Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 139

Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 139

Chapter 139: Let’s Rest Together When he arrived at the Jinglan Pavilion, Lan Zhihui had just walked out.

When she saw him, she curtsied to pay her respects.

“Zhi Hui greets you, Master!” The girl’s eyes were as warm and gentle as before, as though there had never been this period of conflict.

“You had something to discuss with the Second Mistress?” Ji Yuxian asked nonchalantly.

Zhi Hui shook her head slightly.

“Although the Second Mistress and I do not share a very close relationship, in the past, the Second Mistress has never made it difficult for me.

Every time I sent my subordinates into the manor to tailor measurements and choose textiles, she accommodated me kindly and warmly.

Whenever I entered the manor, the Mistress has always treated me well and taken good care of me.

When I heard that the Second Mistress had fallen ill, it was only appropriate for me to visit her!” Ji Yuxian nodded his head, his handsome face slightly relaxing.

He said emotionlessly, “It’s fine if it was just a quick visit!” “Yes!” The both of them walked out shoulder to shoulder.

Lan Zhihui asked without concern, “Has the Young Mistress been well?” “Mm!” Ji Yuxian nodded his head.

“Previously, there were a few misunderstandings between the Young Mistress and I.

I should have approached her personally to explain, but it was my fault for being too proud.

I never told her my side of the story, which deepened the misunderstanding.

I hope the Eldest Master can help convey my sentiments so that the Young Mistress’s anger against me will subside!” Lan Zhihui spoke with an apologetic tone.

Ji Yuxian squinted at her.

“My wife does not take such petty matters to heart!” Lan Zhihui’s complexion paled, but she maintained a smile on her face.

“That’s good then! I heard that the Young Mistress isn’t in the manor today, so I will not remain to pay her respects.

I shall take my leave first!” .



“Mm!” Lan Zhihui curtsied once again, before turning around to leave.

As Ji Yuxian stood there, his heart became slightly unsettled, but he did not muse over the matter.

A subordinate came up to report, “Master, Manager Shangguan is here!” “Get him to wait for me in the study!” Ji Yuxian instructed.

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COM “Yes!” Without mulling over the issue, Ji Yuxian turned around to head towards his study.

On the other side, Zhao Sheng had already combed through the streets for one day and eventually, he gradually fell into despair.

He had completely abandoned the rice and cloth as he walked home in dejection.

His soul and spirit seemed to have departed from his being.

During the entire journey back, he was trapped in a trace and even stumbled over a few times.

As a result, he was covered in mud from head to toe.

Once he reached home, the sky was already completely black.

The woman was worried and waited anxiously at the gate to look out for his arrival.

She caught sight of a faint silhouette of a person approaching from the distance and dashed over.

“Sheng’er, why are you back so late? You’ve scared your mother to death!” Zhao Sheng stared at his mother, and suddenly plonked his bottom onto the ground, sobbing miserably.

It was as though he had released all the pent-up sorrow and anguish at once.

Completely astounded, the woman hastily went forward to hold him.

“Sheng’er, what happened to you? What’s the matter?” At that moment, she suddenly realized that Sheng’er had returned alone.

She asked urgently, “Where is your wife? Why have you come back alone?” Zhao Sheng covered his face and whimpered in agony, “She’s lost! I lost her!” “Ah?” The woman was flabbergasted and only regained her consciousness after a pause.

She supported Zhao Sheng up and said, “Come, let’s head back into the room to talk!” The two of them stumbled back into the house.

The room they stepped into was lit up with oil lanterns, which emitted a murky yellow glow.

The rice and dishes on the table were already cold, and the baby next door seemed to have woken up and was babbling away.

“What on earth happened?” The woman poured out a cup of hot water for Zhao Sheng.

Zhao Sheng’s tanned and weathered face was still smudged with tears and completely dispirited.

He remained in a daze as he sat rooted in his chair, before slowly recounting the events that unraveled in the city.

The woman sat opposite him with a dim face.

Silence blanketed the entire room as no one uttered a word.

The stillness was nerve-wracking.

“Sheng’er, your wife had fled with intention.

She must have planned it!” The woman suddenly remarked.

Zhao Sheng’s head jerked up abruptly.

“What did Mother say?” The woman looked at Zhao Sheng and continued, “Last night, didn’t she take the initiative to get on your good side?” A tinge of red suddenly appeared on Zhao Sheng’s dismal face, as he nodded his head in a daze.

“That’s it! This morning, I kept feeling like something wasn’t right.

She voluntarily offered herself to you, and today, she even wanted to accompany you to the city.

She had planned her escape beforehand! How cruel, she even abandoned her child!” The shock was written all over Zhao Sheng’s face.

His eyes were red, and momentarily, he was at a loss.

In his daze, he parted his dry and cracked lips, as though he wanted to vocalize something.

