Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 140

Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 140

Chapter 140: The Sword in His Hands Back in the room, Su Jiu’s entire body was shriveled within the blankets, trembling.

Ji Yuxian hastened back and carried Su Jiu up, blanket and all.

He propped her chin up and gave it a gentle peck, to prevent her from biting her lips.

He fished out a single pill from that red porcelain bottle and carefully fed it to her.

Su Jiu collapsed in his arms and buried her arms into the depths of their clothes.

She seemed to have forgotten that she had been poisoned, and she could only perceive the burning heat that shrouded her entire body.

She was aggrieved.

“Ji Yuxian, I can’t take it! Don’t leave me!” Strands of the girl’s hair had become ruffled.

Her countenance was loveable, notably the pleading expression written on her face, which seemed to make him go mad.

Ji Yuxian swiftly held back her wandering hands and hugged her tightly.

He pacified her and said, “Be good, we can’t do it today.

Let’s wait till you get better, so just endure for a while!” “Then, kiss me!” Su Jiu whispered.

Ji Yuxian unraveled the blanket and trailed hot kisses one by one.

He raised the girl’s slender legs and used his tongue to quench her desire.

Su Jiu felt pain and pleasure simultaneously as she grabbed his neck and arched her head back while moaning.

Her black hair had scattered onto the purple satin quilt, like multiple blooming black lotuses.

After a long time, Su Jiu finally calmed down and fell into a deep sleep on the man’s body.

However, the lingering taste of her sweetness seemed to remain on his tongue, the pain and desire transferring onto himself.

He placed Su Jiu back on the bed and got up to take a cold shower.




After a few minutes, the man walked out with an outer coat draped on him, with his hair let loose.

He pried open the curtains of the bed canopy and saw that the rubor on her face had already subsided, and she was currently sleeping peacefully.

The man took a deep breath and laid down next to her, hugging her tightly in his embrace.

Dusk was approaching.

Ah Shu had already waited for quite a while, but Su Jiu had failed to return.

He pushed away from the two girls by his side and stood up to look for Su Jiu.

The lady named Yan Zhi stretched out her arms to grab Ah Shu.

Her partially intoxicated eyes seemed to harbor warmth and sweetness as she cooed, “Where is Master going? Yan Zhi is drunk! Why not Master follow Yan Zhi upstairs to rest? Let Yan Zhi serve you!” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Ah Shu looked at the girl’s genial face, and inexplicably thought of that girl Zhao Shan.

His face instantly darkened, and he flicked her arm away before walking out briskly.

Outside the suite, the brothel madame just so happened to pass by.

She smiled merrily.

“Does this Master have any instructions for me?” “Where was the youth who came together with me?” Ah Shu asked.

The brothel madame’s eyes turned and she smiled.

“That little Master? She met an acquaintance and won’t be coming back.

This Master should have fun on his own!” Feeling uneasy, Ah Shu asked with a cold voice, “Where is she? I want to meet her!” The brothel madame smiled ambiguously.

“What is this Master worried about? To tell you the truth, just now, Eldest Master Ji came by.

He carried that little Master into a room.

What do you say, should you go take a look?” Ah Shu frowned.

“Ji Yuxian?” “Right, Eldest Master Ji!” Why would Ji Yuxian come to this place? Did he follow them here? However, since Ji Yuxian was present, Ah Shu no longer had to worry about Su Jiu.

He planned to return to the bodyguard agency alone first.

When he stepped out of Chunhua Brothel, he was caressed by a cool gust of evening wind.

Ah Shu’s mind instantly cleared up and he boarded the horse carriage.

Just as he was about to leave, he caught sight of Zhao Shan, who was staring straight at him from the opposite side of the road.

The two of them had not seen each other for many days.

Their sudden meeting on a bustling street stumped Ah Shu momentarily, his gaze remaining rooted in the girl.

Zhao Shan weaved through the crowd one step at a time.

When she lifted her head and noticed Chunhua Brothel directly behind him, her eyes seemed to betray both anger and resentment as she smiled coldly.

“You mentioned that the girls at Chunhua Brothel were superior to me.

It turned out to be the case!” Ah Shu’s brows furrowed and he lowered his head.

Zhao Shan nibbled her lips and continued to stare at him.

The setting sun reflected a layer of golden light on her face and seemed to accentuate the beauty amidst her otherwise ordinary features.

“Do you have anything to say to me?” Ah Shu’s face tightened, and after a pause, he spat out a sentence, “Congratulations to you and your older cousin.

May you live in harmony through the century!” Zhao Shan froze.

“What did you say?” “Aren’t you getting married?” Ah Shu faltered.

“Who told you that?” Zhao Shan asked.

“The managers who work for your family!” “Then… Then you still don’t have anything to ask me?” Zhao Shan’s voice became even colder, akin to the desolate autumn wind.

