Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 163

Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 163

Chapter 163: His Highness’ Feelings In the blink of an eye, ten days had passed, and there were only around five days till the New Year.

Nangong Bi took care of Hu Dapao every day by feeding and applying his medication.

Hu Dapao listened to her obediently and did not dare to resist in the slightest.

His wound had improved tremendously, and he was no longer bed-ridden.

The moment he got off the bed, he made plans to head to the military camp outside the city and began to make preparations for upcoming battles.

Since Hu Dapao’s injuries had healed, Su Jiu considered returning to Shengjing.

It was evening.

Su Jiu was in the middle of packing her possessions when she heard a soft voice behind her.

“You want to leave?” Su Jiu looked back and flashed a smile at Xiao Lie under the setting sun.

“Dapao is fine, so it’s about time for me to leave!” She was not a soldier, and there was no point in her remaining here.

Xiao Lie was still donned in a full set of battle armor and had yet to change out.

It appeared as though he had rushed over the moment he returned, the black battle robe accentuating the coolness of his towering figure.

He stared vaguely at the girl’s back and remained silent for a moment.

“Is something the matter?” Seeing that he did not speak, Su Jiu turned back to ask him once more.

The man’s back faced the sunlight, and his well-sculpted face had an inexplicable expression.

He only replied with a low voice.

“The research on the secret weapon… Once you leave, who will do it?” .



Su Jiu’s hand froze.

She blew the stray hair on her face in annoyance, before turning back to reply, “Wei Tan has not sent me any news.

” A few days ago, she had requested Wei Tan to bring Zhao Xiong over.

However, Zhao Xiong had brought his fellow mountain bandit brothers to rob who knows where, and Wei Tan’s men had not been able to locate them.

In the past, Wei Tan had mentioned that whenever he and Zhao Xiong met, it was always Zhao Xiong who made the first contact by looking for him in the city.

Their group of mountain bandits did not have a fixed hideout, unlike their Dragon Conqueror Gang, who owned three mud huts.

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COM Mount Hala occupied such a large area that it would indeed be tough to locate the few of them since they tended to scamper around like mice.

“If you leave, and if Zhao Xiong arrives at Youzhou, he would not trust us if he doesn’t see you.

” Xiao Lie reasoned nonchalantly.

Su Jiu turned around and sat on the chair.

Her arms were wrapped around her chest, and she seemed to be troubled.

Xiao Lie’s words were true; Zhao Xiong was a mountain bandit and was very cautious of coming into contact with soldiers and officials.

As such, they had disappeared without a trace the moment they returned from Camelback Ridge, not even showing a shadow of themselves.

As a fellow mountain bandit, she completely understood his sentiments.

If she were to leave, Zhao Xiong would truly find it difficult to find peace in collaborating with Xiao Lie.

“Additionally, the New Year is approaching.

If you return now, will you celebrate the New Year on the road?” Xiao Lie’s dim and narrow eyes stared at her, carrying a sliver of anticipation.

Su Jiu did not care about celebrating the New Year.

In the past, back on Yuhu Mountain, they never celebrated the festivities.

Just as Su Jiu was about to open her mouth to respond, Nangong Bi suddenly charged in and asked, “What New Year on the road? Su Jiu, are you leaving?” Su Jiu nodded her head.

“Yes, I want to return to Shengjing!” “So fast?” Nangong Bi unknowingly furrowed her brows.

“Dapao is going to return to the military camp! Why should I idle around here? Su Jiu chuckled.

She had originally come here for Hu Dapao’s sake, and now that he was better, it was time for her to leave.

“But it’s almost the New Year, you will not be able to reach the capital in time.

Why not stay here and celebrate the New Year with us before leaving?” Nangong Bi’s eyes were brimming with hope as she looked at Su Jiu.

Xiao Lie’s gaze deepened.

“Su Jiu, stay here.

After the New Year, you can return to Shengjing with Miss Nangong.

Otherwise, if Miss Nangong returns alone, General Nangong may not be able to rest easy!” “Right… right!” Nangong Bi went forward to tug Su Jiu’s hand.

, “Su Jiu, celebrate the New Year with us before returning to Shengjing!” It wasn’t easy for her to ‘escape’ from that manor.

She no longer had to listen to his father’s daily teachings, nor her mother’s nagging.

She didn’t need to learn those troublesome songs and poetry, so she was in no rush to return.

“Su Jiu, there are only a few days before the New Year.

I want to celebrate it with my brother here before returning to Shengjing! Wait for me, pretty please?” Su Jiu contemplated for a moment, before nodding her head.

“Alright, then I will stay here and return after the New Year.