However, not a word came out from his mouth.

When the woman saw how Zhao Sheng was coping, her heart could not help but ache.

She wiped his tears and said, “If she wanted to go, then let her leave.

She had no intention to live well with you, so it’s impossible to keep her even if we use force! Our family is poor, and we can’t afford to raise a spoiled brat.

” Zhao Sheng wrapped his arms around his head and bent his waist forward.

His entire being seemed to have curled up into a ball.

“Sheng’er, don’t be like this.

Fortunately, she left behind the continuation of our family line.

We mother and son can raise the child together, and if there’s another opportunity in the future, we’ll find you another wife from the mountains.

Someone capable and stronger than her!” Zhao Sheng remained silent, his head bowed.

He seemed to have been pondering over the woman’s words, and at the same time, he was extremely regretful that he did not listen to the girl and help her send a letter to Fuyang.

If he had gone to send her letter, the girl might not have run away.

The child in the room seemed to understand that his mother had abandoned him, as he had started to wail.

The woman wiped away her tears before rushing out to placate the child.

Zhao Sheng’s eyes were turbid, but a trace of determination emerged in its midst as he said in a low voice, “I will definitely find her and bring her back!” That night, the weather was poor, and it continued to drizzle deep into the night.

Miss Su slept in one of the wings within the premises of Robes Square.

The blanket that covered her was made of satin, but she was still unable to sleep as she tossed about in bed.

When she heard the sound of the rain outside, she became even more irritable.

Usually, at this time, she would have to get out of bed to feed her child milk.

Since she wasn’t around, that child would most likely be bawling incessantly.

Zhao Sheng and that woman were probably calling her heartless in their sleep.

The corner of her slips slipped into a sorrowful sneer.

It did not matter if they cursed her because, at the very beginning, her marriage was forcefully arranged, and her child was not born by choice.

That mother and son had deceived her time and time again.

Their plight now was her retribution! That child was never meant to be born.

If there was a need to blame someone, he could only blame his fate, to have been born into such a family.

He could blame that fake Su Yuejiu, for murdering the members of the Su family and entering the Ji Manor as an imposter.

If not, all these would not have happened.

Resentment was hidden in the girl’s eyes as she gripped the satin blanket firmly.

She was becoming more and more desperate while she anticipated her parent’s arrival in the capital.

She would be able to escape from her predicament very soon.

Once her parents arrive, the truth will be exposed and the Ji Manor would have no choice but to drive the fake Su Yuejiu out and welcome her in instead.

From then on, she will be the Young Mistress of the Ji Manor.

She would be able to eat and dress extravagantly and live the luxurious and noble life that was meant for her.

There would be no more children, and no more Zhao Sheng and his mother.

All her experiences in the past year would become history, and not a soul would find out about it.

She would tell anyone about it either! That’s right, that was how everything was going to be! A smile surfaced on her face, and anticipation filled her heart.

The guilt she felt towards her child had also subsided considerably, akin to the decrescendo of the rain outside, slowly fading into the distance.

Early the next morning, the weather had cleared up and the autumn breeze carried a hint of frost, sweeping the scattered leaves.

It was late autumn.

At the Qinglong Bodyguard Agency, the manager from the Zhao family’s porcelain store came to settle their monetary accounts.

The bodyguards who were familiar with them chuckled jokingly, “I heard your family is going to celebrate a joyous occasion soon.

At that time, don’t forget to invite us to drink the celebratory wine!” “Of course, I won’t forget you!” The manager laughed.

“The older cousin in your family is such a talent! With your fortune, I might just be cured of my disease!” A strange look flashed across the manager’s face, but he played along.

“May your auspicious words come true!” Ah Shu came out of the main hall, and when he heard the two-people conversation, his face darkened as he walked past them.

In the afternoon, Su Jiu visited the Bodyguard Agency.

From the main hall, she could hear Ah Shu reprimanding several bodyguards in the rear courtyard.

Su Jiu raised an eyebrow.

As she looked through the ledgers, she felt as though something was wrong.

When Ah Shu came in to drink tea, he raised his voice to greet his chief, before raising his cup and finishing the cold tea in a few gulps.

Su Jiu glanced at him.

“What’s the matter? Why the hot temper?” Ah Shu froze, before stuttering, “Nothing… Nothing is wrong!” “Based on your expression, it’s as if someone owes you money!” Su Jiu flung the ledger onto the table and continued, “What’s up? Tell your master!” An inexplicable sense of agitation bubbled in his chest as he replied, “Recently, the weather has been dry and hot.

I feel as though I’m being roasted, Chief.

Come follow me and extinguish this fire!” “Go where to extinguish the fire?” Su Jiu asked.

“Drunken Joy Pavilion!” Su Jiu fell into silence.

“…” If he wanted to go, then they’d go.