Ah Shu grasped the riding crop tightly in his hand and retorted emotionlessly, “I already said it.

I wish both of you harmony for a century!” “You…!” Tears welled up in Zhao Shan’s eyes.

There was unwillingness, sorrow, and a sliver of resignation.

The crowds were bustling, and there was a hustle of activity all around them.

However, silence plagued the distance that separated them, and an impenetrable wall seemed to have been erected between them, such that one party could not cross to the other side.

“Good!” Zhao Shan raised her head and chuckled.

“When I get married, I will invite you to partake in my celebratory wine!” Ah Shu jerked his head up.

His clearly defined features betrayed his complicated emotions.

However, Zhao Shan had already turned around to leave, melding into the crowd with every step, before gradually disappearing into the distance.

In the end, not even her shadow could be seen.

Ah Shu only felt an unbearable sense of emptiness in his chest.

The worries that bothered him had not been eased by the gentleness of the ladies in Chunhua Brothel – not even by a bit.

On the other hand, it seemed to have aggravated without reason.

He could only shout in frustration and hope that someone would rush over and start a fight.

To beat him up to the point of a concussion, to the point where blood is shed, and to render him unconscious.

Only then would he feel slightly better.

After standing in a trance for a long time, Ah Shu only drove the horse carriage away when the sky had gradually darkened.

Darkness had already covered the sky, and Chunhua Brothel was busy once again.

Under the glow of the lanterns, the ladies were flashing charming smiles, while the men were passionate and intoxicated.

The smell of rouge and wine permeated the air, mixing with the passion and pleasure, which were long indistinguishable from each other.

No matter whether the dynasty was prosperous or in decline, Chunhua Brothel would continue to be a place of unceasing excitement.

This is because the primitive impulse between the man and a woman would always exist.

Even if your life was in danger, or if death was knocking on your door the next day, such an impulse could elicit the same exhilaration as living on the edge of death.

Furthermore, the dynasty was currently flourishing, and the commoners were living comfortable lives.

They had adequate food and warmth and were capable of giving in to their lust.

As such, Chunhua Brothel flourished likewise.

Su Jiu had not woken up.

Ji Yuxian had the premonition that this sleep of her’s would continue through the next day, and he could only help her put on her clothes.

He draped a coat over her before carrying her out.

The moment he stepped out of the door, he bumped into Shangguan Yunkun, who was also on his way out.

Shangguan’s complexion was slightly off and seemed to contain an unspeakable sense of pain, bitterness, and unfulfilled desire.

Ji Yuxian took a cold glance at him, before taking big strides out.

Shangguan Yunkun chased after him.

Even though he hated Ji Yuxian for being so cruel, he still had to explain.

“Eldest Master Ji, could you be more reasonable? It wasn’t even me who administered the poison, doing that was way too ruthless!” The man held the girl steadily in his arms so that she would be just as comfortable as she was on the bed.

When he heard Shangguan’s words, his expression did not change, and his aura remained as languid and haughty as before.

A hint of displeasure flashed past his cold eyes as he said nonchalantly, “Is she your woman?” Shangguan Yunkun choked before nodding his head.

“Of course she is!” “If it wasn’t for your sake, she would already be a dead person right now!” The man’s voice was indifferent, standing out amidst the liveliness of Chunhua Brothel.

Shangguan Yunkun knew that he had provoked Ji Yuxian this time, and he understood that it was very difficult for ordinary people to endure the effects of that hallucinogen.

He had wronged Young Mistress Ji.

Regarding this matter, Jin Ming was definitely in the wrong.

He swallowed his resentment and replied, “I have caused the Young Mistress to suffer.

I will bring Ming’er to visit the Manor to apologize personally another day.

” “There’s no need!” Ji Yuxian emotionlessly spat out that sentence, before taking big strides out of Chunhua Brothel.

It was best if Su Jiu refrained from interacting with that girl! Shangguan Yunkun sighed in resignation, before following behind him.

Su Jiu had indeed slept through one day and one night.

When she woke up, the sky was already bright.

At that moment, she had no idea what time it was.

The nanny came into the room to inform her that Ji Yuxian had carried her back the previous day.

Only then did Su Jiu realize that she had slept for such a long time.

A few illusionary scenes flashed through her mind.

Su Jiu vaguely understood that Lady Jin Ming had harmed her.

Even though that was the case, Su Jiu could not bring herself to hate Jin Ming.

On the other hand, she seemed inclined to get even closer to her.

The affinity between people was truly mysterious.

Some people could interact for a few decades and yet, continue to scheme and be filled with distrust against one another.

With others, it only took one meeting to breed the intimacy of ten years of interaction.

“Where is Ji Yuxian?” Su Jiu asked as she drank her porridge.

The nanny stood behind her to groom her hair.

“Master Shangguan is here.