At the same time, I can wait for Zhao Xiong!” “Perfect!” Nangong Bi jumped up in excitement.

“Then we can spend the New Year together!” Xiao Lie’s boundless eyes revealed a hint of warmth, and his lips slowly curled into a smile.

Su Jiu turned her eyes and looked at Xiao Lie.

“Dapao is going to return to the military camp.

You are the commander; shouldn’t you return to the military camp too?” Xiao Lie nodded his head.

“Yes!” Nangong Bi’s eyes turned and she said, “Su Jiu, let’s leave the city too! I’m bored and tired of this outpost!” “How is that possible? The military camp is not somewhere that ordinary people can enter and exit as they please!” Su Jiu laughed.

“Nothing is impossible! ” Xiao Lie said nonchalantly, “This whole time, Miss Nangong has been posing as General Nangong’s personal guard, so you can be my personal guard.

Furthermore, news has just arrived from Yanyun Pass.

Since it’s the New Year, the Qiang Clan and Naye Clan will temporarily withdraw their troops and have agreed to a period of truce.

There will not be any major battles in the next few days.

” Naturally, Su Jiu was happy to be able to enter the military camp.

At the very least, she could still see Hu Dapao every day.

After they reached an agreement, Su Jiu sent Ah Shu to send a message to Wei Tan.

If he managed to find Zhao Xiong, he was to bring him directly to the large military outpost right outside the city.

Early the next day, all of them left the city.

At that time, all of the Youzhou city guards were stationed inside the city.

Nangong Shu led 100,000 elite soldiers, as well as 50,000 strong garrisons to Yanyun Pass.

The remaining 50,000 troops were stationed 20 miles north of Youzhou City, all ready to be dispatched in case the need arose at Yanyun Pass.

They were also prepared to defend Youzhou against the Qiang Clan if they invaded from that direction.

Su Jiu was taller than average and eluded at imposing air.

Her countenance was handsome, and after putting on the military outfit and fastening her hair together, it accentuated her charisma and bravery.

It was difficult to discern her gender.

Nangong Bi’s frame was comparatively smaller, and even though she wore the smallest available size, the military outfit still appeared too loose for her.

She gaped at Su Jiu in admiration and sighed in succession, “What a pity, I take after my mother! If I was as tall as my father, just like my brother, I would be as cool as Su Jiu!” After departing from the outpost, Huang Ying hurried over in a fluster and stood in front of Hu Dapao’s horse, blocking his path.

She frowned, “General Hu, you are leaving the city, but you have not recovered fully from your injuries!” Nangong Bi glared coldly at the girl and harrumphed, before flipping her head to the side.

Su Jiu raised her brows meaningfully at Nangong Bi’s reaction and seemed to understand why she hated Huang Ying so much.

But she felt that it didn’t make sense.

She hated Hu Dapao, but why did it matter whether Huang Ying liked Hu Dapao or not? Hu Dapao subconsciously looked back at a certain spot, before jumping off his horse.

He spoke to Huang Ying politely, “My injury is no longer a hindrance.

Thank you for this period of care, Miss Huang!” “I already told you not to stand on ceremony when you talk to me! Just call me Ying’er! In the future, I will go look for you outside the city if I miss you!” Huang Ying grinned, brazenly expressing her affection towards Hu Dapao.

“N-no need…” Hu Dapao’s expression became awkward.

Just as he said this, he heard a clear shout behind him.

“Onward!” A girl donned in military robes galloped forward like a gust of wind, leaving only a cloud of dust in its wake.

Hu Dapao froze, his eyes focused on Nangong Bi’s back.

He instantly forgot what he wanted to say to Huang Ying.

Huang Ying inhaled a mouthful of dust and hastily retreated to the roadside, her expression unpleasant.

“I will go after her!” Su Jiu followed, before riding forward to chase after Nangong Bi.

“General Hu and Miss Huang, have a good talk.

This prince will leave first!” Xiao Lie flicked the reins and rode onwards.

“Have a good talk!” Chang Huan and Ah Shu chortled, before chasing after Su Jiu as well.

In the twinkle of an eye, only a smiling Huang Ying and an awkward Hu Dapao remained.

“These brothers of yours are so perceptive!” Huang Ying quirked her brows with a smile.

Hu Dapao was no longer in the mood to converse with Huang Ying.

He quipped, “I’m taking my leave,” and immediately got on his horse to chase after the group of people, whose shadows had long disappeared.

Huang Ying had originally intended to exchange a few words with Hu Dapao privately, but at that moment, she could only watch Hu Dapao’s departing figure fade into the distance.

She hastily shouted, “Dapao, I will go visit you!” Hu Dapao’s hand quivered as he held the reins, and he increased his speed even more.

