Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 164

Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 164

Chapter 164: Slaughtering Enemies in the Village Nangong Bi harrumphed.

“You won’t even wait for me before starting your meal.

Let me announce this right now! In the future, I will be having all three meals here with both of you!” After hearing the girl’s tyrannical words, Xiao Lie’s eyes darkened in frustration, because he had lost his private meal times with Su Jiu.

Su Jiu grinned.

She felt that it would be livelier with one more person dining with them.

If this wasn’t Xiao Lie’s tent, she would have unashamedly called Chang Huan and Ah Shu over as well.

In high spirits, Nangong Bi ate sumptuously, continually picking up dishes for Su Jiu to eat.

Xiao Lie lifted his eyes and looked over, before smiling emotionlessly.

“Miss Nangong, you must have slept exceptionally well last night.

You look especially happy today!” Nangong Bi’s face instantly flushed red as she asked slowly, “Is that so?” When Su Jiu heard Xiao Lie’s words, she suddenly recalled this girl’s solemn and reticent behavior yesterday.

Why had she suddenly become so cheerful overnight? “It’s almost the New Year! Of course, I’m happy!” Nangong Bi’s reasoning was flawless.

She smiled at Su Jiu and continued, “Oh right, there is a town west of the military camp.

Let’s go and buy some New Year goodies!” Su Jiu turned to look at Xiao Lie before asking, “Can we?” It was a time of war, and they were residing in a military camp.

Naturally, everything had to be done according to the commander’s arrangements.




Xiao Lie contemplated for a while, before nodding his head nonchalantly.

“Alright, I will accompany you all there after I finish my work!” It was a town, but there were merely a few dozen households residing there.

Because of the New Year, the surrounding villages had all gathered there, and the market was relatively livelier than usual.

A total of five people, consisting of Su Jiu, Xiao Lie, as well as Nangong Bi, Chang Huan, and Ah Shu, walked around the market.

Although they were wearing ordinary clothes, each of their appearances was outstanding, lofty and noble, attracting the rapt attention of the people around them.

The market consisted of two lanes, each packed full of various stalls.

Some sold melon seed pastries, while others sold shoddy makeup and rouge power, faded textiles, and Northern Xinjiang specialty food.

Even though there wasn’t a wide range of goods, and despite the ongoing war, all the pedestrians flashed guileless smiles, each carefree and content.

When they met someone they recognized, they would greet each other loudly with sonorous voices.

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COM They were already used to the bitterly cold climate and the unrest around them.

The people there were just like the plains–broad-minded and optimistic with the little they had.

Once Nangong Bi noticed the bustling crowd, she felt like a bird who had been released from its cage as she burst forward.

Su Jiu got Ah Shu and Chang Huan to follow her to prevent them from making a commotion elsewhere.

It was almost noon, and more people arrived, causing the crowd to become denser.

Xiao Lie held Su Jiu’s hand, and his towering figure protected her from the crowd, preventing her from getting squished by others.

Just then, someone ahead started to auction freshly slaughtered livestock, and the crowd instantly swarmed over to snatch up the best cuts of meat.

As a result, Su Jiu and Xiao Lie were pushed to a corner, and they could only wait for the crowd to clear.

“Master, why don’t you buy a flower for your wife?” Someone suddenly spoke from behind.

Su Jiu turned around and saw an elderly woman with a full head of white hair.

Her back was hunched, and she was wearing a tattered cotton cloak.

She held a rattan basket in her hands and was trying to sell some handmade silk flowers.

When she saw Su Jiu turn back, the elderly woman immediately smiled and continued, “It’s the New Year! You should buy a flower, Mistress!” Those silk flowers were made from silk scraps.

Although their colors had faded, the craftsmanship was exquisite.

Each stalk was carefully layered to mimic a real flower.

Xiao Lie’s elegant hand reached into the rattan basket and picked up a light purple stalk, before lifting his hands and sticking it into Su Jiu’s black hair.

A plain outfit coupled with a simple flower.

It added a bit of freshness and elegance to Su Jiu’s cold countenance.

Su Jiu chortled.

“I’m so plainly-dressed today! What’s the point in wearing a flower?” She suddenly realized that although her back was facing the elderly lady, she had still managed to discern her gender and address her as ‘mistress’.

Xiao Lie held her hand, his eyes carrying a hint of cheerfulness.

“Don’t take it out, it looks good!” That elderly woman smiled kindly.

“Mistress, you are very beautiful!” “I’m not his wife!” Su Jiu retorted.

In the end, she removed the flower and played with it in her hands instead of tossing it away.

Xiao Lie stared at her with deep eyes that seemed to have slightly darkened.

“You may not be his wife now, but you will be in the future.

Both of you have extraordinary looks and are very compatible.

These eyes of mine have never made a mistake!” The elderly woman flashed a toothless grin as she watched them amiably.

The corner of Xiao Lie’s lips hooked into a smile.

He fished out a silver ingot and placed it in the elderly woman’s basket.