Ah Shu passed the management of the Bodyguard Agency to Hu Bazi temporarily, before personally driving a carriage to bring Su Jiu to the Drunken Joy Pavilion.

“Where’s the fun if you always go to the Drunken Joy Pavilion? Why don’t we head to Chunhua Brothel?” Su Jiu abruptly suggested.

“Chunhua Brothel is fine too!” Ah Shu replied, before flicking the riding crop.

“Onward!” It was around four o’clock and the Chunhua Brothel was still relatively quiet.

There were only a handful of clients, and the rest of the ladies were clustered together in groups, chatting and snacking on melon seeds.

The moment Ah Shu and Su Jiu stepped in, the brothel madame came forward to welcome them.

She flashed an exaggerated smile and greeted, “I was wondering why the magpies were singing non-stop this morning.

It turns out that we had esteemed guests visiting today! These two masters, please come in.

Do you have any ladies you are familiar with?” Ah Shu replied, “We don’t.

Just call a random one.

She must be pretty and gentle!” “You don’t have to worry.

Every single one of the ladies in our brothel is beautiful and graceful.

Even the ugliest one can surpass the head lady of the Drunken Joy Pavilion!” The brothel madame smiled as she led both of them upstairs.

She bellowed, “Yan Zhi! Shuang Yun! Come out to serve our guests!” Su Jiu’s eyes turned as she grinned.

“I want to meet Lady Jin Ming!” The brothel madame froze.

Her eyes darted up and down Su Jiu’s figure before she smiled and said, “These masters must be new to our Chunhua Brothel.

Lady Jin Ming does not serve clients unless she agrees to meet them!” Su Jiu answered, “Just tell her that I am Master Shangguan’s friend, and I have come specially to meet her!” She had always been very curious about Lady Jin Ming, who had continuously rejected Shangguan Yunkun.

Thus, since she had stepped into the Chunhua Brothel that day, she wanted to acquaint herself with her.

When she heard Su Jiu mention Shangguan, the brothel madame immediately agreed.

“That’s fine.

This Master can wait here for a while, I will be back in a jiffy!” Su Jiu and Ah Shu sat in the suite.

Not long after, the ladies called Yan Zhi and Shuang Yun entered the room and smiled seductively.

“Masters!” Su Jiu waved her hand and pointed towards Ah Shu.

“Both of you accompany him!” Those two supple and alluring ladies immediately encircled Ah Shu, one on the left and one on the right.

One poured him wine while the other massaged his shoulders.

They served him with much consideration.

Ah Shu, however, did not behave as frivolously as he did before.

He even seemed to avoid the girls and maintained a slight distance.

He had to force himself to open his mouth to receive that cup of wine which was being fed to him.

His preference was such thoughtful and graceful women.

So how could he like a wild and spicy girl like Zhao Shan? “Oh right, what happened to that Miss Zhao?” Su Jiu suddenly asked.

“Cough!” Ah Shu choked abruptly, his complexion turning ghastly pale.

He replied hatefully, “Why did you have to mention her all of a sudden?” A sly smile crept in Su Jiu’s eyes.

“It has been a long time since I’ve seen her.

I suddenly miss her!” “You!” Ah Shu glared at Su Jiu and raised his glass to finish the wine in one gulp.

He replied in a depressed tone, “She’s going to get married!” “Oh! So you’ve come here to drown your sorrows in wine!” Su Jiu’s eyes twinkled, as though she had seen through his emotions in one try.

Ah Shu’s face flushed red as he rambled, “Don’t tease me anymore! Why would I be upset? If I had her in my eye, I would have married her a long time ago!” “Mm!” Su Jiu nodded her head.

“There is a house right next to the Bodyguard Agency, I think it’s quite good.

It’s quite spacious with three courtyards; I think it’s more than enough for you to move in with Miss Zhao.

” “Chief!” Ah Shu groaned.

Su Jiu cracked open the melon seeds and grinned without saying a word.

However, bewilderment plagued her heart.

Zhao Shan was getting married? With who? Just as the two of them were bickering, the brothel madame opened the door and entered.

She smiled.

“Congratulations Master, our Lady Jin Ming invites you over!” “Mm!” Su Jiu nodded her head and stood up to walk out.

Just as she was about to step out of the room, she turned back to say, “Take it easy and don’t overdo it.

Your wedding night should still be reserved for Miss Zhao!” “Puh!” Ah Shu spat out all the wine in his mouth! Su Jiu followed behind the brothel madame, and after making a few turns here and there, they entered the deepest part of Chunhua Brothel.

Finally, they stopped in front of a mahogany door, which was carved with flowers.

“Lady, Master Su is here!” The brothel madame’s voice contained a special sense of respect.

Su Jiu raised her eyebrows slightly.

“Let Master Su in!” The voice that traveled out was sweet and light and was just as crisp as that of a fourteen or fifteen-year-old girl.