Outside the city, Nangong Bi and Su Jiu raced each other, waving the riding crop in the air with unending excitement! Among the two of them, one was pretty, while the other was pure.

Their black hair fluttered and their long robes danced in the wind.

The hooves of their horses were like thunder, seemingly teleporting three thousand miles into Northern Xinjiang within a day.

Chang Huan and Ah Shu rode their horses behind them.

As they glanced at the boundless grasslands and the chilly winds, their hearts were filled with an incomparable sense of blithe.

The tents that made up the military camp dotted throughout the plains, and from the distance, they appeared like individual mountains that connected to the Hala Mountain Range.

Just before lunchtime, the group reached the military camp and alighted from their horses.

A few vice generals from the military camp came forward to greet Xiao Lie.

Some of them recognized Hu Dapao and were extremely moved when he returned safe and sound.

They all spread their arms to share a hug.

Xiao Lie assigned someone to arrange Chang Huan’s and Ah Shu’s tent.

He turned back to speak to Su Jiu, “You are my personal guard, so share a tent with me!” Su Jiu nodded her head.

“Alright!” Nangong Bi stayed in Nangong Shu’s tent as usual.

Hu Dapao’s personal guard took care of his accommodation and food, and when he left to draw water, he bumped into Nangong Bi, who was about to enter the tent.

She had been pacing outside the tent and seemed to have something to say.

“Is anything the matter?” Pan Gang asked.

Nangong Bi glanced at the entrance of the tent, which was firmly shut, before whispering, “Hu Dapao’s wounds are not completely healed.

Remember to change his dressing every day, and administer the medicine on time.

He is not allowed to take alcohol or other spicy food!” Pan Gang grinned.

“Since Miss Nangong is so concerned for our general, why don’t you talk to him personally?” Nangong Bi’s pretty face reddened.

“You sure know how to chatter glibly! It’s enough for you to remember your words! Why must you speak such nonsense?” “Yes, yes, this subordinate has spoken excessively.

This subordinate has committed everything you said to memory!” Nangong Bi nodded her head.

“Don’t tell him that I was the one who told you all this!” “Why?” Pan Gang asked a single sentence, but when he saw Nangong Bi about to rage, he hurriedly added, “This subordinate has spoken excessively yet again.

Alright, I won’t tell!” Only then did Nangong Bi nod her head with a smile, before walking towards her tent.

Xiao Lie’s tent was the largest and most comfortable of them all.

Even though it was a military camp, no one dared to overlook his identity as a prince.

Fur carpets lined the floor, and a white charcoal stove had been heated; the carved wooden table and large bed were all high-quality pieces of furniture.

The moment one entered, they would be greeted by a blast of warm air, which carried a familiar cool fragrance that permeated the tent.

Su Jiu inhaled deeply and recognized the scent to be the fragrance that Xiao Lie commonly used.

Xiao Lie must have made prior arrangements, for there was a silkscreen right behind the large bed, and an extra bed had been added.

The bedding was fresh, and although it wasn’t as luxurious, it was made out of soft satin which made it especially comfortable.

Su Jiu walked over and saw a few opera scripts, as well as a bottle of melon seeds on the bedside table.

She chuckled.

“I am probably the personal guard that receives the best treatment here!” The corner of Xiao Lie’s lips hooked into a faint smile.

“The best soldier deserves the best treatment!” Su Jiu shrugged her shoulders.

“I have not enlisted as a soldier! But as the saying goes, a monk for a day should strike the bell for the day.

Since I’m your personal guard now, I will protect you well!” Xiao Lie smiled faintly, and his eyes were warm.

“Take a look and see if you need anything else.

I will get someone to make arrangements!” Su Jiu shook her head.

“No need, everything is good!” “Then unload your baggage.

I will bring you out for a tour to familiarize yourself with the military camp’s premises!” “Alright!” Honestly, Su Jiu did not have much baggage.

She had only brought along one cloth bundle which contained a fresh set of inner robes.

She casually tossed the bundle onto the bed and walked out of the tent.

Nangong Shu upheld strict military discipline.

The elite Daliang troops were all well-equipped, and they possessed the best chariots and crossbows.

There were sufficient horses to go around, and every soldier was strong and robust.

The rapid advancement unit could cross 800 miles in one day, and made up the most important line of defense for Daliang! At that moment, the army was currently in the middle of training in the martial arts field.

Su Jiu stood at a distance to observe for a while, watching the endless contingent of soldiers clad in black robes and silver armor.

They were imposing and majestic—the cavalry was mighty, while the infantry was valiant.

One glance at this army was all it took to cause one’s emotions to surge.

The grasslands were north of the military camp, while its eastern side bordered Mount Hala.