The Master should be in the study!” Shangguan Yunkun was here again? Su Jiu’s pupils turned.

She could not bear to take revenge on Jin Ming, but it was still acceptable to get back at Shangguan.

Once she finished her porridge, Su Jiu wore her clothes and walked towards the study.

At that moment, Shangguan was indeed in Ji Yuxian’s study.

Because of a brewing discomfort at a certain part of his body, his entire face was brimming with resentment.

He sat lazily on the chair and peered at Ji Yuxian.

“Summon that Old Gu over to take a look at me.

I need to leave in two days, and this time, I’ll be gone for one or two months.

How can I endure this?” Ji Yuxian sat behind the wind table, his narrow eyes sweeping past him.

His fury had not subsided as he said, “If you can’t hold back, you can just find a girl in Jianghu!” “I’m worried that my girl would not be able to endure and find another fair-faced boy as my substitute.

If that happens, I will hate you forever!” “Do as you wish!” The man replied casually.

Shangguan Yunkun’s complexion paled even further, his usual elegance nowhere to be seen.

He smiled wryly.

“Later, I will personally seek forgiveness from your wife.

That should do it!” Ji Yuxian closed his eyes without a word, his expression remaining unchanged.

Shangguan Yunkun chortled.

He had never seen that man with such an ugly expression before.

It was very likely that he had not been able to taste that piece of meat hovering right before his mouth, and hence, his fiery anger had not dissipated.

With this, he did not dare to mention this matter again and quickly switched the subject.

“The plan is already in motion.

We have schemed all these years, with the sole goal of seeing it to completion.

You can also rest easy now!” Ji Yuxian’s hand, which was in the middle of flipping through the pages of the ledger, froze.

He pressed his lips together.

“We still have to thank that wife of yours.

Because of her, Zhu Hecheng was able to lose his qualifications as a royal merchant so quickly.

And with Zhu Zhi’s death, the Zhu Family is merely a tiger that had all four of its legs cut off.

It can only lie on its belly obediently!” Shangguan Yunkun’s eyes were frosty.

His posture remained the same as before, but the aura he eluded was completely different and seemed to emit an unconcerned sense of cruelty.

Ji Yuxian reclined on his chair.

The depths of his black eyes were boundless as he drummed his handsome and slender fingers on the tabletop.

He declared nonchalantly, “Before a wild beast dies, it will still pull off a life or death struggle.

” “Yes! Even if Zhu Hecheng were to die, he would still relentlessly bite that person.

I heard that the Young Mistress and Prince Rui are quite familiar with one another.

This might be advantageous to our overall plan!” Shangguan Yunkun said softly.

He understood that Ji Yuxian had already been waiting for revenge for ten years.

He too had accompanied him by his side to wait for ten years.

Finally, it was almost time for that sword to strike! Su Jiu just so happened to walk by the window at that exact moment.

When she heard Shangguan Yunkun mention the words ‘Young Mistress’, her footsteps slowed down.

When she also heard him mention Prince Rui, she froze in her steps.

In the study, the moment Ji Yuxian heard Shangguan mention Prince Rui, he knitted his brows and said in a low voice, “We don’t have to involve Prince Rui.

What I want is that person to die, but I don’t want the Ji Manor to be implicated in the political strife!” “As long as we do things secretly, the Ji Manor will not be implicated.

When you first found out that the Young Mistress and Prince Rui knew each other, I’m sure you had the same idea.

” Shangguan Yunkun chuckled and continued, “The Second Mistress is truly a sharp sword.

This blade has already crippled the Zhu Family and the Second Mistress.

There will be a day where it can help you kill that person as well.

” Ji Yuxian narrowed his eyes faintly and stared coldly at him.

He appeared to have something to say but eventually kept silent.

Su Jiu stood rooted outside the window.

Shock flashed past her picturesque eyes, and she clenched her hands slightly.

When her identity was exposed, Ji Yuxian chose to let her remain in the manor and brought up the idea of collaboration.

Subsequently, however, he kept helping her without requiring her to do anything in return.

It turned out that his enemy was the Zhu Family.

There was another person behind the Zhu family, and his power seemed to reach the clouds – He was many times more difficult to deal with than Zhu Hecheng.

Ji Yuxian was against the Ji Manor being involved in the court disputes, and so, he was using her to deal with that person.

Truly, the tactic that he used most commonly, was to borrow someone else’s knife to kill others! And she was that sword in his hands! He wanted to sharpen that sword to be quick enough, powerful enough so that the eventual slaughter will not draw blood.

By doing this, the Ji Manor will not be implicated.

Su Jiu was in a daze.

After standing transfixed for so long, her entire being seemed to go numb.

Why didn’t he tell her? He had promised to help him and definitely wouldn’t go back on his words.

Why was he hiding this from her? “Who’s there?”Just then, a grunt was heard from the study.