Su Jiu was astonished.

“Yes!” The brothel madame acknowledged, before nudging the door open to reveal a small gap.

She said with a smile, “Master Su, you may enter!” Su Jiu pushed the door open before entering.

The room which was revealed in front of her was vastly different from the other suites.

This room was larger.

Inside was a reception area and a bedroom, as well as a study room and a separate space for the zither.

Red silk bead curtains, brocade silkscreens, as well as a few incense burners, divided the rooms elegantly.

The floor was covered in a red carpet, and fine sheer curtains were fitted at every window.

A faint fragrance wafted into her nostrils, its scent permeating her senses and even seeming to tenderize her bones.

That fragrance, however, was not cheap and overpowering.

Instead, it carried an air of luxury despite its bewitching properties.

Su Jiu had the impression that the woman who resided in this room was someone who knew how to indulge herself.

Separated by a single bead curtain, a woman dressed in red was sitting in the bedroom.

Her eyes were half-closed as she plucked the strings of the zither.

Solitary notes reverberated, but the sound they produced was not chaotic.

On the other hand, they were like pieces of jade and pearls falling onto a limestone plate one by one.

Su Jiu did not intrude inside.

Rather, she stood outside and watched her with curiosity.

This was the girl that Shangguan Yunkun liked, and at the same time, put him at a loss? The girl realized that she had remained silent for a long time, and raised her head to look over.

Her lips curled into a subtle smile.

The girl was born with a pair of charming peach blossom eyes, and she had been blessed with beautiful features.

The only thing that stood out was her lackluster eyes, which seemed to have lost its color.

When someone looked into her eyes, they would only see a slight smile in her eyes, one that carried a myriad of emotions, and at the same time, remained colorless.

Even though Su Jiu was female, she was still moved by the sight.

She completely understood why Shangguan Yunkun would secretly return to Shengjing just to come here.

“Master Su, are you Yun Kun’s friend?” The girl scanned Su Jiu’s figure and strutted over.

A fair hand pried open the bead curtain, revealing her wrist, which was as beautiful as jade.

However, Su Jiu noticed a glimmer of gloominess flash past her eyes.

The girl’s lips hooked into an even brighter smile, as she led Su Jiu towards the adjacent reception area.

Su Jiu nodded her head and sat on the chair.

“Why has this Master come here?” The girl languidly reclined on the couch.

Her black hair cascaded like a waterfall, and partially concealed the snow-white skin that covered her chest.

She was naturally charming.

Su Jiu giggled lightly.

“No special reason, I just wanted to meet you!” Jin Ming chuckled and asked without worry, “He returned to the capital?” Su Jiu had seen Shangguan when she was in Ji Yuxian’s study yesterday, so she nodded her head.

“Indeed!” Jin Ming closed her eyes as her lips curled upwards.

“Did he mention me to you?” “You could say that!” After all, Su Jiu could not tell her that she had gossiped about the both of them with Ji Yuxian, and hence, she could only acknowledge her question.

Jin Ming’s complexion, however, seemed to become a little colder.

However, her voice remained as gentle as before.

“Is this lady satisfied with what you see? Although I am physically intimate with him, our relationship is just that of a prostitute and client.

It’s useless for this lady to find me, and it’s best if you take care of your own man!” Su Jiu froze and did not pay attention to the meaning behind her last few words.

She could only force out a smile.

“How did you realize that I was a girl?” She shared quite a close relationship with Nangong Bi and yet, that girl still assumed that she was a male.

Jin Ming’s peach blossom eyes swept past her with a smile.

“I have stayed at this house of love for a total of ten years.

If I can’t even tell the difference between a male and a female, then I am not qualified to be the head lady of Chunhua Brothel!” After she said this, she stood up and poured a cup of tea for Su Jiu as she continued, “How did you get to know Shangguan Yunkun? Could you enlighten me?” Su Jiu took a sip of tea, and after pondering for a moment, she replied, “At the Ji Manor.

He thought that I was a thief who had broken into the manor, so we fought!” “So, it was as the saying goes, relationships blossom after exchanging blows.

it turns out that you are a daughter of Jianghu, who is a practitioner of martial arts!” The girl replied.

Su Jiu had a strange feeling that the girl’s words had a hidden implication.

She asked, “How did you… you and Shangguan meet?” “Me?” The girl fell into a daze as she reminisced while smiling.

“We were acquainted since young; you could consider us childhood sweethearts.

However, my family underwent major changes and I was sold to the brothel.

He, however, remained a lofty nobleman.

From then on, we went from being star-crossed childhood lovers to a prostitute and a prostitute’s client.

” “Then why don’t you let him buy your contract?” Su Jiu held her teacup and asked, perplexed.

“What’s the point in buying over my contract? If I marry him and become his wife, I won’t even be able to reject him if he wants to sleep with me.

