisp, soothing, and very comforting to the soul.

“Are you hungry? Do you want dinner now? It’s all your favorite dishes,” Ji Yuxian asked tenderly, and he held Su Jiu’s jaw and kissed her on her lips.

Su Jiu leaned on his chest and shook her head lazily.

“No, I don’t.

Don’t move!” Ji Yuxian didn’t dare move a muscle after that and simply tightened his arms around her as he stroked her long hair.

Time seemed to come to a standstill as the two individuals sat in their embrace in the shadows.

No one spoke, and the only sounds puncturing the silence was that of their wildly beating hearts and the pitter-patter of the rain, harmonizing to form a beautiful melody in the autumn twilight.

… After Su Jiu and Ji Yuxian were done with their meal, the sky was dark as they returned to the bedroom.

Su Jiu took her clothes and stepped into the bath after warning Ji Yuxian not to follow her in.

The temperature of the bathwater was just right.

Su Jiu disrobed and immersed herself in the bathing pool.

She watched as the mist rose and closed her eyes in relaxation.

Suddenly, she heard a splash.

When she opened her eyes, the man had already floated over and encircled his arm around her waist.

Lowering his head, Ji Yuxian brought his lips to hers.

As his tongue invaded her mouth, a small object moved over along with it.

Bathed in mist, Su Jiu’s eyes widened as she stared in the man’s fathomless eyes.

“I wasn’t going back on my word! I was just feeding you your medicine.

” The man released her lips.

His upper body was naked, fair, and taut, with exposed broad shoulders and a tapered waist.

The damp hair on his forehead fell forward between his brows and his lips were red, giving him a seductive air.

“Didn’t you say that Old Gu would need some time to prepare the medicine?” Su Jiu’s voice was thick because of the vapor in the air.

“I had this prepared beforehand!” The man’s beauty was ethereal.

Droplets of water condensed on his lashes, glistening in the light as he oozed charm and seduction.

Emotions rippled in Su Jiu’s eyes as she gasped and pushing the man against the wall, flinging her body onto his in a deep kiss.

Ji Yuxian wrapped his arms around her soft and smooth body firmly, pressing their bodies tightly together as the kiss became needy.

He was familiar with every inch of her body and he knew her most sensitive spots.

Treating her like a treasure in his hands, his lips worshipped her.

He felt the lady tremble under him, and a sense of satisfaction bloomed in his chest, filling every crevice and radiating out.

In the restless nights that he had spent alone, he had imagined the feeling of her in his arms and had fallen asleep with pain and yearning consuming him.

He had seen her in his dreams, only to wake up to the lonely bedchamber once again.

Now that she was finally in his arms, he felt as if he had been brought back from the dead, and he wanted desperately to protect this moment.

Regardless of whether she was Su Jiu or Su Yuejiu, she was first and foremost the woman who belonged in his arms, the woman he loved.

Su Jiu’s body had turned soft and pliant under his touch, and with him trailing his lips all over, her breathing grew labored.

Her voice was soft as she sobbed with desire, “You promised not to touch me!” “I only promised not to touch you in bed.

” The man’s voice was drowning in want.

“Ji Yuxian…” the girl called out in grievance.

“Be a good girl!” The man covered her back in kisses.

“Why are you still unwilling?” he rasped.

“I’m scared!” The girl’s voice trembled charmingly.

“What are you scared of?” Laughter rumbled in the man’s chest.

This woman who possessed the courage to defy heaven and earth was now behaving like a timid little girl.

Her arms sprawled against the wall of the pool, Su Jiu closed her eyes and shook her head.

“But do you want it?” Su Jiu’s face flushed crimson as she bit her bottom lip hard.

After a beat, she nodded her head imperceptibly.

“In that case, shall I find a way to relieve your discomfort?” the man whispered.

The girl buried her face in the crook of her arm and stole a glance at him before nodding her head again.

The man’s eyes darkened.