Xiao Lie brought Su Jiu into the plains on horseback, the two of them riding shoulder to shoulder as they galloped onwards.

The harsh winds blew by their ears, and they rapidly left Mount Hala far behind them.

Their steeds charged on, and Su Jiu increased her speed.

She had never felt so carefree before.

From the start, Xiao Lie maintained a distance of three meters from her, neither too far nor too near.

He stayed by her side like a guard and protector.

The girl’s black hair fluttered in the air, and her countenance was exquisite.

She was akin to a soaring eagle in the sky, not limited by the boundaries of the skies and the seas.

Xiao Lie’s gaze was focused on the girl’s back, and unknowingly, a gap opened up between them.

“Xiao Lie!” Su Jiu turned her head back and shouted his name.

Xiao Lie’s handsome eyes flashed with happiness as he nudged his horse on to catch up with the girl.

They galloped on for an unknown period.

There was no end to the grassland, but up ahead was a mountain hollow that led to a cliff.

In between, the land was vast and flat, and its expanse was endless.

At that moment, the sun was setting and its evening glow spread across half the sky.

The clouds emitted an array of colors that eluded an infinite amount of magnificence.

Su Jiu stood in place and the cold gale caused her face to pale slightly, but her eyes remained radiant.

The light in her eyes shimmered and dazzled.

“It’s beautiful here!” Su Jiu laughed.

“How is it compared to Shengjing?” Xiao Lie stood by her side, his black and shiny eyes reflecting her face.

“Even better than Shengjing!” Su Jiu raised her brows.

Over here, everyone was more carefree and had a broad mindset.

There weren’t any scheming and conspiracies, and neither was there the sorrow of a lover’s parting.

Everything was no longer important here.

Xiao Lie looked at her and smiled wordlessly.

The two steeds grazed on the grass at the side, while the two of them sat next to each other to watch the setting sun.

One was tall and noble, while the other was slender and pure.

They became the most beautiful image on that grassland, even warmer and gentler than the sun at dusk.

They sat there for a long time until the winds became chilly and the sun had completely descended.

Only then did Xiao Lie hold Su Jiu’s hand and mutter in a low voice, “Let’s head back.

If you liked this, I will bring you to watch the sunset every day!” Su Jiu chuckled, “How can we come every day? Once the war is over, we all need to go back to Shengjing!” Xiao Lie continued to hold her hand tightly.

“Even then, I will still accompany you here!” Possibly due to the lighting at twilight, the ripples formed in the man’s eyes, which were as dark as night.

He stared straight into Su Jiu’s eyes, and a strange feeling emerged from the bottom of her heart.

She withdrew her hand and turned around to leave.

The two of them were in no hurry to return, so they slowly trod along the grass plains while pulling their horse along.

The dried grass reached their knees.

The two of them walked shoulder to shoulder, and the setting sun elongated their shadows on the ground.

There is a time to be together and a time to leave.

They slowly walked into the distance.

Xiao Lie and Su Jiu started talking about the legends of Mount Hala, as well as the little-known stories of Northern Xinjiang.

His voice was low and alluring, and the folktales that came out of his mouth carried a special kind of charm, as though the stories of old had passed through time and played out in front of their eyes.

Su Jiu chewed on a piece of straw, her countenance exquisite and stunningly beautiful.

She listened attentively, and her eyes followed Xiao Lie as she followed his stories.

She immersed herself in the mystery and vicissitudes of this vast and desolate land.

When they returned to the military camp, the sky was already dark.

Chang Huan, Nangong Bi, and the rest were looking for Su Jiu, and when they saw the two of them return together, Nangong Bi immediately rushed forward.

“Su Jiu, where did you go? I was worried to death!” “We went to race on horseback!” Su Jiu giggled.

“The two of you decided to go out and play, but you didn’t call me along!” Nangong Bi puckered her lips coquettishly.

Chang Huan stood in the dimness and observed Xiao Lie’s protective stance behind Su Jiu.

A tinge of obscurity flashed by his eyes before slowly fading away, and he seemed to contemplate.

The subordinates had already set the dishes in the tent.

Nangong Bi followed Su Jiu in and sat right down to eat without standing on ceremony.

Su Jiu’s face had bits of mud stuck on it.

After washing up, the three of them sat around the table and faced the mouth-watering spread of food.

Xiao Lie filled a bowl of ginseng chicken soup and placed it in front of Su Jiu.

He said faintly, “We got back.

Drink a little bit of soup to warm up your body before eating!” Nangong Bi watched from the sidelines.

A crafty ripple of dirty water streaked past her eyes as she curled her lips to say, “Your Highness is showing favoritism.