“Ah?” The elderly woman was astounded, having never seen so much money before.

She hastily explained, “This flower isn’t worth so much.

One coin is enough! I don’t have spare change to give to you, Master!” “No need for change!” Xiao Lie’s features were handsome.

He pulled Su Jiu by her hand and walked into the crowd.

“How can this be?” The elderly woman did not dare to accept it, so she hurriedly chased after them.

She stumbled in her steps, and when she lifted her head again, the shadows of those two noble people had disappeared.

The two of them walked through the entire market stretch and reached the end, but did not see Nangong Bi and the rest.

Su Jiu tiptoed to look in all four directions.

“Where are they?” Xiao Lie, however, was in no rush.

He grabbed someone to ask, “May I ask, where is the best restaurant in this town?” That person grinned.

“We only have one restaurant here.

Turn left at the junction ahead and you will see it!” “Many thanks!” Su Jiu looked at Xiao Lie in admiration.

She gave him a thumbs up while quirking her eyebrows.

Xiao Lie laughed lightly and held her hand as they walked in the direction of the restaurant.

The restaurant was not big, and the door and windows were mottled.

A flag with the word ‘wine’ was displayed at the entrance.

Before they walked in, they could already hear Nangong Bi shout, “Waiter, we want to order!” Chang Huan said, “Ah Shu, I’ll go and find Boss first!” Nangong Bi stopped him.

“No need to worry! Su Jiu is very skilled in martial arts, and she also has someone by her side to protect her.

They’re probably wandering around without caring right now!” Su Jiu shrugged her shoulders and pushed the door open, only to bump into Chang Huan, who was just about to leave.

“Boss!” Chang Huan exclaimed in surprise.

Su Jiu nodded her head before walking in.

Nangong Bi was in the middle of ordering the dishes, “Dragon Beard Beef, Chicken and White Fungus, Sea Cucumber with Abalone Sauce, Steamed Lobster…” The waiter next to them gawked at her, stunned.

They had never heard of these dishes, let alone sell them.

The mottled wooden windows continued to rattle with the wind, as though it was trying to remind Nangong Bi what kind of place this was.

“Miss, we do not have all these dishes you tried to order!” The waiter smiled.

Nangong Bi furrowed her brows and slammed on the unsteady table.

“You don’t even have such ordinary dishes? How are you all running your restaurant? Do you see Master Shu standing outside? He is a notorious mountain bandit, and if you offend him, you won’t be able to open your restaurant anymore!” Ah Shu flashed a ferocious expression, cooperating with Nangong Bi.

Startled, the waiter’s entire body trembled before he collapsed onto the ground.

Su Jiu walked over from behind and held him up with a smile.

“Don’t listen to them, they’re just scaring you! Serve us five bowls of beef noodle soup, and just give us whatever dishes you have!” The waiter’s fear had yet to subside.

He nodded his head and frantically ran to the kitchen.

Nangong Bi smirked and guffawed, feeling pleased.

Su Jiu and Xiao Lie exchanged glances, each shaking their heads helplessly.

There was nothing they could do about this spoiled lady! The beef noodle soup was served, but the portion of beef they provided was simply too small.

The noodle portion, however, was still an acceptable amount, and the group was not picky about it.

They picked up their chopsticks and began to eat.

Even under these circumstances, Xiao Lie still ate slowly and elegantly.

He casually passed all the beef in his bowl to Su Jiu.

Although Nangong Bi was mischievous, she was still a well-mannered daughter from a noble family.

She took small bites with great dignity.

Only Su Jiu, Chang Huan, and Ah Shu behaved like they had been starving for three days.

Before Nangong Bi and Xiao Lie could take two bites of their food, the bottom of their bowls could already be seen.

The bowl had even been polished off every single drop of soup.

The three of them lifted their heads and saw Nangong Bi staring at them in a daze.

Xiao Lie remained reposeful and passed a silk handkerchief to Su Jiu to wipe her mouth, before asking, “Are you full yet?” Ah Shu was the first to respond.

“Not full yet!” After that, he raised his voice to shout, “Waiter, serve us another three big bowls!” While waiting for the noodles to be prepared, Su Jiu suddenly felt the need to pee.

She informed the rest before leaving to find a lavatory.

The waiter told her to just turn right once she stepped out.

Su Jiu thanked him and opened the door to leave.

On the way out, she bumped into a group of merchants who had decided to stop by for a meal.

The group was made out of approximately 20 people, who squeezed past Su Jiu and entered the restaurant with a great hullabaloo.

In the chaos, a glint flashed past Su Jiu’s face, and she acted at top speed.

She swiftly grabbed a hand that was clutching onto her money bag.

Su Jiu sneered, and just as she was about to drag that person out forcefully, the hand she was holding suddenly slipped and squirmed out of her grasp like a loach.

Su Jiu froze and abruptly turned her head, only to see a skinny man meld into the crowd.

Stealing her things! Were they looking for death? Su Jiu leaped forward and chased after him like a gust of wind.

