Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 20

Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 20

“Chief, do we really have to learn?” Chang Huan tugged at Su Jiu’s sleeves in a coquettish manner.

“Do you think I want to learn?” Su Jiu sat on a chair, with her legs crossed.

“But we have to deal with it today!” “What about after that? What if this Second Mistress has nothing to do, and always comes over and hangs out? What shall we do?” Su Jiu gnawed at her fingernails, her gaze flickering.

“That’s true.

If we keep getting visitors from the Ji Manor, do we always have to talk like women?” It’ll be alright if we learn well, she thought.

But if we can’t and we let the cat out of the bag, we’ll be in big trouble! After nibbling at her fingernails, Su Jiu had an idea.

“Why don’t I pretend to be sick?” “Pretend to be sick?” Chang Huan gasped in surprise, smiling and said, “That’s a good way out!” “Since I’m pretending, I should look the part!” Su Jiu handed Chang Huan the handkerchief that Nanny had put on the table.

“Go, get some chicken blood and sprinkle it on!” “Got it!” Chang Huan ran into the kitchen with the handkerchief.

Su Jiu returned to a room, found the powder that Nanny had used on Chang Huan, and patted a layer on her face.




She was already fair to begin with, and after that layer of powder, she did look rather pale.

That and the smell of the stuff was a little cloying.

Su Jiu sneezed and her eyes turned red.

If she didn’t speak, she really did look sick and weak.

The moment that Chang Huan came back, as soon as he handed over the handkerchief stained with chicken blood to Su Jiu, they heard Nanny shout in the yard, “I, as a servant girl, greet the Second Mistress! We are honored that Second Mistress has come to visit our lady in person!” Su Jiu and Chang Huan looked at each other, stricken.

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COM Su Jiu began to panic.

“Should I stand or sit? What Mistress is she again?” “Second!” Chang Huan answered, as he went to the door and looked out.

He saw a woman dressed in splendor at the gate, followed by two servant girls, and three or four attendants at the door.

Nanny was leading the lady to the hall.

The woman’s head was adorned with accessories, and her dress was grand.

She wore a cloak of fox fur, and her demeanor radiated luxury as she walked.

Chang Huan nodded to Su Jiu and then backed away.

The door was pushed open, and Nanny entered first.

She glanced at Su Jiu meaningfully and then smiled at her.

“Miss, the Second Mistress has come to see you!” Su Jiu bowed her head.

“Greetings to the Second Mistress!” Chang Huan also bowed his head and stood behind Su Jiu, not talking at all.

“Let me take a look at you!” Second Mistress came forward with a smile, helped Su Jiu up, appraised her, and smiled.


Su was pregnant with you when she came to Shengjing.

You have become such a big girl in the blink of an eye!” That year, Mrs.

Su had just been pregnant when she came to Shengjing to visit her relatives.

As the Su Family and the Ji Family had a friendship spanning two or more generations, Mrs.

Su lived in the Ji Manor for ten days and had a good relationship with Mrs.

Ji and Second Mistress at that time.

“Yes, my lady often talks about Second Mistress,” Nanny said respectfully.

The Second Mistress looked at Su Jiu’s face.

“She looks almost the same as when Mrs.

Su was young, a beautiful woman indeed!” After listening to Second Mistress, Su Jiu did not take it to heart, but Nanny was stunned.

She had been shocked herself when she had washed Su Jiu’s face in the mountains that day.

Not only was she surprised that the head of a gang was a woman, but she was also surprised that the woman looked like her lady, Mrs.


To hear it confirmed by Second Mistress was something else, entirely.

“What is Miss Su’s maiden name?” Second Mistress asked.

Nanny recovered from her thoughts and said, “Our young lady’s maiden name is Yuejiu.

Because she was born in September (Jiuyue in Chinese), my lord named her Yuejiu.

” Su Jiu bowed her head and did not speak.

The Second Mistress and the two servant girls behind looked at Su Jiu, only treating her like a lady that was betrothed, shy and nervous.

Second Mistress nodded.

“Yuejiu, that’s a good name! It’s just that… why is Jiu’er’s face so pale?” Su Jiu coughed a few times as soon as she heard her ask.

Second Mistress was stunned, as she stepped back unnoticeably, and the expression on her face was still gentle and amiable.

“Is she sick?” Nanny hurriedly caught Su Jiu’s gist and said, “Yes, after nearly a month’s journey, she came down with a cold when we got to Shengjing.

Otherwise, we would have come to visit Second Mistress as soon as we arrived!” Cough! Cough! Cough! While they spoke, Su Jiu coughed a few more times.

“Has she seen a physician?” Second Mistress asked with concern.

“Yes, yes!” Nanny smiled and said, “The physician said it was a cold, and there was nothing serious.

He prescribed medicine and my young lady should be fine after drinking it for two days.

” Nanny then poured the tea and set it on the table.

“Second Mistress, please have a seat!” The Second Mistress waved, “Have a seat too, Jiu’er!” Su Jiu nodded slightly and sat in a chair.

“Jiu’er is sixteen this year! What do you normally do at home?” Second Mistress sat dignified in her chair and asked with a faint smile.

Cough! Cough! Cough! Cough! Cough! Cough! Cough! Su Jiu’s face flushed as she coughed and looked up as if she wanted to reply.

She bowed her head again after another bout of violent coughing.

Chang Huan walked behind her and patted her on the back.

“Miss usually likes to read books and play the zither, and occasionally does some embroidery,” Nanny answered.

Second Mistress nodded, watching Su Jiu’s hacking cough and frowned.

“Why is it so serious? Why don’t you get another physician to see her?” “No, no need!” Su Jiu said, immediately as if unable to breathe, covered her lips with a puff, and coughed again.

Looking at that, it was as if she was going to cough out her heart and lungs.

After calming down, she put the handkerchief on the table, and everyone was shocked.

“She’s coughing blood! How can this continue?” The Second Mistress put down the tea and looked concerned.

Nanny was also stunned, glancing at the handkerchief and said, “Don’t worry, Second Mistress, she’ll be fine after drinking her medicine.

” The Second Mistress got up, looked at the bloody handkerchief again, and smiled forcefully.

“In that case, Jiu’er should rest, I won’t bother you!” “Second Mistress, stay a little longer!” Nanny coaxed.

“Wait for me to prepare lunch, so you can have some food before leaving!” “No, no, that won’t be necessary!” The Second Mistress said no for a few times, and hurried out as if there were a plague in the room, and she would be infected immediately.

“Jiu’er, you don’t have to send me off.

I’ll see you next time,” the Second Mistress said hurriedly.

“I’ll send you off then, Second Mistress!” Nanny followed quickly.

When the Second Mistress left with the servant girl, Su Jiu exhaled a long breath, leaned on the back of the chair and grinned.

“How did I do?” Chang Huan massaged her shoulders with a face of admiration.

“Chief, you were great! If I didn’t prepare that handkerchief, I would think you really coughed out blood!” Su Jiu smirked proudly.

“Of course, I can do anything.

Handling one woman is nothing at all!” “Oh my goodness, Miss!” Nanny came in, closed the door, and patted her chest.

“You almost scared me to death!” “What’s there to be scared of?” Su Jiu snorted disdainfully.

“You might have passed this challenge! But if the Second Mistress sees that you are seriously ill, why would she still let the Eldest Young Master marry you?” Now their Nanny had something new to worry about.