Why did you only pour soup for Su Jiu, but not for me?” Su Jiu never liked to drink soup anyway, so when she heard her complaint, she immediately pushed the bowl to her.

“You can have it!” Nangong Bi blinked and smiled.

“Su Jiu still loves me the most!” Xiao Lie’s brows furrowed ever so slightly, but he did not say a word.

He only picked up some of Su Jiu’s favorite dishes and put it into her bowl.

Su Jiu was hungry and did not speak any further, only concentrating her attention on the food.

Halfway through the meal, Nangong Bi suddenly brought up, “Oh right, my brother isn’t in the military camp and I’m sleeping alone in the tent.

Su Jiu can come and sleep with me!” Su Jiu swallowed the food in her mouth and nodded her head.

“Sure!” “That won’t work!” Xiao Lie’s eyelids drooped slightly as he continued nonchalantly, “Both your identities are that of personal guards, so how can you sleep in the big tent? Even if other people have doubts about your identity, you can’t put it out in the open so daringly.

Also, General Nangong might return to the camp to spend the New Year in the next few days, so it’ll be too troublesome to keep moving.

” The man spoke with such reason and logic, and everything he said was justified.

Su Jiu could only say, “Then I should still stay here!” Nangong Bi glanced at Xiao Lie’s serious expression at the corner of her eye, but she lowered her head to hide her smile.

Was she not allowed to? Or was he unwilling? She seemed to have uncovered Prince Rui’s feelings! It was evening, and the sky was already dark.

At night, the north wind would become increasingly harsh as it rustled the dried grass, which hit against the tentage.

Before sleeping, Su Jiu went to visit Hu Dapao to have a look at his wounds.

Nangong Bi had made another fuss and refused to follow Su Jiu, returning to her tent instead.

When she returned, Xiao Lie was sitting behind the table reading a book.

His temple rested on his hand, and his posture was languid and graceful.

The soldiers heated the shower water and poured it into a bath basin, before respectfully taking their leave.

Xiao Lie placed the book down and said softly, “You go and have a bath first.

I’ll go out!” Su Jiu sounded in agreement but suddenly realized that Xiao Lie was leaving in consideration of the matters between a man and a woman.

She immediately smiled.

“You don’t have to go out! Isn’t there a silkscreen here as a partition? It’s very cold outside, so you should just stay here!” After she said this, Su Jiu picked up her fresh set of clothes and calmly walked behind the silkscreen.

However, she did not know that the silkscreen was translucent, especially at night when the lanterns were lit.

Even though everything was obscured and blurred, it didn’t completely hinder anyone’s field of vision.

Xiao Lie sat behind the table awkwardly and continued to concentrate on reading his book.

When he heard rustling noises as the girl shed her clothes, and when he heard her enter the water, his heart and mind would ignite and burn.

His eyes were on his book, but not a word was read.

He got up to add more coal to the stove, worried that the girl would be cold after her bath.

He opened up a few incense burners on the table and refilled the fragrance.

A cool scent wafted out, soothing and calming one’s heart.

Suddenly, a ‘splash’ sounded.

Xiao Lie subconsciously looked back and caught the girl standing up in the bath basin.

Her black hair reached her waist, and her delicate facial cast a vague shadow on the partition.

Her lashes were fine, and the bridge of her nose was high, just like an expertly drawn ink painting, each stroke and line painted on the silkscreen.

An exquisite chin, a slender neck, a full and beautiful bosom… Xiao Lie’s heart started to pound violently.

He hastily turned his head back, not daring to look on.

Behind the silkscreen, Su Jiu had already put on her inner robe and was about to step out with bare feet.

She suddenly thought of something and chose to put on socks and shoes.

Walking out from the silkscreen, Su Jiu smiled.

“I’ve finished washing up, you can take a bath now!” Xiao Lie lifted his head, and his gaze instantly deepened.

Under the glow of the lanterns, the girl’s satin-like black hair scattered behind her, fresh and clean.

Her eyes were still watery, reflecting the glow in the room.

She was incomparably beautiful.

The white inner robe had already concealed her graceful figure, but it made her appear more pure and languid.

It was his first time seeing this side of Su Jiu, and his heart could not help but tremble.

Suddenly, the lake in his heart rippled, producing surging waves.

Su Jiu was already heading to her bed.

She piled her clothes on the mahogany clothing rack, before throwing herself on the bed.

She took a light breath and spewed out some uncouth words, “How f*cking refreshing!” Ever since she received news that Hu Dapao was cornered, she had rushed straight to Youzhou.

This was her first time lying so comfortably on a bed.

The bed at the outpost was not bad, but Su Jiu did not manage to sleep well.