He leaned in to kiss the round curve of her shoulders that were exposed before disappearing under the water.

The water shifted, and Su Jiu suddenly bit her lip.

Her alabaster skin gradually turned pink as she bloomed like a lotus in the water.

The sound of her low and rapid breathing mingled with the sounds of the rain in a symphony of the misty and wet autumn night.

The man’s kisses grew fevered and urgent.

His breath and love marks seared her skin in a claim that could never be nullified.

… By the time the young lady was carried back to bed, her whole body was limp and languid.

She wrapped herself inside the blanket and scooted to the farthest side of the bed away from the man.

“I’m tired.

You’re not to disturb me anymore,” the lady drawled lazily, her mind still hazy in the aftermath of satisfaction.

“You unconscionable lass! Now that you’ve used me, you’re throwing me aside?” The man leaned over and bit her earlobe a little harder than usual.

Su Jiu glanced at him and said with a chuckle, “I have to say that the Eldest Young Master is very skilled with his mouth.

In fact, his skill is comparable to the lads in the pleasure houses.

And most importantly, I don’t even have to spend a dime.

” Ji Yuxian’s expression darkened immediately and his hand around her waist tightened.

“Su Jiu, if you dare to let any of them touch you, I’ll have the whole brothel burned to the ground!” The sensation of Ji Yuxian pinching her soft flesh felt unbearably ticklish.

“Ji Yuxian, let go!” Su Jiu yelped in protest.

“Out with it.

Have you been touched by any of them before?” Ji Yuxin demanded again as he bit her earlobe.

With her upper and lower body subjected to his unbearable torment, Su Jiu turned to him angrily and asked, “If I have, would you cast me aside?” Ji Yuxian fixed his eyes on her, and indescribable pain marred his expression.

“You know that I would never cast you aside.

But if someone touched you, I’ll definitely have him killed!” Su Jiu looked at the pain and hurt in his eyes, and her heart suddenly ached for him.

She turned around and burrowed into his embrace.

With a mischievous giggle, she asked, “Does rubbing my head count?” If he had been bewitched by her, she was likewise, also bewitched by him.

Other than Ji Yuxian’s own, she couldn’t accept anyone else’s touch.

Not even Xiao Lie’s.

Was it really simply because he was skilled with his mouth? The corners of Su Jiu’s lips lifted in a smile, and she wrapped her arms around his toned waist, settling into a comfortable position.

Ji Yuxian’s expression slowly relaxed but a touch of gloominess remained.

“They’re not allowed to rub your head either! Only I can!” “Fine! Fine! As long as you let me sleep now, I’ll let you have the final say,” Su Jiu mumbled in exhaustion.

Ji Yuxian was finally satisfied with her answer and planted a kiss by her ear.

“Good girl.

Go to sleep now.

” “Ji Yuxian, did you really tell my mother I won’t be going home tonight?” Su Jiu asked in concern before she could fall asleep.


I sent someone to give her the message.

Mother-in-law replied and said she won’t mind it even if you spent a few days here at Ji Manor!” Ji Yuxian chuckled.

“What the devil?” Su Jiu laughed as she cussed out loud.

On second thought, it did indeed seem probable for her mother to say that.

Her mother couldn’t seem to wait for Ji Yuxian to officially marry her! What was her mother thinking? Considering that the mother and daughter had just reunited, didn’t it make more sense for the mother to hold on tightly to her daughter and be unwilling to let her go? Su Jiu was slowly lost in her thoughts and drifted off to sleep amidst the familiar and reassuring scent of water lotuses.

The rain did not let up the entire night, but the room was warm and fragrant, and Su Jiu slept very peacefully.

When she woke up, the sky was dark, but it was already late in the morning.

Aching all over, Su Jiu turned over in bed and went back into the man’s arms.

The young lady’s chin rested on the man’s chest as she opened her eyes groggily.

“Ji Yuxian,” she called out, her voice still hoarse from sleep, “you’re being lazy today.