Although Su Jiu was fast, that person wasn’t slow either.

He seemed to have been a seasoned thief who was well-practiced at the art of escaping.

His scrawny figure was like a wild monkey—nimble and energetic.

He sped out of the town and bounded west.

He seemed to be very confident in his qinggong, but when he heard the gust of wind behind him, his complexion changed, and he continued to flee onwards.

The two of them had left the town and were moving west.

They passed by a hill and forest before a village appeared ahead of them.

The village was not big, and there were around ten households scattered around.

It was extremely secluded as it was surrounded by mountainous terrain and forests.

Su Jiu chased him to the mud wall of the easternmost house of the village, and realized that the person had suddenly disappeared! He had not seen that man jump over the wall, so he must have entered the courtyard via a different route.

Su Jiu’s eyes turned as she stomped on the ground along the wall.

Sure enough, there was a portion of loose soil.

After digging up the soil and dried leaves on top, a stone slab was revealed.

Su Jiu smirked and pushed the stone slab aside, before crawling in the hole.

The hole in the ground was not deep and only provided a route through the courtyard.

Once Su Jiu came out, she saw a brick right outside the hole.

The person who stole her money was leaning against a window, staring at her.

Su Jiu originally assumed that this was that person’s house.

However, seeing how secretive and surreptitious he was, she could not help but feel puzzled.

Was he here to steal? She was chasing him and yet, he still dared to break into someone’s house to burgle.

What big guts he had.

Su Jiu walked over and grabbed that person by his neck in one smooth motion, directly lifting him off the ground.

Before Su Jiu could speak, however, that person got a shock when he realized she was Su Jiu.

He hurriedly began to gesture without a sound.

Su Jiu was stunned.

In the next instant, she heard the shout of a woman and the laughter of a man coming from outside the courtyard.

“Let go of me! Let go of me!” “I beg you to let my daughter-in-law go! I beg you all!” “Get lost!” … Su Jiu glanced at the man next to him and saw that he was grimacing and his face was all scrunched up in pain.

His body slid down the wall, and the money bag that was stolen from Su Jiu also landed on the ground.

Su Jiu picked up the money bag and peered out of the window.

Her eyes instantly widened.

The people outside were Naye soldiers! There were two people.

They held a woman and were in the middle of dragging her into the house aggressively.

That woman struggled with all she had.

At the side, there was another elderly man who had been kicked to the corner.

“What’s your relationship with that woman?” Su Jiu turned her head to ask.

“My wife!” The man hugged his head in agony.

Su Jiu’s clear eyes became cold as she swiftly grabbed him by the collar.

“She is your wife! Now that she’s being bullied by others, why aren’t you going to save her?” The man glared back with reddened eyes.

“How am I to save her? Do you know how many Naye soldiers are in this village? If I rescue my wife, my mother will die instead!” Su Jiu furrowed her brows viciously.

Where did these Naye soldiers come from? They were so close to Youzhou, why was there no information on this? They were currently in the east wing of the estate.

At that moment, the heart-wrenching scream of a woman sounded from the main building.

Having no time to consider, Su Jiu leaped out of the window abruptly, before racing towards the main building.

The man stood up with a grunt and stared at Su Jiu’s silhouette in a trance.

Very soon, there were no more movements in the house.

The man hastily sprinted out of the east wing and charged into the room.

He was instantly stunned.

The corpses of those two Naye soldiers were lying on the floor.

Their chests had a gaping hole covered in lumps of flesh, while blood gurgled out like a fountain.

His woman, whose clothes were untidy, was cowering behind the heated bed, and she seemed to have been shocked silly as she gawked blankly at Su Jiu.

Su Jiu’s hands were smeared with blood, and she was in the middle of wiping them clean.

Seeing him enter, she gave him a dismissive look.

The man’s face instantly became as white as a sheet.

“The Naye soldiers are here! Why didn’t you report this to the authorities?” Su Jiu questioned coldly as she tossed the scrap cloth that she had used to wipe her hands.

This area was very close to Youzhou, and if a large number of Naye soldiers suddenly appeared, it would be extremely dangerous.

The man’s face paled in alarm as he said while trying to catch his breath, “The Naye soldiers have seized control of our village.

Their general told the villagers that if anyone reported their presence, they would utterly annihilate our village before reinforcements arrive!” “How many Naye soldiers are in your village?” Su Jiu asked.

The man did not appear to know and shook his head anxiously.

“I know!” The woman who was hiding behind the heated bed said with a shaky voice, “Mrs.

Wang next door has prepared meals for them before.

She mentioned that there were around 200 of them!” 200 men? Su Jiu frowned as she mulled over this carefully.

200 people couldn’t be official soldiers unless they were deserters.

“When did this group of Naye soldiers arrive at your village?” Su Jiu asked urgently.

The man thought for a while before saying, “Around ten days ago.

” Sure enough, the timeline matched.

Su Jiu nodded her head.