Here, whether or not I let someone climb onto my bed, it’s all up to me! The girl said enchantingly, her eyes beaming.

Su Jiu was dumbfounded.

It was her first time meeting a girl who spoke so frankly, but at the same time, she felt as though she was even more interesting than those bashful and dignified girls.

Her eyes twinkled and she smiled.

“You spoke well! Such is the aspiration of a woman!” It was Jin Ming’s turn to be stunned, as she stared at Su Jiu in confusion.

If it was another girl sitting there, they would be ashamed by her words and scold her for not knowing shame, before covering their face and running out.

Wasn’t the girl sitting before her a love rival? Why did she not feel any hostility from her? … At that moment outside Chunhua Brothel, the horse carriage from the Ji Manor was parked outside.

Two handsome and elegant men disembarked.

Ji Yuxian had donned a purple robe, eluding a languid sense of nobility.

When he saw the Chunhua Brothel, his forehead wrinkled.

“You should go in on your own.

I have other matters to attend to.

Let me take my leave first!” “Ay!” Shangguan Yunkun held Ji Yuxian back.

His lips curled into a smile as he teased, “Are you that scared of that wife of yours, such that you don’t even dare to step in?” Ji Yuxian rolled his eyes nonchalantly at him and turned around to leave.

“Don’t! I’m telling you the truth! Please accompany me.

Once we see Ming’er, then you can leave.

I’m worried that she will refuse to meet me if I enter alone!” A hint of desperation arose on Shangguan Yunkun’s gentle and refined face.

Previously, the night before he left the capital, the two of them had argued over a petty matter.

She had refused to let him touch her, and he had tied her hands onto the bed frame before forcing himself on her.

He knew that he had definitely provoked her, and thus, he had chosen to not come straight here on this trip back to Shengjing.

He was overwrought with guilt and missed her.

Because of that, he brought Ji Yuxian along to boost his courage.

With Ji Yuxian around, she would have to give him some face and would not simply drive him out.

“Please consider how I have sold my life away during the Mid-Autumn Festival, and also busied myself for the sake of the Ji Manor business.

Help me this once, pretty please?” Shangguan Yunkun continued to plead.

Ji Yuxian glanced at him contemptuously, before changing his direction to walk towards Chunhua Brothel.

Shangguan Yunkun sneered behind him.

Was Ji Yuxian looking down on him? Look who had become his wife’s little keeper! If his wife left his sight for a few seconds, he would ask for her whereabouts three or four times! When both of them entered Chunhua Brothel, the brothel madame was a little shocked.

She hurriedly came forward to pay her respects.

“Eldest Master, Master Shangguan!” The fake smile that was usually plastered on her face was replaced with respect.

The two of them headed upstairs directly.

Shangguan asked, “Is Ming’er doing well?” The brothel madame hesitated, before replying cautiously, “Replying the Master, right now, Lady Jin Ming… She has a guest in her room!” Shangguan Yunkun stopped in his steps abruptly.

His complexion changed and his entire being was shrouded with frost.

“What guest?” The brothel madame hurriedly replied, “It was some unfamiliar master!” After that, she added another sentence, “He was especially handsome!” Shangguan Yunkun’s expression could not have been uglier.

Could it be that Jin Ming had acted impetuously, and chosen to have relations with other men because he had angered her the last time? It was not like that girl was incapable to do such a thing! A suffocating pain erupted from the bottom of his heart.

Ji Yuxian remained composed as he looked at him.

His phoenix eyes were languid and even seemed to be leisurely enjoying the excitement that was unfolding before him.

It served him right for always boasting how ‘daring’ he was in bed, causing him, who had already been deprived, to be full of admiration, envy, and hate! This was simply his retribution! Shangguan Yunkun’s expression became solemn as he took big strides towards Jin Ming’s room.

He did not know why, but every step he took was filled with trepidation and frustration.

He feared that he would walk into the scene of them rolling in bed! “Master, don’t be angry.

This servant will help report your presence.

That little master seems to know you.

” The brothel madame chased after them.

However, Shangguan’s footsteps became quicker and quicker.

His mind seemed to be in a state of panic, and he did not hear the brothel madame’s last sentence.

When he placed his hand on the door, his fingers seemed to tremble slightly.

Shangguan clenched his teeth and pushed the door open abruptly, before taking big strides into the room.

Ji Yuxian followed behind him and lazily leaned against the door, intending to observe the drama.

Right then, the two of them were stunned when they caught sight of that ‘little master’ sitting in the reception area.

Ji Yuxian straightened his posture and narrowed his phoenix eyes while staring at his wife with a complicated look.

When she saw Shangguan Yunkun charge in suddenly, Jin Ming abruptly stood up.

She thought that Shangguan Yunkun had arrived in such a state of nervousness because he was looking for Su Jiu.