Why aren’t you in your study at this hour?” “I’m afraid that if I were to leave, you’d disappear.

” The man looked so handsome as he reached out to caress her hair.

“It’s still raining?” Su Jiu asked.


” “In that case, I won’t leave today.

I’ll spend the whole day with you,” Su Jiu said with a wide grin.

Joy was evident in the man’s eyes as he lowered his head and planted a kiss between her brows.

“If that’s how it’s going to be, I wish this rain would just keep pouring! Let it keep raining till we’re both old and gray, and you won’t be able to leave even if you want to!” “Hold on! Ji Yuxian, are you certain you didn’t get anyone to hide on the rooftops and sprinkle the rain down?” Su Jiu asked with raised brows.

Ji Yuxian was speechless.

After breakfast, the two of them headed to the study to read and practice some calligraphy.

The layout of the study hadn’t changed at all.

Even Su Jiu’s chair and stationery were all at their usual places.

With the two of them seated in the study, it was almost as if they’d been transported back to the time when Ji Yuxian had been teaching Su Jiu how to read and write.

Everything was as it had been, but could they return to what they had been in the past? Su Jiu wrote a word and Ji Yuxian took it from her with a laugh.

“Let me see if you’ve regressed after missing out on a year of lessons.

” Su Jiu held her brush in one hand and supported her chin with the other as she tilted her head towards Ji Yuxian and looked at him smugly.

“How is it? I’ve improved, haven’t I?” Ji Yuxian shot her a glance and chuckled.

“It’s satisfactory!” “You’re just jealous.

” Su Jiu snatched the paper over a scribbled a “Well done!” on it.

Ji Yuxian’s almond-shaped eyes flickered with mirth and he said with a smile, “I just love it when you are this confident of yourself!” Su Jiu’s smile widened cockily.

“And I love it too—seeing how she naively believes my compliments!” Ji Yuxian’s laughter deepened.

Su Jiu choked and spat her tea out when she heard that.

The tea sprayed all over the man.

And when she saw the man’s smile freeze with tea dripping from him, Su Jiu guffawed out loud.

The corner of Ji Yuxian’s lips twitched just as he reached out to pull the laughing girl into his embrace and silenced her with his lips on hers.

This laughter came to an abrupt halt.

Su Jiu gazed into the man’s deep eyes and her body went soft.

With a moan, she closed her eyes and engaged in the battle of tongues with him.

Ji Yuxian had originally intended to punish her, but as soon as he touched her body, he lost his mind.

His lips and tongue continuously sought to deepen the kiss and he couldn’t bear to part from her.

He was in too deep, and nothing could save him at this point.

With both his hands, he lifted the young lady and placed her on his writing table.

Then, he blazed a fiery trail with his lips all the way down starting from her jaw.

The lady’s skin was soft and delicate, and Ji Yuxian was intoxicated with how it felt against his lips and tongue.

He was absolutely mesmerized and unable to extricate himself from her.

Her outer robe was peeled off, revealing the sensual bend of her collarbone.

Following that, her embroidered turquoise camisole slowly slid down her body… Su Jiu leaned back slightly and bit her lower lip hard.

Threading her fingers through the man’s hair, she croaked, “Ji Yuxian, we’re in the study…” “Yeah,” the man replied her nonchalantly, his tone nasal and sexy at the same time.

“We still have much to do!” Su Jiu continued her protest despite her diminishing conviction.

“And I’m in the midst of doing it right now.

” The man’s voice was punctuated with the wet sounds of sucking and swallowing, which sounded wildly erotic.

Su Jiu trembled under his ministrations and desire clouded her eyes.

Her breath grew heavier by the moment and she suddenly pushed the man’s hands away.

Observing his swollen red lips and the lust on his face, her body suddenly softened.

She slid herself down to sit on his lap before leaning forward to resume their kiss.

She loved seeing him consumed by passion and losing all his control.

