Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 77

Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 77

They were very close.

The candlelight cast flickering shadows in between them.

It was quiet in the study, almost like time had stopped.

Love was subtly in the air.

Ji Yuxian gazed deeply into Su Jiu’s eyes.

His thin lips touched the corner of hers, soft and cool.

He longed to explore the kiss deeper… “Achoo!” Su Jiu suddenly sneezed, spraying spit all over Ji Yuxian’s face.

She stepped to the side and said accusingly, “What are you doing so close to me?” Ji Yuxian was at a loss for words.

He inhaled deeply and wrinkled his brow.

“My wife, what did you have for dinner?” Su Jiu replied truthfully, “A chicken and two garlic cloves.

” Ji Yuxian straightened his back and took some deep breaths with his eyes closed.

He wiped his face with a handkerchief and managed to squeeze out a few words.

“My wife, why don’t you go back and rest?” “Oh.

” Su Jiu turned and walked away from the desk.

She glanced back to say something but swallowed her words when she saw the expression on Ji Yuxian’s face.

She quickly walked out the door.

After leaving the study, she heard Ji Yuxian say from a distance, “Prepare some hot water! I wish to bathe!” .



Su Jiu chuckled and cheerily left the main courtyard.

She went to bed late and slept until the day was bright.

When she woke, she opened the window, and a gust of frigid air rushed in.

The world outside was a white blur.

It had snowed during the night! The snow on the ground was nearly a foot deep.

All that remained of heaven and earth was endless white.

Nanny came in with hot water.

When she saw Su Jiu standing near the open window, she quickly closed it.

She covered Su Jiu with a blanket and said, “Women should stay away from the cold.

Miss, you must be mindful!” Su Jiu wasn’t concerned.

“Practitioners of martial arts don’t fear the cold.

” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM In previous winters, they’d lived in dirt huts.

The wind had blown in from all directions.

It was so cold that drops of water immediately froze into ice.

They didn’t even have cotton winter clothes.

At night, they slept under thin mats.

Even so, they were fine.

Nanny wiped Su Jiu’s face with a warm damp towel.

She sniffled and asked quietly, “Miss, where are your parents?” Su Jiu shook her head.

“I don’t know.

” Her face revealed no change in emotions.

“How much do you remember about your childhood?” “My memories aren’t clear.

When I was very young, I begged on the streets with a woman.

Her last name was Zhang.

Later, she died of illness, and I joined the Dragon Conqueror Gang.

” “Who are your parents? Where do they live? Don’t you remember anything?” Su Jiu chuckled.

“They didn’t want me.

Why would I remember them?” Nanny’s hand, still holding the towel, froze momentarily.

She turned away and soaked it in warm water.

She said quietly, “Perhaps you accidentally strayed away from them.

Your mother may still be looking for you.

” It was unclear whether Su Jiu heard her.

She complained of an empty stomach and walked out of the room.

Nanny gazed at Su Jiu with complicated emotions in her eyes.

After a long while, she let out a gentle sigh.

Outside, it was still snowing.

Su Jiu had planned on staying at Ji Manor for the next few days anyway.

After breakfast, she and Chang Huan gathered around the fire and drank while playing dice.

Meanwhile, in the Cloud Pavilion’s study, Ji Yuxian was busy flipping through the most recent financial records.

When he saw the report for Juxian Tavern, he wrinkled his brow.

“Why have revenues dropped so much lately?” Chief Housekeeper Yu, who was standing beside him, replied, “The Juxian Tavern’s manager said that a new restaurant has opened across the street.

It’s called Qingyuan Tavern.

Business at the Qingyuan Tavern is astonishingly good.

It’s affecting all the restaurants on the street.

” Ji Yuxian continued his inspection of the accounts.

He asked carelessly, “Who’s behind the restaurant?” “It’s unclear.

I only know that the boss goes by ‘Ninth Master Su.

’” Chief Housekeeper Yu furrowed his brow.

“Yesterday, the Zhu Family’s Wanfu Tavern sent men to cause trouble.

They were thrown out.

” “Ninth Master Su?” Ji Yuxian’s hand froze.

He furrowed his brow.

Why hadn’t he known about this Ninth Master Su, and when did this person come to Shengjing City? Chief Housekeeper Yu continued speaking, respectfully, “I have already sent men to investigate Ninth Master Su.

As soon as there is news, I’ll report to you, Young Master.

” “Hmmm.

” Ji Yuxian nodded slightly and tossed Juxian Tavern’s records to the side.

He turned his attention to other accounts.

Meanwhile, in the Lotus Pavilion, Ren Zi’er was busy helping Xie Ying take her medicine.

Xie Ying, who’d caught a cold after Su Jiu threw her in the water, had finally recovered some of her health.

Still, anger burned in her chest.

Her face remained frightfully pale.