She sneered coldly, “Master Shangguan, you have barged in so urgently.

Are you scared of something?” Shangguan Yunkun’s eyes fell on Su Jiu’s figure, before sweeping a glance at the man standing behind him.

He glanced at Jin Ming, and his eyes were instantly engulfed in warmth.

He laughed suddenly and remarked, “Indeed, I was a little scared just now.

Now… I have nothing to fear!” Su Jiu was also shocked when she saw the man who had just appeared.

“Why have you come?” Ji Yuxian smiled helplessly.

His purple robe had brightened up the entire room, and he could even compete with Jin Ming’s charm.

He slowly walked over, and with every movement he made, he was like a deity in heaven, or a demon in hell, eluding a peerless elegance that could not be ignored.

“I haven’t even asked you yet.

Why is my wife here?” Ji Yuxian walked closer to Su Jiu, his lips curling into a doting smile.

Jin Ming got a shock and she stared at Su Jiu abruptly.

Wife? The Ji Manor’s Young Mistress? “I came to visit Lady Jin Ming!” As Su Jiu said this, she turned her head to flash Jin Ming a smile.

The hostility and coldness in Jin Ming’s eyes had long disappeared.

She bowed her head and said respectfully, “I didn’t know it was the Young Mistress of the Ji Manor! I have been too disrespectful!” “That’s not a problem.

In the future, I’ll come and find you to have fun again!” Su Jiu shrugged her shoulders with a smile.

Her charisma contained a sliver of innocence, and her beauty was so outstanding that it made it difficult for others to move their eyes away from her.

Jin Ming’s smile carried a myriad of emotions.

“Alright, you are always welcome to visit!” However, Ji Yuxian’s face became ashen when he heard that.

He was worried that Jin Ming would be a bad influence on his woman, and he hoped that he could leave this place as soon as possible.

He carried Su Jiu up and placed her on his shoulders before walking out.

He casually kicked the door close, leaving the two people behind him.

“Ji Yuxian put me down! I still need to find Ah Shu!” Su Jiu had been thrown onto his shoulders, and she could only voice her resistance.

“Ah Shu was the one who brought you here?” The man’s voice was indifferent and cold.

Su Jiu lowered her head, but soon found her situation a little unbearable.

She struggled and tried to get off.

The man who had been maintaining a tight grip on her suddenly released his hands, causing the girl’s body to tumble over.

Before she hit the ground, she was held by her waist once again.

He asked with an evil smile, “You like Chunhua Brothel?” Su Jiu’s cheeks turned pink.

Her large eyes glared at him, annoyance surfacing as she was truly innocent.

Ji Yuxian’s heart softened and he planted a kiss on her lips.

His breathing became heavier as he hugged her tightly in his arms.

He turned around and called a manservant who worked at the brothel.

“Find me a clean room.

Now!” The manservant froze.

When he realized that he was Ji Yuxian, he replied respectfully, “Yes, Master.

Please follow this servant!” Ji Yuxian and Shangguan Yunkun had visited the brothel a few times.

Regarding these notable people, the manservant naturally had to remember their faces well after one meeting.

Inside Jin Ming’s room, once Ji Yuxian and Su Jiu had left, Shangguan Yunkun leaned onto the tabletop and stared at the girl’s gentle smile.

Jin Ming’s beautiful eyes swept past him, and the depression that plagued her heart before had already dissipated.

She reclined on the couch and smirked at the man’s flattering smile.

Shangguan walked over and sat on the couch.

His body pressed partially against the girl’s elegant body as his eyes creased into crescents.

“Last time, it was all my fault.

I was overcome by lust and did a stupid thing.

Does your wrist still hurt?” As he said this, he picked up the girl’s wrist to examine it.

As he caressed her smooth skin, the warm light in the man’s eyes slowly turned into desire.

He lowered his head and kissed her.

Jin Ming, however, suddenly interrupted him.

Her lips hooked into a bewitching smile.

“Master Shangguan is my client.

Naturally, he can do whatever he wants to do.

If this girl takes his money, how can I dare to say no? Not to mention tying me up.

Even if you strip me naked and display me on the streets for all to see, I can’t do anything!” Shangguan Yunkun became dejected, and he knew that the woman was still angry at him.

He leaned on her body and sighed.

“Please don’t say such things to get back at me, it hurts.

I know you understand me…” Jin Ming’s exquisite face was frigid, as she flipped her head to one side without a word.

Shangguan Yunkun trailed kisses along her neck.

He moved towards her full and luscious lips, and his tongue pressed against her teeth, which she had clenched together tightly.

Suddenly he invaded her mouth haughtily, his breaths rushed and heavy.

“Ming’er, I missed you!” The man’s eyes were gentle, and his voice was passionate and deep.

Jin Ming took a deep breath.