The lady sat astride on his lap with her arms around his neck as she kissed him forcefully and eagerly.

Su Jiu’s posture caused her waist to arc forward and her chest to jut out.

As a result, the man was distracted time and again throughout his kiss as his eyes roamed down uncontrollably.

He was like a ravenous wolf that had not eaten for ten days.

“Ji Yuxian!” Su Jiu suddenly broke away from the kiss and fell upon his shoulders, gasping for air.

“Look at us! We can’t get anything done when we’re together!” Ji Yuxian turned his head to the side and planted a kiss on her cheek.

“Darling, I love you!” Astonishment was evident in Su Jiu’s eyes and she slowly turned to face him.

As their eyes met each other’s, the emotions in them melded together.

Ji Yuxian was suddenly certain that Su Jiu returned his affections too.

However, the very next moment, Su Jiu looked away and climbed off him.

As she put on her clothing, she feigned derision.

“Your clothes are still wet.

You should change them.

” “Let me check if you are wet too.

Shall we change together?” The man’s words were a double entendre and his tone was suggestive as he reached under Su Jiu’s skirt.

Su Jiu smacked his hand away in exasperation.

“Pervert! Try feeling me up again, and I’ll pump you with aphrodisiacs before throwing you into the brothel.

” Ji Yuxian gazed aggrievedly at his fierce wife.

“I will choose death over dishonor and keep my chastity for my wife!” Laughter escaped Su Jiu.

She picked up her brush and continued her calligraphy.

With a wave of her hand, she said, “Hurry and get changed!” The entire front of his clothing was wet from the tea she had spat out.

If Old Yu or Jin Feng came in and saw him like that, they would most definitely get the wrong idea! Ji Yuxian’s gaze softened and he kissed the top of her head before getting up and heading behind the screen at the back.

It was still drizzling outside as Su Jiu continued with her calligraphy.

She couldn’t contain her smile, and her lips formed a beautiful, perfect arch.

On the table beside the window lay a partially unrolled painting.

Su Jiu glanced over at it unintentionally, and her gaze settled on it.

She got up to retrieve the painting and rolled it open on the table.

Bit by bit, a familiar face appeared on the canvas.

Su Jiu had no idea when this painting had been done.

In the painting, she was seated at the corridor outside the window with her head turned to look at the peach blossoms by the side.

The peach blossoms were striking and reflected clearly in her eyes.

The man’s skill in painting was exquisite, and the girl in the painting looked almost identical to her.

Su Jiu pursed her lips and her eyes were suddenly drawn to the lips of the woman in the painting.

Judging from the brilliance of the color, it seemed like he had used actual rouge.

Realization flashed in Su Jiu’s eyes and she brought the painting to her nose to sniff it.

It carried the fragrance of rouge—it was indeed the same rouge that women applied to their faces.

There was only one woman in the manor, and that was the Fourth Young Mistress, Chen Yuchan.

Had both of them painted this together? If they had been painting together, why would they have painted her? Therefore, someone had deliberately planned this.

Su Jiu’s eyes darkened as she carefully rolled the painting up.

All of a sudden, there was a knock on the door, followed by the squeak of the door opening.

Dressed in a jade colored robe that had embroidered butterflies and flowers, a lady stepped in bearing a lunchbox.

With a practiced smoothness that revealed the many times she had done this before, the lady closed the door behind her and walked in quietly.

The lady was taken aback when she saw Su Jiu seated behind the writing desk.

She looked at Su Jiu as complicated emotions played out on her face.

They changed from one of shock to disappointment, and finally acceptance.

However, soon enough, it was replaced with an excited smile as she hurried forward.

“Young Mistress! You’re finally back!” Su Jiu grinned at her.

“It’s been a long time, Fourth Young Mistress!” “It’s been a long time indeed! For a moment, I didn’t even dare to believe that you had returned!” Chen Yuchan’s smile managed to reach her eyes.