Following that, a white ray of light whizzed by and shot out.

Su Jiu was stunned and spun round to dodge the attack.

Her body flashed as she hid at the corner of the study.

That white ray of light seemed to pass by like a lightning strike.

From the corridor, the sound of a girl’s shriek was heard, as she plonked on the ground.

Almost simultaneously, the doors of the study opened and Ji Yuxian walked out.

When he saw the girl collapsed on the ground, his eyes became clear and cold.

Chen Yuchan knelt on the ground and stammered in fright, “This concubine was looking for the Young Mistress.

I have disturbed the Eldest Master, please punish me!” Shangguan Yunkun walked out from behind Ji Yuxian with a kindly smile.

“Take a look, why did you make a move so quickly? You’ve scared a beautiful girl!” Su Jiu plastered herself against the wall.

Her complexion became even paler, and a chill seemed to emerge from the depths of her lucent eyes.

Ji Yuxian knew martial arts! The teacup that flew out just now was accompanied by the elements of wind and electricity.

His martial arts were skillful and many times better than her own! He had been deceiving her all along! On the way to Jingzhou, they had encountered so many difficulties.

She had protected them with her life and assumed that he was as powerless as a chicken.

When she recounted the events today, it was all just a big joke! Why did he do this? Was he testing her, to assess if she was loyal enough? To see whether she was qualified to be the sword in his hand? Su Jiu raised her head slightly.

An icy layer of frost shrouded her heart.

On the other side, when Ji Yuxian saw that it was Chen Yuchan, his face calmed down.

He asked nonchalantly, “When did you come, and did you see anyone else?” Chen Yuchan bowed her head partially and glanced at the bit of green sticking out from the corner of the room.

Her eyes flashed and she immediately replied, “This concubine just got here.

I didn’t see anyone else!” Ji Yuxian nodded his head faintly.

“Your husband isn’t feeling well today, come again another day!” “Yes!” Chen Yuchan trembled as she stood up and picked up the lunch box that had tumbled onto the ground, before lifting her skirt and walking away briskly.

Ji Yuxian turned around and headed back into the study.

He subconsciously looked back at the corner of the corridor, but only the sight of the wind rustling the fallen leaves caught his eye.

It was quiet and no one was around, but a nagging feeling still left his heart unsettled.

“What did you see?” Shangguan Yunkun followed his line of sight.

“Nothing!” Ji Yuxian walked back into the study.

Su Jiu remained standing at the corner of the wall for a while, until both her legs had lost their feeling.

She only turned back to leave when the first frosty wind of late autumn started to chill her bones.

As she walked along the winding corridors, Su Jiu’s pace was sluggish.

Her mind was tumultuous, as though a lot was going through her mind, and at the same time, it was a blank sheet.

When she stopped walking, she lifted her eyes to look around.

Beyond the corridor was a lake covered in a blanket of lotus flowers.

It was already the end of autumn, and the blooming lotuses were no longer as beautiful as the opulent season of summer.

The remaining leaves had withered, inexplicably introducing the melancholic design of autumn.

It has almost been a year since she entered the Ji Manor.

Time had trickled by so quickly.

With the rotation of the four seasons, spring ended and autumn arrived.

She must have lived the past few days in the Ji Manor too comfortably, for the distinctions between the four seasons were no longer as clear cut as the time she spent on Yuhu Mountain.

She had only just realized that winter was approaching.

In the past, she feared winter the most, because once winter arrived, the ground would be barren and no crops would grow.

Snow would enshroud the entire mountain, and the wild animals would undergo hibernation.

Consequently, they would starve.

Now, she was no longer scared of winter! Su Jiu sat in the corridor.

The begonia tree beyond the corridors had started to fruit – They were yellow and green and were especially likable.

Su Jiu reached out and plucked a fruit, before taking a bite of it.

Her mouth was instantly filled with sour juice.

She could not help but frown.

Regardless, Su Jiu continued to bite chunks off the fruit until it was finished.

Because of that, everything from her mouth to her chest was filled with bitterness.

She propped her legs up and rested her head on her knees.

She plucked a few begonia fruits and tossed them into the water.

Ripples would form and spread, but it wouldn’t take long before the water regained its tranquillity.

She was a little sad.

But she knew that she should not be upset.

From the very start, her relationship with Ji Yuxian was just that of a collaboration.

He had helped her in so many ways, so even if Ji Yuxian took advantage of her, it was as per the agreement beforehand.

Why was she sad? After all, the Zhu Family was also her enemy.

Su Jiu chuckled, flinging the begonia fruit in her hand into the distance.

She stood up and continued walking along the long corridors before heading out.

She changed her clothes before leaving the manor.

Nearly at the moment that she stepped out of the Ji Manor, two imperial edicts were sent out from the palace.