Now that she was sleeping inside a tent right smack in the middle of the wilderness, she felt extremely carefree and relaxed.

Xiao Lie’s lips hooked into a smile.

After the soldiers changed the water, he got up and walked slowly behind the partition.

Su Jiu lay on the bed, and she suddenly recalled something.

She jumped off the bed and stuck her head behind the silkscreen to call, “Hey…” Xiao Lie had just stripped, and he was standing inside the water.

When he heard that voice, he jumped in fright and plonked himself into the water, before raising his head to look at Su Jiu in shock.

Su Jiu also got astounded by his fluster and laughed out loud.

Xiao Lie’s shoulders were bare, and beneath his exquisite collarbones, his muscles were firm and sturdy.

His entire face alternated between green and white as he murmured in a low voice, “What’s the matter?” Su Jiu’s large eyes turned and she chirped in frustration, “I forgot after you scared me!” Xiao Lie fell into complete silence.

“…” Lady, who scared who? Su Jiu turned back with a frown, before suddenly spinning around.

She said happily, “I remember now!” Xiao Lie swallowed a mouthful of saliva, but his expression did not change.

“What is it?” “Since I’m a personal guard, do I need to keep vigil at night?” Su Jiu asked seriously.

Xiao Lie’s low voice sounded a bit tense.

“No need!” “Oh, then I will go to sleep now!” “Alright!” The girl turned around to leave and Xiao Lie exhaled slowly.

His wet black hair was scattered, causing him to appear seductive in addition to his nobility.

When he got out, the girl had already fallen asleep.

Xiao Lie’s footsteps were light and gentle.

The harsh winds were howling outside the tent, blowing violently against the dried grass.

Despite that, he could hear the girl’s even breathing and a strange sensation rose from his heart.

Very quiet, very comfortable… This girl was indeed different from the one he knew before.

She was so calm even after seeing a man bath and managed to sleep so peacefully, even when she was sharing a room with a man.

Maybe she was already used to this after living on Yuhu Mountain.

There was no difference between a man and a woman to her, and she lived so openly and freely.

Xiao Lie sat behind the table and continued to read his unfinished book.

He only returned to his bed deep into the night.

His footsteps turned, and he walked past the silkscreen in the middle.

Xiao Lie subconsciously stepped towards the neighboring partition.

Su Jiu was in deep sleep, and her blanket only covered half her body.

Xiao Lie smiled faintly and draped the blanket over her, before bending over to observe her exquisite eyes.

The depths of his eyes were bottomless.

It was the first time the two of them they were this close, and he could sit by her side without a care.

Such a feeling was great! It was already midnight, and the northern winds had not ceased.

Nangong Bi lay on her bed tossing and turning, unable to sleep.

The wind sounded like the cry of a ghost and the howl of a wolf, and the candlelight in the tent was dimming by the minute.

The dried leaves that had been disturbed by the relentless wind cast eerie shadows on the tentage, inducing fear.

It was her first time sleeping alone in the wilderness.

The blanket was thrown over her head, but she still heard all those strange noises.

Suddenly, she recalled hearing a soldier mention that many people died in the war, and there were graves all around the area.

Nangong Bi’s breathing became erratic and she sat up abruptly.

She put on a cloak before leaving the tent.

Outside the tent, the freezing winter wind blew onto her body, and the cold penetrated her bones.

There was no trace of the moon that night.

Only a handful of stars hung in the broad sky.

The entire camp was fast asleep, and only a few soldiers on night patrol were gathered around a campfire, whispering to one another.

The feeble light from the fire lit up the area, helping Nangong Bi feel better.

However, she did not dare to return to the large tent.

After standing there for a mere minute, her entire body started to shiver due to the cold.

Nangong Bi nibbled her lips and pondered for a moment, before hugging her cloak tightly around her and walking to the left.

Hu Dapao’s tent was still brightly lit by a fire, and Nangong Bi parted the curtain of the tentage to enter.

Suddenly, a sword that reflected cold light landed right beside her neck, and almost simultaneously, Pan Gang’s voice sounded, “Who are you?” Nangong Bi was more than capable of extending her arms to evade the sword, but Pan Gang had already sheathed the sword, before hastily blurting, “This lowly one deserves to die! I have offended the princess!” He was stealing wearing a full military outfit and had been drooling while napping at the door during night duty.

When he heard the noise, he immediately reacted.

Nangong Bi exhaled, redness slowly crept onto her face.

She articulated slowly, “I’m here to have a look to see if Hu Dapao’s injury has gotten better.

The journey on horseback must have been very bumpy today.

The doctor has ordered that he must be careful.

” The girl’s explanation was without rhyme or reason.

