Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 78

Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 78

After two days of continuous snow, Su Jiu itched to relieve her boredom.

She told Chang Huan to invite over Ah Shu and the others to play dice.

Ah Shu was now Su Jiu’s carriage driver.

In his leisure time, Ah Shu often hung around with the other servants in Ji Manor.

From there, it only took a moment to reach the Perched Phoenix Pavilion.

“Playing with dice isn’t that interesting.

Chief, how about I take you somewhere fun?” Ah Shu said with a smile.

Su Jiu looked over with interest and arched an eyebrow.

“What fun place do you have in mind?” Ah Shu grinned mysteriously.

“You’ll know when we get there.

” The three of them took a carriage from Ji Manor.

An hour later, Su Jiu stepped out of the carriage, dressed in men’s attire.

She looked at the sign above her, which read “Drunken Joy Pavilion.

” Su Jiu, speechless, rolled her eyes at the sky, then turned her back on the carriage.

“It’s just a bunch of girls in there.

What’s the fun in that? Haven’t I seen enough women in Ji Manor?” Su Jiu had lost all interest.

“Chief!” Ah Shu grabbed Su Jiu.

He chuckled and leaned close to her ear, whispering, “Chief, don’t you want to know what ‘consummating’ is all about? All you have to do is go inside, and you’ll understand immediately!” Su Jiu’s eyes brightened.

“Really?” “Ah Shu, don’t teach Chief such vulgar things!” Chang Huan stepped in front of them.




“This is none of your business!” Ah Shu pushed Chang Huan away and led Su Jiu into the Drunken Joy Pavilion.

“Chief! Ah Shu!” Chang Huan, with his brow wrinkled, rushed to catch up to them.

Thanks to an abundance of bored people on snowy days, Drunken Joy Pavilion was quite busy, even though it was still afternoon.

In the main hall, the sounds of pipas and zithers combined, playing sultry tunes which made listeners blush.

The rooms were filled with laughter and seductive voices.

The ladies possessed all different kinds of beauty.

The men dressed impressively but eyed the women with lust.

The brothel’s owner was a woman wearing very thick makeup.

The rouge under her eyes seemed to stretch all the way to her ears.

She flaunted her rather thick waist as she swished to and fro, checking on the customers.

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COM “You three!” the brothel-keeper called, approaching with a smile.

She looked them up and down, and her eyes landed on Su Jiu.

She said with a chuckle, “Oh, it’s you, Young Master! What trouble you caused me last time!” Ah Shu started.

He asked in a lowered voice, “Chief, you’ve been here before?” “No.

But I did come in to avoid somebody,” Su Jiu replied tepidly.

Ah Shu understood.

He tossed a piece of silver to the brothel-keeper.

“As for the things of the past, don’t mention them anymore.

Give us three girls.

The gentle and pretty kind.

” The brothel-keeper caught the silver with a huge smile.

Her voice even warmed up a bit.

“Don’t you worry! All the girls here are pretty and gentle.

Please, allow me to show you upstairs!” The three of them walked up the staircase.

Su Jiu looked around.

In the main hall, a woman in colorful robes perched on a man’s lap.

They fed each other food and wine and exchanged suggestive glances…Su Jiu suddenly felt a strange sensation in her heart.

As soon as they entered a private room, a waiter came in with wine and food.

A fragrant aroma filled the room.

The scent was not overwhelming, but it helped them relax.

Ah Shu’s eyes flashed.

He covered the incense burner and opened a window.

A gust of cold air rushed in, refreshing the space.

Then, the door was pushed open.

The brothel-keeper sauntered in with three girls and said with a smile, “Girls, welcome the three Young Masters!” “I am Taohong!” “I am Furong!” “I am Yiyi!” “Greetings, Young Masters!” The brothel-keeper grinned.

“Taohong and the others are our most popular girls.

I trust you are satisfied?” Ah Shu nodded.

He pointed to the most petite of the three and said, “You will serve Ninth Master!” “Yes!” Women who made their living in places like this developed keen eyes.

After observing their customers’ dress and speech, the girl knew that Su Jiu was the leader.

She walked over daintily and sat down beside him.

With a bowed head and a gentle smile, she said to Su Jiu, “Young Master, allow Yiyi to serve you.

” Su Jiu looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

“Serve me how?” “Young Master! You look like a proper gentleman, yet you speak like a scoundrel!” Yiyi reprimanded daintily.

Her voice could make a man’s bones tremble.

Su Jiu resisted the urge to shudder.

“You two, go over there and serve the other Young Masters!” The brothel-keeper pushed the remaining two girls forward.

She smiled wider.

“Enjoy yourselves, Young Masters.

Feel free to ask if you need anything!” With that, she strutted out and closed the door behind her.

The girl named Taohong had gorgeous eyes, seductive and lively.

She sat down giggling beside Chang Huan, poured him a cup of wine, and raised the cup to his lips.

“You’re a handsome one, Young Master.

You must remember to visit Hong’er often from now on!” Chang Huan leaned back and examined the girl’s heavily powdered face with disdain.

He turned his head and saw Yiyi’s hand creeping up Su Jiu’s leg.

Immediately, he slapped her hand away.

“Behave yourself!” he hissed coldly.

Yiyi started.

She patted her chest, daintily.

“My, my! You frightened me!” Opposite them, Ah Shu laughed.