These 200 people were indeed either the deserters who had fled from the mountain or were soldiers who had managed to escape from River Gugu that day.

But after fleeing, why did they choose to remain here? The man realized that Su Jiu was extraordinarily imposing, and she did not seem to be a commoner.

Since she had even rescued his family member, he decided to reveal everything he knew.

“When I went to steal their food one day, I heard the general of the Naye soldiers and his subordinates mention their plans to burn down the provisions of the Daliang military camp.

They are prepared to take action on the night of New Year’s Eve!” On New Year’s Eve, everyone would relax and let loose, especially since a truce had been declared at Yanyun Pass.

No one would expect that there were already a bunch of people who had infiltrated just outside Youzhou City.

As such, this was the best time to mount a sneak attack.

Su Jiu slowly understood as she heard this.

These 200 Naye soldiers did not dare to return to their commander because they had failed in battle.

Hence, they concealed themselves within this village to sneak an attack on the Daliang army and gain some merits before returning.

How delusional! Killing intent brewed between Su Jiu’s brows as she asked coldly, “Where are they residing at?” “In the village, they are currently staying at rich man Zhou’s house.

The moment they arrived, they slaughtered rich man Zhou’s entire family and occupied his courtyard.

Usually, they would murder and loot rampantly in the village, and they have committed every evil deed possible! They would force us to pass them our grain, and if anyone refuses, they will immediately single them out and stew them!” The man gnashed his teeth as he said.

“Benefactor, I beg you to rescue the villagers! I’m begging you!” The girl crawled up and prostrated before Su Jiu.

Su Jiu’s complexion became ashen, and she clenched her fists so tightly that they started trembling.

She looked at the Naye soldiers on the ground, and felt compelled to skin them and carve their bones! “Listen up! I will take revenge on behalf of your village.

You guys must hide at home, and pretend as though you don’t know anything!” Su Jiu’s eyes were frosty.

“Just you alone?” The man asked in astonishment.

Su Jiu nodded her head and extended her arm to pick up the Naye soldier’s clothes before putting it on herself.

Then, she grabbed a handful of ash and smeared it all over her face, before pulling down the military helmet and walking out.

“Hold on!” The man suddenly dashed out.

“What’s the matter?” Su Jiu paused in her steps and turned around.

The man returned to his room, took out two pairs of knives meant for slaughtering pigs, and passed them to Su Jiu.

“These are for you!” Su Jiu received them and stuffed them into her sleeves before striding out.

The man behind her plonked on the ground on both knees and kneeled before Su Jiu.

He bowed his head and pleaded, “I am a greedy coward who is scared of death, and for the sake of my mother and my child, I can’t follow my benefactor out to kill those bastards.

I pray that my benefactor will return safe and sound!” Su Jiu’s steps only slowed down a bit.

She did not turn her head back as she walked straight out of the courtyard.

Once she exited the man’s house, she did not walk much further before she saw rich man Zhou’s house.

The village only accommodated a few dozen households, which were all scattered around, and all the houses were low-rise mud huts.

There was only one tiled house right in the middle, and the courtyard appeared comparatively larger.

According to the man, there were Naye soldiers constantly patrolling the village.

Su Jiu pulled down the military helmet even more to conceal half her face.

Her footsteps were unhurried as she walked towards rich man Zhou’s house.

The town up ahead was bustling with activity, but it was deathly silent here.

It was broad daylight, but not a single villager could be seen.

Occasionally, a pitiful scream would be heard from who knows where, but at that moment, it was completely quiet.

The wind was harsh, and there seemed to be a faint smell of roasted meat wafting in the air.

When Su Jiu smelled this long-forgotten scent, her clear eyes instantly became cold.

There were probably less than 200 people who resided in this village, but all of a sudden, another 200 Naye soldiers infiltrated the area.

Even if they gave up every single bit of grain, there would not be enough for those Naye soldiers to eat.

There was no grain to eat, but those Naye soldiers needed to survive.

Hence, they could only eat people.

People were still happily shopping in the market to prepare for the New Year celebration a few miles away.

Who would have thought that such a purgatory would exist right behind them? Su Jiu’s steps were extremely steady, but her narrowed eyes were incandescent with hatred! She stroked the sharp knife in her sleeves, every touch ice-cold.

She felt the urge to suck their blood dry.

The village was small, and very soon, she was able to see the walls of rich man Zhou’s courtyard.

The stone wall was one person high, while the gate was sizable.

Two Naye soldiers stood guard in front of the black wooden doors.

Just as she was about to lower her head and enter, two Naye soldiers suddenly marched over from the opposite direction, carrying a girl in their hands.

That girl’s hands and feet had been bound with rope, and a tattered rag had been stuffed into her mouth.

She could only produce muffled sounds filled with panic.

Those two Naye soldiers had plastered a lascivious expression on their faces as they impatiently carried the woman into the courtyard.

The gaze of the two soldiers guarding the door landed on the girl’s face.