Pan Gang respectfully replied, “The general is fine.

Many thanks for your concern, Princess!” “Then, let me have a look at him!” Nangong Bi insisted, before walking speedily towards the bed.

Hu Dapao was sleeping.

Nangong Bi pretended to lift the blanket to have a look.

Afraid that Pan Gang would catch on, she unraveled his innerwear as well.

Pan Gang went out for a walk, and when he returned, he discovered the girl sitting at the bedside and leaning onto the bed, sleeping.

Shocked, he went forward to pat Nangong Bi’s shoulders gently, “Princess… Princess?” “Ah?” Nangong Bi was drowsy as she opened her eyes.

She wiped the drool at the corner of her mouth before asking blankly, “What’s the matter?” Pan Gang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

He said softly, “Princess, if you’re tired, you can go back to your tent to rest!” “Not tired, I’m not tired.

Let me stay for a while more!” Nangong Bi rubbed her eyes as she spoke.

Pan Gang realized something and respectfully said, “If that’s the case, then I must trouble the princess to help this subordinate keep vigil tonight.

This subordinate needs to leave for a while!” “Alright, you may go!” Nangong Bi smiled while waving her hands.

The door of the tentage was pried open, and a gust of wind blew in, causing the candlelight to flicker.

Nangong Bi stood up and poured herself a cup of hot tea in an attempt to stay awake.

It was late in the night, and she was afraid of staying alone in her large tent.

Apart from Hu Dapao’s place, she had no idea where else to go.

As she drank her tea, Nangong Bi stretched and turned her body, only to see Hu Dapao staring at her with wide eyes.

Nangong Bi inhaled sharply.

She was so shocked that she almost fell back on her bottom.

Hu Dapao hurriedly got up.

“Don’t be afraid!” Nangong Bi patted her chest and asked in annoyance, “When did you wake up?” Hu Dapao grinned at her in amusement, “It’s late at night, Miss Nangong! Why are you in my tent?” “I… I came… to look at you!” Nangong Bi stammered, before shrugging her shoulders.

“Alright, I’ll be honest! I couldn’t sleep, alright!” “You’re scared to be alone?” Amidst the quiet night, Hu Dapao’s voice was deep and gentle.

Nangong Bi’s complexion reddened slightly.

Her eyes shimmered as she closed her eyes and nodded her head slightly.

Hu Dapao’s chest suddenly tightened, and an endless amount of tenderness blossomed in his heart.

He said softly, “Come here!” Nangong Bi slowly shuffled over and stared at him guiltily.

“What’s the matter?” Hu Dapao stood up, having already put on his boots.

He pointed to the bed and said, “You sleep here!” Nangong Bi asked in surprise, “Then where will you sleep?” Hu Dapao’s eyes swept past the tent before he grinned and replied, “An uncultured person like me can sleep anywhere! Just sleep, I’ll guard your side! You don’t have to be afraid!” Nangong Bi suddenly remembered that she had once called him a barbarian, and her face paled as she lowered her head.

“Go on and sleep!” Hu Dapao echoed.

He walked towards the area that Pan Gang was sleeping before and leaned against the frame of the tent, before haphazardly throwing a cloak over himself.

Nangong Bi lay on the bed, which was still radiating heat from the man, and listened to his comforting breathing sounds.

She looked to the side and examined Hu Dapao’s towering figure huddled at the side, and guilt welled up in her heart.

Nangong Bi bit her lips and stood up to shout, “Hu Dapao!” The wind was howling outside, and the girl’s voice was not loud.

Yet, Hu Dapao’s eyes instantly fluttered open and he asked anxiously, “What’s the matter?” “You… You can come and sleep on the bed too.

You might catch a cold over there, and it’s not good for your injury!” The girl said while nibbling her lips.

“No… No need, I’m fine!” Hu Dapao smiled.

“How dare you neglect my words?!” Nangong Bi frowned and retorted coldly.

Hu Dapao knitted his brows slightly but still did not dare to go over.

If a man and woman were to share a bed, if this was leaked out, it might get out of hand.

She still needed to get married in the future! Noticing that he did not move, Nangong Bi peeled off the blanket and got off the bed.

She put on her shoes and walked out.

Hu Dapao hurriedly blocked her path.

“Where are you going?” “I’m going back to my tent!” The girl said stubbornly.

“Weren’t you scared…” “If you don’t listen to me, I’ll ignore you from now on.

Even if I die, I will have no relationship with you whatsoever!” The girl exclaimed, before hastily walking out.

Hu Dapao grabbed her wrist in one smooth motion, but he quickly released it.

He wrinkled his forehead and said, “Men and women must be careful when they are together.