Su Jiu’s gaze fell on the lunchbox in her hands.

“Do you still enjoy making snacks, Fourth Young Mistress?” Chen Yuchan laughed sheepishly.


Eldest Young Master likes them.

So I make them for him and send them over whenever I’m free.

” As she spoke, she opened the lunchbox and placed the pastries on the table.

Out the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of a shadow behind the screen, and a look flashed in her eyes.

“These are the same pastries that you used to love, Young Mistress.

Since you’re now back, I’ll make them for you everyday,” Chen Yuchan said delicately.

“That won’t be necessary.

I’m only here for a day.

Don’t trouble yourself,” Su Jiu replied.

“You’re leaving again, Young Mistress?” Chen Yuchan raised her voice in surprise.

“Yes!” Su Jiu responded with a nod.

Chen Yuchan hesitated for a moment before speaking again.

“Perhaps it may not be my place to say this, but I would like to boldly request for you to stay! Please!” Without waiting for Su Jiu to reply, she continued, “I actually saw you a few days ago, but you were at the entrance of the brothel with a few other men…” Chen Yuchan blushed, and her tone turned a little embarrassed as she continued, “So, I didn’t dare to step forward to greet you.

You probably have no idea, but during the time that you were gone, Eldest Young Master…thought about you during every waking moment.

Please don’t break his heart anymore, Young Mistress.

” Su Jiu raised her head and looked sharply at the woman who seemed to be speaking for her benefit.

Then, she traced the angle that the woman was facing, and saw the man’s shadow flicker behind the screen.

Evidently, the weakest, most innocent woman in the Ji Manor wasn’t as simple as she had thought.

Perhaps it was because the Ji Manor had been lacking a mistress for so long that a certain individual had started to have lofty aspirations.

Su Jiu raised her eyebrows and smiled.

“Did you tell Ji Yuxian that you saw me with other men the other day?” Chen Yuchan quickly waved her hands in denial.

“Not at all! I’ve always hoped that you and Young Master would be able to reconcile.

Naturally, I would never do something to incite disharmony between the both of you.

” “Honestly, it’s fine even if you told him about it!” Su Jiu laughed flippantly.

“Never mind that I was standing around with other men.

Even if I got into bed with other men, he wouldn’t be able to do anything to me! Therefore, Fourth Young Mistress, you don’t have to worry so much on my behalf.

” Chen Yuchan was stunned and looked up in horror at the young lady in front of her.

What sort of a woman was this, that she would be arrogant enough to say something like that so fearlessly? She was obviously bragging that Ji Yuxian loved her to the extent he wouldn’t leave her even if she betrayed him.

“Young Mistress, how could you say that?” Chen Yuchan exclaimed in apparent disbelief.

“If you don’t believe me, you can ask him yourself!” Su Jiu laughed and called out, “Eldest Young Master, are you done changing?” The entire room fell silent at that moment.

The man, done changing, emerged slowly from behind the screen.

His bearing was elegant, his features were handsome, and his eyes were as dark as ink.

Emotionlessly, he said, “Yuchan, don’t send any more snacks over in the future.

” Chen Yuchan pretended to panic and quickly said, “I didn’t know you were in the room, Young Master, and accidentally ran my mouth! Please forgive me!” “Get out!” Ji Yuxian ordered.

“I will! I shall take my leave now!” Chen Yuchan curtsied to Su Jiu and Ji Yuxian before retreating out of the room.

Ji Yuxian sat on the wooden chair and began to flip through an account book.

His face was emotionless and he didn’t look angry.

However, the atmosphere had suddenly turned icy.

The two individuals didn’t speak, and each occupied themselves with their own activities.

It was as if the prior atmosphere of passion and intimacy hadn’t existed at all.

The rain outside subsided to a drizzle, and droplets dripped from the ceramic eaves on the roof down to the ground.

The weather became even gloomier, and the bleak autumn wind brought a chill along with it.

When it was almost noon, the rain finally stopped.