The servant girl, Shaoyao, entered the room.

“Second Young Mistress, Eldest Young Master sent you top-quality thousand-year-old ginseng,” she said carefully.

“He ordered me to make it into a soup for you.

” Xie Ying leaned on a soft pillow.

Her hair hung down casually, framing her pale face.

She cheered up when she first heard Shaoyao but quickly resumed her unhappy mood.

“Why won’t he come see me himself?” she asked.

Ren Zi’er hurried to offer some words of comfort.

“These past few days, Young Master has been leaving early and returning late.

He must be worried that seeing you late at night could aggravate your cold, so he’s not come to visit.

But every day, he sends a servant to deliver herbal medicines.

This means he is thinking of you always, Sister.

” Xie Ying’s expression brightened when she heard this.

She chuckled.

Shaoyao, who stood at her side with a lowered head, glanced at Ren Zi’er.

She giggled quietly.

“Last night, Third Young Mistress sent servants to ask Young Master to her chambers.

It’s not surprising that she knows where he is at all times.

” Ren Zi’er paled.

She abruptly lifted her head and looked toward Xie Ying, who propped herself up with her arm.

She glared at Ren Zi’er and said, “Last night, Young Master went to your chambers?” “No!” Ren Zi’er cowered.

“No, he didn’t.

He said he was tired.

” Bang! Xie Ying knocked the bowl out of Ren Zi’er’s hand.

She was green with anger.

“B*tch! How dare you take advantage of my illness to seduce Young Master!” Ren Zi’er shuddered.

She fell to her knees, shaking her head frantically.

“I wouldn’t dare!” “B*tch! B*tch!” Xie Ying grabbed a pillow and struck Ren Zi’er with it.

Her anger was so intense that it bordered on insanity.

“Second Young Mistress!” Shaoyao hurried over and patted Xie Ying’s back.

“Mind your health!” Xie Ying coughed and leaned back heavily.

“Sister!” Ren Zi’er took two steps forward and grabbed Xie Ying’s sleeve.

She wept.

“I was afraid that Young Master would focus all his attention on Young Mistress.

If she were to come into power, that would be a great disadvantage to you! I did it for you, Sister!” “You b*tch! You still dare to challenge me?” Xie Ying grabbed a piece of jade that was next to her and threw it at Ren Zi’er.

She screamed, “If you dare climb into Young Master’s bed before I do, I’ll tear you to pieces!” The jade piece struck Ren Zi’er’s forehead, causing a bump to rise.

Ren Zi’er wept on her knees.

“Second Young Mistress, calm your anger! ” Shaoyao sat down on the bed and continued patting Xie Ying’s back.

Xie Ying took a few moments to catch her breath.

She glared at Ren Zi’er kneeling with coldness in her eyes.

Ever since Ji Yuxian had married Su Yuejiu, he’d not visited any of the concubines.

Even though Xie Ying was unwell, she would not allow Ji Yuxian to touch another woman first.

This dictated which of the concubines would bear his first son.

More importantly, it dictated their future statuses! “Get up.

Your weeping is making my head throb.

” After taking another moment to catch her breath, Xie Ying glared at Ren Zi’er while massaging her temples.

“Yes!” Ren Zi’er wiped her tears and shakily stood up.

“Instead of wasting your energy trying to seduce Young Master, help me think of ways to get rid of Su Yuejiu!” Xie Ying snapped coldly.

Twice, she had been humiliated by Su Yuejiu.

This time, she would be patient! Ren Zi’er lowered her head and wiped her tears with a handkerchief.

After a moment, she said, “Su Yuejiu has hurt you twice in a row.

From the looks of it, she is not as mild-mannered as the rumors say.

We must devise a proper plan.

” Xie Ying nodded.

“Do you have any ideas?” Ren Zi’er’s eyes flashed.

She leaned in close to Xie Ying and said in a low voice, “Sister, you forgot someone.

As long as she still shows her face, Su Yuejiu will mean nothing to Young Master.

” “You mean…” Xie Ying looked up.

“Yes, I’m talking about Lan Zhihui.

If Su Yuejiu hurts her, Eldest Master won’t stay uninvolved.

” Xie Ying paused, deep in thought.

She did not look thrilled.

After all, in Ji Yuxian’s heart, none of them compared to Lan Zhihui.

“Every fortnight, Lan Zhihui comes to Ji Manor to report and discuss business.

I counted the days.

The day after tomorrow, she will be here again.

And when she arrives, we can….

” Ren Zi’er whispered in Xie Ying’s ear.

Ren Zi’er let out a cold chuckle.

“Even if we can’t harm Su Yuejiu, this will humiliate her.

Kill her edge!” “Indeed!” Xie Ying nodded in agreement.

“And invite Miss Shangguan here too.

Since we’re acting, the more actors, the merrier!” “Excellent idea, Sister!”