The frustration that had accumulated could no longer hold her back.

She laid back onto the couch.

The man urgently removed the dress on her body and casually tossed it below the couch.

His kisses moved downwards as he tried his best to please the girl under him.

Jin Ming gasped and wrapped her arms around the man’s neck tightly.

Her entire body had melted into a puddle of water, accentuating the emptiness she felt over this period as she yearned for the man’s affections.

She bit her lips and said, “Carry me to the bed!” Shangguan picked up the girl bridal style and walked eagerly towards the inner room.

The bead curtain clattered as they were pried open, and even the sound they produced conveyed his thirst.

He placed the girl on the bed.

The pink bed curtains had dyed the light that filtered in pink, while the satin blankets were a deep purple.

The girl’s black hair was released, partially covering her snow-white skin and her charming curves.

Her hazy eyes stared at the man, as though he was the most precious thing in the world.

Shangguan looked like a boy who was seeing a woman for the first time.

He hastily got rid of the clothes on his body and mounted his body on hers.

The girl, however, flipped over to dodge him.

She sat up slightly and closed in on the man as she planted kisses on the man’s chin.

She whispered with a hoarse voice, “Last time, Guest Guan’s performance was not up to standard.

Have you decided how you’re going to make up for it?” The voice seemed to tease him and had completely enraptured the person she was trying to seduce.

Shangguan’s eyes reddened as he locked his arms around the girl’s waist tightly.

His voice was tense as he eagerly replied, “As long as it makes you happy, anything is fine!” It was fine, even if it killed him! The girl carefully kissed his Adam’s apple and chuckled.

“Why are you so anxious? Are there no women in Jianghu?” “I only want you!” The man panted as he haphazardly planted kisses on the woman’s body.

Jin Ming seemed to be elated at this.

Her arms gripped onto the man’s shoulders, and he flipped her body to press the man’s body under her.

She licked her red lips before planting a deep kiss.

… The manservant led the way and brought Ji Yuxian outside the room.

He explained, “The satin blankets and bed covers in this room are all new.

Master, you may enter!” Ji Yuxian pushed open the door and stepped in.

The manservant behind him immediately closed the doors.

The man carried the girl in his arms and walked swiftly towards the bed.

He placed her in the middle of the satin blanket before covering her body with his, while kissing Su Jiu’s lips deeply.

Su Jiu parted her lips in response, and their tongues got entangled together.

They frolicked and separated, before intertwining once again.

A faint incense had been lit in the room, its fragrance ambiguous and frivolous.

The fumes seemed to intoxicate people within the enclosed confines of the room.

The melodious and bewitching music of a zither could be heard from the frontcourt.

Combined with the sound of men and women copulating, it became the most effective aphrodisiac that instantly heated the atmosphere in the room.

Ji Yuxian released the bed curtains and rested a hand behind her head, while his other hand busied itself with unraveling her robe.

At the same time, he extended their kiss passionately, still reluctant to withdraw.

Just like the bed curtains, the man’s light-colored robes fell off as well.

In the dimness, the girl’s body was exquisite and her skin was so fragile and smooth, to the point that even a single gust of air could shatter it.

As she was aroused, her entire body was dyed a seductive shade of pink.

The man’s coal-black eyes were on fire, as he locked her tightly in his embrace and passionately pressed kisses onto her chin, her collarbone… her shoulders… Su Jiu raised her body slightly, with the desire to get closer to the man’s muscular and beautiful body.

She bit her lips, and spring water seemed to ripple in her eyes as she shouted his name sweetly.

“Ji Yuxian…” “Ji Yuxian!” It was as though with every shout, the strange heat in her body would subside by a little.

“I’m here, dear! Your husband is here!” The man’s voice was raspy, and he no longer sounded like his usual self.

He stretched out his arms and released the purple sash that tied the girl’s hair in place.

Her black hair instantly cascaded like a waterfall.

The girl’s face was red, and her eyes were watery.

Her cheeks were pink and her lips were akin to cherries.

Amidst her innocence and purity, there was a trace of charm that was capable of driving people insane.

The man’s lips were blood red, and his black and narrow eyes were captivating.

The scent of lotus on his body had become many times richer, as though a large field of black lotuses had suddenly bloomed at once.

It alluded to the intensity of the wine, its fragrance intoxicating others.

He moved both arms to support the girl’s waist and kissed her as if she was a precious treasure.

He wanted to stir her emotions in the same way, so that her first time would not be painful.

The temperature in the room escalated even further, to the point that the heat became unbearable.

Ji Yuxian’s sturdy body pressed onto the girl’s figure as he panted, “Su Jiu, now, can we?” The fingertips that Su Jiu had rested on the man’s chest shivered subtly.

Her eyes were brimming with desire as she nodded her head slightly.

The man reacted like he had been bestowed a great gift, and urgently pressed his body over.