One was sent towards the Nangong Manor, while the other was sent towards the military camp outside the city.

When the eunuch messenger entered the Nangong Manor, both the Old Nangong General and Nangong Shu came out at the same time to receive the edict.

“By the grace of heaven, this is the Emperor’s edict.

The young daughter of the Nangong Manor, Nangong Bi, has an outstanding countenance and is youthful and docile.

The Empress and I were pleased to hear this and will bestow on her the title of Princess Heyu.

The general Hu Dapao is heroic and courageous, brave, and talented.

Together with the princess, they will move the heavens and earth.

Today, the two people shall be arranged in marriage.

All ceremony and propriety shall be undertaken according to the Princess in respect for her.

You may choose an auspicious day for the wedding.

Signed by the Emperor himself!” “General Nangong, please receive the imperial edict!” The Old General Nangong and Nangong Shu were both stunned, but they knew that this was not the time to dally, and they hurriedly knelt on the ground to thank the Emperor for his grace.

Once the people from the palace had taken their leave, the Old Nangong General immediately furrowed his brows.

If the Emperor had arranged a marriage for Nangong Bi, why was he not informed earlier? “Father, the Emperor has put his guard up against our Nangong Family!” Nangong Shu said solemnly.

Not long ago, Prince Zhao had asked the Emperor for Nangong Bi’s hand in marriage, but the Emperor had not given a response until now.

Today, he had suddenly arranged for Nangong Bi to marry Hu Dapao.

Firstly, this was to cut off Prince Zhao’s aspirations, and secondly, he did so to control the distribution of military power in court.

However, even though Nangong Bi was bestowed the title of a princess, she was still married to a general with no background; one that had been promoted from a commoner to a general of the fourth rank.

He was worried that the Nangong Manor would be implicated in the relationship of the princes and threaten the stability of the court.

Ever since the Emperor made the unprecedented move to promote Hu Dapao to a general of the fourth rank, he most likely already had this intention.

No matter how highly ranked Hu Dapao was, he would not have any authority in the court.

He was also a general that belonged to the Nangong Family.

And he was just an ordinary commoner as well! Based on the Nangong Family’s standing in Daliang, and since Nangong Bi was the eldest daughter of their family, he should have at least matched her with the son of a high-ranking court official.

The Old Nangong General and Nangong Shu were not dissatisfied with Hu Dapao in any way.

They only felt that such an arrangement had wronged Nangong Bi.

When the two of them returned to the study room, just as they were discussing this matter, the doors of the study were suddenly pushed open.

Nangong Bi rushed in frantically and said in a panic.

“Father, brother, just now the servants told me, the Emperor has arranged my marriage with Hu Dapao.

Is it true? Is it?” “Bi’er!” The Old Nangong General’s heart ached as he looked at his daughter.

At that moment, he didn’t know what to say.

Nangong Bi’s tears suddenly began to fall.

She shook her head.

“No, it’s not true.

I won’t marry, I don’t want to marry! I want to enter the palace, I want to meet the Emperor and tell him that I am not willing!” As Nangong Bi said this, she turned around and ran out.

Nangong Shu immediately held her back and hugged her in his arms.

He consoled her, “Bi’er, there’s no use! The imperial edict has already been issued and the sovereign’s words are not to be taken lightly.

How can it be withdrawn?” “Older brother, I don’t want to marry.

I don’t want to!” Nangong Bi clenched Nangong Shu’s hands tightly and wailed in agony.

She had not met the man of her dreams yet, so why did she have to marry someone she did not like? She was unwilling! Until death, she was still unwilling! “Da Pao isn’t bad.

His character is loyal and he is brave.

He is also quite close to us, so at least, he won’t bully you after you get married!” Nangong Shu chided her.

“No, I don’t like him! I just don’t like him!” Nangong Bi sobbed and screamed.

“I don’t want to marry him! Unless I die, I definitely won’t go through with this marriage!” The Old Nangong General’s brows knitted tightly.

He took a deep breath and stared at his daughter.

His chest was in agony, as though it had been weighed down by a heavy stone.

Their Nangong Family had implicated Bi’er.

Even though she was innocent, she had been sacrificed in the strife for power.

“Father, could you please plead with His Majesty? Your daughter begs you!” Nangong Bi knelt before the Old Nangong General.

The Nangong General hurriedly went to hold his daughter, “Bi’er, Father knows that you feel wronged!” Nangong Bi continued kneeling and refused to get up.

She sobbed, “Father, His Majesty has always respected you, so he will listen to what you say.

Please help your daughter! In the future, your daughter will surely obey you and won’t make trouble anymore! I’m begging you!” The Nangong General’s heart swelled with sorrow.

He turned around and took a deep breath.

Nangong Shu supported Nangong Bi up and said, “Bi’er, don’t do this.