How can we sleep on the same bed? I’m a man, so I’m not worried about the gossip, but you…” “I’m not worried either!” Nangong Bi blurted, and her face reddened immediately.

She said hatefully, “You are very naggy! I’m going back!” “Don’t!” Hu Dapao could only block her once again.

He muttered seriously, “Alright, we… we’ll sleep together!” After he spoke, the two of them remained silent, as though they both felt that his words were too ambiguous.

After a pause, Nangong Bi was the first to walk towards the bed.

Hu Dapao froze for a moment before following her.

Nangong Bi slept on the inside, while Hu Dapao slept on the outside, taking care to stay close to the edge of the bed.

There seemed to be a gap with the width of a whole person between them.

Fortunately, however, the blanket was big enough.

The night quietened down once again, and the candlelight was extinguished, plunging the tent into darkness.

Even though he could not see, his other senses were heightened.

A faint fragrance wafted from the girl’s body, and Hu Dapao’s heart started pumping vigorously.

He was completely unable to fall asleep.

The girl seemed to toss around, and her face was now turned outwards.

Hu Dapao hastily shut his eyes.

After a moment, when he no longer felt any movement from his side, Hu Dapao secretly opened his eyes.

The girl beside him was already fast asleep.

Her breathing was shallow, and her features were pretty and adorable.

He shifted closer involuntarily, and his eyes stared at her without blinking, as though he had not seen enough.

It was unknown when he finally fell asleep.

It was a dreamless night, and yet it felt like a beautiful dream that would soon be forgotten.

When he woke up, the sky was just beginning to brighten.

Hu Dapao had not opened his eyes yet but just as he moved his body, he instantly froze.

The girl had made his shoulder her pillow, and his arms were wrapped tightly around her slender and soft waist.

Memories from last night abruptly hit him.

Hu Dapao’s face flushed red, and his breathing became erratic.

He did not dare to move a single inch.

The girl’s supple body was stuck closely to his.

Hu Dapao was upset at himself for being rash in his sleep and was even more worried that Nangong Bi would be ashamed after she woke up.

He gently nudged her, intending to put her back on the bed.

“Mm…” Nangong Bi opened her eyes and stared groggily at the frozen Hu Dapao.

She looked around at the bed and was startled.

She abruptly got up and yelped, “My goodness, how could I have been lying on your shoulder?! Does the wound hurt?” As she said this, she inspected Hu Dapao’s wound nervously.

Hu Dapao stared at her in a daze and quickly supported her figure.

“Nothing… Everything’s fine!” The two of them were stacked over each other, one on top and the other below.

They were close to each other, and Nangong Bi’s hands were resting on the man’s exposed chest.

Her legs were resting on the man’s thighs, while Hu Dapao’s arms were wrapped around the girl’s waist… The girl was wearing her inner robes, and the belt had already loosened in her sleep.

When she got up, the view of her chest was completely free for the man to see.

That plot of pinkish-white caused Hu Dapao to become dizzy as his throat rolled involuntarily.

There was a quiet pause.

Red crept onto the girl’s oval face, and she hastily adjusted her clothes before shouting in fury, “Close your eyes!” Hu Dapao immediately shut his eyes tightly, his breathing rough.

Nangong Bi’s face was brimming with embarrassment.

She buried herself into the blanket and threw it over her head.

After a pause, Hu Dapao said hoarsely, “I’ll get out of bed first.

Later on, I’ll send your breakfast here!” Afterward, the rustling of someone changing clothes was heard, followed by the sound of footsteps Nangong Bi quietly rolled down the blanket and peeked out, squinting as she watched the main’s upright silhouette leave.

Her heart thumped strangely, and she said in a soft voice, “No need, I’ll go find Su Jiu and eat with her later.

” “Oh!” Hu Dapao did not turn around and merely responded with a low voice.

“And… I’ll… come at night.

Your personal guard doesn’t need to keep vigil at night.

” The girl’s voice was as soft as a buzzing mosquito.

“Oh!” This time, the man only responded after a few seconds.

His voice seemed to tremble as he added another word, “Alright!” The entrance of the tent was pried open, and Hu Dapao took big strides out.

Nangong Bi lay on the bed, her front teeth biting down on her lower lips.

Her eyes were glowing, and her face was pink as a peach.

After putting on her clothes, she went out and realized that there was not a single person outside the tent.

Nangong Bi guessed that Hu Dapao must have been worried that other people would see her, and hence dismissed everyone.

Her prior bashfulness subsided, and strangely, she was in good spirits once again.

Nangong Bi’s footsteps were light as she skipped towards Su Jiu’s large tent.

Inside, Su Jiu and Xiao Lie were indeed having their breakfast.