Just as he was about the commence with the deed, the man suddenly paused and realized that there was something wrong with the girl under him.

Her entire body was shivering intensely, and her body, which was riddled with the traces of his kisses, seemed to be unnaturally red.

Her eyes had been clamped tightly, and she was biting her lips to the point that blood was shed.

She appeared to be trying her best to endure something.

Ji Yuxian suppressed the hot blood that was surging in his body and hugged Su Jiu in his arms.

He asked warmly, “Su Jiu, what happened to you? Where is the discomfort?” Su Jiu hugged his waist tightly and continued to shiver in his arms.

She nestled herself against him and choked.

“Ji Yuxian… I feel uncomfortable… Help me, it hurts so much!” It was painful and itchy at the same time, as though countless bugs were trembling in her body, eliciting about an unbearable itch and a sense of emptiness.

However, it was also so painful that her body could not help but twitch.

Pain? Ji Yuxian’s eyes which were originally filled with desire had slowly calmed down.

He examined Su Jiu’s body once again but did not seem to find a wound.

Still, he could tell that she was suffering immensely.

“Ji Yuxian, hold me!” Su Jiu collapsed onto his shoulders.

Even though she had superhuman abilities to endure pain, she still could not help but knit her brows tightly and choke continuously.

When Ji Yuxian heard her cry out in this manner, his entire chest seemed to constrict.

He exerted pressure and hugged her tightly while planting kisses to soothe her.

However, her entire body was feverish and seemed to burn him at the same time.

Suddenly, he thought of something.

The man’s eyes narrowed as he asked urgently, “Just now in Jin Ming’s room, did you touch her things?” Su Jiu’s cloudy eyes stared helplessly at him.

She nodded her head slightly and replied with a hoarse voice, “I did, I drank the tea that she poured for me!” “F*ck!” Ji Yuxian spat out vulgarities angrily.

His heart ached, and at the same time, he was furious.

At that moment, he impulsively harbored the intention to kill.

Su Jiu had been poisoned by that woman.

The drug had the same effects as an aphrodisiac, but it forbade any relations with men.

It is used exclusively by Chunhua Brothel to punish those disobedient girls.

Those girls would suffer and unbearable pain and would have the urgent desire to have sex with a man.

The moment they did the deed, however, the two people would be glued together, and unless they ripped their skin apart, they would be inseparable.

It was a very poisonous hallucinogen.

Jin Ming must have assumed that Su Jiu was Shangguan’s lover, which drove her to make such a ruthless move to take revenge on Shangguan.

A murderous intent rose from the depths of Ji Yuxian’s heart.

He held Su Jiu tenderly and comforted her with a soft voice, “Be good and wait here for me.

I’ll go find the antidote for you!” “I-I was poisoned?” Su Jiu raised her head to look at the man.

Ji Yuxian kissed her reassuringly.

“Yes, but don’t worry, you’ll be better in a while!” He was extremely reluctant to put the girl in his embrace back down.

He carefully draped the satin blanket over her and put on his clothes before standing up.

He planted another kiss on the girl’s eyes and said, “Your husband will be back very soon!” Su Jiu bit her lips and nodded her head.

Ji Yuxian took a deep breath and took big strides out.

This room was not very far from Jin Ming’s room.

When he walked over, he could hear the sound of a girl moaning, as well as the rough breathing of a man.

Ji Yuxian’s complexion was frighteningly ashen as he kicked open the door with a ‘bang’.

The noise inside ceased abruptly.

Ji Yuxian walked over and stood outside the room.

His entire body emitted animosity as he asked coldly, “Where is the antidote?” The girl inside seemed to have taken a deep breath.

She quipped in annoyance, “I apologize! I completely forgot about this matter!” “What ‘matter’?” The man inside the bed canopy asked curiously.

The girl ignored him and replied Ji Yuxian, “On my bookshelf, there is a red porcelain bottle.

The antidote is inside! Bring it to the Young Mistress quickly.

I’m very sorry!” A snort sounded and Shangguan giggled.

“What did you poison the Young Mistress with?” “Look who’s talking, it’s all your fault!” “What does this have to do with me?!” The bed shook violently and the women shrilled.

As Ji Yuxian listened to the two of them flirting, the fire in his chest seemed to rage even more.

He walked briskly towards the bookshelf and picked up that porcelain bottle.

“Oh right, this drug will only be effective after a short period.

It’s best if the Eldest Master doesn’t share a bed with the Young Mistress over the next few days!” The girl explained guiltily.

Ji Yuxian’s sullen face was so dark that a drop of water could be squeezed out.

He abruptly waved his sleeves and flung the teacup on the table towards the bed frame.

Only the shriek of a man could be heard.

“F*ck!” Ji Yuxian sneered as he walked out.

If he could not sleep with her, then they should rest for a few days as well!