Su Jiu packed up her stationery and her calligraphy, and announced, “I’m going back now!” “Alright.

” Ji Yuxian nodded his head and wrapped a cloak around her.

“The weather is cold.

Remember to take care of your health.

” “I will.

” Su Jiu smiled faintly, though it did not reach his eyes, and she left without looking back.

The streets were relatively empty after the rain and the atmosphere was bleak.

The ground was covered in fallen leaves that had been crushed into the mud, and debris clung to the wheels of the carriage as it rolled through the streets.

Sitting inside the carriage, the expression in Su Jiu’s eyes was as dreary as the autumn weather.

She closed her eyes, hiding her pain within so her mood could no longer be discerned.

The carriage stopped in front of the door.

Upon alighting, Su Jiu noticed a man squatting by the entrance.

When the man saw that Su Jiu had returned, he shrank back towards the foot of the wall.

“Who are you?” Su Jiu went over to ask.

It was obvious the man had been waiting for quite some time; he was drenched from head to toe.

He looked at Su Jiu nervously and replied, “I here to look for my wife!” Su Jiu raised her eyebrows and a smile appeared on her face.

“Your wife? Su Yueqiu?” she asked.

The man nodded immediately.

“Just wait a moment.

I’ll get someone to call her out and get back to you,” Su Jiu said.

The man’s eyes lit up.

“Are you really able to get my wife to go back with me?” “Perhaps.

I can always try!” Su Jiu replied with a chuckle and turned to enter the house.

Su Jiu crossed the threshold, and when she entered the inner courtyard, she found a figure hiding behind the veranda.

Su Jiu headed right over, and when the girl saw that she’d been discovered, she emerged on her own.

Hesitantly she greeted, “Greetings, Elder Sister!” “When I entered the door, I saw a man looking for his wife.

You should go out to see what he wants, Sister Yueqiu,” Su Jiu said.

Su Yueqiu’s expression changed immediately and she hurriedly replied, “I don’t want to go back with him, Elder Sister! I don’t want to return to the mountain!” Su Jiu’s brows knitted together in consternation.

“What are we to do? You already married him! You’re his wife and the mother of his child.

It’ll be unreasonable for us not to hand his wife back to him!” “Elder Sister!” Su Yueqiu suddenly knelt on the ground and exclaimed in panic, “Elder Sister, I was wrong to pose as you, please don’t hold it against me.

You used to be so protective of me as a child.

Don’t you remember? As long as you don’t force me to return to the mountain, I’ll be willing to serve you as a slave.

” Su Jiu considered her words for a moment before replying, “Well, it is indeed reasonable for you to remain in the Su family as a servant.

But as you know, there aren’t that many masters in the house any longer, and we have a surplus of servants.

We can’t be keeping everyone.

Between you and your mother, only one may remain.

Who do you think that it should be?” “Elder Sister, please let me remain!” Su Yueqiu replied right away.

“I’m still young and am more energetic and capable than my mother is! Chase my mother out, but please let me stay!” “That means that your mother will be out on the streets!” Su Jiu said to her.

“She’s done so many horrible things to you, Elder Sister.

She deserves to be out on the streets! Elder Sister, just chase her out!” Su Yueqiu pleaded desperately.

Su Jiu laughed humorlessly.

“You’re right!” Su Jiu remarked.

“But Second Mistress used to be part of the family, after all, and I’m softhearted.

Let’s do this—both you and your mother may remain for the time being.

After a month, the one who performs better will get to stay.

Whoever doesn’t perform well and displeases me will have to leave.

What do you think?” Su Yueqiu nodded her head eagerly.

“Alright! I promise to work hard to your satisfaction! Thank you, Elder Sister!” Su Jiu laughed and walked off.

When she entered the reception pavilion, she called a servant over, and instructed him to pass a few pieces of silver to Zhao Sheng outside along with the message to return home and come back a month later.

For the next few days, Su Jiu was very well behaved.