Please don’t make it difficult for Father!” “Older brother!” Nangong Bi collapsed in tears within his embrace.

When the Nangong Mistress heard the commotion, she came running over.

She understood that her marriage news was confirmed, and she gave Nangong Bi a big hug as they cried together in one heap.

The Old Nangong General rebuked solemnly, “Why are you crying? Which part of Hu Dapao is bad? From my perspective, he is a hundred times better than that Prince Zhao.

Bi’er is not being understanding, but you, as a woman, are not admonishing her.

Why have you joined in the fuss?” The Nangong Mistress sniffled, choking in her tears.

“At the very least, my daughter should marry a prince or the son of a high-ranking court official, and they should be at least of the second rank.

This Hu Dapao is of lowly birth.

He may seem loyal right now, but in the future, when he is affiliated to our Nangong Manor, who knows what rank he’ll be promoted to? Once these low born commoners gain a bit of power, they will become arrogant and make trouble by acting against their conscience! Isn’t there no lack of examples?” The Nangong Mistress was also the eldest daughter of an influential family clan, and hence, she placed a high value on a person’s family background.

Although the young masters of those noble families were indeed unrestrained and indulgent, their personalities were already put out there in the open.

Those of poor family backgrounds, however, were different.

The moment they rose in power, their behaviors would be many more times ridiculous than that of the rich young masters.

Moreover, the education and knowledge possessed by those of poor backgrounds could not compare to that of the noble young masters.

How would they get along in the future? As they said, marriages need to pair people of similar social and economic statuses.

It wasn’t some sort of prejudice, but rather, a conclusion that had been molded by hundreds of thousands of examples since the ancient days.

“From what I see, Da Pao, that child won’t do this! You should stop exaggerating matters to scare her!” The Nangong General said this with a cold glare.

When Nangong Bi saw her father chide her mother, she felt even more wronged and ran out crying.

“Bi’er!” The Nangong Mistress hurriedly ran after her.

When Nangong Bi ran out into the courtyard, she saw her father’s horse tied to one of the tree trunks and stopped in her tracks.

The tears on her face trickled down, and her eyes which had been washed with tears flashed with determination.

She would go and find Hu Dapao! Right, she would tell him personally.

She definitely would not get married to him! To make him give up on this thought! Nangong Bi unraveled the rope that had tied the horse, before flipping her body onto the horse.

With a whip of the riding crop, the horse galloped off at high speed.

When the Nangong Mistress caught up with her, she could only see Nangong Bi’s departing silhouette as she rode the horse out.

She almost collapsed onto the ground.

Worried that Nangong Bi would get into trouble, she hastily went back to look for Nangong Shu.

When he heard that Nangong Bi had ridden a horse out of the manor alone, Nangong Shu asked his parents to wait for him, before chasing after her by himself.

When Su Jiu left the manor, the weather was still clear.

But the moment she got onto the streets, a gust of wind blew by.

Countless dark storm clouds had blanketed the sky and before long, it had started to pour.

She had originally intended to head to the Bodyguard Agency to look for Ah Shu.

When she realized that the rain was getting heavier, her restaurant just so happened to be at the side of the road.

She instructed Er Mao to stop the horse carriage, before walking towards the restaurant with an umbrella in hand.

Just before noon, another round of rain fell.

There were no customers at the restaurant at that moment, and the waiters were all busy tidying the dining hall.

When they saw her walk in, they hastily went forward to pay their respects.

The rain outside was descending like a blanket.

As Su Jiu stared out of the window, she heard the sound of a horse galloping over and glanced in its direction.

The horse was brought to a stop, and Nangong Shu leaped off the horse before taking big strides into the restaurant.

Su Jiu was shocked and presumed that something must have happened.

She hurriedly walked over to greet him, “General Nangong!” Nangong Shu’s entire body was already soaked through by the rain.

On that cold and handsome face, the pair of black eyes seemed to be glowing as he asked breathlessly, “Have you seen Bi’er?” Su Jiu passed him a towelette and shook her head.

“I have not, did something happen?” Drops of water dripped down from Nangong Shu’s hair, clouding his sight momentarily.

He used the towelette to wipe down his face, before explaining how the Emperor had arranged a marriage for Nangong Bi and Hu Dapao.

Su Jiu was instantly astounded! No matter how she had never considered linking Nangong Bi and Hu Dapao together.

“You know what Nangong Bi’s temper is like.

If she’s unwilling, she’s even capable of ignoring the Emperor’s instructions.

She rode a horse out, and I initially thought that she would enter the palace to reject the Emperor’s edict.

But when I went to the palace gates to ask around, the guards told me that they had not seen her pass by.

So, I could only look for you, and I thought that she would have come to complain to you!” Nangong Shu explained.

His usually calm face betrayed a trace of anxiety.

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen to Miss Nangong.