They smirked wantonly and said, “This one looks good! Where did you find her?” One of them responded, “Hiding in the underground cellar, but we found her!” The two men carried her into the courtyard, while the guards could only stand on tiptoe and watch on with envy.

They failed to notice Su Jiu walk in.

Rich man Zhou’s courtyard had two entrances.

The front courtyard had the main building consisting of five rooms, with two adjoining wings on both sides of the main building.

At that moment, a few dozen people were sharpening their knives while chatting in the courtyard.

Inside the rest of the rooms, people were sleeping, while others were cooking.

It was filled with Naye soldiers.

The vague sound of them conducting a drill could be heard from the rear courtyard.

It appeared as though the 200 soldiers were divided into two groups, and the other 100 people were currently at the rear courtyard training their martial arts.

Su Jiu noticed that the two Naye soldiers who came in carrying the girl had entered the second room in the west wing.

She stepped forward and prowled over.

She was wearing the Naye soldier’s uniform, and her helmet had been pulled down.

The people in the courtyard were deeply engaged in their conversations, and not a single person noticed her presence.

Su Jiu pulled open the door to enter, before immediately locking the door behind.

The sound of a man’s rough panting entered her ear.

A huge brick-colored heated bed was in the middle of the room, and the two Naye soldiers were now naked as they attempted to peel off the girl’s clothes.

There was another Naye soldier at the side, his figure leaning against the girl’s bloody body.

It was impossible to tell whether she was dead or alive.

He was in the middle of pleasuring himself when he turned his head over to have a look.

With his forehead full of sweat, he panted, “This one is good! Let me have a go later!” The other two people guffawed wantonly.

Su Jiu walked over, and one of the men turned around and flashed a smile.

“Chu Ye, what are you doing here? Are you here to enjoy what’s available?” Su Jiu raised her head and met the eyes of the struggling girl on the heated bed.

A sharp glint flashed past her eyes, and she stabbed the chest of both Naye soldiers simultaneously, causing their blood to gush out in spurts.

The two of them turned back and felt a cold sensation on their neck.

Before they could let out a shout however, they had become motionless.

The two of them tenaciously stared at Su Jiu before collapsing on the ground.

The girl on the heated bed widened her eyes.

The Naye soldier, who was still in the middle of his work, suddenly felt that something was amiss.

When he turned his head, he met an icy-cold pair of eyes.

A sharp pain radiated in his chest, and he almost seemed to hear his own heart exploding.

“Puh!” It caused one’s hair to stand on its end! Su Jiu swiftly retracted her hand and gave a mighty kick, sending that man’s body flying to the wall with much disgust.

In that instant, three people died in that room, with not a single sound produced.

The girl on the heated bed stared at Su Jiu in trepidation.

She hastily used her hands to cover her mouth.

Su Jiu casually wiped her hands and gestured to the girl on the heated bed to remain silent.

She whispered coldly, “I’m here to rescue you all, so don’t make a sound.

Once I leave, make some noise.

Check if she’s still alive and help her put on some clothes!” Su Jiu glanced at the girl at the side with squinted eyes.

The girl hurriedly bobbed her head and unraveled the rope that was binding her, before crawling over to the other girl’s side and calling her name.

“Watch out for the movements outside.

Once the people outside die, take her and leave this courtyard!” Su Jiu instructed nonchalantly.

“Yes… yes!” The young girl nodded her head in fright.

Su Jiu turned around to leave, closing the door behind her.

A girl’s ear-piercing scream and wail suddenly sounded from inside the room.

Su Jiu continued to walk forward.

A few dozen Naye soldiers were still chatting in the courtyard.

When they heard the girl’s cries from the room, their laughter seemed to amplify.

Su Jiu cracked her knuckles and pushed open the door of the first room in the east wing.

There was also a heated bed in this room, and a few dozen Naye soldiers lay on top in a disorderly manner.

They were snoring and in deep sleep.

A long knife slipped out of Su Jiu’s sleeves.

Her features were exquisite, and her face was emotionless as she walked over.

In less than a minute, all breathing ceased, and every single one of them had a deep gash on their neck.

Fresh blood dripped down the heated bed like a flowing stream.

Su Jiu wiped her blade and placed the knife back into her sleeves.

Her countenance was as pure as snow, and she did not even pause for a moment before walking out.

In the first room of the main building, a group of men was gathered around a table playing dice.

They were shouting incessantly in hope for fives or sixes on the dice.

Su Jiu walked over and said in a low voice, “Count me in!” One of the men turned back and glanced at Su Jiu, before speedily turning his eyes back.

He fixed his eyes nervously on the cup that was about to be lifted while shifting to the side to make way.

He gestured, “Quick, quick!” Su Jiu walked over and stood among the crowd.

Everyone’s eyes were locked on that dice cup while yelling, “Big (number)!” The spinning die stopped, and everyone instantly widened their eyes and strained their necks to have a look.

“Open your eyes and have a good look!” The person hosting the game shouted, before lifting the cup.

Su Jiu suddenly slammed the table, and the dice that had stopped moving began to spin once again.