She spent her time with the Eldest Mistress drawing, practicing her calligraphy, and playing the zither.

Her actions finally gave her some semblance of a high-born young lady.

In the time that they spent together, Su Jiu had followed her mother into the palace once, having been summoned by Emperor Zhao Ping to his study.

When she’d returned, her hand had been holding a golden token bestowed by the Emperor.

With that token, Su Jiu could enter and leave the palace as she pleased.

Eldest Mistress had no idea whether to be happy or worried about the favor that Emperor Zhao Ping had shown to Su Jiu and kept the golden token for her daughter out of fear that arrogance would get the better of her.

As expected, after a few days of good behavior, Su Jiu started to stay out every day once again.

Rumor had it that the Eldest Young Master of the Su family, Su Di, had gotten into a fight at Qing Brothel over a woman.

After causing a huge ruckus, he had suddenly dropped to his knees when the other patron had shown up.

That patron in whose arms the woman was in had been none other than Su Jiu.

When the Eldest Mistress overheard the servants discussing the incident, she was infuriated, and resolved to give Su Jiu a good dressing down when she returned.

She couldn’t allow such behavior to continue! It was absolutely unbefitting of a young lady! She was behaving more like a despotic tyrant! Unfortunately, the members of the Dragon Conqueror Gang were more than happy to indulge her ways.

A dispute had arisen previously between Su Jiu and the son of one of the court officials.

Hu Dapao had immediately brought his soldiers into the city and beaten the guy up so badly that even his own mother couldn’t recognize him.

Although the man’s father was only a sixth-rank official, he was still a court official at the end of the day and had refused to take it lying down.

He had lodged a complaint with Magistrate Lin.

The very next day, the Crown Prince had invited him over for tea, and in less than a week, the official had been transferred out of the city.

As the story got around, it was increasingly embellished until it became the talk of the town.

Master Su Jiu became a household name on everyone’s lips.

Just as Eldest Mistress was stewing in her exasperation, a servant came in to announce that Young Master Ji had come.

Eldest Mistress quickly headed out to welcome him.

Ji Yuxian was seated in the reception pavilion having some tea and beside him sat a huge mahogany chest.

Eldest Mistress’s heart skipped a beat.

Had Ji Yuxian decided to back out of the marriage and return the dowry upon hearing of Su Jiu’s ridiculous escapades? If that was indeed his intention, it was still completely within reason for him to do so, considering how Su Jiu hadn’t behaved as a proper wife should have.

Realizing that justice wasn’t on her side, Eldest Mistress smiled warmly in embarrassment and asked, “What can I do for you, Yuxian?” Ji Yuxian placed his teacup down and got up.

With a courteous smile, he said, “Greetings, Mother-in-law.

” When Eldest Mistress heard him address her as Mother-in-law, she surmised that he wasn’t here to back out of the marriage, and her worry dissipated.

“We’re all family.

Don’t stand on such ceremony!” Eldest Mistress responded as the smile on her face widened.

“Is Jiu’er in?” Ji Yuxian asked.

Eldest Mistress laughed dryly.

“Jiu’er has been busy with her business lately and has hardly been home.

” Ji Yuxian chuckled knowingly.

“I see.

Seeing that her health isn’t very good, please take good care of her, Mother-in-law.

” “Don’t worry.

Of course I will!” Eldest Mistress replied affectionately.

Ji Yuxian placed a porcelain bottle on the table.

“This is the medicine that Doctor Gu prepared.

Please have Jiu’er take it daily.

Also, please make sure she doesn’t drink and doesn’t catch a chill.

In addition…” His eyes shifted to the mahogany chest.

“…the weather has been getting colder.

I had Robes Square make some winter clothing and a cloak for Jiu’er.

Could I please trouble you to remind her to wear them?” Eldest Mistress clutched the porcelain bottle in her hands and felt a lump forming in her throat.