“It’s not surprising that Chief isn’t interested in this scene.

But Chang Huan, why are you acting like Chief?” Chang Huan frowned.

“Don’t bring Chief to a place like this again, or I’ll tell Master An!” Ah Shu coughed lightly.

He chuckled.

“I just wanted to show Chief around!” Yiyi poured another cup of wine and raised it to Su Jiu’s lips.

“Young Master, let me serve you!” Su Jiu stood up abruptly.

“I have to pee.

I’ll be right back!” And with that, she quickly walked out.

“Let me come with you!” Yiyi cried, following Su Jiu.

Ah Shu laughed, banging his hand on the table as he watched Su Jiu attempt to escape.

Just then, a man walked into the Drunken Joy Pavilion.

Everybody’s attention immediately turned to him.

He wore a red robe embroidered with dark lotus patterns.

His hair, smooth as flowing ink, was fastened behind his head.

His face was delicately beautiful, and he had a charismatic aura.

When he had appeared, all the other beauties present had immediately paled.

A few people followed him, chasing after the man like stars following the moon.

The brothel keeper’s eyes lit up.

She hurried over and said respectfully, “Eldest Young Master! To what does Drunken Joy Pavilion owe this pleasure?” Ji Yuxian walked slowly up the stairs.

He said softly, “I’m here for a meeting.

Is Young Master Liang here?” “Yes! Young Master Liang has been here for nearly two hours.

So, it’s you he’s waiting for! Allow me to lead the way, Eldest Young Master!” The brothel-keeper turned to a servant girl and said in a low voice, “Quick, find Ruhua!” The little servant girl scooted off to do as told.

As they climbed the stairs, a young woman was about to descend.

She wore a white silken robe with auspicious cloud patterns and a dress depicting lotuses in the mist.

Her hair was elegantly styled, adorned with only a white-jade lotus hairpin.

Her brows were as beautiful as faraway mountains, and her skin was fair.

The young woman had an elegant simplicity, but she was not plain.

She had yet to smile, but it seemed as if her smile had already captivated all who saw her.

The beautiful woman stepped forward, bowed her head, and said, “Ruhua pays her respects to Eldest Young Master!” The brothel-keeper, who was standing behind Ji Yuxian, said in a lowered voice, “Young Master, Ruhua is the most beautiful and chaste girl here, unparalleled in both beauty and talent.

Please, enjoy!” Ji Yuxian took the young woman’s chin in his hands and lifted it.

His eyes showed a hint of a smile.

He chuckled lightly.

“Beautiful, indeed!” Unlike ordinary unmarried girls, Ruhua had seen countless people in her day.

But as she gazed at Ji Yuxian’s chiseled face, she suddenly blushed and found herself at a loss for words.

“Come with me!” Ji Yuxian smiled.

The brothel-keeper was thrilled.

She pushed Ruhua forward and said excitedly, “Congratulations, Young Master, for making your acquaintance with such a beauty!” In Shengjing City, men of power and wealth were as numerous as fish in a river.

The brothel-keeper stayed on good terms with all of them.

But she also knew that the Ji Family was the wealthiest.

If the Ji Family became a customer, then business at the Drunken Joy Pavilion would increase a hundredfold.

Ruhua turned redder, looking as if she had drunk wine.

She stepped lightly beside Ji Yuxian.

In the next corridor, Su Jiu had just stepped out of her room, followed by Yiyi.

Yiyi reached out a hand and grabbed Su Jiu’s arm.

She leaned against Su Jiu and said, “Young Master, it’s your first time at the Drunken Joy Pavilion.

Let me show you the way!” Su Jiu’s body tingled.

She gazed into Yiyi’s beautiful face and chuckled.

“No wonder men like it here.

It’s truly a place of gentle joy.

” Yiyi stroked Su Jiu’s chin.

“There’s an even gentler joy you’ve yet to see, Young Master!” she giggled.

“Young Master, you’re not a virgin, are you?” Su Jiu straightened her back.

“Nonsense!” She didn’t know what a “virgin” was, but she detected a mocking tone in Yiyi’s voice and refuted the charge without a second thought.

Yiyi grasped Su Jiu’s arm tighter and looked up.

“If you’re not a virgin, Young Master, then kiss me.

” Su Jiu slowed her footsteps and lowered her head to look at Yiyi, who had closed her eyes.

She was puzzled.

Kiss her? Kiss her where? In matters of men and women, Su Jiu was clueless.

Until the age of seventeen, she had seen very few women.

During her time in the Dragon Conqueror Gang, the men often went into the city to find women or whorehouses.

Back then, she’d still been young, so nobody had ever brought her along.

When she grew older, she became the gang’s Chief, so she was always busy dealing with internal affairs or the Eight Dragons Gang.

She had absolutely no experience in this area.

“Quickly, Young Master!” Yiyi leaned against Su Jiu’s shoulder with closed eyes and puckered lips.

Su Jiu watched in amusement.

She was just about to push Yiyi away when she sensed a group of people approaching.

She looked up.

Her eyes widened.

She froze.

Through the corridor’s dim lighting, a man dressed in red peered back at her, similarly surprised.

He looked at the other man’s ensemble—quite a handsome look for Su Jiu.

He saw the shock on her face and that of the woman leaning against her.

Slowly, his eyes narrowed.