It shattered into many pieces and forcefully shot out in all four directions.

Everyone covered their eyes and shrieked in alarm, their mouths agape.

Su Jiu leaped up like a leopard and jumped onto the table.

Her body spun, and her movements were full of speed and viciousness.

The knife in her hand rotated, and streaks of blood splattered in the shape of a circle.

After a few ‘plonks’, everyone had toppled over.

The sharp knife returned to her sleeve, and Su Jiu jumped off the table before calmly opening the door to walk out.

As the door opened and closed, a faint stench of blood wafted out whenever the wind flew by.

It was normal for gamblers to shout and scream, so the people in the courtyard did not find anything out of the ordinary even when they heard the commotion.

In the second room of the main building… At the instant when the door was pushed open, a low moan was heard from inside the room.

A wisp of disgust flashed past Su Jiu’s eyes as she stepped in.

However, she instantly froze in her steps, flabbergasted.

There were two males in the room rolling on the bed with bare shoulders.

They were completely immersed in kissing and embracing each other! They did not even notice the person who had walked in! Two sets of the Naye military uniform were strewn on the floor.

Su Jiu widened her eyes.

This was her first time realizing that two men could actually… She kindly sent the two men on the road together, letting them stay as companions as they journeyed along the yellow river.

As the saying went: ‘love will find its way.

’ In the third room of the main building… This was a living room, and there were five people inside.

One of them was sitting near the door sharpening his blade.

The other four were gathered around a table, drinking wine.

When Su Jiu walked in, all five of them turned their heads to look over.

“Chu Ye?” The man who was sharpening his blade called out.

Su Jiu coughed and walked towards a nearby window to pour herself a cup of tea.

One of the men drinking behind her snickered, “Chu Ye, your figure is as slender as a woman’s! Even your bottom is perky!” The others burst out into laughter, having malicious intentions.

Amidst the laughter, the man polishing his sword shouted, “Chu Ye?” The tone in his voice was uncertain, and only Su Jiu heard it.

“Mm!” Su Jiu said, before turning her head abruptly.

She grabbed the man’s hand and dragged him with her as she leaped forward.

The well-sharpened knife waved at the four people who were laughing, leaving behind a cloud of metallic dust in its wake.

Four heads were sent flying with their mouths still agape, leaving behind four headless bodies.

Those bodies remained seated in place, and their hands were still clutching their wine cups.

The girl’s explosive strength was astounding.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye, from the moment she grabbed the knife, to when she leaped forward and annihilated everyone.

Fresh blood splattered like a gushing fountain, staining the remaining Naye soldier’s face.

He widened his mouth in shock and even forgot to scream.

Su Jiu turned back and stuffed a wine cup into his mouth.

Her blade moved, and the moment fresh blood surged, Su Jiu had already retreated backward.

The entire room was covered in puddles of blood.

Four heads were rolling on the ground, and the thick stench of blood permeated the air.

Su Jiu’s countenance remained clear and pure, as she dusted her sleeves and turned back to walk out.

In the fourth room in the main building… This was a bedroom that was most likely reserved for guests to use.

A table had been placed against the window, and two round mahogany chairs were arranged at the sides.

At the innermost area of the room was a large bed, and its bed curtains were lowered such that the situation inside was concealed.

The vague shadows seemed to indicate that there was someone inside, but there was no trace of someone panting.

It was unusually quiet.

Su Jiu walked over slowly, softening her footsteps.

She used her knife to pry open the bed curtains forcefully, and her complexion instantly paled.

There were many people inside, lying haphazardly on the bed.

Their corpses had already begun decomposing and were emanating an awful stench.

This must have been rich man’s Zhou entire family.

There were eleven people altogether, including two children.

The women’s bodies were completely naked, and their expressions at death were extremely sinister.

The men’s faces were frozen in fear.

Su Jiu’s throat felt dry as her eyes filled with hostility.

She grabbed the bed curtains with one hand and tugged, ripping them apart.

She then used them to cover the bodies.

Holding the knife in her hand, Su Jiu turned to leave.

I must take revenge on behalf of all of you! The fifth room in the main building was packed full of random items, and there was no one inside.

Su Jiu exited and walked towards the east wing.

The room in the east wing was a kitchen, and at that moment, there were more than ten Naye soldiers inside preparing a meal.

The fragrance of stewed meat wafted out, overpowering the smell of blood in the courtyard.

One of the Naye soldiers, who was busy chatting, noticed Su Jiu entering.

He shouted, “Chu Ye, you brat! Why are you going from room to room? Are you searching for something? “He’s probably looking for a woman.

Last night, he heard the sound of moaning all through the night, and this morning, his face was so ashen.

He must be holding all of his frustrations in!” Someone giggled.

The rest chortled along.

Su Jiu lowered her head and did not reply.

Instead, she walked directly into the kitchen.

Once inside, the smell of meat became even stronger.

Su Jiu was resentful of the fact that she had not caught a Scarlet Snake to toss into the pot.