She looked up at man’s handsome face, and said sincerely, “Yuxian, on Jiu’er’s behalf, thank you.

” “There’s nothing to thank me for.

She’s my wife.

” Ji Yuxian said with a smile as he rose.

“Since Jiu’er isn’t in, I’ll take my leave first!” “Yuxian,” Eldest Mistress called out, but she suddenly didn’t know what to say.

It wasn’t just Ji Yuxian’s pride that Su Jiu was hurting with her willful actions, but his heart too.

However, regardless of what she did, this man accepted it all the same.

Eldest Mistress was touched and guilt-ridden by it at the same time.

How lucky her daughter was to have someone who treated her so! “Were you about to ask me why I’m so accepting of Su Jiu’s behavior?” Ji Yuxian asked with a smile, looking handsome and elegant.

“It’s because nothing can be worse than the day I saw her get hit by an arrow and fall off the cliff.

Jiu’er is like a child going through a rebellious phase after getting hurt.

Regardless of how willful or unreasonable she gets, I’ll still be willing to love her and indulge her, as long as she’s happy.

I don’t have a choice.

It’s exactly as she said—I’m just that useless.

I can’t live without her!” The man’s tone was warm and light, it belied the enormity of his words.

The way he uttered them was so natural; it was like he had been born to say them.

Eldest Mistress couldn’t restrain herself from tearing up, and with a lump in her throat, she nodded her head.

“Jiu’er will come to realize your feelings for her.

” “She already has!” Ji Yuxian’s tone was lighthearted as he turned to leave.

When the sky was almost dark, Su Jiu finally returned home.

The moment she entered the inner courtyard, she found Su Wenqian waiting at the door.

He seemed to be waiting for her.

Su Jiu pretended not to notice him and headed straight for her mother’s chambers.

“Yuejiu!” Su Wenqian rushed up to her with a loving smile on his face.

“Yuejiu, wait!” With her hands behind her back, Su Jiu turned around and asked, “Is there a problem?” Su Wenqian stood tall.

“I have some good news to share with you,” he said with a smile.

“Oh? What is it?” Su Jiu asked.

“Your two other brothers have found a job.

It’s a proper job this time around.

They’ve been hired as the assistant shopkeepers in a calligraphy store.

It’s a decent environment, and the pay is pretty good too!” Su Wenqian said excitedly.

Su Jiu nodded her head with a smile.

“That’s good news indeed.

” “However,” Su Wenqian continued awkwardly, “since your brothers are working as assistant shopkeepers at such a sophisticated place, they’ll naturally have to dress a little better too.

Therefore, I would like to discuss with you the possibility of drawing some money out to make them some proper clothes.

” The Su residence had been purchased by Su Jiu, and every single household expense, regardless of how major or minor, was paid for by Su Jiu.

Although Su Wenqian was the head of the family, in truth, Su Jiu had the final say in all matters.

The accountant in charge would release the money only upon seeing the instructions from either Su Jiu or Eldest Mistress in writing.

Even Su Wenqian wasn’t able to withdraw anything without that.

“I don’t think that is necessary!” Su Jiu replied after a moment’s consideration.

“Why not?” Su Wenqian asked with an ingratiating smile.

“Think about it.

The fact that the shop owner hired both of them to be his assistant shopkeepers means that there has to be something wrong with both his brain and his eyes.

As such, how long do you think his business will last? For all we know, it may very well close in a couple of days! Spending the money on clothes that they will only wear for a few days isn’t worth it at all!” Su Jiu replied solemnly and continued on her way without another word.

Behind her, Su Wenqian was so appalled by her words that his face turned red and he had to suppress the urge to smack himself.

Just what had he done in his previous life to deserve two sons who had squandered the entire family fortune, and the return of a daughter who was this ridiculously arrogant? But whom could he blame? He could only blame himself for failing to raise his sons well, and for owing his daughter that much.

Right now, he was relying on his daughter to survive and wasn’t even in any position to rebuke her!