She usually goes to the trading company to look for me.

She might just be there now, let’s go over!” As Su Jiu said this while walking towards the door.

Nangong Shu grabbed her wrist in one smooth motion.

“It’s raining outside now.

I’ll drive the horse carriage, and you can sit inside!” “No need! It’s faster to ride a horse!” Su Jiu replied.

When the shopkeeper saw that the two of them were heading out, he quickly passed them a raincoat each.

Su Jiu and Nangong Shu draped them on before walking out and speeding towards the commercial house.

Because of the rain, the streets were practically empty, and it was perfect for the horses to gallop through.

The raindrops splattered on their bodies, and layers of thick fog shrouded their vision.

Nangong Shu wrapped one arm around Su Jiu’s waist.

Afraid that she would get wet, he leaned forward and used his raincoat to cover her body.

The youth in his arms had a slender figure.

Her body was soft and supple and did not have the same bone structure as other boys.

Nangong Shu was slightly stunned, but he quickly regained his concentration.

Right now, Bi’er’s whereabouts were still unknown, so how could he be in the mood to think of other things? However, his eyes continued to droop downwards subconsciously.

He watched as the raindrops trickled down the youth’s fair earlobes, drop by drop, before sliding down her neck and meeting her delicate collarbones.

His breathing seemed to slow down as he adjusted his head slightly to stare at that youth’s neck.

That youth usually wore high collared robes that covered her neck.

This time, however, her clothes had been drenched in the rain and stuck onto her body.

Her neck was flat.

The man froze.

On horseback, Su Jiu raised her arms and wiped off the rainwater on her face in one smooth motion.

She seemed to have realized that the person behind was staring at her, and she turned back to ask, “What’s the matter?” The girl’s brows, which had deliberately been colored black with make-up, had long been washed clean by the rainwater.

On her fair and clear face, ripples of autumn water could be seen in her pair of lucent eyes.

Little beads of water had collected on her exquisite nose, which slid onto her tender pink lips one by one, before being wiped off by her.

His eyes looked at her in confusion.

Nangong Shu suddenly straightened his posture and subconsciously leaned back a little.

His chest, however, continued to thump tumultuously.

Heaven and Earth were blurred by that blanket of rain, and only that pair of bright eyes seemed to shine radiantly.

“Nothing!” Nangong Shu abruptly shifted his gaze.

The edges of his ears had flushed red and the arm that wrapped around the girl’s waist seemed to stiffen up, as that soft and supple feeling became clearer and clearer.

He was such a fool, how had he never realized that she was a girl? It was clearly like this… so obvious! The horse galloped like a flash of lightning, powering through the curtain of rain.

Very soon, it stopped right in front of the commercial house, and both of them got off the horse before running into its premises.

The raincoats were useless as the two of them had long been soaked from top to bottom.

They headed directly towards the third floor.

Su Jiu rushed in, and when she saw Chang Huan, she asked urgently, “Is Miss Nangong here?” However, when Chang Huan saw Su Jiu’s drenched appearance, he was shocked and frantically ran over.

“Boss, why are you so wet?” “Don’t bother about that first.

I’m asking if Miss Nangong is here.

” Su Jiu’s face was riddled with anxiety.

Chang Huan raised his head and saw Nangong Shu, who was just as drenched.

He shook his head and said, “She’s not here!” Nangong Shu immediately frowned.

If Nangong Bi did not come to look for Su Jiu, where else would she go? Su Jiu turned around to look at Nangong Shu, before asking seriously, “Where else would Miss Nangong go? We will continue to look for her!” “Miss Nangong is missing?” Chang Huan asked doubtfully.

However, he was more worried about Su Jiu.

“Boss, your clothes are already completely drenched, you might catch a cold.

Change to a new set of clothes first!” Nangong Shu also added, “Change your clothes first.

We’ll decide what to do after we discuss this!” Su Jiu nodded her head and said, “Chang Huan, find some clothes for General Nangong to change into as well!” “Yes!” After a few moments, they had changed out of their wet clothes.

Su Jiu had put on Chang Huan’s clothes, which were too wide for her.

She had to roll up the sleeves and fasten the skirt onto her waist so that it would not drag on the ground.

She did not appear unkempt, but rather, it made her seem more carefree and casual.

The clothes that Nangong Shu put on also belonged to Chang Huan.

Their postures were similar and seemed more well-fitted as compared to Su Jiu.

Outside, the torrential rain seemed to get even heavier.

Nangong Shu could not help but feel worried as he started to deduce where Nangong Bi would go.

“In such a heavy downpour, Miss Nangong might just be seeking shelter somewhere.

Why don’t we wait for the rain to subside? I will assign a few more people to help General Nangong with his search.

” Chang Huan suggested as he looked ardently at Nangong Shu.