The east wing was made up of two adjoining rooms, and the stove was located in the southernmost part of the room at the corner.

Someone was fanning the fire, while another person was chopping firewood.

The meat stew in the pot simmered and bubbled.

The rest of the people were either slicing vegetables or conversing with one another, filling up the small room.

Once Su Jiu entered, she leaned against the doorpost and lowered her head.

The large military helmet covered more than half of her face, and the shadow of the helmet concealed her cold and piercing eyes.

“How long do you think we have to wait here?” One of the people engaged in the conversation asked.

His voice carried a hint of impatience as he continued, “We can’t keep idling around for eternity! What are we, deserters?” Another person responded, “What’s the rush? Yesterday, I heard that our general is planning to launch a sneak attack on the Daliang military camp on New Year’s Eve!” “What?” Someone howled in disbelief.

“Counting on just a few hundred of us to launch a sneak attack on the Daliang military camp? That’s just throwing our lives away!” “Once we set their army provisions ablaze, we will flee and gather with the rest of the army at Yanyun Pass.

This will be considered great merit! Otherwise, how will our general be able to meet Commander Hage after losing 30,000 troops here?” Su Jiu lowered her head, her eyes radiant.

It was just as she had guessed, but who was the leader of these 200 people? In the northern part of the room, there were two large barrels of water, and two Naye soldiers were in the middle of washing some vegetables.

The climate in Northern Xinjiang was harsh, and there would not be any fresh vegetables available during this season.

This basin, which was covered in murky sludge, probably contained the dried rations that the owner of this courtyard had saved up throughout the summer.

Su Jiu walked over and turned her back to the people chatting.

She leaned against the water barrel and bent her body while whispering, “It’s time to go!” “What?” The two of them lifted their heads at the same time.

The moment they raised their heads, Su Jiu had already made a move.

From her sleeves, a glint reflected from the surface of the blade, and the two sharp knives normally used for butchering pigs stabbed into their throats, before rotating forcefully.

After that, Su Jiu lifted their robes and applied pressure on the slit that was spewing blood.

She lifted her head.

Her exquisite face was emotionless as she stared at the peeling wall opposite her.

Her hands pressed against their throats until they stopped breathing.

Su Jiu withdrew her knife without a sound and returned it into her sleeves.

She yanked them with her hands and adjusted their posture, with her back facing everyone else.

Both dead people had their heads lowered and their hands were placed into the basin, under the guise that they were washing vegetables as usual.

Using the same method, Su Jiu killed the few people who were chatting, before turning around to walk towards the last two people who were fanning the fire and chopping firewood.

The fragrance of the meat completely overpowered the stench of blood.

The two men started drooling as they stared at meat in the pot, failing to notice the sudden silence in the kitchen.

At that moment, however, the people chatting in the courtyard realized that something was amiss.

Someone asked, “Why are there no movements in the rooms?” The moment he spoke, the rest who were blabbering away shut their mouths and realized that the rooms were frightfully quiet.

The sound of rough breathing or screaming coming from the rooms in the west wing had ceased.

Not a peep came from those gambling and those drinking.

Something was not right! The group of them stood up simultaneously and darted towards the main building.

When Su Jiu heard the movements from the courtyard, she understood that she had been discovered.

She walked over without any apprehension and lifted the two Naye soldiers who were cooking, before plunging their heads directly into the pot.

“Ah!” The two of them kicked and shrilled while struggling with all their strength.

When the Naye soldiers charged in, they were greeted by the sight of a room full of corpses and fresh blood.

Each of them stood blankly like a wooden chicken, their faces as white as a ghost.

Who killed them? When were they killed? One of them collapsed onto the ground and cowered.

“It was Chu Ye! He killed them!” Just as everyone was overcome with shock, they heard a pitiful scream sound from the kitchen.

They immediately brandished their knives and surrounded the kitchen.

Even the guards at the entrance rushed over after realizing that something happened in the courtyard.

The screaming had already stopped.

Su Jiu casually picked up a knife and kicked open the door before leaping out.

The momentum in which she leaped was astounding.

Her killing intent surged, and her blade reflected a ray of light.

Her movements seemed to be followed by a roll of thunder as she swept through the crowd like a hurricane.

Cries of agony sounded in succession, and countless people collapsed onto the ground in the blink of an eye.

Someone shrieked, “Quickly! Go to the rear courtyard and inform the general-” The voice ceased abruptly.

The person’s neck had been sliced by a butcher’s knife, and he fell backward.

A shadow rushed past like the wind to retrieve the knife that was stuck in his throat, before swooping towards the Naye soldiers who were scurrying towards the rear courtyard.

Su Jiu did not throw a glance and turned back to swing her knife at the frightened Naye soldiers.

In such a short period, corpses littered the ground.

Su Jiu landed on the ground, her posture still upright and her face still clear.

She walked slowly towards the body of the Naye soldier who was about to report the news, before bending down to retrieve her knife.