Nangong Shu could tell that Chang Huan was worried for Su Jiu, and was unwilling to let her be exposed to the rain again.

He turned to his side and glanced at Su Jiu, whose hair was still damp with rainwater.

He nodded his head faintly.

“That works too!” Su Jiu stood by the window and watched the monsoon rain.

The worry in her eyes intensified – She was not only worried about Nangong Bi, but she was also concerned for Hu Dapao.

Hu Dapao should have already received the imperial edict as well.

If he knew that Nangong Bi was so eager to rescind the marriage, how would he feel? However, at that moment, Hu Dapao had completely no idea about the Emperor’s marriage arrangements for him.

Early that morning, Hu Dapao had received orders from the military’s vice general to return to the city and submit a patrol report to Nangong Shu, as well as update him on the situation at the four great military camps.

As such, he had brought two personal guards and left early that morning.

On the way, he received news that mountain bandits had caused trouble at Gejia Town.

Hence, he had diverted his route to pass by Gejia Town and barely missed the messenger eunuch.

Noon was approaching, and the messenger, Eunuch Bai, had reached the military camp and mentioned that he had an imperial edict for Hu Dapao.

The vice general of that camp came out to receive him.

He explained that Hu Dapao had returned to the city and would only be back in the afternoon.

Eunuch Bai was puzzled.

Why had he not seen him on the road here? Naturally, he was not familiar with Hu Dapao, and there was a chance that he had not recognized him.

Outside, the rain started to pour yet again.

Eunuch Bai could only hold the imperial edict in his hands as he waited for Hu Dapao to return.

When Hu Dapao and his men entered Gejia Town, those mountain bandits were still there.

They had forcefully occupied one of the estates and were currently abusing their power tyrannically.

When they saw Hu Dapao, they were frightened out of their wits as they plonked on the ground to kneel and prostrate to beg for mercy.

Hu Dapao snickered.

He had been wondering who they were.

As it turned out, the two of them were mountain bandits from Yuhu Mountain.

Previously, when Xiao Lie and Su Jiu cleared out all the bandits, these two people were fortunate enough to flee in time.

Over the past six months, they had been running rampant and committing evil deeds.

When they saw Hu Dapao, they had failed to recognize him and merely presumed that the military was there to arrest them, causing them to be scared silly.

Compared to the days he lived on the mountain, Hu Dapao’s appearance had undergone a 180-degree change.

The beard on his face had been shaved clean, and he had lost quite a lot of weight.

He now possessed the typical appearance of a cold and handsome general.

He too did not reveal his identity.

Instead, he ordered his two personal guards to tie up the mountain bandits and bring them back to the army camp to be dealt with.

When he departed Gejia Town, Hu Dapao rode a horse into the city on his own.

Just when he reached the public roads, it started to pour and he could only stop by a mountain slope to take shelter, as he waited for the rain to subside before entering the city.

That mountain slope was directly opposite the main road.

Since it was pouring, there was not a single soul passing along the road.

The only thing that filled his field of vision was the cascading rain, which seemed to threaten to drain the skies dry.

It was already late autumn, and such torrential rain was unexpected.

Hu Dapao folded his arms and leaned against the mountain rockery.

Just as he had closed his eyes in boredom, he suddenly heard the urgent cantering of a horse.

Why would someone be rushing along the road at this time? Although it was afternoon time, the weather was gloomy.

Coupled with the rain, he could only see a blurry shadow approach from the direction of Shengjing City.

As the distance between them closed, he could make out that it was a girl.

She was wearing a peach-colored dress and did not even put on a raincoat as she galloped over frantically.

Hu Dapao chewed on a piece of his straw as he grinned.

Was this girl crazy? She was still traveling on the road in such heavy rain.

The person on the horse was indeed Nangong Bi.

She had departed from the Nangong Manor and rode a horse directly towards the military camps outside the city to look for Hu Dapao.

Not long before she left the city, it started to rain.

Despite that, however, Nangong Bi simply could not be bothered and his heart had only one thought – To find Hu Dapao and rescind the marriage arrangement.

She wanted to tell him that she would never marry him.

Even death would not change her mind! After traveling on the road for around an hour, Nangong Bi’s entire body was soaked through.

The rain had battered her to the point that her consciousness was no longer clear, and even the hand that held the riding crop had become weak.

She could only force herself to maintain her balance on the horse.

Suddenly the hooves of the horse were stumbled by a pebble on the road and it jerked back as a result.

Nangong Bi’s eyes blacked out as she was violently thrown off the horse.

Hu Dapao just so happened to be staring at the girl on horseback with curiosity.

When he saw that girl fall off the horse, he did not have time to think.

He leaped over, his sturdy body like a gust of wind as he pierced through the rain and scooped the girl into his arms.

“Miss?” He shouted.

When he saw the girl’s appearance, he was instantly stumped.

Why was it her?