She casually wiped the blood off the blade.

The woman in the west wing had been hiding under the window all this time.

When she saw Su Jiu kill an entire courtyard of people, shock filled her eyes.

However, she did not dare to delay any further, and she supported the other woman out of the west wing before sprinting out of the courtyard.

Su Jiu watched the two women run out of the courtyard.

The knife returned to her sleeves and she held a sword in her hands.

She took a deep breath before walking towards the rear courtyard.

The soldiers were currently training in the rear courtyard.

The sound of blades striking each other, the shouts, the threats, and the cheers all melded together and resonated in the courtyard.

With a ‘thud’, Su Jiu kicked open the door and brandished her blood-stained sword, appearing right before everyone.

The courtyard instantly plunged into silence.

The general, whose back was facing Su Jiu, suddenly whipped around.

It was He Da! He gawked at Su Jiu in shock.

He looked past the open door, only to see the front courtyard littered with dead bodies.

Horrified, he asked anxiously, “Who are you?” Su Jiu raised her hands and plucked the military helmet off.

Her black hair instantly fluttered in the wind, and her pure face was as cold as ice.

She sent the helmet in her hands flying in He Da’s direction.

“Let me extinguish your dog life!” Before she finished her sentence, the girl had already leaped forward.

The sword in her hand pierced through the fierce winds and slashed towards He Da like thunder.

“Block her!” “Quickly block her!” He Da dodged the flying helmet and stepped back while shouting in fear.

At the same time, countless Naye soldiers swarmed forward, each brandishing a sword and slashing at Su Jiu.

Their faces were vicious, just like the birth of a devil.

Clang! Clang! The sword in Su Jiu’s hands was infused with her essence.

Swords collided, and sparks flew in all four directions.

The sword in the hands of the Naye soldier was instantly shattered to pieces, and the blade exploded like a secret weapon, its shrapnel stabbing into the surrounding Naye soldiers.

Shrieks of pain and howls of agony immediately sounded.

In the middle of the fierce winds, Su Jiu’s figure did not stop as she overtook countless Naye soldiers, before striking directly at He Da! All color drained from He Da’s face as he plonked onto the ground.

The blade above him shimmered, and the frigid air around him was akin to ice.

In his panic, he dragged a nearby Naye soldier and used him to block the incoming attack.

“Puh!” The skull of the Naye soldier who had been used as a human shield suddenly split open, and blood splattered all over He Da’s face.

He got up in alarm and fled backward.

As he escaped, he commanded, “Block her! Kill her!” “Kill her! This general will reward you generously!” The Naye soldiers surged forward once again.

Su Jiu kicked the frontmost Naye soldier on the chest, and with a ‘crack’, his rib bones were shattered, and his body was directly sent flying.

The sword in her hand spun, and the girl’s figure was so nimble that she appeared to be under a spell.

The purple sash on her head fluttered in the wind, dancing together with the splatters of fresh blood.

At that moment, the girl seemed to have transformed into a man-eating devil, slaughtering demons and eliminating evil ghouls.

She stepped over fresh blood and piles of corpses as she trod onwards.

The sun blazed in the sky, and the howling wind was akin to a song.

Clutching her blood-stained blade, the girl emitted a baleful aura, her entire body soaked with fresh blood and her sword resting in her hands.

Her movements were agile and swift, and she leaped into the air with her body almost horizontal to the ground.

She shared a dance with the wind and annihilated the evil Naye soldiers, who had long lost their conscience.

She destroyed all their fighting spirit while staying unstoppable! Severed limbs and broken bones littered the floor, and the thick scent of blood permeated the entire village.

Within the time it would take to burn one stick of incense, not a single soul remained standing, apart from the few soldiers guarding He Da.

Su Jiu’s face was smeared with fresh blood, and she used her sleeves to wipe it away in repugnance.

She lowered her sword that was dripping with blood and took big strides towards He Da.

Each step seemed to cause the ground to tremble, and every step pressed against He Da’s chest.

“Kill!” Two of He Da’s guards rushed forward with red eyes as they howled loudly.

Their faces were full of sorrow, and they seemed to have accepted the fact that they were going to die together.

Su Jiu’s cold eyes stared directly at He Da.

Her expression did not change as she leaped up and kicked the Naye soldier on the left, while her right hand grabbed the other person by the throat and tossed him aside.

The winds became chillier, carrying with it a wisp of killing intent.

200 Naye soldiers had died by the girl’s hands.

He Da stared at the girl in dread, his eyes widening as though he had seen the devil.

“I surrender!” He Da, who had been scared out of his wits, tossed his sword aside and knelt on both knees.

His face was full of fear, and his body was shaking as he desperately yelled, “You can’t kill someone who has surrendered! You can’t kill me!” Su Jiu towered over him as she looked down in his eyes.

Her eyes were frosty, and the sword in her hand moved, instantly causing a streak of blood to stain the wall.

The girl did not even glance at the body that had collapsed on the ground before turning around.

“I don’t accept surrenders!”